Churches & Cemeteries


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Altoona Cemetery
Altoona Township, south of Hitchcock

  • Legal Description:  NW1/4 of the SE1/4, Section 9, Township 113, Range 63 (Altoona Township).
    Beadle County Register of Deeds office:
    --Plat Book 1, p34 [1885 plat has some surnames];
    --Book 38, p226;
    --re-plat Book 1, p34;
    --Plat Book 4, p54:
    --re-platted roads? into alley lots, filed 31 Dec 1952.
  • Location:  from SD Hwy 28 West & farthest west street (gravel) in Hitchcock
    --SOUTH 1.5 miles, Cemetery is on right/EAST.
  • 1884--Established 29 Dec 1884 on land purchased from Leonard GEE.  [Source:PLACENAMES, p5]
    --Organized and surveyed in 1885, and dedicated in 1886.   Located one and one-half miles from Hitchcock, on the G. E. HEART [HART?] farm, Section 9, Township 113, Range 63.
    [Source:HERZBERG, p4]
  • 1906--Cemetery, NW1/4 of the SE1/4, Section 9.  C. P. & Catherine DENISON, landowners.
    [Source:ATLAS1906, p7]
  • WPA records, See:USGenWeb.
  • 1988--“Hitchcock historian [Wendell DANIELSON] to build memorial to area’s war veterans”.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 17 Apr 1988, p15c1]
American Congregational Church
Kellogg Township,
Township 109, Range 64.
  • “Established in Kellogg T. by a group of German Russians.  There is still a cemetery at the location of the old church, but the church was moved to Belle Prairie T. in 1937 to replace the German Lutheran Church destroyed there by tornado in April of that year.”
    [Source:PLACENAMES, p5+]
American Lutheran Church
155 Fourth Street Southeast
Huron, SD 57350
Steven BRANDSRUD, pastor.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Th 13 Feb 2003, p12]
  • 1889--Religious services will be held at the Norweigan church, corner Iowa and Fourth streets,….
    [Source:DAKOTA HURONITE, Thu 21 Feb 1889, p8c1]
  • 1904--“The Evangelical Lutheran church of the Holy Communion, of Huron, S.D., was organized in November, 1903.  Officers were elected on January 4 and the organization completed.  The members have already raised $550 toward supporting a pastor.”
    [Source:JOURNAL=WORLD, Thu 14 Jan 1904, p11c6]
  • 1904--The Lutheran people have moved the Swedish-Lutheran church from the northwest part of town down to the corner of 4th and Iowa streets, the site of the little Lutheran church has been sold and moved away.  –MORE–  [Source:Journal=World, Thu 24 Mar 1904, p5c4]
  • 1906--Luth. Church, Huron, northwest corner Iowa & 4th Streets (Block 7, Lot 22, 1st Railway Addition).
    [Source:ATLAS1906, p89 [Lot 23?]
  • 1926--“Lutheran Church To Be Completed At Cost $32,000”.
    [Source:EVENING HURONITE, Tue 19 Jan 1926, p1c1]
  • 1926--“2,000 Visitors to Attend Church Dedication”
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 29 Aug 2002, p7c2]
  • 1975--AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1902-1977.  History, 16 pp.
  • 1980--AMERICAN LUTHERAN, Huron, SD, 1980 [pictorial directory]
  • 1986--American Lutheran, Huron, SD, 1986 [pictorial directory].
  • 1992--“Addition planned at Huron American Lutheran Church”  56-by-28 foot addition.  Artist’s drawing.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Sun 26 Jan 1992, p5c1]
  • 1992--“Addition taking shape”  Photograph of construction.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Sun 1 Nov 1992, p20c2]
  • 1993--“Lutheran church dedicates elevator” [and new addition]  [Short article]  Mentioned: Bishop Norman EITRHEIM.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 23 Apr 1993, p6c6]
  • 1993--“Old church, fresh message”  Located downtown Huron; founded in 1902; main sanctuary built in 1926.  Rev. Merlyn HUKE, pastor; Rev. Bruce IVERSON, associate pastor.  Mentioned: Jerry MICHEEL, Virginia RIST.  Photograph of HUKE and IVERSON.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 26 Nov 1993, p7c1]
  • 1994--“HUKE retires from pulpit after 15-1/2 years in Huron”  Rev. Merlyn HUKE came to Huron in 1978.  Rev. Bruce IVERSON, associate pastor.  Photograph of HUKE.  Mentioned: Edwin HUKE.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 11 Feb 1994, p6c1]
  • 1998--“New associate pastor installed at American Lutheran”  Rev. Rhonda J. WELLSANDT-ZELL.  Photograph.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 6 Nov 1998, p5c1]
  • 2002--“American Lutheran Church turns 100”  Rev. Steven BRANDSRUD, pastor “ministering in Huron for seven years as the pastor.”
         “The church began its roots when Mrs. John C. GUNDERSON walked from her claim in Clyde Township to Huron every weekend to visit her family.  It was in her home that the Norwegian Lutheran group began to meeting in 1881....The Lutherans then bought a plot of land from the German Congregational Church on the corner of Fourth and Iowa.  They moved a brown wooden church with nine pews to the lot.  In the fall of 1902, the Norwegians, Danish and Swedish groups were brought together by Dr. Johannes TOLLEEN....”
         “In 1904 the nine pew church was sold and a newer Swedish was bought....”  Mentioned: Joyce BORAH, Rev. Alfred BREDESEN, Bishop Andrea DeGROOT-NESDAHL, Betty DERKSEN, Judy EISENMENGER, Wanda SAGE, Rev. SATRE, Doug STEVENS.  Photographs of BRANDSRUD and BORAH, the 1904 “white church”, 1924 church.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 29 Aug 2002, p7c2]
Apostolic Christian Fellowship
9th Street & Lincoln Avenue Southwest

