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Obituaries, 1973

The following is a list of decedents from obituaries and deaths published in the
--Daily Plainsman, Huron, SD (through 9 Nov 1973) and
--Huron Daily Plainsman (11 Nov 1973 continuing).

  • Clippings are available on microfilm at the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, aka the Family History Library.
    Title:Newspaper clippings from Huron Daily Plainsman, mainly obituaries, 1973-1977.
    Microfilm numbers:924496, Item 2; 982415, Item 15.
  • HPnnD-pppc = the scrapbook number, page, and column (a-f).
ACKERMAN, Osborne R--1894-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-010d]
ADAMS, George W--1890-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-052a]
ADAMS, Robert A--c1942-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-079e]
ADEBAR, Richard G--1908-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-052a(2x)]
ADRIAN, William Vaughn--1907-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-019a]
AGLLAND, Anna--1895-1973; md:SCHRADER; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-096a]
AINSWORTH, Josephine (Miss)--c1901-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-023a]
ALBAUGH, Burt--c1881-1973; res:Elkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-060d]
ALBERTS, Etta (POPPIN)--1884-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-071b]
ALBERTUS, Otto J--1919-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-080c]
ALBRECHT, Henry W--1901-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-022d]
ALBRIGHT, Charles H--1899-1973; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP10D-060d]
ALBRIGHT, Walter F 'Dick'--1893-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-087c]
ALCORN, Hulda (KANT)--1884-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-007e]
ALLBEE, Leo Ellis--1908-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-087d,087e]
ALLBEE, Robert Roy--1894-1972; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP09D-001a]
ALLEN, Billie Sue (Mrs)--c1954-1973; res:<Rapid City SD>.  [Source:HP09D-020e]
ALLISON, Clifford--1895-1973; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP10D-052b]
ALLISON, Ella (KOESTER)--1896-1973; res:Wolsey SD; Santa Cruz CA.  [Source:HP10D-071c]
ALLISON, Leonard G--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Ella (KOESTER) ALLISON 1896-1973.
ALMOS, Mary--1891-1973; md:TOMPKIN; res:Redfield SD; Spink Co. SD.  [Source:HP10D-070a,070a]
ALMQUIST, Mildred (MATTKE)--1888-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-032a]
ALMQUIST, Raymond C--Deceased spouse; see:Mildred (MATTKE) ALMQUIST 1888-1973.
ALT, Emil--1882-1973; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP09D-025d]
AMBROSIUS, George C--Deceased spouse; d:1928; see:Mabel Anna (SCHRODER) AMBROSIUS 1888-1973.
AMBROSIUS, Mabel Anna (SCHRODER)--1888-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-087e,087d]
AMES, Louis Alfred--1896-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-080d]
AMICK, Elsie M--1897-1973; md:TANGER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-017a]
AMMON, Fred--1901-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-087e]
ANDERSEN, Addie--1889-1973; md:NIELSEN; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-020b]
ANDERSEN, John R--c1928-1973; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP09D-047b]
ANDERSON, Arthur--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:Margaret M (PATERSON) ANDERSON 1895-1973.
ANDERSON, Della M--Deceased spouse; see:August Severin JOHNSON 1884-1973.
ANDERSON, Dennis Lee-- -1973; res:Redfield SD; Troutdale OR.  [Source:HP10D-079b]
ANDERSON, Ellen W (Mrs)--c1884-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP09D-012d,008e]
ANDERSON, Elsa Rudena--1888-1973; md:LUNDEEN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-051b]
ANDERSON, Fred Mrs--1897-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-071e]
ANDERSON, Fred--1896-1973; res:Vilas SD.  [Source:HP09D-001a]
ANDERSON, Ida L--1890-1973; md:THOMPSON; res:Letcher SD; Snohomish WA.  [Source:HP10D-078c]
ANDERSON, Margaret M (PATERSON)--1895-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-047a]
ANDERSON, Nathan P--1893-1973; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP10D-052b]
ANDERSON, Ollie (ANDERSON)--1893-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-099b,099a]
ANDERSON, Ollie--1893-1973; md:ANDERSON; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-099b,099a]
ANDERSON, Oscar W--1895-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-088a]
ANDERSON, Otto M--1892-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-099a]
ANDERSON, Otto Richard--1916-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-052c(2x)]
ANDERSON, Raymond L--1923-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-060e]
ANDERSON, Roy Clair--1903-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-047a]
ANDRESEN, Fritz--1895-1973; res:Virgil SD.  [Source:HP09D-025e]
ANDREWS, John Carl--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see:Neola (FOUNTAIN) ANDREWS 1900-1973.
ANDREWS, Minnie G--1876-1973; md:CROLL; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP10D-082a]
ANDREWS, Neola (FOUNTAIN)--1900-1973; res:Carpenter SD; Sidney OH.  [Source:HP09D-022e]
ANNIS, Pearl M (Mrs)--1903-1973; res:Lower Brule SD.  [Source:HP09D-025e]
ANTRIM, Nora--Deceased spouse; d:1945; see:Vernon ARWOOD 1885-1973.
APLAND, Blanche E (GREEN)--1907-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-022e]
APPLEBY, Thena Jane--1882-1973; md:LAU; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-002c]
ARBOGAST, Clara (STEVENS)--1906-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-099a]
ARCH, Mary Charlotte (KRANZ)--1936-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-025e]
ARCHER, Guy D Sr--1898-1973; res:Onida SD; Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-004e(2x)]
ARENDS, Flora (BOSCH)--1894-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-088a]
ARENS, Matthew--1973-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-025d]
ARNEY, Clara--1884-1973; md:COSTAIN; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-061d]
ARTH, Jason Edward--1973-1973; res:Rockford IL.  [Source:HP10D-052b]
ARWOOD, Vernon--1885-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-060e,060e]
ASBENSON, Torkel A--1880-1973; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP09D-035c]
ASHLEY, Nina (Mrs)--c1886-1973; res:Dixon SD.  [Source:HP10D-052c]
ASHMUN, Aurel (BRAGG)--1885-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-071e]
ASHPOLE, Zona (LOVE)--c1913-1973; res:Huron; Woonsocket SD; Hollywood FL.  [Source:HP10D-052d]
ASKE, Marie (Mrs)--1894-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-001b]
ASPER, Milda (HANSON)--1878-1973; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-061a]
ATKINSON, Ellen L (HAMILTON)--1897-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-088b,088b]
AUCH, Cora Mae (DeVRIES)--1924-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-072a]
AULERICH, Bertha--1878-1973; md:ENGELHART; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP09D-050b,050b]
AUSMAN, Bessie (THOMPSON)--1889-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-099b,099b]
AUSMAN, Leslie V--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Bessie (THOMPSON) AUSMAN 1889-1973.
AUSTIN, Mary--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Norman OLSON 1886-1973.
AVERY, Constance 'Connie' (HAGEN)--1896-1973; res:Huron SD; Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-052d,052c]
AXLUND, Raland P--1909-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-088b]

BAACK, Anna (HEEREN)--1881-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-047c]
BAACK, Henry--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:Anna (HEEREN) BAACK 1881-1973.
BACKER, Glenn 'Bud'--1930-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-079c]
BAKER, Mabel Mary--1897-1973; md:KRUEGER; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-010e]
BAKER, Percy J--1903-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-072a,072a]
BAKKE, Chris--Deceased spouse; see:Frances (BARR) BAKKE 1907-1973.
BAKKE, Frances (BARR)--1907-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-017d]
BAKKIE, Harold H--1904-1973; res:Redfield SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-026a]
BALL, Rose--1909-1973; md:KELLY; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-083c]
BANGS, Merle Mrs-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Pomona CA.  [Source:HP09D-015b]
BARBER, Nina Edith (Mrs)--1880-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-012d]
BARNARD, Donald Bernell--1939-1973; res:Estelline SD.  [Source:HP09D-026a]
BARNES, Grace (BUTLER)--1889-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-099c]
BARNES, Guy F--1883-1973; res:Nowlin SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-035d]
BARNES, Melvin--1892-1973; res:Highmore SD; Wessington Springs SD; Harrold SD.  [Source:HP09D-001c]
BARR, Frances--1907-1973; md:BAKKE; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-017d]
BARRETT, Faye F (BOHEN)--1900-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-088c]
BARTEL, Tricia Ann--1973-1973; res:.  [Source:HP10D-061a]
BARTELS, Ida L--1892-1973; md:SCHEEL; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-077e]
BARTELS, Louise (SCHWABAUER)--1880-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-026b,026b]
BARTELS, William--Deceased spouse; see:Louise (SCHWABAUER) BARTELS 1880-1973.
BAUDER, Alma (Mrs)--c1889-1973; res:Huron SD; Guttenberg IA.  [Source:HP09D-035b]
BAUDER, Emanuel--1903-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP10D-099c,088c]
BAUDER, Jacob M/M-- -1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP09D-010b]
BAUER, Henry 'Larry'--c1957-1973; res:Britton SD.  [Source:HP09D-009a]
BAUGHFMAN, Carol (DILL)--1913-1973; res:Yankton SD; Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-047c]
BEACHLER, Edgar H--1903-1973; res:Huron SD; Springfield MO.  [Source:HP09D-019a]
BEAM, Ethel M--1892-1973; res:Seneca SD.  [Source:HP10D-061d]
BEARDSLEY, Peter C--1949-1973; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP10D-072c]
BEASOM, Grace (BUTLER)--1889-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-099c]
BECK, Alice I--1909-1973; md:HOLVERSON; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010a(2x)]
BECK, Alice I--1909-1973; md:KLINKEL; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010a(2x)]
BECK, Chris--1913-1973; res:Huron SD; San Jose CA.  [Source:HP09D-047e(2x)]
BECKER, Henry A--1899-1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP10D-072b]
BECKER, Henry--1893-1973; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP09D-035d]
BECKLER, Maude F (Mrs)--1897-1973; res:Potter co SD; Beadle Co. SD.  [Source:HP10D-080e]
BECKMAN, Ben J--1898-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-035e]
BEDFORD, Hazel--1907-1973; md:HALLANDER; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-064a]
BEDFORD, Lucinda--1909-1973; md:CORBIN; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-081e]
BEELER, Alice (PAULSON)--c1909-1973; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND.  [Source:HP09D-026b]
BELL, Alta I (MOREY)--1916-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-007e]
BELL, Gladys (WOODRUFF)--1918-1973; res:Huron SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-035e]
BENIKE, Agnes--1892-1973; md:KNOCKE; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-033c]
BENNETT, Blaine W Sr--1905-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-088d]
BENNETT, Evelyn--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Henry Rolph DIRKSEN 1901-1973.
