Assembly of God
  • 1964--Cornerstone laid, 23 Nov 1964.  Mentions:Pastor E. A. NORTH.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Wed 23 Nov 1994, p4c3 '30 YEARS AGO']
  • 1993 Oct--'Assembly of God marks 60 years'.  Norma OLSON ELLIASON [photograph], founder, formed the Huron Gospel Tabernacle at Dakota AV & Fourth ST N.  Current church location:920 Lincoln AV SW.  Rev. John VISCONTI, pastor since 1989.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Wed 27 Oct 1993, p8c1]
  • 1993 Dec--'Offering comfort to a hurting world'.  Mentions:Norma OLSON ELIASON, Rev. John VISCONTI*, Fran ZEIGLER*.  Photograph*.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Fri 17 Dec 1993, p8c4]
  • 1994 Jun--'Ministry for the sunset years', Sunday morning services at Huron Nursing Home.  Mentions:Rev. Howard CUMMINGS, Sharon GRAYSON, Anna K. HOFER, Rebecca HOLFORTY, Bob KEELIN, Julia KEELIN, Gertrude LEHR, Gene WALDNER, Ivan & Tilly WALZ.  Group photograph.
    [Source PLAINSMAN, Fri 3 Jun 1994, p5c1]
  • 1994 Dec--'New pastor installed at First Assembly', Rev. Edward ROSS.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 11 Dec 1994, p15c6]
  • 1997--Installation of Rev. Steven J. KUNO.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sat 20 Sep 1997, p6c3]
  • 2000--'First Assembly of God pastor installed', Rev. Thomas A. BRANTNER.  Photograph.  Church location:920 Lincoln AV SW.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 6 Aug 2000, pB2c1]
  • 2001--'Huron pastor ordained by Assemblies of God', Rev. Thomas BRANTNER.  Senior pastor since June 2000.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Wed 16 May 2001, p7c1]
  • 2002--'Cummings to speak at convention'.  Rev. Howard L. CUMMINGS served as pastor 1966-1975.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 3 Oct 2002, p2c1]
  • 2008--'First Assembly of God celebrates 75 years' in November.  Organized August 1933.  Locations:Nov 1933, Dakota AV & Fourth ST NE; Dakota AV & Wisconsin SE; 1935, 360 Ohio AV SW, dedicated Apr 1948; 1964, Lincoln AV SW & Ninth ST; 1965, new building dedicated; 1977, dedicated.  Mentions:Rev. Sam BENSON, Rev. CONKLIN, Rev. ELIASON, Rev. E. A. NORTH, Norma OLSON, Rev. Don SCHORSCH.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 28 Sep 2008, pB10c3]
Calvary Baptist Church
  • 1994--'Christianity is a rock'.  Rev. Bill* & Patty* HOLMES, pastor since 1982.  Church celebrated its 40th anniversary last year.  Photograph*.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Fri 28 Jan 1994, p5c2]
  • 2002--'Celebrating 50 years of teaching'.  The church sanctuary was once a one-room school at the present location on East 21st ST.  Mentions:Rev. Bill* & Patty* HOLMES, Rev. Calvin HUETHER.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 16 Jun 2002, pB1c2]
First Baptist Church
  • 1887--'Baptist Church History.'  Organized 23 Aug 1880; building dedicated 20 Nov 1881.  Mentions:L. ADLER, (Miss) Georgia AMBROSE, Rev. George A. CRESSEY 1881-1884, C. H. [O.? H.] DAVIS, Rev. J. W. DAVIS 1883-1886, Mrs. Dr. DICKINSON, Mrs. J. H. DeVOE, Mrs. E. DOOLITTLE, Rev. E. ENGLISH, Deacon FRANCIS, R. A. HARRIS, Rev. D. E. HALTEMAN, Mr. & Mrs. A. T. JAMES, George A. KELSEY, F. J. MATTS, Mrs. MAXFIELD, M. H. McHENRY, (Miss) Amy MILLER (now Mrs. GLENN), George MILLER, Mrs. I. N. MUTCHLER, Mrs. Amelia NEAL, F. M. NEFF, Charles PARKHURST, Mrs. E. A. PEARSON, Rev. W. S. PETERSON, Rev. J. B. POMEROY, Mrs. M. QUIGGS, Mrs. RISDON, Rev. A. F. THOMPSON, W. E. WADE, Edwin G. WHEELER, WRIGHT house, Mrs. M. F. WRIGHT.
