Friday, June 22, 2012

Spink County--Abbie GARDNER, 1857

"Monument Near Redfield Marks Spot Where Young Girl Rescued" 
[Source:The Huronite and The Daily Plainsman, Sun 9 Dec 1951, p17c1] 

The monument is two miles north of Redfield, South Dakota, on Highway 281. Mentioned:
Abbie GARDNER, Major Charles E. FLANDREAU, Hagman’s Grove, Mrs. NOBLE, Mrs. THATCHER, Spirit Lake Massacre (Iowa), Charlotte Warrington Turner Chapter (Daughters of the American Revolution (Spink County).


[Source:Huron newspaper, 7 Feb 1918, p8c3]
This article had some interesting history--and in my excitement, I didn't get a complete reference.  Sigh.

The Bureau of Land Management records lists Matthias B. SCOFIELD on section 2, Burr Oak Township, in 1889.  The 1906 Beadle County atlas [view at Historic Map Works] lists John and Herman WULLWEBER on the southeast and southwest quarters of Section 2, Burr Oak Township (Township 109, Range 65).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hatfield Recalls Huron 65 Years Ago (c1883)

[Source:The Huronite & Daily Plainsman (Huron, SD), Thursday, 1 April 1948, p2c6]

R. B. HATFIELD [Roy Berton], 125 Seventh St. S. W., said that Huron wasn't much to look at when he got his first glimpse of the prairie town just 65 <1883> years ago this morning.  HATFIELD was just a boy when his mother [Mary Elizabeth (SANDERS) HATFIELD] brought him and three other children [Ira H., Sarah Elizabeth, Jennie Pearl] to Huron to join their father [Jacob Cramer HATFIELD], who had come here to pioneer three years before that.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hickle Central South Dakota Newspaper Database

"There are others who are not remembered, as if they had never lived,
who died and were forgotten..."Ecclesiastes 1:11

This is the beginnings of a database of obituaries and death notices in my files (and other sources).  There are problems to work out before I can create the list with less manual editing.

Obituaries 1973-1980 and 1987-2011 are or will be indexed and posted by year.

Roughly, the sources are:
  • McEWEN = Mildred McEWEN JONES manuscripts at the Huron Public Library.
  • Newspaper is just that, newspapers.

ABELL, Pearl Louise c1873-c1963--Obituary ‘Mrs. Marshall P. Montgomery’. [Source:McEWEN, HURON J-Z, p306]
ACKERMAN Maria (TODD) 1839-1929--Obituary ‘Hold Rites For Mrs. Ackerman’. [Source:Newspaper]
ACKERMAN, Green 1832-1891--Obituary [no title].  [Source:Newspaper]

Saturday, June 9, 2012

C. N. W. Station; Depot Hotel, Fire, 1913

[Source:DAILY HURONITE, Fri 13 Feb 1914, p2c3]

It was a year ago today that the old C. N. W. Station and the Depot hotel burned.  The intervening time has been well accounted for and Huron now has some of the finest railway buildings to be found anywhere.

Jacob C. HATFIELD, Old Illinois Street School, First National Bank

[from the obituary of Jacob Cramer HATFIELD, EVENING HURONITE, Monday, 24 February 1936, p1c3]

He came here in 1882 and homesteaded 9 miles north and 1 mile east of Huron on what became known as the Hatfield Ranch.
Early Huron Contractor
For the first few years, he followed his trade, carpentry, and worked in Huron.  His firm, PARKER and HATFIELD, erected the first brick schoolhouse in Huron, the old Illinois Street School, and also the first brick bank building, the old First National which was operated by the CAMPBELLs and which stood on the present site of the Lampe Market.