Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Some things such as moving and health caused a forced break.  My apologies.

Obituaries, 1992 (Partial List)

The following obituaries were printed in the PLAINSMAN (Huron, SD) newspaper.
  • ( )=maiden surname.
  • md=married surname.
  • HPnn-pppc=my scrapbook number, page, and column (a-f).

ALLISON, Tillie, md:KITCHEN, age 98, res:Howard SD; d:1992.  [Source:HP08-580c]
ANDERSON, Lorene 'Nickie' (NICHOLSON), age 81, res:Denali Park AK; d:1992.  [Source:HP08-577f]
ANDERSON, Maryan E, md:DWYER, age 78, res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1992.  [Source:HP08-578f]
ANDERSON, Quentine, age 74, res:Lake Preston SD; d:1992.  [Source:HP08-582f]