Huron, SD  57350
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]
  • 1994--“Keeping faith”  United Pentecostal Church.  Rev.James HUNTLEY,...came to Huron 10 years ago to reopen the church, which had been closed for several years after the former pastor left.”  “...the church was located at Third Street and Wisconsin Avenue N.W.”  “Remodeling of the church had just been completed a week before a fire destroyed the structure on Nov. 17, 1987.”  “Three months later, the congregation bought the former Christian Science Church building on Ninth and Lincoln.”  Mentioned: Esther KIRTON, Becky OSBORN, Wanza WISDOM.  Photograph of HUNTLEY and KIRTON.
    [Source: HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 27 May 1994, p9c1]
  • 2004--“Apostolic Christian Fellowship to install new minister Saturday”  Rev. Wayne PRIEN, assistant pastor for the past 14 years.  Mentioned: Rev. Terry COX, Doe PRIEN.  Photograph of PRIENs.
Belle Prairie Sunday School
Belle Prairie Township, Section 10, Township 109, Range 59
  • 1883--Organization of Belle Prairie Sunday School.
    [Source:DAKOTA DAILY LEADER, Tue 10 Jul 1883, p3c3]
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
First Street and Montana Avenue Southwest

Huron, SD
  • 1920--“Give the Names of Contrubutors to Church Fund”  ...”The colored people of the city made plans some time ago to erect a new house of worship on the corner of Custer and Montana streets.  They intended to purchase to lots two and three, in block forty nine for ???4,00.  At the time of taking the con???nt they paid a specified amount on the lots and were then unable to proceed with the plans as they had made them, without the aid of the citizens of Huron.”....”The trustees of the colored church, three of them, Ed WEAVER, I. C. THO???, and E. H. ABBOTT,....”  half page, 5 columns.
    [Source: EVENING HURONITE, Wed 6 Oct 1920, p6c1]
  • 1991--“Bethel A.M.E. Church history recalled as demolition nears”.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 10 Mar 1991, p8c1]
Bethel Mennonite Brethren Church & Cemetery
Bethel Church of Milford
19453 408th Avenue, Yale, SD  57386

Northwest of Yale or southwest of Carpenter
Pastor Tom CARTNEY.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]