BENNETT, Faye (Mr)--c1901-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-026c]
BENNETT, William J--c1890-1973; res:Flandreau SD.  [Source:HP10D-088a]
BENSEND, Albert F (Dr)--1889-1973; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP09D-001d]
BERG, Amelia--1878-1973; md:FLADBY; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-063b]
BERG, Harold F--1904-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP09D-049a,049a]
BERINGER, Edward-- -1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-026c]
BERKEY, Mary Gish--c1891-1973; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP09D-047d]
BERRIEN, Georgia--1907-1973; md:ROBERTS; res:Huron SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-025a]
BERRY, Ethel--1886-1973; md:TAYLOR; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP10D-096d,096c]
BERSTAD, Helena (GAUDIG)--c1891-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-080e,080d]
BEST, Clarence--1901-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-061c]
BEST, Elma J (Mrs)--1898-1973; res:Yakima WA.  [Source:HP10D-071d]
BEST, Harriet Esther (BOORMAN)--1887-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-061c,061c]
BEST, Harvey M--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see:Harriet Esther (BOORMAN) BEST 1887-1973.
BESTUL, Christian W--1911-1973; res:Frankfort SD; Westbrook MN.  [Source:HP10D-072c]
BICE, Mabel Harriet (OWENS)--1905-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-036a(2x)]
BICE, Whitney--Deceased spouse; see:Mabel Harriet (OWENS) BICE 1905-1973.
BICKEL, Sylvester--1899-1973; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP10D-072b,072a]
BIENZ, Lorraine (GORANSON)--1918-1973; res:Huron SD; Salt Lake City UT.  [Source:HP09D-036c]
BIEVER, Louis J--1893-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP09D-026d]
BINDENAGEL, Wilbur E--c1915-1973; res:Huron SD; Edina MN.  [Source:HP09D-019c]
BINGER, Meta (MILLER)--1905-1973; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP10D-088c]
BIRKHOLTZ, Jessie (PORTER)--1891-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-088d]
BIRKS, Fred W--Deceased spouse; see:Mary S (SUNDERMAN) BIRKS 1889-1973.
BIRKS, Mary S (SUNDERMAN)--1889-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-049b]
BISCHOFF, Ronald E--1926-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-016a]
BITTNER, Tara Jean--1973-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP10D-071e]
BLACK ELK, Ben--1899-1973; res:Pine Ridge SD.  [Source:HP09D-017d]
BLACK, Alvin G--1877-1973; res:Forestburg SD; Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-004c]
BLEWETT, Nellie (Miss)--1911-1973; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP10D-052d]
BLINSMAN, John Orland--1899-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-023a]
BLOODGOOD, Lula Mae--1900-1973; md:HOOK; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-028a]
BLUE, Anamae (PINKERTON)--1917-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-052e]
BLUM, John--Deceased spouse; see:Winona BLUM. c1887-1973.
BLUM, Winona (Mrs)--c1887-1973; res:Lebanon; Seneca SD; Los Angeles CA.  [Source:HP10D-052e]
BLYSTONE, Lillian (HULL)--1875-1973; res:Huron SD; Dallas TX.  [Source:HP10D-072b]
BLYSTONE, M E--Deceased spouse; d:1954; see:Lillian (HULL) BLYSTONE 1875-1973.
BOARD, Jean Donald--1916-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP10D-072d,072d]
BOEKELHEIDE, Lulu (Mrs)--c1888-1973; res:Cresbard SD; Siler City NC.  [Source:HP09D-035c]
BOHEN, Faye F--1900-1973; md:BARRETT; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-088c]
BOLAND, I O--1883-1973; res:Redfield SD; Sherman SD.  [Source:HP10D-072d]
BOLTON, Willard--c1906-1973; res:Huron SD; Sioux City IA.  [Source:HP10D-079d]
BONHORST, Charles--1879-1973; res:Midland SD.  [Source:HP09D-032b]
BOONE, Patrick A--c1957-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-036b]
BOORMAN, Harriet Esther--1887-1973; md:BEST; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-061c,061c]
BOOTH, Mabel--1903-1973; md:WILES; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP10D-098b,098a]
BORDEAUX, Merna--c1941-1973; res:St Francis SD.  [Source:HP09D-020e]
BORES A HOLE, Glenn 'Bud'--c1927-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-079e]
BORN, Lydia (SENSKE)--1880-1973; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP10D-072e,072e]
BOSANCO, Gary--c1948-1973; res:Midland SD.  [Source:HP10D-052e]
BOSCH, Flora--1894-1973; md:ARENDS; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-088a]
BOTTJEN, Dorothy (LOETZ?)-- -1973; res:Sheridan WY.  [Source:HP09D-017b]
BOWAR, Bruce Doyle--1951-1973; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP10D-061b,061a]
BOWERS, Orville--1927-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-099d]
BOWES, Tom--1923-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-072e]
BOWKER, Cecelia (PENNEY)--1891-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010d]
BOWKER, Walter--Deceased spouse; see:Cecelia (PENNEY) BOWKER 1891-1973.
BOYD, Dell M--1917-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-099d]
BOYSTEN, Martin--c1893-1973; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-072e]
BRACHVOGEL, Albert--1905-1973; res:Chicago IL.  [Source:HP10D-099e]
BRACHVOGEL, Viola M--1894-1973; md:NEUHART; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-066e,066e]
BRAGG, Aurel--1885-1973; md:ASHMUN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-071e]
BRANDSTED, Joseph E--Deceased spouse; see:Mayme (MARTIN) BRANDSTED 1909-1973.
BRANDSTED, Mayme (MARTIN)--1909-1973; res:Huron SD; Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-015e]
BRANDVOLD, Madell M (Mrs)--c1880-1973; res:Huron; Redfield SD; Staples MN.  [Source:HP09D-047d]
BRANDVOLD, William A--Deceased spouse; d:1950; see:Madell M BRANDVOLD. c1880-1973.
BRATTRUD, Henry--1886-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-017d]
BREENE, Roy--1907-1973; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP10D-080c]
BRENNAN, Margarite--1886-1973; md:CLIFFORD; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-081c]
BREWER, Casper W--1878-1973; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP09D-036c]
BROBST, Florence M (VanBUSKIRK)--1904-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Eyota MN.  [Source:HP10D-088e]
BROCK, Vera Irene (MAGINNIS)--1906-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-099e]
BROCKMAN, Daisy V--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Paul Amos BROER 1893-1973.
BROER, Paul Amos--1893-1973; res:Huron SD; Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-061b,061c]
BROER, Roy E--1895-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-005a]
BROWER, Harm--1899-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-088e]
BROWN, Birdie (ERICKSON)--1887-1973; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP09D-012e(2x)]
BROWN, Blanche V--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Roy W DAUM 1896-1973.
BROWN, Florence L (BULLOCK)--1891-1973; res:Volga SD.  [Source:HP09D-026c]
BROWN, Florence--1886-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-089a]
BROWN, Fred A--c1916-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-100a]
BROWN, H G--Deceased spouse; see:Florence L (BULLOCK) BROWN 1891-1973.
BROWN, Oliver H--1893-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-100a]
BROWN, Willett J--Deceased spouse; d:1926; see:Birdie (ERICKSON) BROWN 1887-1973.
BRUCE, Frieda (ZIESMAN)--1897-1973; res:Draper SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-032c]
BRUCE, Minerva--1890-1973; md:NELSON; res:Esmond SD.  [Source:HP09D-034b]
BRUCE, William--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Frieda (ZIESMAN) BRUCE 1897-1973.
BRUEGGEMAN, Kip Ronald--1973-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-061d]
BRUGGER, Clara E--1911-1973; md:NOWELL; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP09D-051e]
BRUGGER, George--Deceased spouse; d:1943; see:Lillie (ZIBELL) BRUGGER 1909-1973.
BRUGGER, Lillie (ZIBELL)--1909-1973; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP10D-073a]
BRUNKEN, Doris (VonPOLLWORTH)--1918-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-073a,073a]
BRUSH, Nancy--1900-1973; md:LeGRAND; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-065a,065a]
BUCHANAN, C Wayne--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-049b]
BUCHHEIM, Henry E--1892-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-100a]
BUCHHOLTZ, Inez Lola--1892-1973; md:TASSLER; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP10D-078b,078b]
BUCHHOLTZ, Renay--c1953-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-093b]
BUCHHOLZ, Wesley E--1899-1973; res:Hand Co SD.  [Source:HP09D-032c]
BUDDE, John--1896-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-089a]
BULLINGTON, Ardyce--1905-1973; md:McGINTY; res:Hetland SD.  [Source:HP10D-076d]
BULLIS, Mary Iona--1891-1973; md:GRABIN; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-038d]
BULLOCK, Florence L--1891-1973; md:BROWN; res:Volga SD.  [Source:HP09D-026c]
BULLOCK, Henry Thomas--1897-1973; res:Redfield SD; Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP09D-035e]
BURGE, Francis Frederick--1915-1973; res:Hetland SD.  [Source:HP09D-023c]
BURGESS, Allen F--1887-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-089a]
BURGHARDT, Julia--Deceased spouse; see:James KISZER 1884-1973.
