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[Source:Huron newspaper, 7 Feb 1918, p8c3]
This article had some interesting history--and in my excitement, I didn't get a complete reference.  Sigh.

The Bureau of Land Management records lists Matthias B. SCOFIELD on section 2, Burr Oak Township, in 1889.  The 1906 Beadle County atlas [view at Historic Map Works] lists John and Herman WULLWEBER on the southeast and southwest quarters of Section 2, Burr Oak Township (Township 109, Range 65).

Albert BOLTE of Virgil has been spending the week moving the old house on the H. WULLWEBER farm to the BRENNEMAN S Eagle ranch five miles south west of the WULLWEBER farm better known as the old LAWRENCE ranch.  The south half of the memorable old building was built by Bernard SCHEAFIELD [SCOFIELD?] in about the year 1882 and used by him and his family as their homestead shanty.  In the year 1888 he added the north half and gave what[,] at that time[,] a large house.  By the good will of Mr. SCHEAFIELD, neighborhood church services were held in the new addition.

There is also a sad memory along with all the rest, that of the perishing of the son of Mr. and Mrs. SCHEAFIELD in the terrible blizzard of that year on his homeward trip from Wolsey.  In the year 1904 the homestead was purchased by John and Herman WULLWEBER and occupied by the two Illinois boys John and Herman who lived there alone until 1909 when Herman was married.  He remained on the old place and John puts [sic] up buildings on the adjoining quarter east.

And now the old house, like some old man grown childing and longing for days gone by, has gone again to relieve [re-live] the pioneer days of its youth.

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