  • Legal Description: Section 29, Township 113, Range 60 (Milford Township)
  • Location:  From Huron, north 12 miles on SD Hwy. 37, east 8 miles, north 1.5 miles; photo and short history.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, 27 Mar 1987 ”Bethel Mennonite Brethren Church”]
  • 1904:
    --“The first church building was completed in 1904.  It was located 2-1/2 miles north of the present site and was known as the KLEINSASSER Church.  On October 8, 1922 this property was sold to the then newly formed Ebenezer congregation of rural Doland.".  List of pastors.
    [Source:HUTTERITE, p. 137]
    --German Russian church.  “Lakeside–The German Russian church in Milford township was to have been dedicated on Oct. 2, but the dedication was postponed till some time later in the month we understand.”
    [Source:Journal-World, Thu 6 Oct 1904, p. 8c2]
  • 1987--“Bethel Mennonite Brethren Church”  “...began in 1902 when several pioneer families from the Salem Mennonite Brethren Church from Bridgewater settled in this area.  In 1904 the original building was erected, and a larger addition was built in 1919."  Rev. Elton BERG.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Fri 27 Mar 1987]
  • 1991--Mentioned.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 23 Jun 1991, p. 6c1 (Rev) John S. TSCHETTER]
  • 1994--“Worship on the prairie”  “The church was formed in 1902 by German homesteaders in Beadle and Spink counties.  Worshipers met in homes until 1904, when Bethel--which means ‘house of God’--was organized and built....The first paid minister was secured by the congregation in 1944.”
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 22 Apr 1994, p6c2+]
  • 1995--”[Rev. Elton] BERG retires after 17 years”.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Sat 1 Jul 1995, p5c2+]
Northwest of Yale or southwest of Carpenter, SD
Section 29, Township 113, Range 60 (Milford Township)
  • Location:  from SD Hwy 37 North & Correction Line oil (6 miles South of SD Hwy 28)
    (sign: Lake Byron/West Shore Steak & More):
    EAST 8 miles (oil), left/NORTH 1.4 miles (gravel), cemetery on left/WEST.
  • 1910--Organized in 1910, by Henry WEDEL; located on the SHERMAN and MOE Farm, 13 miles from Yale, 29-113-60.
    [Source:HERZBERG, p4]
  • 1906--WPA records, See:USGenWeb.
Old Bethel Cemetery
SW1/4? of 9, Township 113, Range 60 (Milford Township)

  • Location:  2 miles north of the present Bethel Mennonite Church.
  • 1902-1910--“Forgotten cemetery receives new life”
    “In this field, the Bethel Mennonite Church had its beginning in 1902, where it remained until 1910 when it was relocated two miles further south."; photograph of sign listing burials.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Tue 27 Dec 1988, p6c1]
Bethesda Church of Huron
1530 Frank Avenue Southeast, Huron, SD  57350
Pastors: Randy CROOK & Darren REMPEL.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]

  • 1951--(Rev) Peter G. HOFER.
    [Source:HURONITE & DAILY PLAINSMAN, Fri 13 Jul 1951, p11c4]
  • 1987--“Bethesda Church of Huron”
    “Chartered 40 years ago on Feb. 15, 1947,....”  Rev. Eldon BUSENITZ.  Exterior photograph.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Fri 13 Mar 1987, p7c3]
  • 1990--“Bethesda building sanctuary”
    “...building a new worship center adjoining the present Bethesda Church....”  Rev. Eldon BUSENITZ, pastor.  Photograph of BUSENITZ, Corky MUNKVOLD, and Don THADEN.
    [Source: HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Tues 29 May 1990, p11c1]
  • 1993--50th Anniversary [Advertisement]
    June 12 & 13.  Mentioned: Reuben DIRKS, Arthur WILLMS, both former pastors.
    [Source: HURON PLAINSMAN, Sun 12 June 1993, p15c5]
  • 1994--“The flowing Word”
    Rev. Eldon BUSENITZ, pastor.  “Bethesda Church celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1993”.  Photograph: BUSENITZ and Bob GLANZER.
    [Source: Plainsman, Fri 7 Jan 1994, p5c1]
  • 2008--“Helmling has one goal: Help people understand who God is”
    Pastor Dirk HELMLING, the new youth minister, began his duties June 15.  Photograph.
    [Source:Source: Plainsman, Sat 4 Oct 2008, p6c1]

Bonilla Memorial Cemetery
East of Bonilla, SD
  • Legal Description: SE1/4 of NE1/4 of Section 23, Township 113, Range 64 (Bonilla Township).
    Beadle County Register of Deeds:
    --Plat dated 12 Apr 1921, filed 21 Mar 1929, in Plat Book 2, p10;
    --Plats 4, p106.
  • Location:  From US Hwy 281 North & US Hwy 14 West (Miller road):
    NORTH 8.5 miles (highway), right/EAST (2nd street in Bonilla) 0.9 miles (gravel), cemetery on left/NORTH.
  • 1906--WPA records, See:USGenWeb.
  • 1920--Organized 20 Apr 1920, located one mile from Bonilla, 23-113-60.  [Source:HERZBERG, p4]
Broadland Catholic Cemetery or
Saint Ann’s Catholic Cemetery

