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Obituaries, 1977 (Partial List) -- Updated 10 May 2012

The following is a list of decedents from obituaries and deaths published in the Huron Daily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota.
  • Obituaries are available on microfilm at the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, aka the Family History Library.
    Title:Newspaper clippings from Huron Daily Plainsman, mainly obituaries, 1973-1977.
    Microfilm number:1036855, Item 2 (1977)
  • HPnnD-pppc = the scrapbook number, page, and column (a-f).
AALBERS, Cornelia (Mrs) 1886-1977--res:Saint Lawrence SD; Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-030a]
AALBERS, Gradus--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:(Mrs) Cornelia AALBERS.
AARSTAD, Lena (Mrs) 1893-1976--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-001a,13D-139c]
ABBOTT, Hazel M 1908-1977--md:VITTERS; res:Saint Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP14D-070e]
ABRAM, Margaret (Mrs) c1889-1977--res:Harrold SD; Excelsior Springs MO. [Source:HP14D-040c]
ACOREN, Debbie -1977--res:Saint Francis SD. [Source:HP14D-064e]
ADKINS, Joseph -1898--res:. [Source:HP14D-053a]
ADKINS, Marion c1839-1900--res:. [Source:HP14D-052,053a]
AESOPH, Edward E 1905-1977--res:Seneca SD; Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-026d]
AKER, Darlene 1929-1977--md:PEDERSON; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-022e,022c]
ALBERTS, Sophia Anna (Mrs) 1908-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-066d]
ALBERTSON, Anna 'Mattie' (Mrs) 1899-1977--res:Carthage SD. [Source:HP14D-058a]
ALLBEE, Jennie (Mrs) 1894-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-029d,028e]
ALLBEE, Roy--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Jennie ALLBEE.
ALLEN, Robert Wayne 1911-1977--res:Huron SD; Esmond SD; Manchester SD. [Source:HP14D-042b]
ALLERDINGS, Erna F 1917-1977--md:RONAN; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-035b,035a]
ALLEY, Erlma (Mrs) 1907-1977--res:Canova SD; Malden WA. [Source:HP14D-039a,037d]
ALLGIER, Terry c1954-1977--res:Hill City SD. [Source:HP14D-014b]
ALLISON, Lloyd "Dutch" 1900-1977--res:Blunt SD. [Source:HP14D-008b]
ALLRED, Bertha (Mrs) 1906-1977--res:Clark co SD; Madison SD. [Source:HP14D-017c]
ALMLIE, Ellen--Deceased spouse; see: Theander 'Ted' BUNDE.
ALMOND, Elizabeth M (Mrs) 1896-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-002d,002d]
ALMOND, Grover--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Elizabeth M ALMOND.
ALMOND, Thelma 1918-1977--md:BENNING; res:Huron SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-050b,049e]
ALMOND, Thelma 1918-1977--md:COBB; res:Huron SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-050b,049e]
ALT, Mary (Mrs) 1887-1977--res:Letcher SD. [Source:HP14D-073d]
ALT, Richard--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:(Mrs) Mary ALT.
ANDERSEN, Harl 1907-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-014d]
ANDERSEN, Olga Marie 1890-1977--md:JONASON; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-069b]
ANDERSON, Albert 1912-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-014e,013d]
ANDERSON, Bert Lewis 1913-1977--res:Carthage SD. [Source:HP14D-043e,043d]
ANDERSON, Clair M 1917-1977--res:Bancroft SD. [Source:HP14D-046e]
ANDERSON, Cora (Mrs) 1883-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-034a,033d]
ANDERSON, Floyd C 1906-1977--res:Doland SD. [Source:HP14D-011e,010c]
ANDERSON, Fred August 1897-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-015d,015e]
ANDERSON, Fred--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Gina Mathilda ANDERSON.
ANDERSON, Gina Mathilda (Mrs) 1900-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-016b]
ANDERSON, Howard c1909-1977--res:Eden Twp, Gann Valley SD. [Source:HP14D-045b]
ANDERSON, Katherine (Mrs) -1977--res:Huron SD; Pueblo CO. [Source:HP14D-049c]
ANDERSON, Lena 1893-1976--md:AARSTAD; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP14D-001a,13D-139c]
ANDERSON, Olander--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:(Mrs) Cora ANDERSON.
ANDERSON, Roger V c1911-1977--res:Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-009e]
ANDERSON, Rudolph R 1891-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-048c]
ANDERSON, William C (Col., Retd) 1916-1977--res:Universal City TX. [Source:HP14D-003d,001a]
ANDREWS, Julia (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Lake Norden SD. [Source:HP14D-011b]
ARENDS, Ben 1892-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-012e]
ARENS, Anton J 1890-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-026a,025c]
ARHART, Paul W 1915-1977--res:Alpena SD. [Source:HP14D-028e,028c]
ARNT, Einar J 1915-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-048c]
ASKE, Gina Mathilda 1900-1977--md:ANDERSON; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP14D-016b]
ASPEN, LuAnn (Mrs) c1953-1977--res:Lead SD. [Source:HP14D-063d]
AUSTERMAN, Delores -1977--md:WALKER; res:Artesian SD; Minneapolis MN.  [Source:HP14D-054d,054c]
AVERY, Walter Arthur 1891-1977--res:Tulare SD. [Source:HP14D-054a]
AXFORD, Arlene (Mrs) -1977--res:Watertown SD; Phoenix AZ. [Source:HP14D-028e]
AXFORD, Duncan -1977--res:Watertown SD; Phoenix AZ. [Source:HP14D-028e]
BABLER, Barbara 1888-1977--md:LIEN; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP14D-056c]
BACON, Julius F c1880-1977--res:Grand Forks ND; Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-065d]
BAILEY, Eugene H -1976--res:Huron SD; Fredericksburg TX. [Source:HP14D-002c]
BALDWIN, Kenneth -1977--res:Carthage SD. [Source:HP14D-,036a]
BALES, Jeremy William 1977-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-049e]
BALL, Clio 1894-1977--md:ROACHE; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP14D-030e]
BALLWEBER, Kent c1970-1977--res:Scranton ND. [Source:HP14D-069a]
BARAN, Henry T c1891-1977--res:Hitchcock SD; Lombard IL. [Source:HP14D-049c]
BARBER, Darshan c1976-1977--res:Modesto CA. [Source:HP14D-073d]
BARNES, Mary Jane 1897-1977--md:MEAD; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-020e,019e]
BARRETT, Mattie--Deceased spouse; see: Pierre McCAMLY.
BARRIE, Emma L--Deceased spouse; see: Wayne J "Doc" LAWSON.
BARROWS, Lois E 1902-1977--md:LaFEE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-023a]
BARTELS, Donna Mae (Mrs) 1948-1977--res:Wessington SD; Cottage Grove MN. [Source:HP14D-041e]
BASSETT, Grace A 1914-1977--md:POLICH; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP14D-022d]
BATIEN, Bertha 1906-1977--md:ALLRED; res:Clark co SD; Madison SD.  [Source:HP14D-017c]
BATIEN, Bertha 1906-1977--md:BRYAN; res:Clark co SD; Madison SD.  [Source:HP14D-017c]
BAU, Esther O (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-064c]
BAU, Pete--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:(Mrs) Esther O BAU.
BAUER, Clyde 1943-1977--res:Huron SD; San Bernardino CA. [Source:HP14D-009c]
BAUER, Helene (Mrs) 1896-1977--res:Cavour SD; Beresford SD. [Source:HP14D-008e]
BAUER,Samuel J--Deceased spouse; d:1941; see:(Mrs) Helene BAUER.
BAUHS, Florence (Mrs) 1899-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-045c,044e]
BAUHS, Gertrude (Mrs) 1893-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-075a,074b]
BAUHS, Mike A--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:(Mrs) Florence BAUHS.
BAUHS, William H--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:(Mrs) Gertrude BAUHS.
BAUM, Bertha Rose 1889-1977--md:DuBRO; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-066b,066d]
BAUM, Fred William Jr 1955-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-005b,005a]
BAUMAN, Eva W 1899-1977--md:DREXLER; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP14D-045c]
BAUMHOFF, Blanche 1909-1977--md:REESE; res:Huron SD; Redlands CA.  [Source:HP14D-030c]
BEANERS, Vernon 'Dutch' -1977--res:Clark SD; Raymond SD; Carpenter SD. [Source:HP14D-042a]
BEARD, Anna R (Mrs) 1886-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-053b]
BEARD, John--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:(Mrs) Anna R BEARD.
BEBO, Gertrude V -1977--md:FORD; res:Mansfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-032a]
BEBO, Marvin M c1918-1977--res:Mellette SD. [Source:HP14D-035b]
BEDKER, Lowell c1938-1977--res:,, MI. [Source:HP14D-065a]
BEERMAN, George Otto 1915-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-026a,025e]
BEETHAM, Everett--Deceased spouse; d:1941; see:(Mrs) Lottie Mae BEETHAM.
BEETHAM, Lottie Mae (Mrs) 1896-1977--res:Murdo SD; Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-051e]
BENDIX, Cedella F 1911-1977--md:ELLSWORTH; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-073a,073d]
BENNETT, Lila Lee--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see: Charles CLARAMBEAU.
BENNING, Thelma (Mrs) 1918-1977--res:Huron SD; Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-050b,049e]
BENTON, Donald 1893-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-007a]
BENTSON, Margaret (Mrs) 1917-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-017c]
BERG, Eleanor Jane 1919-1977--md:OSBERG; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-053b]
BERKE, Ellen Christine 1889-1977--md:NELSON; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP14D-031c]
BERMAN, Walter 1902-1977--res:Seneca SD. [Source:HP14D-056a,055b]
BERTHA, Albert c1912-1977--res:Huron SD; Minneapolis MN. [Source:HP14D-067e]
BESSEY, Esther--Deceased spouse; see: Ernest T DEJONG.
BIEDENFELD, Dawn Lynn 1977-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-045a]
BIEGER, Helene 1896-1977--md:BAUER; res:Cavour SD; Beresford SD.  [Source:HP14D-008e]
BIEGLER, Emma H W (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Wessington SD. [Source:HP14D-025d]
BIG EAGLE, Ethel Belle (Mrs) 1912-1977--res:Blunt SD. [Source:HP14D-048e]
BIRDSALL, Harold 'Buck' 1914-1977--res:Onida SD. [Source:HP14D-024a]
BLACK BEAR RED LEAF, Linda c1952-1977--res:Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-061b]
BLAUVELT, Earl Francis 1909-1977--res:Ashton SD. [Source:HP14D-037c]
BLOODGOOD, Charles Edwin 1900-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-016b,015c,017a]
BLUME, May (Mrs) 1912-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-032d,032c]
BOES, Hilda 1914-1977--md:SCOTT; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP14D-073e]
BONNEY, Fern 1889-1977--md:REDFIELD; res:Wessington Springs SD; Hot Springs SD.  [Source:HP14D-071e]
BONTJE, Edward c1901-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-058b]
BORAH, Vicie V 1890-1977--md:SWANSON; res:Oldham SD; DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP14D-020b,020e]
BORDMAN, Richard c1959-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-009a]
BORGER, Elizabeth 1889-1977--md:BRANDT; res:Blunt; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-002c]
BORNS, Erma (Mrs) 1900-1977--res:Saint Lawrence SD. [Source:HP14D-029a]
BOROFF, Rosina (Mrs) 1900-1977--res:Tolstoy SD; Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-015b]
BOSCH, Flora--Deceased spouse; see: Ben ARENDS.
BOSS, Kate--Deceased spouse; see: Arthur H RYDBOM.
BOUDE, Kevin c1973-1977--res:Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-064e]
BOURNE, Thomas A c1931-1977--res:Wall SD. [Source:HP14D-059e]
BOWAR, William Matthew 1883-1977--res:Pierre SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-028b,028d]
BOWING, Grace Dunlap (Mrs) c1895-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-023c]
BRANCH, Betty 1918-1977--md:WOLF; res:Pierre SD; San Bernardino CA.  [Source:HP14D-024d]
BRANDNER, Dean Joseph c1953-1977--res:Herreid SD; Webster SD. [Source:HP14D-067e,067d]
BRANDT, Elizabeth (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Blunt; Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-002c]
BRANDVOLD, Evelyn 1881-1977--md:WARNE; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-063a]
BRANT, Winifred E 1893-1977--md:KUTSCHKE; res:Faulkton SD; Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP14D-026f]
BRASKAMP, Jodie (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-048a]
BRASKAMP, William--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:(Mrs) Jodie BRASKAMP.
BREEN, Judith 1905-1977--md:TAYLOR; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP14D-030d]
BRENNER, Robert c1927-1977--res:Alpena SD; McIntosh SD. [Source:HP14D-,058e]
BREWER, Ross L 1904-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-041c]
BROCKMAN, Mary S (Mrs) 1881-1977--res:Huron SD; Downey CA. [Source:HP14D-019e,020d]
BROCKMAN, Robert L--Deceased spouse; d:1947; see:(Mrs) Mary S BROCKMAN.
BROWN, Alexander Harry--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:(Mrs) Sophie BROWN.