BURGHER, Beatrice (Mrs)--1927-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-053a]
BURNETT, Gene Allen--1973-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-036a]
BURNS, Daryll--c1957-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-053a]
BURNS, Emmett--1895-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-081a,081a]
BURNS, Ruth (THOMAS)--1882-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-008a(2x)]
BURTIS, Bernice (Mrs)--1904-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-026b]
BURTON, Kenneth Mark--1910-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-061e]
BURTON, Pearl--Deceased spouse; d:1922; see:Otto Herman SIEGLING 1896-1973.
BUSCH, Carl--c1918-1973; res:Bancroft SD; Long Beach CA.  [Source:HP09D-026a]
BUSH, John Peter Sr--1886-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-089b]
BUSHEY, Kate--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Clarence Roy SHELLY 1890-1973.
BUSS, Esther--1893-1973; md:CLEGG; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP10D-053d]
BUTE, Esther (OFSTAD)--1903-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-036b]
BUTE, Melvin J--Deceased spouse; see:Esther (OFSTAD) BUTE 1903-1973.
BUTLER, Grace--1889-1973; md:BARNES; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-099c]
BUTLER, Grace--1889-1973; md:BEASOM; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-099c]
BYRUM, Lee R--1913-1973; res:Highmore SD; Anoka MN.  [Source:HP09D-049a]

CADWELL, Mabel--1883-1973; md:SCHMITT; res:Casper WY.  [Source:HP10D-077e]
CALLIES, Bill--1894-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-100c]
CALMUS, Alice (Mrs)--1924-1973; res:Howard SD; Denver CO.  [Source:HP09D-049e]
CAMERON, Herbert L--1923-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-053b,053a]
CAMPBELL, Cora B (DOTSON)--1886-1973; res:Redfield SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-023b]
CAMPBELL, John--Deceased spouse; see:Cora B (DOTSON) CAMPBELL 1886-1973.
CAMPBELL, Lee--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Mary E (RAMEY) CAMPBELL 1898-1973.
CAMPBELL, Lucy L (Miss)--1875-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-016b]
CAMPBELL, Mary E (RAMEY)--1898-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-081d,081e]
CARBERRY, William L-- -1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP09D-012b]
CARDA, Joseph--1885-1973; res:Chelsea SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-026d]
CARL, Emma J (SNYDER)--1885-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-023b]
CARL, Robert--Deceased spouse; d:1924; see:Emma J (SNYDER) CARL 1885-1973.
CARLS, Emma--1890-1973; md:HAAK; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-032d]
CARLSON, Carl E--1905-1973; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP10D-089b]
CARLSON, Fred--1898-1973; res:Lake Whitewood SD.  [Source:HP09D-036c]
CARLSON, John W--c1888-1973; res:Langford SD.  [Source:HP09D-036d]
CARMAN, Victor Irwin--1909-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-053b]
CARMINE, Dean C--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Gladys (GALLUP) CARMINE 1894-1973.
CARMINE, Gladys (GALLUP)--1894-1973; res:Aberdeen SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-026c]
CARPENTER, Ansel Jr--1931-1973; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP09D-023a]
CARPENTER, Orville E--1907-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-008b]
CARPENTER, Tom--c1949-1970; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-053c]
CARSON, Ernest--Deceased spouse; see:Fern CARSON. -1973.
CARSON, Fern (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Nunda SD.  [Source:HP09D-049c]
CARSTENS, Elizabeth (Mrs)--c1879-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-053c]
CASE, Anna Marie (FOX)--c1925-1973; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP10D-099e]
CHAFFEE, Paul R--c1903-1973; res:Wessington; Huron SD; Menlo Park CA.  [Source:HP09D-026e]
CHAPMAN, Edith M (RAND)--1918-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-048d]
CHAPMAN, Kenneth Ralph--1939-1973; res:Wolsey SD; Gillette WY.  [Source:HP10D-089e,089d,089d]
CHAPMAN, Minnie May (JACKSON)--1887-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
CHAPMAN, Wilbur--Deceased spouse; d:1919; see:Minnie May (JACKSON) CHAPMAN 1887-1973.
CHASE, Elizabeth F (Mrs)--1876-1973; res:Ashton SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-005a]
CHASE, John--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:Elizabeth F CHASE 1876-1973.
CHASING HAWK, Evan--c1925-1973; res:Red Scaffold SD.  [Source:HP10D-105e]
CHERREY, Emma (McCANN)--1883-1973; res:Winfred SD.  [Source:HP10D-081b]
CHRISTENSEN, Alvena (KURTZFELDT)--1883-1973; res:Huron SD; Virgil SD.  [Source:HP10D-053c,053b]
CHRISTENSEN, Amelia (Mrs)--1882-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-049d]
CHRISTENSEN, Annie (Mrs)--1880-1973; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP10D-081b]
CHRISTENSEN, Carrol--1910-1973; res:Vienna SD; Naples SD; Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-100c]
CHRISTENSEN, Hans C--1877-1973; res:Huron SD; DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-061e]
CHRISTENSEN, Jens Bernt--1898-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-089c,089b]
CHRISTENSEN, Nels--Deceased spouse; see:Alvena (KURTZFELDT) CHRISTENSEN 1883-1973.
CHRISTOFFERSEN, Andrew--c1888-1973; res:Centerville SD.  [Source:HP10D-073b]
CHURCHWARD, Eva--c1887-1973; md:PAYNE; res:Hitchcock SD; Dodge Center IA.  [Source:HP10D-094a]
CLAASSEN, Henry E--1913-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-089c]
CLAYMORE, A Edward--c1912-1973; res:Eagle Butte SD.  [Source:HP09D-007e(2x)]
CLEGG, Esther (BUSS)--1893-1973; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP10D-053d]
CLEGG, William--Deceased spouse; see:Esther (BUSS) CLEGG 1893-1973.
CLEVAN, Oscar--1884-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-081c]
CLEVELAND, Clarence J--1910-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-019b]
CLIFFORD, Margarite (BRENNAN)--1886-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-081c]
CLUTS, John William--1890-1972; res:Vivian SD.  [Source:HP09D-001b]
COCHRAN, Howard D--1894-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-053d]
COIL, John H--1889-1973; res:Virgil SD.  [Source:HP09D-036d]
COLEMAN, Edward G--1887-1973; res:Seneca SD.  [Source:HP10D-100c]
COLEMAN, Lenna I (Mrs)--1877-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-073b]
COLLINS, Etta (SUMPTER)--1880-1973; res:Carr Twp, Potter, SD.  [Source:HP10D-053d,053c]
COLLINS, Harry H--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:Mary Theresa (OLSON) COLLINS 1886-1973.
COLLINS, John E--Deceased spouse; see:Etta (SUMPTER) COLLINS 1880-1973.
COLLINS, Mary Theresa (OLSON)--1886-1973; res:Huron SD; Chicago IL.  [Source:HP09D-036e(2x)]
COLLINS, Olga (Mrs)--1886-1973; res:Hetland SD.  [Source:HP10D-081d]
COLOMBE, Chris--1891-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-036a]
COLVIN, C Harold--1914-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-073c,073c]
COMEAU, Elizabeth M (WAGNER)--1888-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-081a]
COMMES, Elizabeth--1910-1973; md:NELSON; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-066d]
CONLON, Margaret--c1897-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-090a]
CONTRERAS, Frank S--c1895-1973; res:Sun City CA.  [Source:HP09D-012d]
COOK, Lyal E (Mr)--1894-1973; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP10D-081e]
COOLEY, Herschel F--1897-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-053e(2x)]
COONROD, Elmer--1889-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-036e]
COOP, Robert--1893-1973; res:Beadle Co SD; Mesa AZ.  [Source:HP09D-007b]
COOPER, Emma (Mrs)--1888-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-089e]
COOPER, Jeanette Evon--1935-1973; md:NEWTON; res:Huron SD; Parsons KS.  [Source:HP10D-067a]
CORBIN, Lucinda (BEDFORD)--1909-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-081e]
CORDTS, Harlan--1914-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-073c]
CORKINS, Joyce--1930-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-100b,100a,100a]
CORNELIUS, Mary--1887-1973; md:SONDEGAARD; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-096b]
COSTAIN, Clara (ARNEY)--1884-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-061d]
COUGHLIN, Esley E (Mr)--1925-1973; res:Bryant SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-032d]
CRAIG, Margaret--1896-1973; md:WAGNER; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-044c]
CRAMER, Jerry Edward--1912-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Cavour SD; Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP09D-001e]
CRAWFORD, Edna Carolyn--1894-1973; md:VanTASSEL; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP10D-078d]
CRAWFORD, Lavern--c1943-1973; res:Wagner SD.  [Source:HP10D-089d]
CRAWFORD, Leo N--1893-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-049d]
CROLL, Minnie G (ANDREWS)--1876-1973; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP10D-082a]
CROW, Mary (Mrs)--1888-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-073b]
CUNNINGHAM, Cleone LaVonne--1933-1973; md:FENSKE; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-019b]
CURL, Alpha B--1881-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-015b]
CURRAN, Esther (Mrs)--1881-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-037a]
CURRAN, James J--1917-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-054a]

DAHLGREN, Boyd--1921-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-012e(2x)]
DAILEY, Janet--c1954-1973; res:Flandreau SD.  [Source:HP10D-088e]
DALE, Nettie--Deceased spouse; see:Arthur R ZVORAK 1900-1973.
DAMMEIER, LeRoy 'Bus'--1906-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-049c,049d]
DANBROOK, Grace--Deceased spouse; see:Donald F KENOBBIE 1916-1973.