Broadland Township, northeast of Broadland, SD

  • Legal Description: NE1/4 of NE1/4 of Section 24, Township 112, Range 63 (Broadland Township).
    Beadle County Register of Deeds:
    Plat Book 2, p58.
  • Location:  from US Hwy 14 West & SD Hwy 37 North (Taco John's, Huron):
    WEST 6.3 miles (highway), right/NORTH 8.5 miles (oil), cemetery on left/WEST;
    Protestant, east side; Catholic, west.
  • 1886--Organized in 1886, by Rev. Martin MARTY, and located one mile [northeast] from Broadland, 24-112-63.”
    [Source:HERZBERG, p4]
  • 1906--WPA records.  See:USGenWeb.
  • Church closed in the 1950s?.
Broadland Protestant Cemetery
Broadland Township, northeast of Broadland, SD
  • Legal Description: NE1/4 of NE1/4 of Section 24, Township 112, Range 63 (Broadland Township).
    Beadle County Register of Deeds:
    Plat Book 2, p59.
  • Location: from US Hwy 14 West & SD Hwy 37 North (Taco John's, Huron):
    WEST 6.3 miles (highway), right/NORTH 8.5 miles (oil), cemetery on left/WEST;
    Protestant, east side; Catholic, west.
  • 1886--Organized in 1886, and is located one mile from Broadland, 24-112-63.
    [Source:HERZBERG, p. 4]
  • 1906--WPA records, See:USGenWeb.
  •       John POWERS started the movement towards getting a cemetery at Broadland.  He should be given credit for this.  He gave the first money toward it and my father [C. R. FULLER] gave the second--others contributed to the fund, among them several Civil War Veterans.  Then the quarter upon which it is situated, wasn’t proved up on, so there was some difficulty about getting a deed--the old soldiers took the matter all the way to Washington, and in some way they had this piece of land removed from land office rulings and designated as a cemetery.
         “Grandma FULLER died at our place in February 1883--she was buried on our place.  Shortly after that POWERS began agitating for a cemetery.  In June 1883 the cemetery was ready to receive bodies.  Harlow BEEBE’s daughter, Clara, twelve years old, was probably the first one buried there.  …Late that fall we moved Grandma’s body to this cemetery.”
    [Source:Huron Public Library, Davis Collection, File “F”:Pioneer Statement of B. R. FULLER, 18 Jan 1933]
Broadland United Methodist Church
19951 Church Street, Broadland, SD  57350
Mark BRITTON, pastor.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]

  • 1888--Altoona, Beadle Co., SD, Methodist Church Members [includes Broadland], See:USGenWeb.
  • 1904--“NEW CHURCH AT BROADLAND--After Many Years of Waiting, the Broadland Methodists Build Church”
    “On Sunday, June 26th, at Broadland will be dedicated the newly built Methodist church.  The church is a beautiful house of worship, erected at a cost of $_,500.  It is 24 x 36 in dimension and of a seating capacity large enough for all purposes.  The Methodist society of Broadland have been holding their services for twenty-two years in the school house and the church has become a necessity to the church-going people of the community.”
    [Source:DAKOTA HURONITE, Thu 23 Jun 1904]
  • 1983--“Methodist Church at Broadland to observe centennial June 4-5”
    “The railroad came to Broadland in 1882 and Sunday School was held in people's homes.  In 1883 the school was built and church services were held there for many years.  The Rev. O. A. PHILLIPS came to Broadland in 1904 and a decision was made to build a church....dedicated free from all debt on June 26, 1904."  Rev. Tom PEACOCK, pastor.  Exterior photograph.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 29 May 1983, p18c4]
  • 1983--100TH Birthday, United Methodist Church, 1883-1983 [history].
  • 1996--Hitchcock–Broadland United Methodist Church, Hitchcock, South Dakota, 1996 Membership Directory
  • 2005--Pastor Jan PRICE reassigned to Groton and Conde, SD.
    [Source:Hitchcock (SD) METHODIST NEWS, May 2005, p2]
  • 2006--“BRITTON enjoys serving at Hitchcock church.”
    [Source: Plainsman, Sat 22 Apr 2006, p6c2
Brock Cemetery
Township 113 North, Range 62 West (Pleasant View)
  • “S. of Ira T. BROCK's farm in Pleasant View T.  Established in 1882, it has been abandoned for a number of years.  The cemetery had no name officially, but was sometimes called Brock Cemetery to indicate its location.”
    [Source:PLACENAMES, p10]
Bunker Hill Methodist Church
Southwest of Carpenter, SD
NE corner of Section 7, Township 113, Range 59 (Barrett)
  • "in Barrett T., N.E. corner of Sec. 7, 3 mi. n. of the Wheeler School.  The church was organized and services originally held in the Bunker Hill School; hence the name.  Later the church was moved to Carpenter, Clark Co., and is now used as the Methodist church of that place."
    [Source:PLACENAMES, p10]
Burr Oak Presbyterian Church
Section 4, Township 109, Range 65 (Burr Oak)