BROWN, Barbara (Miss) 1950-1977--res:Claremont SD; Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-036e,036c,037a]
BROWN, Catherine Mary (Mrs) c1916-1977--res:Blunt SD; Pierre SD; Vicksburg MI. [Source:HP14D-064c]
BROWN, Erwin--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see:(Mrs) Catherine Mary BROWN.
BROWN, H Russell (Dr) c1904-1977--res:Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-006d]
BROWN, Sophie (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-055e,055b]
BRUGGER, Casper Charles 1892-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-025c,026d]
BRUSH, Nancy--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see: Carl LeGRAND.
BRYAN, Bertha (Mrs) 1906-1977--res:Clark co SD; Madison SD. [Source:HP14D-017c]
BRYAN, William--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:(Mrs) Bertha BRYAN.
BUCHOLZ, Harry H Sr 1906-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-011c]
BUNDE, Theander 'Ted' 1894-1977--res:Lane SD. [Source:HP14D-072e,071d]
BURCKHARD, Michelle c1969-1977--res:Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-025b]
BURGHER, Everett E 1897-1977--res:Miller SD; Towner ND. [Source:HP14D-057b,056d,056e]
BURNES, Stella (Mrs) c1890-1977--res:Huron SD; Klamath Falls OR. [Source:HP14D-040b]
BURRESS, Bazil Ernest 1894-1977--res:Canova SD; Carthage SD; Esmond SD. [Source:HP14D-049a]
BUSCH, Glenn L c1921-1977--res:Osceola SD; Carthage SD; Paullina IA. [Source:HP14D-021b]
BUTLER, Mary Ruth--Deceased spouse; see: Charles W GARDNER.
CALLSEN, Myrtie (Mrs) 1903-1977--res:Carpenter SD; Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-027e,028b [continued]]
CANTRELL, Jenny--Deceased spouse; see: Frank M KOUF.
CARLSON, Mary--Deceased spouse; see: John 'Jack' MILLER.
CARRIGAN, Frank 1890-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-074b]
CARROLL, Estella Josephine (Mrs) 1892-1977--res:Harrold SD; Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-074a]
CARROLL, John W Sr--Deceased spouse; d:1957; see:(Mrs) Estella Josephine CARROLL.
CARSON, Pearle Elsie (Mrs) 1914-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-033c]
CARTER, Clifford 1918-1977--res:Upton WY. [Source:HP14D-036b]
CAVANAUGH, Vernie J 'Bob' 1923-1977--res:DeSmet SD; Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-043a]
CHAMBERS, Io 1884-1977--md:WHITNEY; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP14D-019d]
CHAMBERS, Martha (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-043a]
CHARGING HAWK, Virgil -1977--res:Wagner SD. [Source:HP14D-024d]
CHARLES, William Robert 1898-1977--res:Canova SD; Winfred SD. [Source:HP14D-057e,057a]
CHEESEMAN, Maggie (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-008d,008a]
CHESIRE, Ann (Mrs) c1903-1977--res:Huron SD; Saint Paul MN. [Source:HP14D-031c]
CHOPSKIE, Mary 1887-1977--md:ALT; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP14D-073d]
CHRISTENSEN, Arlene -1977--md:AXFORD; res:Watertown SD; Phoenix AZ.  [Source:HP14D-028e]
CHRISTENSEN, Cheryl c1960-1977--res:Yankton SD. [Source:HP14D-062b]
CHRISTIANSEN, Bertha L (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Faulk co SD. [Source:HP14D-051c]
CHRISTIANSEN, J Martin--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:(Mrs) Bertha L CHRISTIANSEN.
CHURMA, John c1920-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD; Denver CO. [Source:HP14D-004c]
CLAASSEN, Agnes (Mrs) 1911-1977--res:Bancroft SD. [Source:HP14D-059d,060d]
CLAIR, Lee 1891-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-028c]
CLARAMBEAU, Charles c1896-1977--res:Cavour SD; McMinnville OR. [Source:HP14D-046c]
CLARK, Charles Edward 1888-1977--res:Brookings SD; Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-031e]
CLARKE, Harry W c1907-1977--res:Huron SD; Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-064d]
CLARKE, Marie (Mrs) 1885-1977--res:Brentford SD; Mellette SD. [Source:HP14D-042a,042d]
CLARKE, Robert--Deceased spouse; d:1934; see:(Mrs) Marie CLARKE.
CLEBERG, Carl--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Emma CLEBERG.
CLEBERG, Emma (Mrs) 1884-1977--res:Wayne NE: ,, MN; Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-053c]
CLYNE, Olive M (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-074c]
CLYNE, Roy S--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Olive M CLYNE.
COBB, Thelma (Mrs) 1918-1977--res:Huron SD; Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-050b,049e]
COFFEY, Ann (Mrs) -1977--res:Huron SD; Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-019c]
COLLINS, Emma 1895-1977--md:HARRIS; res:Highmore SD; Dubuque IA.  [Source:HP14D-042a]
COLLINS, Oscar D 1921-1977--res:Zell SD; Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-075c]
COMP, Warren c1960-1977--res:Presho SD. [Source:HP14D-043a]
CONKLIN, Roy--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:(Mrs) Viola CONKLIN.
CONKLIN, Viola (Mrs) 1887-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD; Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-047b]
COOK, Enola (Miss) c1963-1977--res:Red Scaffold SD. [Source:HP14D-056e]
CORAGIULO, Joseph c1952-1977--res:Mobridge SD. [Source:HP14D-010a]
CORNING, Edward Rae [sic]--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:(Mrs) Mildred Ellen CORNING.
CORNING, Mildred Ellen (Mrs) 1887-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-001d]
COSTELLO, Daniel--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:(Mrs) Marie A COSTELLO.
COSTELLO, Marie A (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Lake Preston SD; Huron SD; Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-061d]
COUGHLIN, Margaret (Mrs) -1977--res:Whittier CA. [Source:HP14D-028a]
COWLES, David H c1905-1977--res:Virgil SD; Yankton SD. [Source:HP14D-015b]
CRANSTON, Warren E 1900-1977--res:Huron SD; Big Fork MT. [Source:HP14D-027c,027b,028a]
CRAWFORD, Cyrus c1932-1977--res:Veblen MN; Breckenridge MN. [Source:HP14D-014c]
CRAWFORD, Joseph M 1921-1977--res:Gettysburg SD; Miles City MT. [Source:HP14D-006c]
CULVER, Hazel (Mrs) 1896-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-046d]
CULVER, Lloyd B--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:(Mrs) Hazel CULVER.
CULVER, Olive V 1895-1977--md:KELLICUT; res:Huron SD; Houston TX.  [Source:HP14D-063e]
CUNNINGHAM, Mary (Mrs) 1908-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-023e]
CURRY, Wade George c1958-1977--res:Ardmore SD. [Source:HP14D-017e]
CURTIS, Margaret--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see: Harold PETERSEN.
DAHL, Clarence 1897-1977--res:Fedora SD. [Source:HP14D-022b]
DAHLEN, Lulu (Mrs) 1905-1977--res:Oldham SD. [Source:HP14D-059a]
DAHME, Roy A 1911-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-038c]
DAILY, Lulu (Mrs) c1895-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-012e]
DANIELS, Agatha--Deceased spouse; see: George HINRICHS.
DAUGHTERTY, Mildred (Mrs) c1893-1977--res:Wessington SD; Kirkland WA. [Source:HP14D-008a]
DAVIDSON, Bernice 1900-1977--md:LOWE; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP14D-023b]
DAVIS, Cora -1889--res:. [Source:HP14D-052]
DAVIS, David L 1954-1977--res:Clark SD; Onawa IA. [Source:HP14D-068a]
DAVIS, Froanie c1937-1977--res:Valley Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-034d]
DAVIS, Hazel B 1894-1977--md:KRAUTER; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP14D-072d]
DAVIS, Wesley R 1917-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-047a]
DAWSON, Marie 1880-1977--md:HICKMAN; res:Wentworth SD; Bryant SD.  [Source:HP14D-062e]
DEAN, Pearl Caroline 1907-1977--md:NYE; res:Canning SD.  [Source:HP14D-021e]
DECKER, Mary J--Deceased spouse; d:1927; see: John M WALDNER.
DECKER, Susanna--Deceased spouse; d:1942; see: John M WALDNER.
DeCLERCQ, Richard F 1896-1977--res:Wessington SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-017e,018c,019b,019e,021c]
DeCOTEAU, Nora -1977--res:Devils Lake ND. [Source:HP14D-056e]
DEER, Mary (Mrs) 1922-1977--res:Frankfort SD. [Source:HP14D-040e]
DeHART, Retha--Deceased spouse; d:1926; see: Lyle E REMINGTON.
DEHNE, Minnie 1885-1977--md:TRIPLETT; res:Howard SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-031d,031c,031e]
DEJONG, Ernest T 1895-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-006b,004e]
DeLONG, Clarence 1923-1977--res:Huron SD; Wood Dale IL. [Source:HP14D-063d]
DeROUCHEY, Patricia (Mrs) 1908-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-034c]
DERSCHEID, August--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:(Mrs) Nora Esther DERSCHEID.
DERSCHEID, Nora Esther (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Esmond SD; Bellflower CA. [Source:HP14D-031b,031c]
DEVICK, Rudy -1977--res:Meadow SD. [Source:HP14D-006c]
DICK, Joy c1948-1977--res:Marion SD. [Source:HP14D-015d]
DIERKSEN, Marie A 1901-1977--md:COSTELLO; res:Lake Preston SD; Huron SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-061d]
DIERKSEN, Marie A 1901-1977--md:DVORAK; res:Lake Preston SD; Huron SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-061d]
DILLON, Fred--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:(Mrs) Mary DILLON.
DILLON, Iva--Deceased spouse; see: Pierre McCAMLY.
DILLON, Mary (Mrs) 1883-1977--res:Bancroft SD; DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-047c]
DIRKSEN, Ralph Orville 1907-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-056b]
DITMAR, Adelia--Deceased spouse; d:1922; see: Edward VonWALD.
DOLL, Andrew M 1896-1977--res:Faulkton SD; Park Rapids MN. [Source:HP14D-037b]
DONER, Ruth L 1890-1976--md:EVANS; res:Agar SD.  [Source:HP14D-010e]
DORAN, Elsie L (Mrs) 1882-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-032d]
DOTY, Georgia E 1910-1977--md:JONES; res:Beresford SD.  [Source:HP14D-069d,069e]
DRACY, Elsie 1883-1977--md:SCHWAB; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP14D-075d]
DREXLER, Eva W (Mrs) 1899-1977--res:Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-045c]
DREXLER, Oliver--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Eva W DREXLER.
DROWN, Catherine (The Rev Mrs) -1977--res:Huron SD; Cottage Grove OR. [Source:HP14D-051d]
DuBRO, Bertha Rose (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-066b,066d]
DUCHENE, Victor Phillip 1904-1977--res:,, MN; Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-063c,063a]
DUNCAN, H E 'Slim' 1904-1977--res:Seneca SD. [Source:HP14D-062a]
DUNN, Anna 'Mattie' 1899-1977--md:ALBERTSON; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP14D-058a]
DUNNE, Peter c1949-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-062b]
DURAN, George M Sr--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Elsie L DORAN.
DUSEK, Lawrence A Jr 1886-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-050e]
DVORAK, (Infant female) 1977-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-042e,041b]
DVORAK, Marie A (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Lake Preston SD; Huron SD; Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-061d]
DVORAK, William--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Marie A DVORAK.
DWYER, Gerdine (Mrs) 1923-1977--res:Beloit WI. [Source:HP14D-045d]
ECKELS, Vera Emma Keturah 1898-1977--md:HARDWICK; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-011d]
ECKER, Mary--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see: Louie Thomas FRYREAR.
EERNISSE, Adeline 1894-1976--md:GILKERSON; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-001e]
EHLERS, Lena--Deceased spouse; see: Charles Edward CLARK.
EHRENBOLD, Robert A (Rev) 1889-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-038a]
EICHSTADT, Otto Carl 1896-1977--res:Wolsey SD. [Source:HP14D-073a]
EIDEM, Rome 1901-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-055a]
EIMERS, Leo W 1911-1977--res:Frankfort SD. [Source:HP14D-001c]
ELDMAN, Margaret 1896-1977--md:OSWALD; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-026e]
ELIN, Fannie B--Deceased spouse; d:1975; see: Clayton A LEGG.
ELLENBECKER, Andrew 1890-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-044e]
ELLIS, Lydel c1937-1977--res:Parker SD. [Source:HP14D-,067d]
ELLSWORTH, Cedella F (Mrs) 1911-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-073a,073d]
ELLSWORTH, William E--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:(Mrs) Cedella F ELLSWORTH.
EPPEL, Ray c1908-1977--res:Mitchell SD. [Source:HP14D-048d]
ERICKSON, Dora M 1899-1977--md:SEEMAN; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP14D-018b]
EVANS, Gregg c1891-1977--res:Custer SD. [Source:HP14D-026f]
EVANS, Heather Jo c1976-1977--res:Willmar MN. [Source:HP14D-005a]
EVANS, John H--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Ruth L EVANS.
