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Huron's Early History - Firsts - about 4 Jul 1905

Here is an undated clipping from the Huron Public Library files.
A Few Facts Connected With the Early History of Our City Upon the Jim

A few of the "firsts" connect with the founding of Huron, whose twenty-fifth anniversary we celebrated July 4th, 1905, are given below and may prove of interest to both old settlers and to the newcomers.

Town was platted by the C. & N. W. Ry. April 29, 1880.

First sheriff of Beadle county, C. M. Bell, appointed by the governor; Maj. F. F. B. Coffin, deputy.

First women, Mesdames Strayhorn [Strahorn] and VanFRANKLIN, who ran a boarding house.

First girl, Abbie Loveland.

First rats were brought to Huron in goods shipped to George Risdon.

Pioneer barber, W. A. Ritschlag, May 22, 1880.  First chair was hauled by wagon from Volga.

First saloon opened by Robinson & Rowe.

At the first celebration of the Fourth of July, the platform was built on the ground where the flag-raising by the railroad boys occured on July 4th 1905.  The timbers used in this platform were also used in the building of the dispatcher's office.  Mrs. Charles Barrow played the melodian.

First train arrived June 25, 1880, at 12:15 p.m.

First railway agent, F. M. Wilcox.

First railway superintendent, F. J. Nichols.

First residence built by Major F. F. B. Coffin and is still standing, adjoining Tobin's blacksmith shop.

First hotel, Jim River House.  Proprietor, Charles Loveland.

First newspaper, Beadle County Settler.  Issued by John Cain, April 30, 1880.

First religious service held May 6, 1880, in drug store of O. G. Wheeler.

First religious organization, a union Sunday school, June 27, 1880.

First church organized, Baptist, August 23, 1880.

First election held in February, 1881.

City organization effected in 1883.  First mayor, Col. Ed. Sterling.

First Fourth of July celebration held in front of old Wright house.  Orators, Maj. Coffin and Martin Baum.

First bride, Miss Bell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Bell.

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