DANCEY, Mary Loretta (McCARTHY)--1898-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-100d]
DANKER, Blanche Irene (Mrs)--1891-1973; res:Tulare SD; Warrensburg MO.  [Source:HP09D-049e]
DARLAND, Clarence--1911-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-100d]
DAUM, Roy W--1896-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-073d,073d]
DAVENPORT, Clyde--1905-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-062b]
DAVID, Kenneth--1911-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-062b,062b]
DAVIES, Lou--1894-1973; md:OLDAKER; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-094e]
DAVIS, Archie E--1901-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-049e]
DAVIS, Byron Albert (Dr)--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-002a,002b]
DAVIS, Carrie Mae (NANNEY)--1892-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-016c]
DAVIS, Charles J--1910-1973; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP09D-008c(2x)]
DAVIS, Ervin L--1906-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-100e]
DAVIS, Frank G--1887-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-021d]
DAVIS, George W--Deceased spouse; see:Carrie Mae (NANNEY) DAVIS 1892-1973.
DAVIS, Joe M--1915-1973; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP10D-062a,062a]
DAY, Clyde--1880-1973; res:Huron SD; Yankton SD.  [Source:HP10D-054e]
DAY, Sylvia (STOLL)--1898-1973; res:Huron SD; Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-100e]
DECKER, Susie L (TSCHETTER)--1895-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP10D-082b,082a]
DeLAY, John A--1890-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-090b]
DeLONG, George M--c1910-1973; res:Huron SD; Riverside CA.  [Source:HP09D-005a]
DeLONG, George Thomas--1893-1973; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP10D-082a]
DeLONG, Henry--1926-1973; res:Huron SD; Sallisaw OK.  [Source:HP10D-054b]
DeLONG, Ralph--1921-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-001d]
DEMING, Irene--1894-1973; md:RAYBURN; res:Huron SD; Lincoln NE.  [Source:HP10D-086b]
deMOTT, Salla H (HARRIS)--1885-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-073e]
DENCKER, Amanda Sophia (Mrs)--1888-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-049c]
DENCKER, John Alfred--Deceased spouse; see:Amanda Sophia DENCKER 1888-1973.
DENNIS, Arthur--Deceased spouse; see:Lillian DENNIS 1908-1973.
DENNIS, Lillian (Mrs)--1908-1973; res:Huron SD; Midland SD.  [Source:HP09D-037a]
DENNIS, Mildred--1903-1973; md:FABER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-054c]
DeROUCHEY, Jerome--1906-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-101a]
DeSales, (Father)--1894-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-008b]
DESCOMBAZ, Alfred--1887-1973; res:Wolsey SD; Austin MN.  [Source:HP09D-013a]
DESCOMBAZ, Alfred--Deceased spouse; see:Katherine (KOERNER) DESCOMBAZ 1885-1973.
DESCOMBAZ, Katherine (KOERNER)--1885-1973; res:Wolsey SD; Austin MN.  [Source:HP09D-013a]
DeSHEUQUETTE, Delphine Mae (Mrs)--1917-1973; res:Crow Creek SD.  [Source:HP09D-023b]
DeVRIES, Cora Mae--1924-1973; md:AUCH; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-072a]
DEYO, Iva M (PEARCE)--1888-1973; res:Huron SD; Browns Valley MN.  [Source:HP10D-062a]
DICKSON, (female)--1973-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-037a]
DICKSON, Sarah Edith (WALTON)--1893-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Santa Monica CA.  [Source:HP10D-090b]
DIGRE, Iver J--1894-1973; res:Huron SD; Madison MN.  [Source:HP09D-026e,020e]
DIGRE, John--c1923-1973; res:Huron SD; San Diego CA.  [Source:HP10D-073d]
DILL, Bertha P (HAAS)--1884-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-015c]
DILL, Carol--1913-1973; md:BAUGHFMAN; res:Yankton SD; Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-047c]
DILL, Leon--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:Bertha P (HAAS) DILL 1884-1973.
DILLARD, Don--c1955-1973; res:Sturgis SD.  [Source:HP10D-053e]
DILLEY, Glendon M--1918-1973; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP10D-054b]
DIRKSEN, Henry Rolph--1901-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-026e]
DIX, James L--c1944-1973; res:Anoka MN.  [Source:HP10D-074a]
DIX, Sandra (Mrs)--c1945-1973; res:Anoka MN.  [Source:HP10D-074a]
DIXON, Mathilda 'Ella'--1882-1973; md:SCHULTZ; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-018d(2x)]
DOBBS, David--c1951-1973; res:Eagle Butte SD.  [Source:HP10D-054a]
DOLAN, John J--c1890-1973; res:Huron SD; Longview WA.  [Source:HP09D-037b]
DOLL, Lawson R--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Violet R (INGALLS) DOLL 1898-1973.
DOLL, Violet R (INGALLS)--1898-1973; res:Mitchell SD; Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-062c]
DOLLENBACHER, Lillian Cecelia--1908-1973; md:GRAHAM; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-063c,063b]
DONAHUE, Bridget G (GRIFFIN)--1885-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-073e]
DONAHUE, Patrick Francis--Deceased spouse; d:1954; see:Bridget G (GRIFFIN) DONAHUE 1885-1973.
DOOLITTLE, O Barr-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Sun City AZ.  [Source:HP09D-037b]
DORNBUSH, David Gregory--1972-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-037b]
DOSSETT, Gerald--c1944-1973; res:Madison SD.  [Source:HP09D-050a]
DOTSON, Cora B--1886-1973; md:CAMPBELL; res:Redfield SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-023b]
DOUGHTY, Hugh N--1892-1973; res:Harmony Twp, Jerauld, SD.  [Source:HP09D-027a,027a]
DOUGLAS, LaVerda--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Lawrence F KELLEY 1890-1973.
DOW, Fred--Deceased spouse; see:Mary DOW 1869-1973.
DOW, Mary (Mrs)--1869-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-032d]
DOWNING, J Hyatt--c1888-1973; res:Blunt SD; Pismo Beach CA.  [Source:HP09D-001e]
DOWNS, Raymond Leo--1909-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-037c]
DOYEN, Iola (SEIM)--1912-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-101e]
DOYEN, Minert--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Iola (SEIM) DOYEN 1912-1973.
DRISTY, Clark--1895-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-090b]
DROGGE? EISCHLER?, Sophie--1891-1973; md:HASSLER; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-039c]
DuBOIS, Kenneth (Dr)--1917-1973; res:Pierre SD; Chicago IL.  [Source:HP09D-008c]
DUBRO, August J--1883-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-005b(2x)]
DUMMER, Anna A--1888-1973; md:MORRISON; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP09D-041c]
DUMMER, Anna A--1888-1973; md:O'BYRNE; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP09D-041c]
DUNCAN, Lloyd E--1909-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-027a]
DURKIN, Lucille (Miss)--1909-1973; res:Fort George SD.  [Source:HP09D-032c]
DUSEK, Louise--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:C J ZAVESKY 1888-1973.
DWERLKOTTE, DeSales (Father)--1894-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-008b]

EAGLE, Mae (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-050a(2x)]
ECKER, Amilia Helena (Mrs)--c1905-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-090b]
ECKSTEIN, John--1886-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-009a(2x)]
EDDY, Arlington--1906-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-037c]
EDDY, Janice (NEUHARTH)--1940-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-063a,063a]
EDEN, Grace--1907-1973; md:STIELOW; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP09D-045d]
EICH, Albert--1902-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-037c]
EIDE, Iver--1893-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-081c,081b]
EIKAMP, Clara--1888-1973; md:POPPEN; res:DeSmet SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-086a]
EILTS, Mathilda F--1880-1973; md:RAWSTERN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-077b,077b]
EISENBEIS, Phillip--1899-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-090c,090c]
ELIASON, Edwin M--1892-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-050a]
ELLINGSTON, Lucille (KUNDERT)--1908-1973; res:Forestburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-090c]
ELLIOTT, Aaron--1908-1973; res:Morningside (Huron) SD.  [Source:HP09D-027b]
ELLIS, Johnnie Layne--c1955-1973; res:North Platte NE.  [Source:HP09D-037d]
ELLIS, Zeth--1907-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-090b]
ELLWEIN, Andrew--c1878-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP09D-027a]
EMERY, Jacob--Deceased spouse; see:Mary Frances (SWANEY) EMERY 1878-1973.
EMERY, John W--1880-1973; res:Alpena SD; St. Louis MO.  [Source:HP10D-062c,062c]
EMERY, Mary Frances (SWANEY)--1878-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-008d(3x)]
ENGEL, Mary--1886-1973; md:O'HORA; res:Gettysburg SD; DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-105e]
ENGELHART, Bertha (AULERICH)--1878-1973; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP09D-050b,050b]
ENGELHART, Charles--Deceased spouse; see:Bertha (AULERICH) ENGELHART 1878-1973.
ENGER, John M--1907-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-013b(2x)]
ENGLET, Alma Ann (LUKE)--1889-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-082b]
ENGLET, Claire--Deceased spouse; d:1940; see:Alma Ann (LUKE) ENGLET 1889-1973.
ENGSTROM, Helene E (ENGSTROM)--1890-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-090d]
ENGSTROM, Helene E--1890-1973; md:ENGSTROM; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-090d]
ENTZ, Kathryn (TSCHETTER)--1915-1973; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP09D-037d(2x)]
ERD, Evalyn--1887-1973; md:LARKIN; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-075e]
ERFMAN, Henry Sr--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Renibelle (THUNN) ERFMAN 1890-1973.