EVANS, Ruth L (Mrs) 1890-1976--res:Agar SD. [Source:HP14D-010e]
EVERS, Sophie 1890-1977--md:BROWN; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-055e,055b]
EWING, Hazel M 1907-1977--md:STOCKMAN; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP14D-053c]
EYKAMP, William 1921-1977--res:Lake Preston SD; Roll AZ. [Source:HP14D-071e]
FALKENBERG, James H 1920-1977--res:Carpenter SD; Milwaukee WI. [Source:HP14D-037a]
FALKENHAINER, Anna A (Mrs) 1884-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-071d]
FALKENHAINER, Charles--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Anna A FALKENHAINER.
FALLER, Gordon c1947-1977--res:Mitchell SD. [Source:HP14D-014a]
FARMER, Clara Bernice (Mrs) 1898-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-003e,004a]
FARMER, Esther O 1897-1977--md:BAU; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-064c]
FAST HORSE, Donny Wayne c1944-1977--res:Winner SD. [Source:HP14D-014b]
FEDT, Norman 1908-1977--res:Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-001d]
FEHLMAN, Isabel A 1910-1977--md:PETERSON; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP14D-067a,067d]
FELLOWS, Nora (Mrs) c1883-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD; Seattle WA. [Source:HP14D-050c]
FERGEN, Walter H 1889-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-006e]
FETHERHUFF, Floyd F c1904-1977--res:Huron SD; Santa Ana CA. [Source:HP14D-012b]
FICKBOHM, Ronald c1956-1977--res:Newell SD. [Source:HP14D-039d]
FIELD, Oliver J 1913-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-025e]
FIESELER, Steven Roy c1950-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-072c]
FISCHER, Melvin N 1931-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-022e]
FISH, Earl Warner 1887-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-058d,058c,058e]
FLEISSNER, Elizabeth (Mrs) 1881-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-022b]
FLEISSNER, Henry--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:(Mrs) Elizabeth FLEISSNER.
FOLLMER, (Mrs Fred) 1885-1977--res:Alpena SD; Osburn ID. [Source:HP14D-027d]
FOLLMER, Fred--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see: (Mrs Fred) FOLLMER.
FORD, Gertrude V (Mrs) -1977--res:Mansfield SD. [Source:HP14D-032a]
FORD, Hazel 1902-1977--md:WILLIAMS; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP14D-003a]
FORREST, Sloan c1969-1977--res:Saint Vincent MN. [Source:HP14D-063a]
FOSS, Ardeen c1916-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-051d]
FOX, Aloysius--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Susie FOX.
FOX, Clifford D 1923-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Bancroft SD; Yuma AZ. [Source:HP14D-039d,037b]
FOX, Susie (Mrs) 1892-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-011b,010c]
FRANZEN, Hazel 1896-1977--md:CULVER; res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-046d]
FRASER, Charles 'Hank' 1909-1977--res:Lake Andes SD; Wolf Point MT; Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-073e,074e]
FRATZKE, William Charles 1913-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-061b]
FREEBURG, Nancy 1897-1977--md:GILBERT; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP14D-011e,010c]
FREED, Harold 1895-1977--res:Carthage SD. [Source:HP14D-,038b]
FRESKE, Frank Mrs -1977--md:KORKOWSKI; res:Alexandria MN.  [Source:HP14D-044b]
FRIDAY, Amy (Mrs) c1912-1977--res:Veblen SD. [Source:HP14D-075d]
FRIESE, Lance Ronald 1971-1977--res:Minneapolis MN. [Source:HP14D-066c,066e]
FRIESE, Victor R 1913-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-065b,065e]
FRYE, Mary (Mrs) 1883-1977--res:Bancroft SD; DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-047c]
FRYE, William--Deceased spouse; d:1933; see:(Mrs) Mary FRYE.
FRYREAR, Louie Thomas 1894-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-035d]
FUHLBRIGGE, Martha 1891-1977--md:CHAMBERS; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP14D-043a]
FULLER, Mildred (Mrs) 1914-1977--res:Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-051b]
GAARDER, Raymond 1922-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-029c,028e]
GAINEY, Nora 1892-1977--md:TELFORD; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP14D-072a]
GALLAGHER, Brian c1957-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-041b]
GALLAGHER, Brian Charles 1956-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-042a,042d]
GANJE, David 1948-1977--res:Huron SD; Mobridge SD; Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-040c]
GANO, Tanya c1975-1977--res:Bison SD. [Source:HP14D-069c]
GARDNER, Charles W 1888-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-013c,012b]
GARDNER, Mary E 1894-1977--md:SAWTELL; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP14D-072c]
GAREY, Verna Katherine 1912-1977--md:WAHL; res:Raymond SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-019b,019e]
GARRY, Mary Jane 1923-1977--md:SMILEY; res:Iroquois SD; Pasadena CA.  [Source:HP14D-007b]
GASCOIGNE, Barbara Jean 1930-1977--md:GEIGER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-023d,024b]
GASSER, Lucille (Mrs) -1977--res:Sparta WI. [Source:HP14D-016e]
GASTAUER, Marie Elizabeth 1895-1977--md:HENKEL; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP14D-072e]
GATZKE, Alvin Earl 1901-1977--res:Hitchcock SD. [Source:HP14D-025b,024e]
GEIGER, Barbara Jean (Mrs) 1930-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-023d,024b]
GEISE, Oscar 1884-1977--res:Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-022b]
GEYERMAN, Joseph John 1977-1977--res:[n/a]. [Source:HP14D-034e]
GIBSON, Lavina (Mrs) 1919-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-066a,065e]
GIESEKE, William 1886-1977--res:Crandon SD; Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-024d]
GIFFORD, Lulu Mae (Mrs) 1893-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-003b]
GIFFORD, Mark E c1887-1977--res:Huron; Custer SD. [Source:HP14D-013d]
GILBERT, Edwin E c1921-1977--res:Brookings SD. [Source:HP14D-058b]
GILBERT, Nancy (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Hitchcock SD. [Source:HP14D-011e,010c]
GILKERSON, Adeline (Mrs) c1894-1976--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-001e]
GILMORE, Margaret--Deceased spouse; see: Alfred J RYLAND.
GLANZER, Adina--Deceased spouse; see: John S PULLMAN.
GLATT, Jonathan c1974-1977--res:Hoven SD. [Source:HP14D-065e]
GLATT, Lynn c1969-1977--res:Hoven SD. [Source:HP14D-065e]
GLATT, Maria Joy c1977-1977--res:Hoven SD. [Source:HP14D-065e]
GLEICH, Rudy J 1919-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-068c,068a,068b]
GLUHM, Alvina E (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Sully co SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-051c]
GLUHM, Herman--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Alvina E GLUHM.
GODDARD, Carrie (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Onida SD. [Source:HP14D-005e]
GODDARD, Robert S--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:(Mrs) Carrie GODDARD.
GOGOLIN, Vernon A 1915-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-069e,070d]
GOHRING, Walter 1907-1977--res:Hand co SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-060d,059b]
GOSCH, Alfred H c1911-1977--res:Artesian SD; Eagleville MO. [Source:HP14D-013d]
GOSCH, Elsie (Mrs) 1887-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-011d,010a]
GRAU, Lillian M 1907-1977--md:MARTSCHINSKE; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP14D-063b]
GRAVES, Douglas c1949-1977--res:Trent SD. [Source:HP14D-072a]
GRAY, Nellie 1877-1977--md:MUELLER; res:Haakon co SD.  [Source:HP14D-044e]
GREELEY, Augusta c1947-1977--res:Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-014b]
GREENAN, Joseph H 1915-1977--res:Artesian SD; Onida SD; Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-020a,020c]
GRIESE, Frank H 1893-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-044e]
GRIFFITH, Sylvia 1901-1977--md:PEDERSEN; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP14D-045a]
GRIMMER, Emil -1977--res:Webster City IA. [Source:HP14D-043d]
GROENHOFF, Levern C 1919-1977--res:Alpena SD; Lakewood OH. [Source:HP14D-054a,054b]
GROSCH, Jessica Jean c1975-1977--res:Mobridge SD. [Source:HP14D-001b]
GROSCH, Warren c1973-1977--res:Mobridge SD. [Source:HP14D-001b]
GROSS, George J A 1907-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-058a]
GROSS, Lydia (Mrs) -1977--res:Freeman SD. [Source:HP14D-048b]
GROVER, Charles C -1977--res:Hyde co SD. [Source:HP14D-014a]
GUILLORY, Joseph c1969-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-075c]
GULLICKSON, Ralph 1915-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-021a]
GULLY, Joseph M 1889-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-049c]
GUNN, Robert c1958-1977--res:Baltic SD. [Source:HP14D-016a]
GURNEY, James c1908-1977--res:Dallas TX. [Source:HP14D-009d]
GUSE, Edgar -1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-012a]
GUY, Cora 1883-1977--md:ANDERSON; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP14D-034a,033d]
HADRICK, Anna M (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-020e]
HADRICK, Louis A--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:(Mrs) Anna M HADRICK.
HAGEN, Leo Andrew 1903-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-057a,058c]
HAGEN, Nathan c1961-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-069e]
HAGEN, Richard Thomas c1951-1977--res:Mobridge SD. [Source:HP14D-059e]
HAGER, Jerry c1959-1977--res:Timber Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-009a]
HAGGY, Daniel c1950-1977--res:Seattle WA. [Source:HP14D-003e]
HAINEY, Kenneth W 1915-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-064b,064a]
HALE, Pauline (Mrs) c1900-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-,067d]
HALK, Martha 'Patty' (Miss) 1881-1977--res:Highmore SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-060a,059a]
HALVERSON, Cornelius c1904-1904--res:. [Source:HP14D-052]
HAMEN, Agnes 1911-1977--md:CLAASSEN; res:Bancroft SD.  [Source:HP14D-059d,060d]
HAMILTON, Charlotte -1977--md:SCHMIDT; res:Arlington Heights IL.  [Source:HP14D-058d]
HANCOCK, Harold (Brother) c1962-1977--res:Sisseton SD. [Source:HP14D-061e]
HANLEY, Ada (Mrs) 1899-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-066e]
HANLEY, Stewart B--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:(Mrs) Ada HANLEY.
HANNUM, William J 1878-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-074d,074a]
HANSEN, Bert E 1880-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-060b,060a]
HANSEN, Bertha L 1888-1977--md:CHRISTIANSEN; res:Faulk co SD.  [Source:HP14D-051c]
HANSEN, Carrie M--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see: Bert E HANSEN.
HANSEN, Leslie J c1955-1977--res:Brookings SD. [Source:HP14D-071b]
HANSEN, Marinus 1902-1977--res:Harrold SD. [Source:HP14D-024b,025b]
HANSEN, Martin 1898-1977--res:Orient SD. [Source:HP14D-046b,045d]
HANSEN, Martin--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Tillie HANSEN.
HANSEN, R Dale 1920-1977--res:Huron SD; Chicago IL. [Source:HP14D-041d,041b]
HANSEN, Tillie (Mrs) 1892-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-066c]
HANSON, Norwood 1912-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-039c,040b]
HARDWICK, Vera Emma Keturah (Mrs) 1898-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-011d]
HARE, Paul Daniel c1976-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-019b]
HARING, Ada 1899-1977--md:HANLEY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-066e]
HARMDIERKS, John F 1915-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-004b,003d]
HARRIS, Donald--Deceased spouse; d:1975; see:(Mrs) Emma HARRIS.
HARRIS, Emma (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Highmore SD; Dubuque IA. [Source:HP14D-042a]
HARRISON, Elsie 1893-1977--md:PAULSEN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-015c]
HARRISON, Mildred 1895-1977--md:TYRRELL; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-002e]
HARRISON, Verna M c1899-1977--res:Sacramento CA. [Source:HP14D-003c]
HARVEY, Jean (Mrs) 1926-1977--res:Redfield SD; Minneapolis MN. [Source:HP14D-009e]
HASKINS, Roscoe B c1889-1889--res:. [Source:HP14D-052]
HASZ, Irving Paul* 1919-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-002b,001d]
HATFIELD, J Walter 1884-1977--res:Huron SD; Whitewood SD. [Source:HP14D-037a]
HAUGE, Henry Lloyd 1914-1977--res:Howard SD; Lake Norden SD. [Source:HP14D-026b]
HAUSCHILD, Leslie A 'Bert' 1950-1977--res:. [Source:HP14D-016e]
HAVEN, Herman H -1977--res:Brentford SD. [Source:HP14D-051a]
HAWKINS, Eva Mae 1895-1977--md:STRICKLER; res:Iroquois SD; Ely NV.  [Source:HP14D-017a,017a]
HAWKINS, Peggy 1929-1977--md:SMITH; res:Iroquois SD; Esmond SD; Ely NV.  [Source:HP14D-053b,049d]
HAYNES, Harold T 1892-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-062b]
HEALY, Leona Myrtle 1895-1977--md:TURLEY; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP14D-031a,030c]
HECK, Jerrod c1971-1977--res:Spearfish SD. [Source:HP14D-073c,074b]
HEGGEN, Nellie 1897-1977--md:JENSEN; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP14D-001c,001b]
HEIER, Carold c1932-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-005b]
HEIN, David c1961-1977--res:Andover SD. [Source:HP14D-033b]
HEIN, Lillian Irene Alma 1908-1977--md:KATZ; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-011a,010c]
HEIN, Oscar F 1917-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-046b]
HEINEMAN, Dewey c1902-1977--res:Alexandria SD. [Source:HP14D-014d]
HEISERMAN, Heber 1901-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-056c]
HEITMANN, George 1893-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-048e]
HEITMANN, Henry 1897-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-073b]
HELGESON, Barbara Renee (Mrs) c1947-1977--res:Midland SD. [Source:HP14D-047c]
HELVIK, Bert--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:(Mrs) Monica S HELVIK.