  • 1906--Presby. Church, NE1/4 of the SE1/4, Section 4-109-65.  N. C. TOWNE, landowner.
    [Source:ATLAS1906, p69]
  • “Located n.w. of Bolte School in Sec. 4.  It has been rebuilt into a residence.  Named for the T. in which it is located.”
    [Source:PLACENAMES, p10]
Byron Bible Camp
Southeast edge of Lake Byron.

  • 2006--“Construction set for new Byron Bible Camp”.  “The decision to move to a new location was triggered in 1997 when the James River flooded and caused severe damage to James Valley Christian School and Byron Bible Camp.  The school has since related to a new site at the north edge of Huron.”  John DUBA, camp director.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Tues 22 Aug 2006, p1c2]
  • 2008--“Byron Bible Camp moves into new home".  Jon DUBA, camp director; Don HOFER, Ron TSCHETTER, Jay COBB.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 2 Mar 2008, p1c2]
  • 2008--“Byron Bible Camp dedicates retreat center”.  Gene and Hazel HARMON founded the camp 70 years ago.  Pastor Gordon WIEBE, Craig HARMON, Tom HARMON, Dorothy HARMON, Esther HARMON.  Photograph.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 23 Nov 2008, p1c2]
Calvary Baptist Church
350 – 21st Street Southeast, Huron, SD  57350-0799
Bill HOLMES, pastor.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]

  • 1992--“Church anniversary” [40th]
    [No history]  “The church will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the church’s current pastor, the Rev. Bill HOLMES.”
    [Source:Plainsman, Thu 1 Oct 1992, p6c6]
  • 1994--“Christianity is a rock”.
    Rev. Bill and Patty HOLMES.  “...pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Huron since 1982.”  Photograph.  Mentioned:Vern HUBER, Terry REGINBAL, Vi VOIGT.
    [Source:Plainsman, Fri 28 Jan 1994, p5c2]
  • 2002--“Celebrating 50 years of teaching”
    Rev. Bill and Patty HOLMES...”having been serving the church since 1982,...”Calvary Baptist Church began in 1952 as Huron Bible Baptist Church....” “...moved to a temporary facility in a steel Quonset building in north Huron.  A vacant one-room school building at the present location on East 21st Street was purchased for $3,000 in July 1953.  The following summer a basement addition was built at the west end of the school building.”  Mentioned:Rev. Calvin HUETHER, Leonard HULL, Pastor Duane JOHNSON, Al and Inez MARTIN, Pastor Richard OLLER, Herman and Vi VOIGT.  Photographs: exterior with HOLMESes, interior, and one-room schoolhouse in 1953.
    [Source: Plainsman, Sun 16 Jun 2002, p. 1Bc2]
Carlyle Township Cemetery
Southeast of Virgil, SD
Section 24, Township 109, Range 63 (Carlyle)

  • 1911--Organized about 1911; abandoned about 1929.  Located 4-1/2 south and 4 miles east of Virgil, 24-109-63.
    [Source:HERZBERG, p. 4]
  • 1913--Church, SE1/4 of the SE1/4, Section 24.
    [Source:ATLAS1913, p44]
Carpenter United Methodist Church
Carpenter, SD
Kris LARSON, pastor.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]

  • 1995--“Carpenter UMC celebrates 100th anniversary Sunday–Modern-day circuit riders share faith”; built 1895 southwest of town; moved into the community Oct 1916.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Thu 17 Aug 1995, p5c2+]
Cavour Methodist Episcopal Church
Cavour, SD