ERFMAN, Renibelle (THUNN)--1890-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-054c]
ERICKSON, Birdie--1887-1973; md:BROWN; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP09D-012e(2x)]
ERICKSON, Edna Linnea Christina--1912-1973; md:POWLOVICH; res:Miller SD; Milwaukee WI.  [Source:HP10D-067e,057e]
ERIE, Jens--1888-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-015a]
ESLICK, Rosa Mae--1876-1973; md:HARSIN; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP09D-010a]
ESSINK, John--1886-1973; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP09D-008e]
ESTEE, Kenneth--c1906-1973; res:Wessington SD; Omaha NE.  [Source:HP10D-081d]
ETZKORN, Bernese (LOUGHLIN)--1898-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-037e]
EVANS, Merton--c1893-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-101a]
EVERETT, Fred C--1903-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-090d]
EYSMONT, Mildred WOMACKS-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Miami FL.  [Source:HP09D-027a]

FABER, Mildred (DENNIS)--1903-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-054c]
FALLER, Otto--1891-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-050b]
FANNING, Joel--1956-1973; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP10D-082c,082c,082d]
FAULSTICH, Elmer Peter--1910-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-054d,054c]
FAWCETT, Myrtle--1888-1973; md:HARVEY; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP09D-009c]
FEDLER, Laura--Deceased spouse; see:Charles H ROBESON 1893-1973.
FEDT, Martin H--1895-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-054d]
FEDT, Ole--1899-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-008e]
FEICKE, Nona (HAYNES)--c1901-1973; res:Yale SD; Boomer WV.  [Source:HP10D-062d]
FEIOK, Arthur G--1897-1973; res:Huron SD; Denver CO.  [Source:HP10D-101b]
FELDERMAN, Fred J--1952-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-101c,101b,101c]
FELT, Glen--1916-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-027b]
FENNER, A Dorothy (HEIN)--1896-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-017e]
FENNER, Mial A--Deceased spouse; see:A Dorothy (HEIN) FENNER 1896-1973.
FENSKE, Cleone LaVonne (CUNNINGHAM)--1933-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-019b]
FERGUSON, Frank A--1898-1973; res:Mitchell SD; Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-082d]
FERGUSON, John R--1904-1973; res:Manchester SD.  [Source:HP09D-005c]
FERRIS, Carrie (RAWSTERN)--c1901-1973; res:Deadwood SD.  [Source:HP10D-054e]
FERRIS, Charles H--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Carrie (RAWSTERN) FERRIS. c1901-1973.
FERRIS, Ina (PEEBLES)--1881-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-090e]
FETT, Marie--1884-1973; md:NENABER; res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-057c]
FIE, Helen--1888-1973; md:LOTHROP; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-104b,104b]
FIELDER, Claude--1898-1973; res:Dewey Co SD.  [Source:HP09D-038a]
FINK, Arthur--c1919-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Lakebay WA.  [Source:HP09D-037b]
FINK, Michelle--c1967-1973; res:Farmington NM.  [Source:HP09D-038c]
FINLEY, Bessie--Deceased spouse; d:1950; see:Albert F BENSEND 1889-1973.
FINLEY, Joseph M--1894-1973; res:Huron SD; Billings MT.  [Source:HP10D-054e]
FINLEY, Margaret K--1890-1973; res:Kingsbury Co.; Beadle Co.; Spink Co. SD; Los Angeles CA.  [Source:HP10D-081e]
FINNERTY, Merl E--1912-1973; res:Rockham SD; Fairbanks AK.  [Source:HP10D-074a]
FISHAN, Mary--1897-1973; md:JONES; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-056a]
FISHER, Earl--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:Sarah E (HORNBERGER) FISHER 1884-1973.
FISHER, Sarah E (HORNBERGER)--1884-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027c(2x)]
FJELLESTAD, David--1897-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-054a,054b]
FLADBY, Amelia (BERG)--1878-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-063b]
FLADBY, John--Deceased spouse; see:Amelia (BERG) FLADBY 1878-1973.
FLAHERTY, Morgan--1882-1973; res:Iroquois SD?.  [Source:HP10D-090d]
FLEISCHMAN, Floyd S--1897-1973; res:Oldham SD; Kansas City MO.  [Source:HP09D-023d]
FLEMING, Bessie M (STANFIELD)--1888-1973; res:Alpena SD; Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-062e]
FLEMING, Ila--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Alfred C 'Ole' OLSON 1903-1973.
FLEMING, Oscar R--Deceased spouse; d:1913; see:Bessie M (STANFIELD) FLEMING 1888-1973.
FLETCHALL, Grace O--1901-1973; md:HESS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-102e,102e]
FLETCHER, Bonnie B--1898-1973; md:WILSON; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-020c]
FOGLESON, Elvira (Mrs)--1898-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-074a]
FOKKEN, Edward A--1910-1973; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP09D-037e]
FOLEY, Ethelyn I (Miss)--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-023c]
FOLSLAND, Lenore (SEVERSON)--1895-1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP09D-005b]
FOLSON, Marlys--c1959-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-088c]
FOOS, Gladys E (SIMPSON)--1908-1973; res:Roswell SD; Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-090e]
FORD, Florence (WILLIAMS)--1881-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-101c]
FORGEY, Virginia L--1929-1973; md:KOCH; res:Gettysburg SD; Faith SD.  [Source:HP09D-040e,040c]
FORGEY, Virginia--Deceased spouse; see:Leonard KOCH 1926-1973.
FORTHMAN, John--1888-1973; res:Miner co SD; Carthage SD.  [Source:HP09D-032e,032e]
FORTIN, Myrtle--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Julian L REMILY 1894-1973.
FORTUNE, Ruth (JONES)--1907-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-050c(2x)]
FORTUNE, Torris--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Ruth (JONES) FORTUNE 1907-1973.
FOSTER, Ruth Emma--1910-1973; md:WALL; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-031d]
FOUNTAIN, Neola--1900-1973; md:ANDREWS; res:Carpenter SD; Sidney OH.  [Source:HP09D-022e]
FOX, Anna Marie--c1925-1973; md:CASE; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP10D-099e]
FRAHM, Wilhelmina--c1898-1973; md:ROYER; res:Iroquois SD; Saginaw MI.  [Source:HP09D-011a]
FRANCIS, Robert Joseph--c1945-1973; res:Sturgis SD.  [Source:HP10D-074b]
FREDERICKSON, Raymond--1909-1973; res:Bryant SD; St Cloud SD.  [Source:HP09D-002a,002a]
FREEBURG, Nellie--1892-1973; md:MINSKE; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-084d,084d]
FREED, Dean--c1951-1973; res:Fort Dodge IA.  [Source:HP09D-050a]
FREI, John H Mrs  (WILHITE)--1886-1973; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP09D-032e]
FREIBURGHAUS, Frances (SIMMET)--1895-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-050c]
FREIBURGHAUS, J C--Deceased spouse; see:Frances (SIMMET) FREIBURGHAUS 1895-1973.
FREVIK, Agnes (RASMUSSEN)--1910-1973; res:Bruce SD.  [Source:HP09D-023c]
FRIESE, Alice C (HENDERSON)--1908-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-055a]
FRIESE, Walter--Deceased spouse; see:Alice C (HENDERSON) FRIESE 1908-1973.
FRITZ, Walter Paul--1907-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP10D-062d,062d]
FROST, Daniel D--1952-1973; res:Hoven SD; Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-062e]
FRYBARGER, Ina Eva (STEVENS)--1911-1973; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP09D-038a]
FUERST, Fred--1894-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-023d]
FUERST, Russell L--1933-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-074b]
FUERSTENAU, Paul R--1917-1973; res:Hazel SD.  [Source:HP10D-101d]
FULSOS, Evelyn (RHINEHART)--1900-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-027c]
FULSOS, Otto--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Evelyn (RHINEHART) FULSOS 1900-1973.
FUNK, Grace--1913-1973; md:MOGCK; res:Alpena SD; Des Moines IA.  [Source:HP10D-094d]

GAFFIN, Elsie (RUNDLE)--1896-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-101d]
GALLUP, Gladys--1894-1973; md:CARMINE; res:Aberdeen SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-026c]
GANJE, Frances (WEIST)--1891-1973; res:Eagle Butte SD.  [Source:HP09D-050d]
GANJE, Gabriel--Deceased spouse; see:Frances (WEIST) GANJE 1891-1973.
GARLOCK, Vernon A--1885-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-064a]
GARTON, Cleve--c1887-1973; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP10D-101d]
GASCOIGNE, Ivan L--1899-1973; res:Madison SD; Broadland SD.  [Source:HP10D-091a]
GAUDIG, Helena--c1891-1973; md:BERSTAD; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-080e,080d]
GEHM, Katherine J--1891-1973; md:JACOB; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-046b]
GEHRING, Edna--1910-1973; md:TESKA; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-097a]
GEHRKE, Robert Edward--1920-1973; res:Huron SD; Rancho Cordova CA.  [Source:HP09D-050b]
GEHRKE, Warren D--c1955-1973; res:Luverne MN.  [Source:HP10D-101e]
GEIST, Mary--1899-1973; md:WHERRY; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-070e]
GENTEMAN, Elizabeth-- -1973; res:Hoven SD; Franklin Park IL.  [Source:HP10D-074b]
GENZLINGER, John Fred--1896-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-082d]
GERDES, Fred W--c1891-1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP09D-001a]
GERDES, John Frederick--1973-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-101d]
GERE, Anna (Miss)--1885-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-055a]
GERKE, Iola (SEIM)--1912-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-101e]
GERMAN, Lauverne D--c1932-1973; res:Black Hawk SD.  [Source:HP09D-047b]
GERRIETS, Evalena (HALL)--1904-1973; res:Mellette SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-059a,059a]
GERRIETS, Theodore W--Deceased spouse; d:1938; see:Evalena (HALL) GERRIETS 1904-1973.
GEYER, Otto John--1892-1973; res:Manchester SD.  [Source:HP09D-013c]
GIBBS, Carl V--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Nellie (GIBBS) GIBBS 1884-1973.
GIBBS, Nellie (GIBBS)--1884-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027d,023d]
GIBBS, Nellie--1884-1973; md:GIBBS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027d,023d]
GIBSON, Jessica Lynn--1970-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-021d,021c]
GIDDINGS, Grondine S (SORENSEN)--1887-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-009b]
GIDDINGS, Josh R--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Grondine S (SORENSEN) GIDDINGS 1887-1973.