HELVIK, Monica S (Mrs) 1892-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD; Lane SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-046a]
HENGEL, Josephine (Miss) 1891-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-009b,009a,008a]
HENKEL, Emil--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:(Mrs) Marie Elizabeth HENKEL.
HENKEL, Marie Elizabeth (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Iroquois SD. [Source:HP14D-072e]
HERMANSON, Florence 1914-1977--md:MYERS; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-049b,049a]
HERTEL, Roger c1950-1977--res:Lead SD. [Source:HP14D-058c]
HESSLER, Clifford Robert c1918-1977--res:Mission SD. [Source:HP14D-044a]
HICKMAN, G L (Dr)--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:(Mrs) Marie HICKMAN.
HICKMAN, Marie (Mrs) 1880-1977--res:Wentworth SD; Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-062e]
HILDENBRAND, Alice M 1891-1977--md:LANG; res:Huron; Belle Fourche SD.  [Source:HP14D-012c]
HILL, Breta H 1901-1977--md:SAMIS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-025a]
HINDMAN, Ralph R 1909-1977--res:Wolsey; Alpena SD. [Source:HP14D-013d,013e]
HINES, Blanche C--Deceased spouse; d:1976; see: Rudolph R ANDERSON.
HINES, Katherine -1977--md:ANDERSON; res:Huron SD; Pueblo CO.  [Source:HP14D-049c]
HINRICHS, George 1892-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-008c]
HIRSCH, Louise Caroline 1913-1977--md:SCHORZMANN; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP14D-021c,021c]
HOCKMIER, Maggie--Deceased spouse; d:1934; see: George HEITMANN.
HODGES, Harlan J 1910-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-059c]
HOEY, Susanna--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see: Sanford Wright MADSEN.
HOFER, Herbert Mrs 1905-1977--md:KOSTER; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP14D-,057d]
HOFER, Maria 1888-1977--md:WALDNER; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP14D-021d,021b]
HOFFMAN, Jean 1926-1977--md:HARVEY; res:Redfield SD; Minneapolis MN.  [Source:HP14D-009e]
HOFFMAN, John "Jack" 1900-1977--res:Vienna SD. [Source:HP14D-012b]
HOFMANN, Anna (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-038e.038d]
HOFMANN, Ernest--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Anna HOFMANN.
HOLFORTY, Richard c1911-1977--res:Huron SD; Minneapolis MN. [Source:HP14D-029e]
HOLT, John c1933-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-029a]
HOLTER, Adolph G c1908-1977--res:Bruce SD. [Source:HP14D-047e]
HORNING, Vera L 1909-1977--md:ROTH; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP14D-024e]
HORSTED, Marce 1894-1977--res:Bryant SD; Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-020c]
HOSIE, Eric c1949-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-042e]
HOSKINS, Hazel [Mrs] c1897-1977--res:Roseau MN. [Source:HP14D-060c]
HOUCK, Ervin Lynn 1954-1977--res:Wolsey SD. [Source:HP14D-073c]
HOULIHAN, Edward 1894-1977--res:Lane SD; Long Beach CA. [Source:HP14D-069d]
HOWARD, Ivah (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-026c,025e,026b [continued]]
HOWARD, James W Sr 1916-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-008b]
HOWARD, Lewis--Deceased spouse; d:1954; see:(Mrs) Ivah HOWARD.
HOWE, Everett c1963-1977--res:Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-061b]
HOWE, Frances (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Cresbard SD. [Source:HP14D-021a]
HUBER, Robert John 1913-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-070d]
HUCKINS, Ralph Sr 'Sonny' 1931-1977--res:Huron SD; Sioux City IA. [Source:HP14D-054d]
HUGGINS, Laura 1889-1977--md:ZACHARIAS; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-074e,074a]
HUGHES, Lois 1902-1977--md:LEHMAN; res:Grand Rapids MN.  [Source:HP14D-037c]
HUGHES, Thomas E 1945-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-068d,068a]
HUMMEL, Willard F 1902-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-009b,010a]
HUNTER, Catherine Mary 1916-1977--md:BROWN; res:Blunt SD; Pierre SD; Vicksburg MI.  [Source:HP14D-064c]
HUOVILA, Lydia c1903-1977--res:Devils Lake ND. [Source:HP14D-056e]
HURD, Earl V 1893-1977--res:Huron SD; San Jose CA. [Source:HP14D-061a]
HUSTEAD, Jon Patrick c1956-1977--res:Wall SD. [Source:HP14D-054d]
INGALLS, Lottie Mae 1896-1977--md:BEETHAM; res:Murdo SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-051e]
JACOBSEN, Elizabeth M 1896-1977--md:ALMOND; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-002d,002d]
JAEHN, Alfred C c1899-1977--res:Huron SD; Spokane WA. [Source:HP14D-044c]
JAEHN, Zola M (Miss) c1915-1977--res:Huron SD; San Leandro CA. [Source:HP14D-036c]
JANDEL, Anna Mary 1902-1977--md:STEMPER; res:Zell SD.  [Source:HP14D-042c]
JAROGOSKE, Ruby (Mrs) 1905-1977--res:Huron SD; Ashton SD. [Source:HP14D-051e]
JASPER, Rick c1961-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-054c]
JENNESS, Laura--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see: Charles SCHMIDT.
JENSEN, Clifford--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:(Mrs) Nellie JENSEN.
JENSEN, Nellie (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Alpena SD. [Source:HP14D-001c,001b]
JENSEN, Soren S 1891-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-033b]
JEPSON, Joseph--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Margaret C JEPSON.
JEPSON, Margaret C (Mrs) 1885-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-020b]
JOBCO, Tony Melvin 1913-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-036e,036d]
JOHNSON, Aaron Luther 1902-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-008c]
JOHNSON, Clark F (Dr) -1977--res:Yankton SD. [Source:HP14D-,068d]
JOHNSON, Esther -1977--res:Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-049b]
JOHNSON, Esther H (Miss) 1905-1977--res:Bryant SD; Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-049d]
JOHNSON, Harold J 1913-1977--res:Forestburg SD. [Source:HP14D-015b]
JOHNSON, Henry Walter c1899-1977--res:Excelsior MN. [Source:HP14D-034c]
JOHNSON, Howard A Jr c1952-1977--res:Garretson SD. [Source:HP14D-057d]
JOHNSON, John H -1883--res:. [Source:HP14D-052]
JOHNSON, Joldie STIL-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-039b]
JOHNSON, Luther -1977--res:Redfield SD; Phoenix AZ. [Source:HP14D-,007d]
JOHNSON, Robert c1954-1977--res:. [Source:HP14D-064e]
JOHNSON, Rudolph 1891-1977--res:Redfield SD; Susanville CA. [Source:HP14D-006c,005c]
JOHNSTON, Mabel (Mrs) 1883-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-071c,072b]
JOHNSTON, Willie L--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:(Mrs) Mabel JOHNSTON.
JONASON, J Mortimer--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:(Mrs) Olga Marie JONASON.
JONASON, Olga Marie (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-069b]
JONES, Georgia E (Mrs) 1910-1977--res:Beresford SD. [Source:HP14D-069d,069e]
JONES, Herman--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:(Mrs) Georgia E JONES.
JONES, Olive M 1889-1977--md:CLYNE; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP14D-074c]
JORGENSEN, Ruby 1905-1977--md:JAROGOSKE; res:Huron SD; Ashton SD.  [Source:HP14D-051e]
JOSEPHSON, Olive B 1891-1977--md:MACHAN; res:Bryant SD; Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP14D-017d]
JUNGWIRTH, Donna Sue 1958-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-060b,059d]
JUNGWIRTH, Robert Allen 'Butch' 1956-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-060b,059d]
JUNTUNEN, Maynard 1912-1977--res:Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-065d]
JURGENS, Louie c1906-1977--res:Dickinson ND. [Source:HP14D-039d]
KALVIG, Lily 1892-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-061e]
KANE, Spancer P 1913-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-062c]
KANN, Mabel 1883-1977--md:JOHNSTON; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-071c,072b]
KAPPLER, William R 1923-1977--res:Alpena SD. [Source:HP14D-009c,009d]
KATTKE, Henry 1895-1976--res:Oldham SD. [Source:HP14D-004d]
KATZ, Lillian Irene Alma (Mrs) 1908-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-011a,010c]
KAYL, Michael c1947-1976--res:Gregory SD. [Source:HP14D-001e]
KAYSER, Viola (Mrs) 1887-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD; Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-047b]
KEARNEY, Earle 1896-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-062a,061c]
KELLER, Anna (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Ashton SD; Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-023d,023b]
KELLEY, Preston C 1897-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-032a]
KELLICUT, Olive V (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Huron SD; Houston TX. [Source:HP14D-063e]
KELLY, Mark (Father) 1922-1977--res:Cavour SD. [Source:HP14D-046e]
KEMPF, Mary A 1901-1977--md:NELSON; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP14D-066d]
KENNEDY, Artie Rae--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see: J Walter HATFIELD.
KETEL, Bernard c1938-1977--res:Stickney SD. [Source:HP14D-038d]
KIMBLEY, Glen M 1912-1977--res:Seneca SD. [Source:HP14D-064a]
KING, Harley c1961-1977--res:Rosebud SD. [Source:HP14D-070b]
KING, Leon F c1905-1977--res:Huron SD; Elkhorn WI. [Source:HP14D-072b]
KING, Mary 1889-1977--md:STEWART; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP14D-005d]
KIRSHGARBER, Mildred Ellen 1887-1977--md:CORNING; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-001d]
KLEFFMAN, Lyle E 1932-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-067b,066b,066e]
KLEINSASSER, Adolph 1895-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-044a,043d]
KLOCK, Larry B c1957-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-019a]
KLUDT, Edward J 1887-1977--res:Yale SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-035c,035a]
KLUDT, Emma 1895-1977--md:REINSCHMIDT; res:Yale SD; Iowa City IA.  [Source:HP14D-060e]
KLUDT, Raymond C 1912-1977--res:Artesian SD. [Source:HP14D-034e]
KNITTEL, Leroy c1952-1977--res:Westport SD. [Source:HP14D-016a]
KNUDSON, Esther (Miss) 1907-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-018c]
KNUDTSON, Julius 1889-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-034a,033d]
KNUTSON, Nettie ERICKSON (Mrs) -1977--res:Wessington Springs SD; Irene SD. [Source:HP14D-045d]
KOEPSELL, Alvina E 1888-1977--md:GLUHM; res:Sully co SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-051c]
KOHOUT, William E -1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-075a]
KONST, Clem H c1897-1977--res:Capa SD; Midland SD. [Source:HP14D-024b]
KONST, John Leonard c1922-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-061a]
KOPPLIN, August--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:(Mrs) Bertha Emilie KOPPLIN.
KOPPLIN, Bertha Emilie (Mrs) 1899-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-070b]
KOPPLIN, Louis G 1908-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-038d]
KORKOWSKI, Frank Mrs -1977--res:Alexandria MN. [Source:HP14D-044b]
KORTHALS, Mary Ann (Mrs) 1918-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-033e]
KOSTER, Herbert Mrs c1905-1977--res:Freeman SD. [Source:HP14D-,057d]
KOUF, Charles William 1899-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-036d]
KOUF, Frank M c1890-1977--res:Powder River WY. [Source:HP14D-042c]
KOUF, Jacob M 1897-1977--res:Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-043b]
KRAFT, Beverly (Mrs) c1931-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD; Kerrick MN. [Source:HP14D-058c]
KRAUTER, Elmer August--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:(Mrs) Hazel B KRAUTER.
KRAUTER, Hazel B (Mrs) 1894-1977--res:Wessington SD. [Source:HP14D-072d]
KREBER, Arla c1930-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-039a]
KRETCHMAN, George F 1897-1977--res:Pierre SD; Lebanon SD; Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-016a]
KROUSE, Charles Louis 1887-1977--res:Roswell SD. [Source:HP14D-070a]
KRUGER, Viola 1887-1977--md:CONKLIN; res:Fort Pierre SD; Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP14D-047b]
KRUGER, Viola 1887-1977--md:KAYSER; res:Fort Pierre SD; Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP14D-047b]
KRUID, Melvin -1977--res:Alcester SD. [Source:HP14D-030c]
KRUSE, (male)--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:(Mrs) Beulah KRUSE.