    [Source:DAILY HURONITE, Sat 15 Oct 1887, p4c3]
  • 1898--'The reception tendered the new pastor of the Baptist church, Rev. Mr. STARRING, Saturday evening, was well attended....'
    [Source:DAKOTA HURONITE, Thu 10 Feb 1898, p8c3]
  • 1950--'First Baptist Church Started 70 Years Ago', 23 Jul 1880.  Mentions:Dr. W. H. BAYLES, Rev. George A. CRESSEY, Rev. Jonathan NIELSEN 1946-1948, Rev. W. Leslie PUGH, Rev. Edwin RING, Rev. Alfred TRENERRY 1929-1941.
    [Source:HURONITE & DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 24 Sep 1950, p1c1]
  • 1990--'Baptists to note 110th anniversary'.  Mentions:Rev. Edwin L. BROWN, Rev. Ron COWLES, Rev. George CRESSEY, Rev. Palmer SWENSON.
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Wed 15 Aug 1990, p2c4]
  • 1994--1994 Directory of First Baptist Church.
  • 1994--'A place for all at First'.  Locations:3rd ST & Kansas AV SE, 5th ST & Kansas AV SE, 1420 McClellan DR SW.  Mentions:Cliff BAILEY*, Rozella GLANZER*, Doug NORTH*, Rev. Phil THOMAS*.  Group photograph*.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Fri 20 May 1994, p9c2]
  • 1999--'Shermer becomes interim pastor at First Baptist'.  Rev. William SHERMER.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 25 Jul 1999, pB1c1]
  • 2000 Jul--'New pastor coming to First Baptist'.  Rev. Lawrence 'Lew' CHRISTENSEN.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sat 29 Jul 2000, p5c1]
  • 2000 Oct--'First Baptist to install new pastor'.  Rev. Lawrence 'Lew' CHRISTENSEN.  Photograph.  Mentions:Rev. Ed PURCELL, Rev. Mark SARGENT, Rev. Truman SPROLES.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Wed 4 Oct 2000, pB1c1]
  • 2005 Jul--'First Baptist Church celebrates 125-year anniversary'.  Locations:Kansas AV SE & 3rd ST, Kansas AV SE & 5th ST, 14th ST & McClellan DR.  Mentions:Rev. L. B. BABBITT 1913-1916, Ballard BLOUNT 1974-1983, Ann BOYD, Rev. Ed BROWN, Jo CAIN, Lew CHRISTENSEN 2000-present, Rev. & Mrs. George CRESSEY 1880-1884, CUNNINGHAM, DeeDee DABNEY, John DAVEY 1962-1965, Rev. J. W. DAVID 1885-1860, Rev. George EARNSHAW 1953-1955, Rev. Elisha ENGLISH 1886-1890, Rev. Frank GILLETT, Rev. F. E. HUDSON 1906-1910, Charles LANDON 1966-1970, Rev. Paul LEMKE, Rev. R. J. LLOYD 1917-1925, Rev. Earl LONGFELLOW 1941-1946, Rev. Cornelius MALLEY 1900-1902, Rev. Jonathan NIELSEN 1946-1948, Rev. A. P. PALM, John PALMER 1971-1973, Rev. W. Leslie PUGH 1949-1952, Rev. F. H. RICHARDSON 1902-1905, Rev. William SHERMER, Rev. George STARRING 1898-1899, Rev. C. H. STULL 1912-1912, Rev. J. P. STYLES 1892-1894, Rev. H. B. SUNDT, Rev. Palmer SWENSON 1956-1961, Phil THOMAS 1991-1998, Rev. Alfred TRENERRY 1929-1941, Gail TWINING 1984-1989, Rev. J. O. WHITE 1925-1928, Rev. S. D. WORKS 1894-1897.  Photographs of the three buildings.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 17 Jul 2005, pB1c1]
  • 2005 Aug--'First Baptist proclaimed 'Church of the Day'.  First Baptist celebrates their 125th anniversary Aug 21.  Location:1420 McClellan DR.  Mentions:Rev. Ballard BLOUNT, Rev. Charles LANDON, Rev. Gail TWINING.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Wed 31 Aug 2005, p6c2]
  • 2007 Apr--'Hunt called by First Baptist in Huron'.  Rev. Ken HUNT.  {Photograph]