GIFFORD, Mildred--1917-1973; md:WEST; res:Wessington SD; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-044a]
GILBERT, Eda--1883-1973; md:SCHENCK; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-095d]
GILBERT, Stasia (LILLY)--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-091a,091a]
GILBERTSON, Ernest Melvin--1903-1973; res:Bryant SD; Reno NV.  [Source:HP09D-027e]
GILBERTSON, Gerald S--1902-1973; res:Arlington SD; Lorenz IA.  [Source:HP10D-102a]
GILBERTSON, Ivan J--1894-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-002c]
GILES, Greta (Mrs)--1893-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-055a]
GILGORE, Ella (VETTERMAN)--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-038b]
GILL, George W--1892-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-038b(2x)]
GLANZER, J P Mrs-- -1973; res:Yale; Doland SD; Dinuba CA.  [Source:HP10D-062c]
GLANZER, Jake P (Rev)--c1889-1973; res:Yale; Doland SD; Dinuba CA.  [Source:HP10D-074b]
GLANZER, Paul H (Rev)--c1917-1973; res:Huron SD;  ND.  [Source:HP10D-055b]
GLANZER, Sam S--1914-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027d]
GLASSMAKER, Anton--1882-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-017c]
GLOVER, Kenneth (Maj)--1916-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-013d]
GOC, (male)--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Anna O (STOBBE) GOC 1886-1973.
GOC, Anna O (STOBBE)--1886-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-013e]
GOECKER, Edward--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Helena (RENTER) GOECKER 1889-1973.
GOECKER, Helena (RENTER)--1889-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-002d]
GOEHRING, John A--1900-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP09D-017e]
GOEHRING, Julius E--1923-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-005e(2x)]
GOETZ, Michael J--1912-1973; res:Onaka SD.  [Source:HP09D-038c]
GOFF, Donald M--1913-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-038c]
GOHRING, Addie (WELCH)--1888-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-091b]
GOMSRUD, Lena (LARSON)--1885-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-019d]
GONSTAD, Celia A--1897-1973; md:STICK; res:Willow Lake SD; Clear Lake SD.  [Source:HP09D-043a]
GONSTEAD, Verna--Deceased spouse; d:1943; see:Norman OLSON 1886-1973.
GOOSEN, George J G--1897-1973; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-091b]
GORANSON, Lorraine--1918-1973; md:BIENZ; res:Huron SD; Salt Lake City UT.  [Source:HP09D-036c]
GORDON, Max-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP09D-013d]
GORHAM, Marion 'Bud'--c1920-1973; res:Huron SD; Alexandria MN.  [Source:HP10D-082c]
GORMLEY, Wilfred B--c1888-1973; res:Huron SD; Lincoln NE.  [Source:HP10D-082d]
GORTMAKER, Avert J--1895-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-082e,082e]
GRABIN, Mary Iona (BULLIS)--1891-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-038d]
GRABIN, W M--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:Mary Iona (BULLIS) GRABIN 1891-1973.
GRADY, Florence--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Fred J TOBIN 1896-1973.
GRAF, Bessie J (Mrs)--1891-1973; res:Redfield SD; Blowing Rock NC.  [Source:HP10D-055c(2x)]
GRAF, Leonard--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Bessie J GRAF 1891-1973.
GRAHAM, Alice--1880-1973; md:McGINNIS; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-076e]
GRAHAM, Lillian Cecelia (DOLLENBACHER)--1908-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-063c,063b]
GRAVES, Harold--1910-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-074c,074c]
GREEN, Anna K (JENSEN)--1895-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-023e]
GREEN, Blanche E--1907-1973; md:APLAND; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-022e]
GREEN, Frank E--Deceased spouse; d:1950; see:Anna K (JENSEN) GREEN 1895-1973.
GREEN, Helen--1917-1973; md:POE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-014d(2x)]
GREEN, Violet M (RASMUSSEN)--1912-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Brookings SD.  [Source:HP09D-050d]
GRESCHKE, Elizabeth (PALT)--1888-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-055b(2x)]
GRESCHKE, William F--Deceased spouse; d:1942; see:Elizabeth (PALT) GRESCHKE 1888-1973.
GRIFFIN, Bridget G--1885-1973; md:DONAHUE; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-073e]
GRIMM, Milton E--1884-1973; res:Burkemore Faulk Co. SD; Denver CO.  [Source:HP09D-038d]
GROSS, Andrew J--Deceased spouse; d:1946; see:Susie (GROSS) GROSS 1886-1973.
GROSS, Lawrence G--1925-1973; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP10D-091c]
GROSS, Rachel--1892-1973; md:HOFER; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-092a,092a]
GROSS, Susie (GROSS)--1886-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP09D-027e]
GROSS, Susie--1886-1973; md:GROSS; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP09D-027e]
GROSS, Susie--1907-1973; md:YAUNEY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-087d]
GROSS, William A--1881-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP09D-038e(2x)]
GROSSMAN, Rosina--1876-1973; md:MANZ; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-006b]
GRUBER, Barbara--1885-1973; md:TRAVERS; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-004d(2x)]
GRUBER, Barbara--1885-1973; md:WILLIAMS; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-004d(2x)]
GRUEBER, Catherine--1894-1973; md:MARLETTE; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-003e]
GRUNEWALDT, James Mathew--1950-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-063d]
GRUPE, Minnie--Deceased spouse; see:Charles BONHORST 1879-1973.
GUSTAFSON, Harry--c1903-1973; res:Huron SD; Seal Beach CA.  [Source:HP09D-023e]
GUSTAFSON, Helga (Mrs)--1887-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-074c]
GUTHMILLER, Caroline--1906-1973; md:HAEFFNER; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-013d]
GUTTENBURG, Matto-- -1973; res:Frankfort SD; Silverton OR.  [Source:HP10D-062d]

HAAK, Albert--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Emma (CARLS) HAAK 1890-1973.
HAAK, Emma (CARLS)--1890-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-032d]
HAAK, Julia S (Mrs)--1884-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-008a]
HAAS, Bertha P--1884-1973; md:DILL; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-015c]
HABICHT, Max--c1885-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Willmar MN.  [Source:HP10D-063c]
HACKETT, Frank K--1893-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-017c]
HADDOCK, Mary--Deceased spouse; see:Henry Thomas BULLOCK 1897-1973.
HAEDER, Ernest--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Martha (SCHUTZ) HAEDER 1887-1973.
HAEDER, Martha (SCHUTZ)--1887-1973; res:Yale SD; Salem OR.  [Source:HP09D-021c]
HAEFFNER, Caroline (GUTHMILLER)--1906-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-013d]
HAESE, Anna--1884-1973; md:SCHNELLER; res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-086d,086d]
HAGEDORN, Fred H--1898-1973; res:Faulk Co SD.  [Source:HP09D-023d]
HAGEDORN, Irene (HOPKINS)--1906-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-050e]
HAGEDORN, Sena (PETERSEN)--1887-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-019e]
HAGEMO, Margaret (Mrs)--c1885-1973; res:Huron SD; Duluth MN.  [Source:HP09D-027d]
HAGEN, Constance 'Connie'--1896-1973; md:AVERY; res:Huron SD; Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-052d,052c]
HAHN, (Mrs)  (HALL)--1881-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-102e]
HAIWICK, Carl--Deceased spouse; see:Gertie Caroline (OLSON) HAIWICK 1894-1973.
HAIWICK, Gertie Caroline (OLSON)--1894-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-039b]
HALE, Harry Vern--1916-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-102b]
HALEN, Thomas P--1905-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-038e]
HALFMAN, Antone--Deceased spouse; d:1905; see:Frances HALFMAN 1883-1973.
HALFMAN, Frances (Mrs)--1883-1973; res:Turton; Highmore SD;  TX.  [Source:HP09D-035a]
HALL, (Mrs)--1881-1973; md:HAHN; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-102e]
HALL, Evalena--1904-1973; md:GERRIETS; res:Mellette SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-059a,059a]
HALL, Evalena--1904-1973; md:SCHNITTGRUND; res:Mellette SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-059a,059a]
HALLANDER, Hazel (BEDFORD)--1907-1973; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-064a]
HALVERSON, Harry (Dr)--c1896-1973; res:Flandreau SD.  [Source:HP10D-091c]
HAMBURGER, Minnie-- -1973; res:Gettysburg SD; ,, CA.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
HAMILTON, Ellen L--1897-1973; md:ATKINSON; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-088b,088b]
HAMM, Arlon T--c1923-1973; res:Meade Co. SD.  [Source:HP10D-063e]
HAMMON, Frances--1908-1973; md:TAGGART; res:Winner SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-107d]
HAMMOND, Anna (SCHAUL)--1894-1973; res:Roswell SD.  [Source:HP10D-102c]
HAMSTED, Meta H--1900-1973; md:SCHALKLE; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-048d]
HANCOCK, Beulah (PARSONS)--1895-1973; res:Pierre SD: Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-039a]
HANCOCK, Maurice--Deceased spouse; d:1945; see:Beulah (PARSONS) HANCOCK 1895-1973.
HAND, Joseph E--1892-1973; res:Orient SD.  [Source:HP10D-082e]
HANISCH, Jeffrey L--1959-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-074c]
HANKS, Edwin G--1892-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-074d]
HANKS, Mildred (KERR)--1913-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-039a]
HANNIGAN, Howard J--1909-1973; res:Gettysburg SD; Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-102c]
HANSEN, Anna K (HOUSE)--1889-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-039c]
HANSEN, Carrie M (HANSEN)--1894-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-050e]
HANSEN, Carrie M--1894-1973; md:HANSEN; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-050e]
HANSEN, Frank--Deceased spouse; see:Anna K (HOUSE) HANSEN 1889-1973.
HANSEN, Minnie--1917-1973; md:WILLIAMS; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP09D-044d]
HANSON, Alfred W--1885-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-064a]
HANSON, Geneva--1891-1973; md:LEWIS; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-093a]
HANSON, Julia Louise--Deceased spouse; see:Otis Roy TEIG 1900-1973.