KRUSE, Beulah (Mrs) 1907-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-067b]
KRUSE, Frederica 1889-1977--md:LARSON; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP14D-061a,060c]
KUESTERMEYER, Kurtis K 1943-1977--res:Hitchcock SD. [Source:HP14D-021e,021c,022b]
KULM, Thomas c1929-1977--res:Selby SD. [Source:HP14D-072d,072a]
KUSSER, Phillip Henry 1898-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-057c,057a]
KUTSCHKE, George--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:(Mrs) Winifred E KUTSCHKE.
KUTSCHKE, Winifred E (Mrs) 1893-1977--res:Faulkton SD; Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-026f]
LaBATTE, Philip c1949-1977--res:Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-005d]
LaFEE, Bert--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:(Mrs) Lois E LaFEE.
LaFEE, Lois E (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-023a]
LAMBERT, Rosa A (Miss) 1892-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-050a]
LAMBOTT, Lyle Lane 1925-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-024c,024e]
LAMP, George -1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-,067b]
LANG, (Mrs A J) -1977--res:Huron; Belle Fourche SD. [Source:HP14D-011a]
LANG, A J--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:(Mrs) Alice M LANG.
LANG, Alice M (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Huron; Belle Fourche SD. [Source:HP14D-012c]
LANG, Andrew Jr -1967--res:(Deceased son). [Source:HP14D-012c]
LARSEN, Anna 1891-1977--md:KELLER; res:Ashton SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-023d,023b]
LARSEN, Lars A 1891-1977--res:Groton SD; DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-028d]
LARSEN, Mary 1883-1977--md:DILLON; res:Bancroft SD; DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP14D-047c]
LARSEN, Mary 1883-1977--md:FRYE; res:Bancroft SD; DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP14D-047c]
LARSON, Edward--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:(Mrs) Frederica LARSON.
LARSON, Frederica (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-061a,060c]
LARSON, Randee (Mrs) c1948-1977--res:Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-029b]
LARSON, Randy c1953-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-062b]
LASSON, Beverly 1931-1977--md:KRAFT; res:Wessington Springs SD; Kerrick MN.  [Source:HP14D-058c]
LAWSON, Wayne J "Doc" 1896-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-013a,012c,012e]
LEE, Morlan -1977--res:Carthage SD; Springfield MN. [Source:HP14D-008e]
LEE, Philip E 1922-1977--res:Forestburg SD. [Source:HP14D-014e]
LEEK, Nora Esther 1889-1977--md:DERSCHEID; res:Esmond SD; Bellflower CA.  [Source:HP14D-031b,031c]
LEES, Violet P (Mrs) c1900-1977--res:Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-064b]
LEGG, Clayton A 1893-1977--res:Iroquois SD. [Source:HP14D-038b]
LeGRAND, Carl 1891-1977--res:Hitchcock SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-050c,050a]
LEHMAN, Floyd S--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:(Mrs) Lois LEHMAN.
LEHMAN, Lois (Mrs) c1902-1977--res:Grand Rapids MN. [Source:HP14D-037c]
LEHR, August 1896-1977--res:Alpena SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-035d]
LEIH, John Charles c1954-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-057e]
LEMBKE, Henry J 1887-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-067a,067d]
LESLIE, Amos--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Lillian LESLIE.
LESLIE, Lillian (Mrs) -1977--res:Huron SD; Lakewood CO. [Source:HP14D-007a]
LEWALLEN, W E "Jack" -1977--res:Oregon City OR. [Source:HP14D-,013a]
LIEM, Deborah Kay (Miss) 1956-1977--res:Huron SD; Fullerton CA. [Source:HP14D-056b,057d]
LIEN, Barbara (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-056c]
LILLIE, Edgar--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Emily A LILLIE.
LILLIE, Emily A (Mrs) 1887-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-011b,010b]
LIND, Vida J (Miss) 1885-1977--res:Omaha NE; Cavour SD. [Source:HP14D-072b,071d]
LINDBLOM, Bernice (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-038d]
LINKIS, Andrejs 1914-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-058d]
LIPPERT, Christina--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see: August LEHR.
LLOYD, Barbara J 1957-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-031a,030b]
LLOYD, Helen--Deceased spouse; see: Roy E RAMSELL.
LOITWOOD, Vern 'PeeWee' 1915-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-051a]
LONG, Louis Jefferson (Dr) c1908-1977--res:Belle Fourche SD; Ithaca NY. [Source:HP14D-027b]
LOUT, Rosina 1900-1977--md:BOROFF; res:Tolstoy SD; Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP14D-015b]
LOWE, Bernice (Mrs) 1900-1977--res:Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-023b]
LUSCHEN, Lyle G c1920-1977--res:Lebanon SD; Martinez CA. [Source:HP14D-066b]
LUTTMAN, Kent c1957-1977--res:Flandreau SD. [Source:HP14D-065e]
LUTZ, Thomas D (Rev) 1901-1976--res:Wessington Springs SD; Rochester MN. [Source:HP14D-010e,010a]
MACHAN, Kurt--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Olive B MACHAN.
MACHAN, Olive B (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Bryant SD; Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-017d]
MADISON, Paulette Marie (Miss) c1961-1977--res:Madison SD. [Source:HP14D-064a]
MADSEN, Kenneth E -1953--res:(Deceased son). [Source:HP14D-065b]
MADSEN, Nels 1891-1977--res:Carpenter SD. [Source:HP14D-049a]
MADSEN, Sanford Wright 1896-1977--res:Carpenter SD. [Source:HP14D-065b,065e]
MAGNESS, Erma 1900-1977--md:BORNS; res:Saint Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP14D-029a]
MAINES, Fred--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:(Mrs) Maggie MAINES.
MAINES, Maggie (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-008d,008a]
MALTEVERNE, Germaine (Mrs) 1894-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-025c,025e [continued]]
MALTEVERNE, Leon--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Germaine MALTEVERNE.
MANN, John A 1916-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-055b]
MANOLIS, Katherine--Deceased spouse; d:1976; see: Christ MARCUS.
MARCUS, Christ 1925-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-044d]
MARONE, Betty (Mrs) -1977--res:Coos Bay OR. [Source:HP14D-048b]
MARONE, Charles Richard 1934-1977--res:Huron SD; Coos Bay OR. [Source:HP14D-048b]
MARSHALL, Phillip 1915-1977--res:Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-034b]
MARTIN, Frank M--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Gladys Juanita MARTIN.
MARTIN, Gladys Juanita (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Carthage SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-026e]
MARTIN, Margaret A 1890-1977--md:PROHASKA; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP14D-004a,003d]
MARTIN, Margaret A 1890-1977--md:RAHDER; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP14D-004a,003d]
MARTSCHINSKE, Lillian M (Mrs) 1907-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-063b]
MASAT, May 1912-1977--md:BLUME; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-032d,032c]
MATTER, Earl John 1906-1977--res:Cavour SD. [Source:HP14D-003b,003d]
MAY, Cecil J -1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-,032b]
McALLISTER, Chad L 1947-1977--res:Huron SD; Minneapolis MN. [Source:HP14D-051b]
McCAMLY, Pierre 1889-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-050d]
McCARTHY, Hanna (Miss) 1889-1977--res:Elkton SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-026b]
McCARTY, Cletus C 1904-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-055d,055b]
McDERMOTT, Eliza -1842--res:. [Source:HP14D-052]
McDERMOTT, Horace P 1911-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-055d,055c]
McDONALD, Steven c1952-1977--res:Vermillion SD. [Source:HP14D-001e]
McMILLAN, Archie A (Dr) c1881-1977--res:Reno NV. [Source:HP14D-036e]
McTIGHE, Martin 1895-1977--res:Bancroft SD. [Source:HP14D-002a,002c]
McVEY, Marcella M 1901-1977--md:WEGNER; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP14D-039e,038b]
MEAD, Mary Jane (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-020e,019e]
MEAD, Ralph--Deceased spouse; d:1945; see:(Mrs) Mary Jane MEAD.
MEIER, Bertha 1908-1977--md:STAHL; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-018d,018a]
MEIER, Margaret 1917-1977--md:BENTSON; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP14D-017c]
MENNING, Albert 1912-1977--res:Wolsey SD. [Source:HP14D-045b]
MERRIAM, Robert U 1910-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-071a,070d]
MEUER, Peter c1906-1977--res:Webster SD. [Source:HP14D-042e]
MEYER, Augusta Louisa Helena "Helen" 1891-1977--md:SCHEIBE; res:Wolsey; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-001b]
MEYER, Edwin 1906-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-054b]
MIEDEMA, Steve 1895-1977--res:Hitchcock SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-054e]
MILES, Katherine Ann -1977--res:Onida SD. [Source:HP14D-042a]
MILLER, Arthur J 1897-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-045e]
MILLER, Donald c1890-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-015d]
MILLER, Hubert 1909-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-054c]
MILLER, John 'Jack' 1889-1977--res:ND; Faulkton SD; Orient SD; Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-015e]
MILLER, Max 1890-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-035c]
MIOTTEL, Emma H W 1897-1977--md:BIEGLER; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP14D-025d]
MOELLER, A Charles 1941-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-075b,074e]
MONEY, Adeline--Deceased spouse; see: Andrew ELLENBECKER.
MONTAGUE, Lillian (Mrs) -1977--res:Huron SD; Lakewood CO. [Source:HP14D-007a]
MONTGOMERY, Florence 1899-1977--md:BAUHS; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP14D-045c,044e]
MOON, Milo B c1913-1977--res:Baltic SD. [Source:HP14D-013a]
MORGAN, Rogert R c1910-1977--res:Gardena CA. [Source:HP14D-,061c]
MORISTON, Wesley c1921-1977--res:North Sioux City SD. [Source:HP14D-028c,029b [duplicate]]
MORRISON, Estella Josephine 1892-1977--md:CARROLL; res:Harrold SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-074a]
MORRISON, Lloyd--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:(Mrs) Lois B MORRISON.
MORRISON, Lois B (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Saint Lawrence SD. [Source:HP14D-036b,035b]
MORRISON, Margaret C (Mrs) 1892-1977--res:Pierre SD; Esmond WA. [Source:HP14D-061c,061b]
MORRISTON, Joel--Deceased spouse; d:WWI; see:(Mrs) Margaret C MORRISON.
MORSE, Gertrude--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see: Lars A LARSEN.
MORTIMER, Harley C 1900-1977--res:Hitchcock SD. [Source:HP14D-065a]
MORTINSON, Olivia (Miss) 1886-1977--res:DeSmet; Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-007e]
MRAZ, Anna M 1890-1977--md:HADRICK; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP14D-020e]
MUELLER, Nellie (Mrs) 1877-1977--res:Haakon co SD. [Source:HP14D-044e]
MUNDHENKE, John R 1906-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-074d]
MUNDHENKE, Minnie M 1889-1977--md:TELLINGHUISEN; res:Willow Lake SD; Sibley IA.  [Source:HP14D-004d]
MURPHY, Kenneth c1916-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-072b]
MURPHY, Rose (Mrs) c1890-1977--res:Larchmont NY. [Source:HP14D-011a]
MUSOLF, Leonard C 1901-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-066a]
MUTH, LeRoy c1937-1977--res:Huron SD; Breckenridge MN. [Source:HP14D-010d]
MYERS, Florence (Mrs) 1914-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-049b,049a]
MYERS, Leo--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:(Mrs) Florence MYERS.
NABER, Leonard 1910-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-071a]
NEELEN, Mary Ann 1918-1977--md:KORTHALS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-033e]
NEELEN, Mary Ann 1918-1977--md:PAULSON; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-033e]
NELSON, Arthur Albert 1893-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-040b]
NELSON, Chad c1975-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-020c]
NELSON, Edward--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:(Mrs) Mary A NELSON.
NELSON, Ellen Christine (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-031c]
NELSON, Esther (Mrs) 1893-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-007c,007b]
NELSON, Esther (Mrs) 1909-1977--res:Carthage SD. [Source:HP14D-041e,041d]
NELSON, Mary A (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-066d]
NELSON, Nels--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Ellen Christine NELSON.
NELSON, Russell--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:(Mrs) Esther NELSON.
NESS, Elmer 1899-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-003c,003a]
NEUHARTH, John G 1898-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-037d]
NEUSTADT, Gail -1977--res:Ellisville MO. [Source:HP14D-064e]
NEW, Arthur Robert 1911-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-008e,008a]
NEWMAN, Bruce 1894-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-058e,058b]
NEWMAN, Candace C 1884-1977--md:WATERFALL; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-024c]
NICHOLS, Emily A 1887-1977--md:LILLIE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-011b,010b]
NICOLAYSEN, Georg E 1902-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-044c]
NIELSEN, Chris E--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Lillian C NIELSEN.