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 1 Apr 2007, p6c1]
  • 2007 Apr--'Hunt becomes new pastor at First Baptist Church'.  Ken HUNT assumed his duties March 1.  Photograph.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sat 21 Apr 2007, p6c1]
  • 2007 Nov--'Pastor installation planned Sunday'.  Rev. Ken HUNT [photograph].  Mentions:Dr. Riley WALKER.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sat 10 Nov 2007, p6c4]
  • 2011--'Sharing God's word with all'.  Pastor Marc ANDERSON began his duties Jan 1.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sat 12 Feb 2011, p6c1]
 Huron Baptist Church
  • 1994--'Talk is a healing gift at Huron Baptist'.  Location:9th ST & Lincoln AV.  Rev. Roger BOEHM.  Photograph.  Established 1965 by the Southern Baptist Convention.  Mentions:Ida FERGUSON, Cal HUETHER, Dorothy MURPHY.
  • 1995--'Baptists raise roof on local church'.  Built in 1969 at 9th ST & Lincoln AV SW.  Mentions:Rev. Roger BOEHM, Carl EAVES, Thomas LAMB, Stephanie LEE, Rev. Dennis WILBANKS.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Thu 6 Jul 1995, p5c2]
Church of the Resurrection,
Saint Martin of Tours,
Holy Trinity Catholic Parish
  • 1904--“The large parish over which Father DESMOND has presided for the past seven years has been divided and the portion east of the river with Cavour as residence, has been cut off, and is by Bishop O’GORMON’s appointment under the jurisdiction of Rev. Father O’FARRELL.  The new parish consists of Cavour, Iroquois, St. Williams and Bancroft, while Father DESMOND will have the city, with an outer mission at Broadland.  It is wonderful what faithfulness to duty will work in localities as well as in individuals.  Father DESMOND has had charge of seven districts for the past seven years and it stands to his credit that the outer districts have been attended to as assidously [assiduously/diligently] as Huron.  The Rev. gentleman is as well known in Cavour, St. Williams, Broadland, Wolsey, Wessington and Bonilla, and his personality prized as much in these districts as in this city, where he is so highly esteemed both as a citizen and a clergyman.  The people of the new parish put up a $3000 pastoral house, one of the finest priests’ residence in the Diocese of Sioux Falls.  Contractor ISSENHUTH of this city erected the building.  The entire building is heated by hot water, put in by Mr. WAIBEL of this city.  What is most gratifying of all is that the house is practically out of debt, thanks to the generosity of the good parishioners.”
    [Source:JOURNAL=WORLD, Thu 14 Jan 1904, p11c6]
  • 1906--Catholic Church, Huron, Block 13, Lots 8 & 9, 2nd Railway Addition (NE corner Kansas & 5th Streets).
    [Source:1906 ATLAS, p89]
    c1906--St. Martin’s Church photograph.
    [Source:1906 ATLAS, p99b]
  • 1913--'To Erect Fine New Church Building, Work on New $22,000 Catholic Church Building to Begin in Two Weeks'.  Mentions:Father DESMOND, Bishop O'GORMAN.
    [Source:WEEKLY STATE SPIRIT, Thu 17 Apr 1913, p3c2]
  • 1931--(Rev) John GAIRE '…Assumes Charge of Parish”; succeeds Monsignor D. F. DESMOND, who …[headed] the Huron parish for nearly 42 years'.