HANSON, Kermit T (Col)--1920-1973; res:Howard SD; Tustin CA.  [Source:HP10D-074d]
HANSON, Milda--1878-1973; md:ASPER; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-061a]
HANSON, Ole M--c1888-1973; res:Roswell SD.  [Source:HP10D-064b]
HARDIE, Will O--1892-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-074e]
HARMISON, Annice P (Mrs)--c1891-1973; res:Redfield SD; Palm Springs CA.  [Source:HP10D-101e]
HARRING, William F--1907-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-091c]
HARRIS, Salla H--1885-1973; md:deMOTT; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-073e]
HARSIN, Rosa Mae (ESLICK)--1876-1973; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP09D-010a]
HART, Glenn W--1900-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-102d]
HART, Urma--1901-1973; md:McKICHAN; res:Bonilla SD; Bayport MN.  [Source:HP09D-029c]
HARTMAN, Walter Alvin--1913-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-091d,091d]
HARVEY, Grover Cleveland--Deceased spouse; see:Myrtle (FAWCETT) HARVEY 1888-1973.
HARVEY, Myrtle (FAWCETT)--1888-1973; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP09D-009c]
HARVEY, Nellie (HINDS)--c1874-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027e]
HASNER, Maynard R--1914-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-039b]
HASSLER, Rudolph--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Sophie (DROGGE? EISCHLER?) HASSLER 1891-1973.
HASSLER, Sophie (DROGGE? EISCHLER?)--1891-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-039c]
HASTINGS, Izetta--1891-1973; md:LORSCHBOUGH; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-076c]
HASZ, Emil--c1902-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-091d]
HATFIELD, Artie Rae (KENNEDY)--c1885-1973; res:Whitewood SD.  [Source:HP09D-022a]
HATTERSCHEIDT, Fred W--1893-1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP09D-014a]
HAUB, Anthony A--1878-1973; res:Sully co SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-023e]
HAUFF, Ragnhild (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Charles City IA.  [Source:HP10D-082e]
HAUFF, Samuel E--Deceased spouse; d:1929; see:Ragnhild HAUFF. -1973.
HAUGE, Peder--c1884-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-005a]
HAUGLAND, Nelvin E--1907-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-050e]
HAUSVIK, Martin--1892-1973; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP10D-074e]
HAVENS, Lucy--c1883-1973; md:SCOTT; res:Huron SD; Sunnyside WA.  [Source:HP09D-030d]
HAVERLY, Bertha L (Mrs)--c1885-1973; res:Onida SD; Los Gatos CA.  [Source:HP09D-013a]
HAYNES, Nona--c1901-1973; md:FEICKE; res:Yale SD; Boomer WV.  [Source:HP10D-062d]
HAYWOOD, Anne E--1887-1973; md:METSCHKE; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-104d]
HEAVIRLAND, Asa P--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-055c,055b]
HECKENLIABLE, Reinhold--1898-1973; res:Virgil SD; Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-028d]
HEEREN, Anna--1881-1973; md:BAACK; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-047c]
HEGDAHL, Leslie Edward--c1916-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-055e]
HEGG, Conrad Tyler--c1911-1973; res:Beadle Co. SD; Sacramento CA.  [Source:HP09D-039c]
HEIB, Pauline--1909-1973; md:JESSEN; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-046b]
HEIN, A Dorothy--1896-1973; md:FENNER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-017e]
HEISEL, Clifford--c1957-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-021b]
HEISS, Carl--1896-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-005d,005c]
HEITLAND, Herman--1903-1973; res:Willow Lake SD; DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-091e]
HEITT, Peter 'Swede'--1911-1973; res:Dewey Co. SD.  [Source:HP10D-103a]
HELFINSTINE, Charles--1890-1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP09D-028a]
HELLECKSON, Alfred--1885-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-091e]
HEMMELMAN, Hollister-- -1973; res:Wessington Springs SD?.  [Source:HP09D-033b]
HENCKS?, Bernie-- -1973; res:Bancroft SD; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-019b]
HENDERSON, Alice C--1908-1973; md:FRIESE; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-055a]
HENDERSON, Allie Armine--1884-1973; md:HORN; res:Miller SD; Bonilla SD.  [Source:HP10D-055e]
HENDERSON, Russell A-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Los Angeles CA.  [Source:HP10D-063d]
HENDRICKSON, Lucy--1894-1973; md:MITCHELL; res:Iroquois SD; Edinburg IN.  [Source:HP10D-084e,084e]
HENDRICKSON, Lucy--1894-1973; md:STEVENS; res:Iroquois SD; Edinburg IN.  [Source:HP10D-084e,084e]
HERLL, Mathew--1894-1973; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-075a]
HERLL, Peter--c1899-1973; res:Roswell SD.  [Source:HP09D-018e,016a]
HERMAN, Aloysius--1896-1973; res:Hoven SD.  [Source:HP10D-075a]
HERMANDSON, Solve--c1884-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-002b]
HERN, Howard E--1902-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-102d,102d]
HESS, Grace O (FLETCHALL)--1901-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-102e,102e]
HIGGINS, Leo James--1910-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP09D-024a]
HIGGINS, Leo M--c1911-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP09D-021e]
HILDEBRANT, Alma E (WATTIER)--1890-1973; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP10D-102a]
HILDEBRANT, Earl--Deceased spouse; d:1946; see:Alma E (WATTIER) HILDEBRANT 1890-1973.
HILL, Blanche (WRIGHT)--1887-1973; res:Arcadia CA.  [Source:HP10D-102a]
HILL, Homer A--Deceased spouse; d:1936; see:Lois HILL. c1886-1973.
HILL, Lois (Mrs)--c1886-1973; res:Huron SD; Pasadena CA.  [Source:HP10D-075a]
HILL, Orville M--1910-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP09D-028b]
HILL, Ralph Russell--c1917-1973; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP10D-083a]
HILL, Richard D--1937-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-009e]
HILL, Richard E--1906-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-018a]
HILLERY, Maxine--1925-1973; md:WALLUM; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-097d]
HILLYER, Annette--1965-1973; res:Battle Ground WA.  [Source:HP10D-075b]
HINDS, Nellie--c1874-1973; md:HARVEY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027e]
HINTZ, Adolph--Deceased spouse; d:1942; see:Paulina (WALZ) HINTZ 1900-1973.
HINTZ, Paulina (WALZ)--1900-1973; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-085a,085a]
HIRSCH, Adeline Wilhemina (RITTEL)--1913-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-106a,106b]
HIRSCH, Loretta--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Gerald S GILBERTSON 1902-1973.
HIRSCHKORN, Fred--1912-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP09D-046a]
HIRSCHMAN, Eva (SCHEIDEL)--1894-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-103a]
HITSMAN, Dwight L--c1911-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-092a]
HOCKETT, Arlington Orville Jr--1934-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-103b,103b]
HOEFING, Cecelia--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Albert T SCHAEFER 1898-1973.
HOEHL, Vern H--1911-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-083a]
HOFER, Anna (TSCHETTER)--1882-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-028c]
HOFER, Anna--Deceased spouse; d:1920; see:David J P TSCHETTER 1891-1973.
HOFER, Clarence J--1912-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-002e(2x)]
HOFER, David--1891-1973; res:Alexandria SD.  [Source:HP10D-055d]
HOFER, Jacob T--Deceased spouse; see:Anna (TSCHETTER) HOFER 1882-1973.
HOFER, Jake S--1903-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-064b]
HOFER, John R Mrs [Sarah]--c1887-1973; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP09D-019e]
HOFER, Justina--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:William A GROSS 1881-1973.
HOFER, Katharine---1973; md:TSCHETTER; res:Salem SD.  [Source:HP10D-107e]
HOFER, Mary (KLEINSASSER)--1911-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-033a]
HOFER, Rachel (GROSS)--1892-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-092a,092a]
HOFER, Samuel J R (Rev)--1882-1973; res:Carpenter SD; Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-064c,064c;09D-009d]
HOFF, Joyce--c1952-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP10D-075b]
HOFF, Noel M--c1911-1973; res:Volga SD.  [Source:HP09D-028d]
HOFFMANN, Josephine E (WEBBER)--1909-1973; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP10D-055d(2x)]
HOHM, Ludwig--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Susanna (TSCHETTER) HOHM 1886-1973.
HOHM, Susanna (TSCHETTER)--1886-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-075c]
HOHN, Andrew George--1973-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-032e]
HOJRUP, Hanne M (Mrs)--1878-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-064c]
HOJRUP--Deceased spouse; see:Hanne M HOJRUP 1878-1973.
HOLTER, Lewis J--c1903-1973; res:Bruce SD.  [Source:HP09D-017b]
HOLTZWARTH, Theodore--1911-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-092b]
HOLVERSON, Alice I (BECK)--1909-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010a(2x)]
HOLVERSON, Marvin--Deceased spouse; d:1939; see:Alice I (BECK) HOLVERSON 1909-1973.
HOOK, Lula Mae (BLOODGOOD)--1900-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-028a]
HOOK, Park A--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Lula Mae (BLOODGOOD) HOOK 1900-1973.
HOOVER, Ann (TSCHETTER)--1907-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-015a]
HOPKINS, Irene--1906-1973; md:HAGEDORN; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-050e]
HOPPEL, Donald J--c1916-1973; res:Huron SD; Concord CA.  [Source:HP09D-034c]
HORN, Allie Armine (HENDERSON)--1884-1973; res:Miller SD; Bonilla SD.  [Source:HP10D-055e]
HORN, Delmar--Deceased spouse; d:1944; see:Allie Armine (HENDERSON) HORN 1884-1973.
HORNBERGER, Sarah E--1884-1973; md:FISHER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027c(2x)]
HORNBERGER, Sarah E--1884-1973; md:WEIDEMAN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027c]
HORNER, Lena--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:John W EMERY 1880-1973.