NIELSEN, Lillian C (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-,032c]
NIES, Emma 1884-1977--md:CLEBERG; res:Wayne NE: ,, MN; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-053c]
NISBET, Lester L 1915-1977--res:Forestburg SD. [Source:HP14D-007a]
NIXON, Richard c1960-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-041b]
NOLZ, Mary 1908-1977--md:CUNNINGHAM; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-023e]
NORDSTROM, Robert Scott c1963-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-059a]
NORRIS, Jane (Mrs) -1977--res:Warwick RI. [Source:HP14D-048b]
NORTON, Abbie S (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-048d,047d]
NOWELL, Edward 1903-1977--res:Madison SD; Tulare SD. [Source:HP14D-062c]
NYE, Pearl Caroline (Mrs) 1907-1977--res:Canning SD. [Source:HP14D-021e]
OCHSNER, Margaret (Mrs) 1925-1977--res:Huron SD; Cleveland OH. [Source:HP14D-005e,006d]
O'CONNOR, Margaret C 1885-1977--md:JEPSON; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-020b]
O'CONNOR, Robert Emmet 1887-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-057c]
ODELL, Eugene T c1944-1977--res:Keldron SD. [Source:HP14D-025a]
OHLSEN, Roger A 1917-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Luverne MN. [Source:HP14D-029c]
OHLSON, Bruce 1952-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-022d,021a]
OKADA, Charles 1876-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-016e]
--Oldham, SD, --Towles Cemetery aka 'Forgotten Cemetery' ---res:. [Source:HP14D-052]
OLSON, Alex c1896-1977--res:Martin SD. [Source:HP14D-057b]
OLSON, Daniel c1955-1977--res:McLaughlin SD. [Source:HP14D-002b]
OLSON, Fred H 1889-1977--res:Turton SD; Hitchcock SD. [Source:HP14D-048a]
OLSON, Jennie Louise 1894-1977--md:STORHAUG; res:Erwin SD; Howard SD.  [Source:HP14D-015a]
OLSON, Martha 1903-1977--md:SYVERTSON; res:McHenry ND; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-062d]
OLTMAN, Sophia Anna 1908-1977--md:ALBERTS; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-066d]
OPP, Jodie c1960-1977--res:Groton SD. [Source:HP14D-033b]
OSBERG, Eleanor Jane (Mrs) c1919-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-053b]
OSMANN, Meta O 1880-1977--md:STONEKING; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-006e,006d]
OSTERKAMP, Harry Lawrence 1900-1977--res:Blunt SD. [Source:HP14D-037b]
OSWALD, Margaret (Mrs) 1896-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-026e]
OSWALD, Thomas--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Margaret OSWALD.
OTTO, Albert--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:(Mrs) Lulu Mae OTTO.
OTTO, Lulu Mae (Mrs) 1893-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-003b]
OWEN, Shirley c1944-1977--res:Peever SD. [Source:HP14D-027c]
OWL EAGLE, Elizabeth c1921-1977--res:Presho SD. [Source:HP14D-050d]
PAGE, Flora (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Clark SD; Grand Island NE. [Source:HP14D-071c]
PAGE, Leona--Deceased spouse; d:1919; see: Earl Warner FISH.
PARKHURST, Erlma 1907-1977--md:ALLEY; res:Canova SD; Malden WA.  [Source:HP14D-039a,037d]
PARKS, Bert--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:(Mrs) Nelia PARKS.
PARKS, Nelia (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Harrold SD. [Source:HP14D-043c]
PARKS, Thomas R 1971-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-031e,032b,032c]
PARMENTER, Ona (Miss) 1889-1977--res:Clark SD; Pasadena CA. [Source:HP14D-019d]
PARSON, Ivah 1895-1977--md:HOWARD; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-026c,025e,026b [continued]]
PATRIDGE, Ruth--Deceased spouse; d:1975; see: Earl V HURD.
PATZKE, Emma A 1891-1977--md:SHREFFLER; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-004d,003c]
PAULSEN, Elsie (Mrs) 1893-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-015c]
PAULSEN, James P--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Elsie PAULSEN.
PAULSON, Mary Ann (Mrs) 1918-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-033e]
PAUSCH, Fredrick D c1949-1977--res:Wahpeton ND. [Source:HP14D-058b]
PEACH, A O 'Louie' 1903-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-070c,071b]
PECK, Gertrude 1893-1977--md:SCHWABAUER; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP14D-044b,043d]
PECK, Sharon Lynn (Miss) 1939-1977--res:Harrold SD. [Source:HP14D-023e]
PEDERSEN, Jens C 1885-1977--res:Madison; Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-004d]
PEDERSEN, Sylvia (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Artesian SD. [Source:HP14D-045a]
PEDERSON, Darlene (Mrs) 1929-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-022e,022c]
PESCHONG, Bernard W--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Margaret PESCHONG.
PESCHONG, Margaret (Mrs) 1910-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-074c]
PETERSEN, Harold 1898-1977--res:Bryant SD. [Source:HP14D-003a]
PETERSON, Alta 1890-1977--md:VOSS; res:Okaton SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-018a,018b]
PETERSON, Ethel Belle 1912-1977--md:BIG EAGLE; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP14D-048e]
PETERSON, Harold--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Isabel A PETERSON.
PETERSON, Isabel A (Mrs) 1910-1977--res:Hitchcock SD. [Source:HP14D-067a,067d]
PETERSON, Kenneth J 1915-1977--res:Forestburg SD. [Source:HP14D-056d]
PETERSON, Lulu 1905-1977--md:DAHLEN; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP14D-059a]
PETERSON, Nina Emily (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-040a]
PETERSON, Oscar--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Nina Emily PETERSON.
PETERSON, Renee c1959-1977--res:Platte SD. [Source:HP14D-001e]
PETTRLE, Mildred 1911-1977--md:VILLBRANDT; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP14D-018e,014c]
PHILLIPS, Duane --1977--res:Willow Lake SD; , OR. [Source:HP14D-014a]
PHINNEY, Bayard L 1935-1977--res:Ree Heights SD. [Source:HP14D-043e]
PIERCE, Nina Emily 1897-1977--md:PETERSON; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP14D-040a]
PILAJAH, August 1910-1977--res:Letcher SD. [Source:HP14D-,046b]
PITMAN, John Sr 1903-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-068e,068a]
PLUCKER, Collin c1964-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-075e]
PODOLL, Melvin T c1917-1977--res:Westport SD. [Source:HP14D-,057e]
POLICH, Grace A (Mrs) 1914-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-022d]
POLLOCK, Harvey J 1962-1977--res:Orient SD. [Source:HP14D-016c,015e]
POPPEN, Daniel Henry 1961-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-022c]
POPPEN, Margaret 1910-1977--md:PESCHONG; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP14D-074c]
Posted to blog 1 May 2012,  ---res:. [Source:HP-]
POTTER, John Harold 1894-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-032e]
POWELL, Bessie 1902-1977--md:SCOTT; res:Huron SD; Mount Vernon SD.  [Source:HP14D-033e]
POWNELL, Ada B 1900-1977--md:TOLAR; res:Hitchcock SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-045e,045d]
PRESTON, Violet P 1900-1977--md:LEES; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP14D-064b]
PRESZLER, Kurt c1944-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-041a]
PRIBYL, Frank Joseph 1904-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-039b,037d]
PRICE, John E--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:(Mrs) Lillian PRICE.
PRICE, Lillian (Mrs) 1894-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Lancaster CA. [Source:HP14D-004b,003d]
PROHASKA, Adam L--Deceased spouse; d:1918; see:(Mrs) Margaret A PROHASKA.
PROHASKA, Lavina 1919-1977--md:GIBSON; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-066a,065e]
PROHASKA, Margaret A (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Wolsey SD. [Source:HP14D-004a,003d]
PTACEK, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' (Mrs) c1883-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-058c,058e,060c]
PULLMAN, John S 1904-1977--res:Yale SD; Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-067e,067d]
PURINTUN, Mildred--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see: Earl Warner FISH.
RAETZ, Lawrence A c1938-1977--res:Lead SD. [Source:HP14D-064d]
RAGATZ, Elmer G 1898-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-012d]
RAHDER, John T--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:(Mrs) Margaret A RAHDER.
RAHDER, Margaret A (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Wolsey SD. [Source:HP14D-004a,003d]
RAMSELL, Roy E 1885-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-033a,033d]
RAMSEY, Lillian C 1895-1977--md:NIELSEN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-,032c]
RATHBUN, Curtis--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Helen Elizabeth RATHBUN.
RATHBUN, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs) 1904-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-063e,063d]
RATLIFF, Dean Stanley 1914-1977--res:Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-033d]
RAY, Margery M 1886-1977--md:WRIGHT; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-061e,061c]
REALSEN, Aksel 1890-1977--res:Frankfort SD. [Source:HP14D-036c,036b,035a]
REARICK, Jodie 1891-1977--md:BRASKAMP; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-048a]
RECK, John M Sr 1921-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-032b]
REDFIELD, Fern (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD; Hot Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-071e]
REESE, Blanche (Mrs) 1909-1977--res:Huron SD; Redlands CA. [Source:HP14D-030c]
REESE, Edward 1899-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-010c,010b]
REHMKE, Emma (Miss) 1886-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-018c]
REILLY, Blanche 1899-1977--md:RYDL; res:Huron SD; Edinburg TX.  [Source:HP14D-014c]
REILLY, Margaret 1925-1977--md:OCHSNER; res:Huron SD; Cleveland OH.  [Source:HP14D-005e,006d]
REINER, Edwin R 1915-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-055e,055d]
REINSCHMIDT, Emma (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Yale SD; Iowa City IA. [Source:HP14D-060e]
REINSCHMIDT, Martin--Deceased spouse; d:1944; see:(Mrs) Emma REINSCHMIDT.
REMACLE, Martin 1909-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-008d]
REMINGTON, Lyle E 1898-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-027a,026f]
RERNLEITNER, Anna (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-.038e]
RERNLEITNER, Franz--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Anna RERNLEITNER.
RICHEY, Alice 1902-1977--md:RUSH; res:Huron SD; Rapid City SD; Yankton SD.  [Source:HP14D-060e,059b,061c]
RIEGER, Elizabeth (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-006a]
RINERSON, Ronald W c1933-1977--res:Willow Lake SD; Minneapolis MN. [Source:HP14D-016e]
RITCHEY, Ann 1903-1977--md:CHESIRE; res:Huron SD; Saint Paul MN.  [Source:HP14D-031c]
ROACHE, Clio (Mrs) 1894-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-030e]
ROBERTSON, Margaret -1977--md:COUGHLIN; res:Whittier CA.  [Source:HP14D-028a]
ROBINSON, Lillian (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Frankfort SD. [Source:HP14D-017b]
RODE, Bertha Emilie 1899-1977--md:KOPPLIN; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP14D-070b]
RODMAN, Verna C--Deceased spouse; see: Lee CLAIR.
ROGERS, Claude D 1909-1977--res:Fedora SD. [Source:HP14D-014a]
RONAN, Erna F (Mrs) 1917-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-035b,035a]
RONAN, Wayne S--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:(Mrs) Erna F RONAN.
RONNING, Court S c1959-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-019a]
ROSALES, Ramon c1961-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-042e]
ROSENAW, Frances 1889-1977--md:HOWE; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP14D-021a]
ROTH, Lehart c1905-1977--res:Parkston SD. [Source:HP14D-004c]
ROTH, Reynold--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:(Mrs) Vera L ROTH.
ROTH, Vera L (Mrs) 1909-1977--res:Cresbard SD. [Source:HP14D-024e]
ROUNDY, Alice--Deceased spouse; see: Charley SHEVLIN.
ROWSE, Lowell P 1918-1977--res:Lebanon SD. [Source:HP14D-068b]
RUDINE, Ida Carolyne -1977--res:Highmore SD; Chicago IL. [Source:HP14D-004c]
RUSH, Alice (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Huron SD; Rapid City SD; Yankton SD. [Source:HP14D-060e,059b,061c]
RUSH, Joseph H--Deceased spouse; d:1947; see:(Mrs) Alice RUSH.
RYDBOM, Arthur H 1884-1977--res:Erwin SD. [Source:HP14D-026c,025e]
RYDL, Blanche (Mrs) 1899-1977--res:Huron SD; Edinburg TX. [Source:HP14D-014c]
RYLAND, Alfred J 1899-1977--res:DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-065c]
SABOE, Mildred 1914-1977--md:FULLER; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP14D-051b]
SAMIS, Breta H (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-025a]
SANDAL, Roy Glenn 1905-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-030b]
SANDQUIST, Carl W -1977--res:Conde SD. [Source:HP14D-003c]
SANGER, William August 1898-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-007d]
SASSE, Anna (Mrs) 1886-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-009d]
SASSE, Frank E--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Anna SASSE.
SAUER, Frank c1912-1977--res:Crocker SD. [Source:HP14D-005a]
SAWTELL, Frank C--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:(Mrs) Mary E SAWTELL.