  • 1888--Methodist Episcopal Church membership -- 4 appointments include Class #2 (Cavour) and Class #4 (sod church).
  • 1906--M. E. Church, Cavour, southwest corner Albert & Solferino Streets (west of Block 1).
    [Source:ATLAS1906, p85]
  • 1987--Mentioned.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Fri 17 Apr 1987, p16c_ "Riverview United Methodist Church"]
  • 1988--Mentioned.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Wed 13 Jan 1988, p19c7 "DeSmet Larger parish of the United Methodist Church"]
Cavour Protestant Cemetery
West of Cavour, SD
  • Legal Description:  SE1/4 of the NW1/4 of Section 33, Township 111, Range 60 (Cavour).
    [Source:ATLAS1906, p23]
    Beadle County Register of Deeds:
    --Plat surveyed July 1910, filed 26 Jul 1911, Book 170, p644.
  • Location:from US Hwy 14 West & west side of Cavour:
    WEST 1 mile (highway), right/NORTH 0.5 mile (gravel), cemetery on right/EAST; Protestant cemetery, south side; Catholic cemetery (St. Patrick's), north side.
  • 1885--Organized in 1885, and used mostly by the Methodist denomination, and is located 1½ from Cavour, Section 33 of Township 111, Range 60.
    [Source:HERZBERG, p. 4]
  • 1906--WPA records, See:USGenWeb.
Church of Christ
1508 Wisconsin Avenue Southwest
Huron, SD  57350
Oris BRYANT, Minister.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]
  • 1993--“New pastor at Church of Christ”.
    Pastor Oris BRYANT, formerly of Glasgow, MT.  Photograph.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Tues 30 Mar 1993, p5c6]
  • 1994--“A return to basics”
    “The Church of Christ in Huron began meeting in 1950 in the home of John KINGDON, the only original member still in the congregation.  A few years later the church building was constructed at 15th and Wisconsin Ave. S.W.”  Photograph of Oris BRYANT, minister, and A. M. JOHNSTON.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 21 Jan 1994, p5]
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
1450 Frank Avenue Southeast
Huron, SD  57350
Allen BARTON, Bishop.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]
  • 1993--“Mormons focus on family”
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  “...founded in 1953 by three families.”  Mentioned:  Jay CONE, Morris and Donna LASHWOOD and Lynne, Claude and Vi MANNING, Trudy MORAN (STEPTOE genealogy), Dorothy SARGENT, Rob SARGENT, Lanny and Caroline WHITE, Rocky WHITE, Clayton WHITNEY, Bishop Jay WISER.  Photograph of SARGENT and MORAN.
    [Source: HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 10 Dec 1993, p5c1 "Faith in the Heartland" series]
Church of the Nazarene
2347 Wisconsin Avenue Southwest (24th Street and Wisconsin Avenue S.W.)
Huron, SD  57350
Rev. Bill BOEHM, pastor.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]
  • 1987--“Church of the Nazarene”
    “The first service held in the Huron Church of the Nazarene at Ninth Street and Nebraska Avenue S.W., was on a Thursday evening, Nov. 6, 1947.  A new church building was completed in the fall of 1967 at Twenty-fourth Street and Wisconsin Avenue S.W.....”  Exterior photograph.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, 8 May 1987, p8c3]
  • 1994--“’Keep the message fresh’”
    Barry BEVERAGE, “pastor, for three years”.  “The Huron Nazarene church building at 24th Street and Wisconsin Avenue was constructed in 1948 for a reorganized congregation.  Nazarenes has formed a church at Ninth Street and Nebraska Avenue around World War I, but was closed down during hard times in the 1930s.”  Photograph of Barry and Chatty BEVERAGE.  Mentioned: Bertha HAY, Phyllis OLSON.
    [Source:Plainsman, Fri 8 Apr 1994, p5c2]
  • 1996--“Building on faith : Greenfields convert Nazarene Church to contemporary home”
    Allen and Karen GREENFIELD, 920 Nebraska Ave. S.W.  “The building was built in the early 1900s as the Mount Pleasant Church near Mitchell.  It was moved to Huron in 1947, where it became a Nazarene Church.  Exterior photograph with the GREENFIELDs.
    [Source: Plainsman, Thu 26 Sep 1996, Fall Home Improvement Section, p1c1]
  • 1997--“Church of the Nazarene to note 50th anniversary”
    Rev. Dale KEITH, pastor.  “The congregation began meeting in 1923 on Second Street in the area now occupied by Fair City Glass.  It was moved to Ninth and Nebraska in 1947 and was officially chartered (organized) at that time.”
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, 20 Aug 1997, p5c1]
  • 2001--[Advertisement]
    Dr. Carl BLACK, “new pastor”.  Exterior photograph.
    [Source:Plainsman, Sun 15 Jul 2001, p3c1]
  • 2008--“New pastor believes in practical help and fun”
    Rev. Bill BOEHM, Mandan, ND, native.  Photograph of Bill and Danni BOEHM.
    [Source:Plainsman, Wed 17 Sep 2008, p6c4]
Church of the Resurrection (Holy Trinity Parish)
400 – 20th Street Southwest, Huron, SD  57350
Father Joseph HOLZHAUSER & Father James ZIMMER.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]