    [Source:EVENING HURONITE, Fri 13 Feb 1931, p1c2]
  • 1937--'Monsignor D. F. DESMOND serves 40 years as priest of St. Martins Church'.
    [Source:EVENING HURONITE, Thu 1 Apr 1937, p8c1]
  • 1952 Mar 23--Plainsman 'pictures RAULT standing in the choir loft with one of the large circular stained glass windows in the background.'
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 9 Feb 1997, p1c2]
    [Source:Hickle files]
  • 1983 Oct--Saint Martin Church Centennial Mass Order of Service.  Short history.
    [Source:Hickle files]
  • 1986--'Open house set Sunday afternoon at Catholic church'.  Church of the Resurrection open house of the new church hall and chapel addition.  Rev. Donald Imming.
    [Source:Undated clipping, abt 18 Mar 1986]
  • 1989--'St. Martin Cemetery recipient of facelift'.  'The stone cross which is set in cement at the Altar came from the St. John Regional Medical Center, now Huron Regional Medical Center.  The St. Martin Cemetery dates back to the 1880s.  The land was donated by Vern STAHLY's mother's family, the McDONALDs [sic/John and Mary Lovina McCONNELL].
    [Source:HURON DAILY PLAINSMAN, Tue 17 Oct 1989, p5c2]
  • 1991--'Forward Together As One Family'.  Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church and Church of the Resurrection pictorial directory.
    [Source:Hickle files]
  • 1992--'Priests reassigned to Huron to serve in local parishes'.  Mentions:Rev. Donald IMMING, Rev. Michael KELLY*, Rev. Joseph MURPHY*, Rev. Gerald THURY, Rev. Joseph VOGEL.  Photographs*.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Fri 10 Jan 1992, p6c1]
  • 1994--'Catholics' spiritual lives enriched by laity'.  Rev. J. E. MURPHY*.  Rev. Mike KELLY 1978-81; MURPHY, a 4-1/2 year stay around the same time.  They returned as a team January 1992.  'St .Martin was organized in 1882, and the current sanctuary downtown was built in 1914.  The Church of the Resurrection in Southwest Huron was dedicated in 1969.'  Mentions:Ann AALBERS*.  [Photograph*]
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Fri 4 Feb 1994, p5c1]
  • 1996--'Moving with godspeed, Former convent taken to rural Alpena property'.  The building was built in Huron in 1913 by J. W. CAMPBELL, and was a private home until St. Martin Church purchased it in 1928 and operated by the church until 1991.  Purchased by Dr. Michael and Ann GUERIN.  Photograph of Sister Jean HUNTIMER in front of the former convent.
  • 1997--'Still shining brightly, Stained glass windows in St. Martin Church reflect rare process'.  Windows installed in March 1952 (March 23, 1952 PLAINSMAN).  Mentions:Olivia BEERMAN, Renada CAHILL, Florence DAVE, Rev. Michael KELLY, Rhonda KLUDT, Rev. Martin O'CONNOR, Monsignor J. J. O'NEILL, Andre RAULT family.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 9 Feb 1997, p1c1]
  • 1998 Jun--'Huron priest retiring after 38 years'.  Rev. Joseph MURPHY has served Church of the Resurrection for 10-1/2 years during two appointments.  MURPHY also serves Saint Patrick's Catholic in Cavour.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 21 Jun 1998, pB1c1]
  • 1998 Jun--'Members of St. Patrick's lose church and priest to retirement'.  Rev. Joseph MURPHY retired.
    [Source:ARGUS LEADER (Sioux Falls), Mon 29 Jun 1998, pD2c1]
  • 1999 Jun--'Huron Catholic Community has a new name'.  Holy Trinity Catholic Parish.  Name change effective July 1.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 27 Jun 1999, pB4c1]
  • 1999 Dec--'St. Martin's School marks 70th anniversary with rededication', opened its doors November 12, 1929.