SAWTELL, Mary E (Mrs) 1894-1977--res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-072c]
SAYLOR, Ora c1913-1977--res:Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-008a]
SAYLOR, Ora M c1913-1977--res:Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-010a]
SCANDRETT, Minnie S (Mrs) c1890-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-023c,023b]
SCHAEFERS, Ambrose G 1928-1977--res:Polo SD. [Source:HP14D-013b,012c]
SCHAEFERS, Anton G 1894-1977--res:Polo SD; Dubuque IA. [Source:HP14D-006b,004e]
SCHAEFERS, Helen E (Mrs) 1903-1977--res:Polo SD; Orient SD. [Source:HP14D-017d,017a]
SCHEIBE, Augusta Louisa Helena "Helen" (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Wolsey; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-001b]
SCHEIBE, Otto E--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Augusta Louisa Helena "Helen" SCHEIBE.
SCHEIDEGGER, Elizabeth 1902-1977--md:WEISZHAAR; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-042a,041d]
SCHENEGGE, Ted 1906-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-047d]
SCHINKEL, Frances (Mrs) c1908-1977--res:Huron SD; Owatonna MN. [Source:HP14D-,027d]
SCHLABS, William c1954-1977--res:Lead SD. [Source:HP14D-069c]
SCHLUETER, Gilbert c1905-1977--res:Osceola SD; Centralia WA. [Source:HP14D-018b]
SCHMIDT, Charles 1891-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-055c]
SCHMIDT, Charlotte (Mrs) -1977--res:Arlington Heights IL. [Source:HP14D-058d]
SCHMIDT, David c1954-1977--res:Groton SD. [Source:HP14D-033b]
SCHMIDT, Mary -1977--res:Mission Hills SD. [Source:HP14D-026d,027b,027d]
SCHMIT, Clara 1911-1977--md:SULLIVAN; res:Winfred SD.  [Source:HP14D-075b,075d]
SCHNABEL, Maggie 1897-1977--md:CHEESEMAN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-008d,008a]
SCHNABEL, Maggie 1897-1977--md:MAINES; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-008d,008a]
SCHNEIDER, Ardes -1977--res:Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-029b]
SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth 1902-1977--md:RIEGER; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-006a]
SCHOEPF, Dora M (Mrs) c1894-1977--res:Spencer SD. [Source:HP14D-004e]
SCHORTZMANN, Carl--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Sophia SCHORTZMANN.
SCHORTZMANN, Sophia (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Alpena SD; Lesterville SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-035e,034e]
SCHORZMANN, Louise Caroline (Mrs) 1913-1977--res:Alpena SD. [Source:HP14D-021c,021c]
SCHRADER, John 'Jack' c1902-1977--res:Lake Preston SD; Santa Barbara CA. [Source:HP14D-027a]
SCHREIBER, Albert--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Birdie E SCHREIBER.
SCHREIBER, Birdie E (Mrs) 1909-1977--res:Agar SD. [Source:HP14D-056a]
SCHRODER, Helen Elizabeth 1904-1977--md:RATHBUN; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-063e,063d]
SCHROEDER, Mark c1957-1977--res:Alpena SD; Woonsocket SD; ,, FL. [Source:HP14D-075d]
SCHROER, Herman B c1924-1977--res:Wilmont MN. [Source:HP14D-031d]
SCHROTT, Elizabeth 1881-1977--md:FLEISSNER; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP14D-022b]
SCHULTE, Patricia 1908-1977--md:DeROUCHEY; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-034c]
SCHULTZ, Frances 1908-1977--md:SCHINKEL; res:Huron SD; Owatonna MN.  [Source:HP14D-,027d]
SCHULTZ, Jane -1977--md:NORRIS; res:Warwick RI.  [Source:HP14D-048b]
SCHULTZE, Otto W 1893-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-029d,028d]
SCHUMACHER, Reinhold R 1919-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-028a,027d]
SCHWAB, Elsie (Mrs) 1883-1977--res:Wessington SD. [Source:HP14D-075d]
SCHWAB, John--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Elsie SCHWAB.
SCHWABAUER, Gertrude (Mrs) 1893-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-044b,043d]
SCHWABAUER, William -1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-075e]
SCOTT, Bessie (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Huron SD; Mount Vernon SD. [Source:HP14D-033e]
SCOTT, Carl--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Bessie SCOTT.
SCOTT, Flora 1890-1977--md:PAGE; res:Clark SD; Grand Island NE.  [Source:HP14D-071c]
SCOTT, Hilda (Mrs) 1914-1977--res:Doland SD. [Source:HP14D-073e]
SCOTT, Irving 1883-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-012d]
SCOTT, Kenneth--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see:(Mrs) Hilda SCOTT.
SCOTT, Theda Nelle (Miss) -1977--res:Huron SD; Cherokee IA. [Source:HP14D-043b]
SEEFELDT, Abbie S 1890-1977--md:NORTON; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-048d,047d]
SEEMAN, Dora M (Mrs) 1899-1977--res:Rockham SD. [Source:HP14D-018b]
SEEMAN, Lloyd J--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Dora M SEEMAN.
SEHNERT, Paul 1888-1977--res:Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-004c]
SEXTON, Linda (Mrs) -1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-044a]
SHAFFER, Beulah 1914-1977--md:SMITH; res:Huron SD; Norfolk NE.  [Source:HP14D-022a]
SHANTZ, Mary (Mrs) 1922-1977--res:Frankfort SD. [Source:HP14D-040e]
SHARP, Beryl--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see: Otto W SCHULTZE.
SHARPFISH, Lawrence -1977--res:Wakpala SD. [Source:HP14D-017b]
SHEARER, Gerald R c1928-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-046a]
SHEPHERD, Gerald O 1916-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-005c,004e]
SHEVLIN, Charley 1905-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-012a]
SHIELDS, Marcelline W (Mrs) 1929-1977--res:Fort Thompson SD. [Source:HP14D-047a]
SHIELDS, Oliver--Deceased spouse; d:1977; see:(Mrs) Marcelline W SHIELDS.
SHREFFLER, Emma A (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-004d,003c]
SHREFFLER, Nelia 1895-1977--md:PARKS; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP14D-043c]
SHREFFLER, Roy--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:(Mrs) Emma A SHREFFLER.
SHULTZ, Clarence 'Tany'--Deceased spouse; d:1937; see:(Mrs) Margaret SHULTZ.
SHULTZ, Margaret (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Miller SD; DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-070a,069c]
SICKLES, Ruth Mary 1897-1977--md:WARFIELD; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP14D-038e]
SIEGENTHALER, Herman F 1916-1977--res:Huron SD; Monroe WI. [Source:HP14D-036a]
SIEGFRIED, Wanda--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see: Paul SEHNERT.
SIMMONETTE, Monica S 1892-1977--md:HELVIK; res:Wessington Springs SD; Lane SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-046a]
SJOLIE, Martin 1888-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-050d]
SJOMELING, L Michael Jr c1958-1977--res:Mobridge SD. [Source:HP14D-067c]
SKEZAS, Christ George 1893-1977--res:Devils Lake ND; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-019c,018e]
SKINNER, Beulah 1907-1977--md:KRUSE; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP14D-067b]
SLETTING, Bryan Scott c1953-1977--res:Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-047e]
SMIDT, Jimmie Mrs c1953-1977--res:Freeman SD. [Source:HP14D-070b]
SMILEY, Mary Jane (Mrs) c1923-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Pasadena CA. [Source:HP14D-007b]
SMITH, Beulah (Mrs) 1914-1977--res:Huron SD; Norfolk NE. [Source:HP14D-022a]
SMITH, Elizabeth 1902-1977--md:WATERS; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP14D-030e]
SMITH, Irene -1955--res:(Deceased daughter). [Source:HP14D-040a]
SMITH, James Milo 1922-1977--res:Tulare SD; Wolsey SE; Yakima WA. [Source:HP14D-019a]
SMITH, Peggy (Mrs) 1929-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Esmond SD; Ely NV. [Source:HP14D-053b,049d]
SMITH, Renold C 1910-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-071b,070d]
SMITH, Roselyn c1913-1977--res:Aberdeen SD. [Source:HP14D-016a]
SMITH, William 1888-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-040a,039e]
SNELL, Alice (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-049b]
SPAIN, Opal Jane--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see: Charles William KOUF.
SPARLING, Esther 1893-1977--md:NELSON; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-007c,007b]
SPENCER, Michael c1963-1977--res:Colman SD. [Source:HP14D-013b]
SPLITEK, Frank F -1977--res:Huron SD; Lake Elsinore CA. [Source:HP14D-063b]
STAHL, Bertha (Mrs) 1908-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-018d,018a]
STALEY, Newton C 1905-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-037e,037d]
STAMERJOHANNS, Gustav 1911-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-069c]
STARK, Brett Anthony c1975-1977--res:Vale SD. [Source:HP14D-055a]
STECKELBERG, Gerald c1956-1977--res:Chamberlain SD. [Source:HP14D-055b]
STEELE, Chanda Kristine 1970-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-023c]
STEICHEN, Paul N 1911-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-050e]
STEMPER, Anna Mary (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Zell SD. [Source:HP14D-042c]
STEMPER, Pete--Deceased spouse; d:1938; see:(Mrs) Anna Mary STEMPER.
STENSAAS, Randy c1971-1977--res:Brandon SD. [Source:HP14D-056d]
STEPHENS, Richard (Maj Gen, Retd) -1977--res:Pacific Grove CA. [Source:HP14D-002a]
STEVENS, Bernice (Mrs) 1919-1977--res:Pomona CA. [Source:HP14D-070c]
STEVENS, Flora--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see: Charles SCHMIDT.
STEWART, Floyd 1909-1977--res:Hetland SD. [Source:HP14D-051a]
STEWART, Louis B 1917-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-016d,017a]
STEWART, Mary (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Frankfort SD. [Source:HP14D-005d]
STINSON, Mabel (Mrs) -1977--res:Clark SD. [Source:HP14D-,057b]
STOCKMAN, Charles W--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Hazel M STOCKMAN.
STOCKMAN, Hazel M (Mrs) 1907-1977--res:Ree Heights SD. [Source:HP14D-053c]
STOLLER, Archie 1889-1977--res:Doland SD. [Source:HP14D-029e,028d]
STONEKING, Meta O (Mrs) 1880-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-006e,006d]
STONEKING, Monroe--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Meta O STONEKING.
STORHAUG, Jennie Louise (Mrs) 1894-1977--res:Erwin SD; Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-015a]
STORHAUGG, Haaken--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:(Mrs) Jennie Louise STORHAUG.
STRANSKY, Edith (Mrs) c1898-1977--res:Alexandria SD. [Source:HP14D-002e]
STRANSKY,Frank--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see:(Mrs) Edith STRANSKY.
STRASSER, Mary (Mrs) c1897-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-060c]
STREIT, Bradley c1955-1977--res:Vermillion SD. [Source:HP14D-019a]
STRICKLER, Eva Mae (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Iroquois SD; Ely NV. [Source:HP14D-017a,017a]
STRICKLER, Merlin--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Eva Mae STRICKLER.
STROME, Marie 1885-1977--md:CLARKE; res:Brentford SD; Mellette SD.  [Source:HP14D-042a,042d]
STRONG, Bernice 1919-1977--md:STEVENS; res:Pomona CA.  [Source:HP14D-070c]
STROUD, Gertrude L (Miss) 1902-1977--res:Gann Valley SD. [Source:HP14D-015e]
SUHN, Anna A 1884-1977--md:FALKENHAINER; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP14D-071d]
SULLIVAN, Clara (Mrs) 1911-1977--res:Winfred SD. [Source:HP14D-075b,075d]
SUNDERMAN, Emma (Miss) 1897-1977--res:Huron SD; Redfield City CA. [Source:HP14D-038a,037d,039d]
SUNVOLD, Myrtie 1903-1977--md:CALLSEN; res:Carpenter SD; Clark SD.  [Source:HP14D-027e,028b [continued]]
SWANSON, Algot--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:(Mrs) Vicie V SWANSON.
SWANSON, Helen (Miss) 1907-1977--res:Carthage SD. [Source:HP14D-026f]
SWANSON, Vicie V (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Oldham SD; DeSmet SD. [Source:HP14D-020b,020e]
SWARM, Harvey H 1909-1977--res:Watertown SD. [Source:HP14D-036a]
SWEENEY, James L 1893-1977--res:Iroquois SD. [Source:HP14D-021b,021b]
SWENSON, Jeannette--Deceased spouse; see: Einar J ARNT.
SWENSON, Terry Duane c1956-1977--res:Altamont SD. [Source:HP14D-047a]
SWIFT EAGLE, Reuben Sr 1906-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-048b]
SWIHART, Pearle--Deceased spouse; see: Archie STOLLER.
SWINSON, Pearle Elsie 1914-1977--md:CARSON; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-033c]
SYVERSON, Edward M 1911-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-035b]
SYVERTSON, Martha (Mrs) 1903-1977--res:McHenry ND; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-062d]
TAYLOR, Glen F c1917-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-,062e]
TAYLOR, Glenn Franklin 1916-1977--res:Highmore SD. [Source:HP14D-063c]
TAYLOR, Jessie 1891-1977--md:WEBER; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP14D-002d]
TAYLOR, Judith (Mrs) 1905-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-030d]
TELFORD, Charles 1891-1977--res:Edgerton MN; Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-049e]
TELFORD, Nora (Mrs) 1892-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-072a]
TELLINGHUISEN, Henry--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:(Mrs) Minnie M TELLINGHUISEN.