Concordia Lutheran Church
380 Wessington Street South, Wessington, SD  57381
Rev. Daryl TOMPKINS, pastor.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]
  • 1991--Concordia Lutheran Church.  “Wessington church observes 40th year, dedication of hall”; purchased and moved Peace Lutheran building, Virgil, SD.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Wed 2 Oct 1991, p11c1]
  • 1998--Lots 11 & 12, Block 27, Brooks 1st Addition, Wessington Town.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 27 Mar 1998, p12]
Congregational United Church of Christ
505 California Avenue Southwest
Huron, SD  57350
Rev. Brian GROVER, pastor.
[Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 13 Feb 2003, p12]
  • 1904--“Congregationalists Rededicate Church”.
    [Source:Journal=World, 28 Jan 1904, p1c6]
  • 1906
    --Cong. Church, Huron, Southwest corner of California & 5th Streets (Block 17, Lots 1 & 2, 2nd Railway Addition).
    [Source:1906 ATLAS, p. 89]
    [Source:ATLAS1906, p101b]
  • 1951--Rev. Glenn E. VAN VACTOR, First Congregational Church, Huron, SD.
    [Source:HURONITE & DAILY PLAINSMAN, 25 May 1951, p9c4 “Pastor Profiles No. 6”]
  • 1992--“Called to serve : Rev. Blumenfeld leaving ministry after 36 years”
    Rev. Frances BLUMENFELD...”came to Huron in October 1984.”  Mentioned: Dick NAMANNY.  Photograph of BLUMENFELD.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Mon 27 May 1992, p1c3]
  • 1994--“Continuing a tradition of faith”
    The church “was formed in 1884--the first congregation to begin meeting in Huron”.  “This church started meeting in a little office downtown....”  “The first church in Huron was built in April 1885, and was dedicated free of debt five months later.  A pipe organ, installed in 1886, was the first to be heard in Huron.”  “The church on the corner of Fifth Street and California Avenue was built in 1918.”  Mentioned: Ardella BRANDENBURG, Evelyn FRIESE, Allen GREENFIELD, Helen HEPLER, Nels OLSEN.  Group photograph.
    [Source: HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 30 Sep 1994, p11c1]
  • 1995--“Gustafson named pastor”
    Rev. Mark W. GUSTAFSON “began his ministry in Huron on Nov. 1.”  Photograph.
    [Source: HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 1 Dec 1995, p5c1]
  • 2001--“Congregational UCC has new pastor”
    Rev. Brian GROVER, formerly of Elkton, SD.
    [Source: Plainsman, Thu 12 July 2001, p6c1]

Restlawn Memory Gardens
South of Huron 6 miles
  • 1962--"New City Cemetery Is Planned"--5-1/2 miles south of Huron; 20 acre site. Mentions:Roger CHAPMAN.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 28 January 1962, p4c5]
Bonney Cemetery
Floyd Township
  • 2003--“Members of the Clarence BONNEY and Johnny DARLAND families collaborated to place burial stones on the previously unmarked graves of...Doris BONNEY, and...Rachel DARLAND.”  Mentioned: Brian BONNEY, Doane and Ruth BONNEY, Harry and Betty BONNEY, Jesse and Virginia BONNEY, Gary and Sue DARLAND, Kenneth and Lela DARLAND, Faith & Phi HUBBARD, Thelma MOODY, Robert OLSON, Betty Jean PUTERBAUGH, Warren THOMAS, Sonja WIELAND, Bergan and Andrew WIELAND.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 29 Jun 2003, pB3c2 “Briefly”]
Peterson, E Frank.  Atlas of Beadle County, South Dakota ; compiled and drawn from official records and a special survey. Lake Andes, S.D. : Published by E. Frank Peterson, c1906.
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Location: Huron (SD) Public Library.  For reference only.
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