    [Source:PAY DAY (Huron SD) Thu 23 Dec 1999, p4c5]
  • 2002 May--'Three become one, Catholic church in Cavour, Huron will soon come together under one roof'.  Holy Trinity Parish.  Photograph of Father Joseph HOLZHAUSER and Father Jim ZIMMER in front of Saint Martin Catholic Church.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sat 25 May 2002, p1c2]
  • 2002 Nov--'It's been nine years in the making'.  Kickoff to build a new Catholic Life Center, attached to the southeast end of the Church of the Resurrection, 21st ST and Campbell Drive.  Photograph of Father Joe HOLZHAUSER and Father Jim ZIMMER, background is Church of the Resurrection.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 24 Nov 2002, p1c2]
  • 2003 Sep--'Holy Trinity Catholic to break ground' for the Catholic Parish Life Center, 425 21st ST SW.  Photograph:Rev. Joe HOLZHAUSER; drawing of the new Center.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Wed 24 Sep 2003, p3c1]
  • 2003 Oct--'Ground breaking'.  Photograph of Jim MURTHA, Bob TAYLOR, Fran HENDRICKS, Rev. Joe HOLZHAUSER, Mayor Mary PEARSON, Bishop Robert CARLSON and Rev. Jim ZIMMER.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Wed 1 Oct 2003, p6c3]
  • 2004 Jan--'Parish Life Center is taking shape'.  Photographs of Rev. Joe HOLZHAUSER and the construction site.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 15 Jan 2004, p1c4]
  • 2004 Apr--'Holy Trinity Family Life Center takes shape'.  Construction is about 40 percent complete.  'When the school was first built in 1929, it was known as Saint Theresa School, but in 1961 it was changed to Saint Martin's School.'  Photograph of construction site.
    [Source DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 18 Apr 2004, p1c2]
  • 2004 Jun--'Priest leaving for Aberdeen'.  Rev. Jim ZIMMER.  Photographs of Rev. Jim ZIMMER and Rev. Donald IMMING.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sat 26 Jun 2004, p1c5]
  • 2004 Jul--'Catholic school gets new name'.  Effective July 1, Saint Martin's School is now Holy Trinity Catholic School.  Rev. Joe HOLZHAUSER.  Photograph, Brian SIEH.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 22 Jul 2004, p1c2]
  • 2004 Aug--'Parish Life Center now open'.  Photograph of the ribbon cutting ceremony.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Tue 17 Aug 2004, p1c1]
  • 2006--'Closing a page of history',  Saint Martin's Catholic Church was demolished Thursday.  Locations:the first was built on land donated by T. J. NICHOL (sold and removed from the lot east of the second structure). Construction began on the second building in 1913.  Stained glass windows from the front and side were removed and installed at the new Holy Trinity Catholic Church.  Mentions:Rev. Paul ANDERSON, CODDINGTON, Ed & Grace CORCORAN, Ronald CRAVENS, Richard Cardinal CUSHING, Rev. D. F. DESMOND, DINNEEN, DOWNEY, Minnie FLANAGAN, Rev. Robert FLANNERY, GILLESPIE, Rev. Robert HAIRE, Fran (Jim) HENDRICKS, Rev. Joe HOLZHAUSER, Rev. Michael KELLY, Bishop Martin MARTY, Msgr. John McENEANEY, Rev. John MURRAY, Rev. Rodney PARKE, Jim & Dorothy POLLOCK, Catherine SAARIE, Gene & Madelyne SAARIE, Lawrence & Edith SLEPIKAS, LeRoy & Rose SLEPIKAS, SPELLMAN, TIMMONS, VAUGHN, T. C. & Marjorie WAITS.  Source for article was 'The History of the Catholic Church in Huron', by Mayme ARTEMAN.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Fri 10 Mar 2006, p1c2]
  • 2006--'Corrections',  Mentions:Pam & Russ LAYTON, LeRoy & Rose SLEPIKAS, Scott & Tammy SLEPIKAS.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sat 11 Mar 2006, p2c6]
  • 2006--'Holy Trinity puts on talent show, opens time capsule'.  Saint Martin's School ground breaking 19 May 1929
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Thu 2 Feb 2006, p14c5]
  • 2007--'New parish priest in Huron.  Rev. Terry R. ANDERSON.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sat 14 Jul 2007, p6c1]
  • 2009--'Holy Trinity celebration', 10th anniversary.  Formerly Saint Patrick's (Cavour), Saint Martin of Tours (Huron) and Church of the Resurrection (425 21st ST SW, Huron).  The stations of the cross are from Saint Patrick's.  Father Terry ANDERSON [photograph].