TELLINGHUISEN, Minnie M (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Willow Lake SD; Sibley IA. [Source:HP14D-004d]
TEMPLETON, Lois B 1895-1977--md:MORRISON; res:Saint Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP14D-036b,035b]
THIEMAN, Elizabeth (Mrs) c1904-1977--res:Wessington SD. [Source:HP14D-015a,015c]
THODE, Clarence A 1905-1977--res:Belvidere SD; Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-046c]
THOM, Eva--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see: Walter H FERGEN.
THOMPSON, Charles E c1931-1977--res:Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-023b,027c]
THOMPSON, Gerdine 1923-1977--md:DWYER; res:Beloit WI.  [Source:HP14D-045d]
THOMPSON, Jeffrey Allen 1957-1977--res:Eagle Butte SD. [Source:HP14D-050a,050b]
THREADWAY, Thelma 1914-1977--md:WAHL; res:Wessington Springs; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP14D-014c]
TIBBETTS, Verle 1918-1977--res:Hitchcock; Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-007b]
TIBBS, Daniel Rex 1950-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-013e,012e]
TIEDGE, Elsie 1887-1977--md:GOSCH; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-011d,010a]
TIMM, Rose--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see: Warren E CRANSTON.
TIMP, James W 1946-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-059c,059b]
TISDALE, Jimmy c1972-1977--res:Lemmon SD. [Source:HP14D-034b]
TIYOA, Marcelline W 1929-1977--md:SHIELDS; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP14D-047a]
TOBOLA, Anna 1886-1977--md:SASSE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-009d]
TOGERSON, Julia 1889-1977--md:ANDREWS; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP14D-011b]
TOLAR, Ada B (Mrs) 1900-1977--res:Hitchcock SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-045e,045d]
TOLAR, Frank R--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Ada B TOLAR.
TORBERT, Birdie E 1909-1977--md:SCHREIBER; res:Agar SD.  [Source:HP14D-056a]
TORKELSON, Anna R 1886-1977--md:BEARD; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP14D-053b]
TORKELSON, Annie--Deceased spouse; d:1976; see: Bruce NEWMAN.
TREBBLE, Robert 1900-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-044c]
TRIPLETT, Leonard J -1976--res:(Deceased son). [Source:HP14D-031d]
TRIPLETT, Minnie (Mrs) 1885-1977--res:Howard SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-031d,031c,031e]
TRIPLETT, Roy--Deceased spouse; d:1934; see:(Mrs) Minnie TRIPLETT.
TRIPLETT, Vesta -1972--md:WESTRE; res:(Deceased daughter).  [Source:HP14D-031d]
TSCHETTER, Edward S (Rev) c1905-1977--res:Mason City IA. [Source:HP14D-002c]
TSCHETTER, Kenneth R c1959-1977--res:Bridgewater SD. [Source:HP14D-014d]
TSCHETTER, Melvin 1915-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-007c,007d]
TUBANDT, Lyle W 1926-1977--res:Tulare SD. [Source:HP14D-025d]
TURLEY, Leona Myrtle (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Alpena SD. [Source:HP14D-031a,030c]
TURNER, Frank 'Bub' 1903-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-065d]
TURNER, Veva L (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-021d]
TYRRELL, Leslie V "Mike"--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Mildred TYRRELL.
TYRRELL, Mildred (Mrs) 1895-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-002e]
ULSH, Bobbie Lee -1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-048d]
ULSH, Cindy Mae -1973--res:Deceased sister. [Source:HP14D-048d]
UNDERHILL, Wesley W 1909-1977--res:Faulkton SD; Denver CO. [Source:HP14D-027e,027a]
UZEL, Alice 1895-1977--md:SNELL; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP14D-049b]
VALENTINE, Gladys Juanita 1895-1977--md:MARTIN; res:Carthage SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-026e]
VanBOCKEL, Richard -1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-015b]
VanBUSKIRK, Luke Richard 1977-1977--res:Hitchcock SD. [Source:HP14D-018e]
VanDenBERG, Cornelia 1886-1977--md:AALBERS; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Highmore SD.  [Source:HP14D-030a]
VanHORN, Mary S 1881-1977--md:BROCKMAN; res:Huron SD; Downey CA.  [Source:HP14D-019e,020d]
VanLUND, Elsie L 1882-1977--md:DORAN; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP14D-032d]
VanNESS, Mary Lucinda--Deceased spouse; d:1935; see: William Matthew BOWAR.
VERCOE, Ernest Francis 1914-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-067c]
VERSCHOOR, John J 'Jack' c1892-1977--res:Mitchell SD. [Source:HP14D-031a]
VETCH, Antone P c1922-1977--res:Rapid City SD. [Source:HP14D-030a]
VIERECK, Herman Frank Jr 1924-1977--res:Gann Valley SD. [Source:HP14D-040d,040d]
VILLBRANDT, Mildred (Mrs) 1911-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-018e,014c]
VITTERS, Hazel M (Mrs) 1908-1977--res:Saint Lawrence SD. [Source:HP14D-070e]
VOEGELE, Jacob c1893-1977--res:Roscoe SD. [Source:HP14D-039a]
VOLEK, Joseph--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Mary Mae VOLEK.
VOLEK, Mary Mae (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-041c,041a]
VonWALD, Edward 1886-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-049d]
VOSS, Alta (Mrs) 1890-1977--res:Okaton SD; Miller SD. [Source:HP14D-018a,018b]
VOSS, Claude--Deceased spouse; d:1938; see:(Mrs) Alta VOSS.
WAGER, Vern A 1931-1977--res:Gettysburg SD. [Source:HP14D-030d]
WAHL, Thelma (Mrs) 1914-1977--res:Wessington Springs; Sioux Falls SD. [Source:HP14D-014c]
WAHL, Verna Katherine (Mrs) 1912-1977--res:Raymond SD; Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-019b,019e]
WALDNER, Denny 1965-1977--res:Riverside Colony, Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-045a,044d]
WALDNER, I L "Ike" 1916-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-010b]
WALDNER, John M 1897-1977--res:Carpenter SD. [Source:HP14D-020d]
WALDNER, Maria (Mrs) 1888-1977--res:Carpenter SD. [Source:HP14D-021d,021b]
WALDNER, Martin N--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Maria WALDNER.
WALKER, Charles W 1907-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-047d]
WALKER, Delores (Mrs) -1977--res:Artesian SD; Minneapolis MN. [Source:HP14D-054d,054c]
WALTER, Bennie D 1921-1977--res:Carpenter SD; Huron SD; North Kansas City MO. [Source:HP14D-024a,022a]
WALTER, Kenneth J c1944-1977--res:Freeman SD. [Source:HP14D-064d,064e]
WALTON, Clara Bernice 1898-1977--md:FARMER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-003e,004a]
WANDELL, Mary 1922-1977--md:DEER; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP14D-040e]
WANDELL, Mary 1922-1977--md:SHANTZ; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP14D-040e]
WARFIELD, Ruth Mary (Mrs) 1897-1977--res:Tulare SD. [Source:HP14D-038e]
WARNE, Carrie 1888-1977--md:GODDARD; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP14D-005e]
WARNE, Cyrus--Deceased spouse; d:1930; see:(Mrs) Evelyn WARNE.
WARNE, Evelyn (Mrs) 1881-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-063a]
WARNER, Wallace M 1928-1977--res:Wessington Springs SD. [Source:HP14D-041a]
WATERFALL, Alfred--Deceased spouse; d:1938; see:(Mrs) Candace C WATERFALL.
WATERFALL, Candace C (Mrs) 1884-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-024c]
WATERS, Elizabeth (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Fedora SD. [Source:HP14D-030e]
WATERS, Lester--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:(Mrs) Elizabeth WATERS.
WEAVER, David c1957-1977--res:Emery SD. [Source:HP14D-041a]
WEBER, Jessie (Mrs) 1891-1977--res:Woonsocket SD. [Source:HP14D-002d]
WEBSTER, Stephen--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:(Mrs) Jessie WEBER.
WEDGE, Donna Mae 1948-1977--md:BARTELS; res:Wessington SD; Cottage Grove MN.  [Source:HP14D-041e]
WEGNER, Charles E--Deceased spouse; see:(Mrs) Marcella M WEGNER.
WEGNER, Marcella M (Mrs) 1901-1977--res:Willow Lake SD. [Source:HP14D-039e,038b]
WEIDENBACH, Sophia 1888-1977--md:SCHORTZMANN; res:Alpena SD; Lesterville SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP14D-035e,034e]
WEIDNER, Robert c1929-1977--res:Winner SD. [Source:HP14D-002a]
WEISGRAM, Herbert 1923-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-041d]
WEISNER, Mary Mae 1889-1977--md:VOLEK; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP14D-041c,041a]
WEISZHAAR, Elizabeth (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-042a,041d]
WENBOURNE, Harold H 1924-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-018d]
WERNER, Helen M (Miss) 1926-1977--res:Carthage SD. [Source:HP14D-034d]
WESTRE, Vesta (Mrs) -1972--res:(Deceased daughter). [Source:HP14D-031d]
WHARTON, Marjorie--Deceased spouse; d:1954; see: William August SANGER.
WHERRY, Gertrude 1893-1977--md:BAUHS; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP14D-075a,074b]
WHIRLEDGE, John M c1899-1977--res:Carpenter SD. [Source:HP14D-034d]
WHITNEY, Io (Mrs) 1884-1977--res:Faulkton SD. [Source:HP14D-019d]
WHITNEY, Ralph M--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:(Mrs) Io WHITNEY.
WIELANDER, Chad c1974-1977--res:Belle Fource SD. [Source:HP14D-075e]
WIERANCH, Clarence M (Rev) c1880-1977--res:Fort Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-023e,024c]
WILHELM, Gerald Marion 1898-1977--res:Ashton SD; Agar SD. [Source:HP14D-055a]
WILLIAMS, Bernice 1902-1977--md:LINDBLOM; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP14D-038d]
WILLIAMS, Beth L--Deceased spouse; see: Preston C KELLEY.
WILLIAMS, Clinton--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:(Mrs) Hazel WILLIAMS.
WILLIAMS, Hazel (Mrs) 1902-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-003a]
WILLIAMS, Lillian 1894-1977--md:PRICE; res:Iroquois SD; Lancaster CA.  [Source:HP14D-004b,003d]
WILLITS, Donald D -1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-054e]
WILSON, Clifford Donald 1894-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-047e,047b]
WILSON, Henry F 1889-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-055a]
WINDEDAHL, Esther 1909-1977--md:NELSON; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP14D-041e,041d]
WINKLER, Frank 1894-1977--res:Philip SD; Sully co SD; Onida SD. [Source:HP14D-016c]
WIPF, Marian (Mrs) 1923-1977--res:Doland SD. [Source:HP14D-016d,015c,017a]
WISEMAN, Clifford 1898-1977--res:DeSmet SD; Salem OR. [Source:HP14D-072c]
WISEMAN, Roy E 1896-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-062d]
WOLF, Betty (Mrs) 1918-1977--res:Pierre SD; San Bernardino CA. [Source:HP14D-024d]
WOLLEY, Gary c1955-1977--res:Box Elder SD. [Source:HP14D-064e]
WOLLMAN, Edwin J 1937-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-032e,032b]
WOLVERTON, Byron 1882-1977--res:Doland SD; Mobridge SD. [Source:HP14D-047b]
WONSBECK, Shirly 'Cactus' 1929-1977--res:Huron SD. [Source:HP14D-061d,062e]
WRIGHT, John Ralph--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:(Mrs) Margery M WRIGHT.
WRIGHT, Margery M (Mrs) 1886-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-061e,061c]
WURZ, Marian 1923-1977--md:WIPF; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP14D-016d,015c,017a]
WYNIA, Albert D c1891-1977--res:Springfield SD. [Source:HP14D-023a]
YOUEL, John M (Dr) c1908-1977--res:Huron SD; Wilmington DE. [Source:HP14D-033a]
YOUNG, Edwin 1881-1977--res:Bryant SD; Lake Preston SD. [Source:HP14D-007e]
YOUNG, Thomas Harold* 1895-1977--res:Spearfish SD; Bonilla SD. [Source:HP14D-069a,069b]
YUNGINGER, Mary (Miss) 1889-1977--res:Howard SD. [Source:HP14D-043d]
ZACHARIAS, Laura (Mrs) 1889-1977--res:Pierre SD. [Source:HP14D-074e,074a]
ZELLER, Iris Renee (Miss) c1962-1977--res:Pinehurst ID. [Source:HP14D-073b]
ZENS, Helen E 1903-1977--md:SCHAEFERS; res:Polo SD; Orient SD.  [Source:HP14D-017d,017a]
ZENS, Robert 1908-1977--res:Redfield SD. [Source:HP14D-006d]
ZIBELL, Emma C--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see: Casper Charles BRUGGER.
ZIMMER, Roger c1957-1977--res:Montrose SD. [Source:HP14D-014d]
ZOELLNER, Lee Mrs -1977--res:Bruce SD. [Source:HP14D-059b]