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 26 Jul 2009, pB1c2]
  • 2009--'80 years of Catholic education'.  Now known as Holy Trinity Catholic School; formerly Saint Teresa Catholic School and Saint Martin Parish School.  Mentions:Keith CYPHERT, Peggy CYPHERT, Michelle SCHOENFELDER [photograph], Sister Bridget.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Sun 26 Jul 2009, pB1c2]
Congregational, United Church of Christ
505 California Avenue Southwest, Huron SD
  • 1885--'The new Congregational Church', corner of 5th & California streets facing Capitol hill'.  'The First Congregational church society of Huron was instituted in this on June 1st, 1884, being the seventh religious organization in the city....".  Sketch of the church.
    [Source:DAKOTA HURONITE, 13 Aug 1885, p1c5]
  • 1886--'Congregational Church Anniversary'.  'Sunday, Sept. 12, was the second anniversary of the organization of the Congregational church in this place.'  Mentions:Rev. A. A. MURPHY.
    [Source:DAILY HURONITE, 13 Sep 1886, p3c1]
  • 1904--“Congregationalists Rededicate Church”.
    [Source:Journal=World, Thu 28 Jan 1904, p1c6]
  • 1906--Cong. Church, Huron, Southwest corner of California & 5th Streets (Block 17, Lots 1 & 2, 2nd Railway Addition).
    [Source:1906 ATLAS, p89]
    [Source:1906 ATLAS, p101b]
  • 1951--'Pastor Profiles No. 6'.  Rev. Glenn E. VAN VACTOR, First Congregational Church, Huron, SD.
    [Source:Huronite & Daily Plainsman, Fri 25 May 1951, p9c4]
  • 1992--'Called to service, Rev. Blumenfeld leaving ministry after 36 years'.  Rev. Frances BLUMENFELD came to Huron in October, 1984.  Photograph.
    [Source:HURON PLAINSMAN, Mon 27 May 1992, p1c3]
  • 1994--'Continuing a tradition of faith', 5th ST and California AV.  Congregation formed in 1884, the first congregation to begin meeting in Huron.  The current building was built in 1918.  Photograph:Ardella BRANDENBURG, Evelyn FRIESE, Allen GREENFIELD, Helen HEPLER, Nels OLSEN.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Fri 30 Sep 1994, p11c1]
  • 1995--'Gustafson named pastor'.  Rev. Mark W. GUSTAFSON began his Huron ministry November 1.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Fri 1 Dec 1995, p5c1]
  • 2001--'Congregational UCC has new pastor', 505 California AV SW.  Rev. Brian GROVER conducted his first service Sunday.  Photograph.
    [Source:PLAINSMAN, Thu 12 Jul 2001, p6c1]
  • 2009--'Happy 125th anniversary'.  Group photogragh.  Photograph of the old church in 1903, located in what is now the parking lot of the current church.  Organized June 1884.  The church was built and the cornerstone laid 18 Apr 1885.  The cornerstone of the current building was laid May 1920 with facility dedication April 1922.
    [Source:DAILY PLAINSMAN, Sun 5 Jul 2009, pB1c2]
American Lutheran Church
  • 1904--'The Evangelical Lutheran church of the Holy Communion, of Huron, S. D., was organized in November, 1903.  Officers were elected on January 4 and the organization completed.  The members have already raised $550 toward supporting a pastor.'
    [Source:JOURNAL=WORLD, Thu 14 Jan 1904, p11c6]

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