HORSLEY, Emery--1884-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-039d]
HOSKINGS, Lennie (MARSHALL)--c1879-1973; res:Vivian SD.  [Source:HP10D-075e]
HOUCK, Maggie--1886-1973; md:JOHNSTON; res:Broadland SD; Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-028b]
HOUGE, Fred--1900-1973; res:McCloud ND.  [Source:HP10D-083a]
HOUMES, Wylie--1884-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-083b]
HOUSE, Anna K--1889-1973; md:HANSEN; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-039c]
HOY, Carl 'Rube'--1893-1973; res:Vermillion SD.  [Source:HP10D-092b]
HOY, Eugene T--1913-1973; res:Virgil SD.  [Source:HP10D-103d]
HOY, Hattie Ruth (OPDAHL)--1897-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010e]
HUBBARD, Ida Mary (RODDA)--1887-1973; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP10D-064d]
HUENERS, John D--1910-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-103e]
HUESGEN, Cora (KEAN)-- -1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-009d(2x)]
HUESGEN, William--Deceased spouse; see:Cora (KEAN) HUESGEN. -1973.
HULL, Lillian--1875-1973; md:BLYSTONE; res:Huron SD; Dallas TX.  [Source:HP10D-072b]
HUMPHREY, Christine (SANNES)--1883-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-039d,039d]
HUMPHREY, Elwood W--1884-1973; res:<DeSmet SD>; <Iroquois SD>.  [Source:HP10D-064e]
HUMPHREY, Griffith H--1875-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-064e]
HUMPHREY, Hubert Horatio--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:Christine (SANNES) HUMPHREY 1883-1973.
HUNT, Maurice D--1895-1973; res:Chelsea SD; Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP09D-033a]
HURKES, Tony--c1903-1973; res:Kranzburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-009a]
HURT, Edith--1905-1973; md:LEWALLEN; res:DeSmet SD; Santa Monica CA.  [Source:HP10D-071d]
HURT, Edith--1905-1973; md:ZITZKE; res:DeSmet SD; Santa Monica CA.  [Source:HP10D-071d]
HUTCHINSON, William B--1898-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-040a]
HUYCK, Ralph W--1881-1973; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP09D-046a]
HYDE, Maynard Conrad 'Connie'--1906-1973; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-064d]

INDSETH, Andrew K 'Big Andrew'--1917-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-019d]
INGALLS, Bert E--1885-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-056a,056a]
INGALLS, Violet R--1898-1973; md:DOLL; res:Mitchell SD; Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-062c]
INGALLS, Violet R--1898-1973; md:PIERCE; res:Mitchell SD; Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-062c]
IRVIN, Grant--Deceased spouse; see:Mary Frances IRVIN. -1973.
IRVIN, Mary Frances (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-008d]
ISAACSON, Florence M (ZAHLLAR)--1903-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-064e]

JABLINSKI, Leo E--1924-1973; res:Redfield SD; Vancouver WA.  [Source:HP10D-103e]
JACKSON, Burton 'Bert'--1905-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-092c]
JACKSON, Larou E--1905-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-056b,056b]
JACKSON, Minnie May--1887-1973; md:CHAPMAN; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
JACKSON, Minnie May--1887-1973; md:MYERS; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
JACKSON, Minnie May--1887-1973; md:SCHRECK; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
JACKSON, Ruth M--1900-1973; md:MUNGER; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-006e]
JACOB, Katherine J (GEHM)--1891-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-046b]
JACOB, Paul--Deceased spouse; see:Katherine J (GEHM) JACOB 1891-1973.
JACOBSEN, Howard G--1912-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-028c]
JACOBSON, Delores--1935-1973; md:WOLDT; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-098d,098d]
JANDREY, Steven--c1956-1973; res:Brooklyn WI.  [Source:HP09D-001c]
JANIS, Valerie Evangeline--c1949-1973; res:<Rapid City SD>.  [Source:HP09D-020e]
JAQUETTE, Carlos M--1915-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-010c(3x)]
JARAGOSKE, Adam--Deceased spouse; see:Sylvia JARAGOSKE 1894-1973.
JARAGOSKE, Sylvia (Mrs)--1894-1973; res:Spink co SD; Sully Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-039e]
JARL, Agnes Junetta---1973; md:MOLANDER; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-066c]
JARVIS, (female)-- -1973; md:YUSKO; res:Lantry SD.  [Source:HP10D-108e]
JENCKS, Bernie-- -1973; res:Bancroft SD; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-019b]
JENSEN, Anna K--1895-1973; md:GREEN; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-023e]
JENSEN, Ruth--Deceased spouse; see:Howard G JACOBSEN 1912-1973.
JEPSON, Elsie (RING)--1906-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-091e]
JESSEN, Pauline (HEIB)--1909-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-046b]
JOACHIM, Beata (Mrs)--1888-1973; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP09D-040b]
JOACHIM, Christ--Deceased spouse; see:Beata JOACHIM 1888-1973.
JOACHIM, Ruben A--1920-1973; res:Agar SD.  [Source:HP10D-092c,092c,092d]
JOERGER, Carl Roy-- -1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-055e]
JOHANNSEN, Anna--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:William L MEYER 1886-1973.
JOHANSEN, Eleanora--Deceased spouse; see:Milton PETERSEN 1899-1973.
JOHNSON, August Severin--1884-1973; res:Illinois Twp. Hyde Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-033b]
JOHNSON, Earl W--1924-1973; res:Hand Co SD.  [Source:HP09D-033b]
JOHNSON, Florence--1896-1973; md:YENNEY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-031e]
JOHNSON, Frank--1913-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-046c]
JOHNSON, Gustave William--1890-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-040b]
JOHNSON, Ingrid--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Hans C CHRISTENSEN 1877-1973.
JOHNSON, Lottie M (WHALEN)--1882-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Sacramento CA.  [Source:HP10D-083b]
JOHNSON, Tena (TORGERSON)--1885-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-013c]
JOHNSON, William Oliver--1896-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD: Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-046c]
JOHNSTON, Floyd S-- -1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP09D-018e]
JOHNSTON, Maggie (HOUCK)--1886-1973; res:Broadland SD; Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-028b]
JOHNSTON, Marla Rene--1973-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-102b]
JOHNSTON, Roy--Deceased spouse; see:Maggie (HOUCK) JOHNSTON 1886-1973.
JOLIN, Clyde LeRoy--1921-1973; res:Huron SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP10D-056b]
JONES, Edward--1903-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-039e]
JONES, Hildegarde (SCHNATHORST)--c1911-1973; res:Huron SD; Longview WA.  [Source:HP09D-046d]
JONES, Lyle D--1923-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-003a(2x)]
JONES, Mae Rose (ROSS)--1894-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Vancouver WA.  [Source:HP09D-016d]
JONES, Mary (FISHAN)--1897-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-056a]
JONES, Rolf--c1910-1973; res:Flandreau SD.  [Source:HP09D-013a]
JONES, Ruth--1907-1973; md:FORTUNE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-050c(2x)]
JOPP, Roy--1875-1973; res:Forestburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-010b]
JORDAN, Bert--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Ida (KUEHN) JORDAN 1882-1973.
JORDAN, Ida (KUEHN)--1882-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-092d,092d]
JORDAN, William--1910-1973; res:Iroquois SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-103d]
JORDETH, Rex W--1920-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-103c]
JORGENSEN, Michal T 'Carl'--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-019e,019c]
JUDGE, Daniel Patrick--c1889-1973; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP10D-056c]
JUNKMAN, May (Mrs)--1870-1973; res:Harrold; Blunt SD; ,, WI.  [Source:HP09D-028d]
JUNKMAN, William Paul--Deceased spouse; see:May JUNKMAN 1870-1973.

KALLENBERGER, John Mrs--1899-1973; md:NEUHARTH; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-014c]
KAMPSHOFF, Keith Francis--1953-1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP10D-092e]
KANT, Hulda--1884-1973; md:ALCORN; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-007e]
KARLSTAD, Harris W--1910-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-076a]
KASHAS, Charles James--c1951-1973; res:Jefferson SD.  [Source:HP10D-056c]
KAUP, Joe J--1901-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-016e]
KAVANAUGH, Paul--1916-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-022b]
KEAN, Cora---1973; md:HUESGEN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-009d(2x)]
KEELIN, Gary Mark Jr--1973-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-083b]
KEELING, Hildegarde (SCHNATHORST)--c1911-1973; res:Huron SD; Longview WA.  [Source:HP09D-046d]
KEFFELER, Catherine J--1893-1973; md:STEICHEN; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-034e]
KEHR, Dick--1888-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-103a,103b,103b]
KEIL, Mary--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:George R McMAINS 1914-1973.
KELLAR, Elfrieda (NORDLUND)--1895-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-104a]
KELLER, Mabel F--1892-1973; md:WERNER; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP10D-060a]
KELLEY, Guen G (NOEL)--1900-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-083c]
KELLEY, Lawrence F--1890-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Denver CO.  [Source:HP09D-046d(2x)]
KELLY, Rose (BALL)--1909-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-083c]
KELSEY, Edith--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Chester A LINDQUIST 1895-1973.
KELSEY, Frank W-- -1973; res:Washington DC.  [Source:HP09D-013b]
KEMERY, Robert--c1920-1973; res:Pierre SD: Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-056c]
KEMPE, Charles Fred--1893-1973; res:Miranda SD; Rockham SD.  [Source:HP09D-024c]
KEMPE, Frank C--1896-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-028e]
KENNEDY, Artie Rae--c1885-1973; md:HATFIELD; res:Whitewood SD.  [Source:HP09D-022a]
KENNY, Elizabeth A--1896-1973; md:WOODS; res:Willow Lake SD; Great Falls MT.  [Source:HP09D-044a]
KENOBBIE, Donald F--1916-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-046e]
KENYON, Charles C--1923-1973; res:Chamberlain SD.  [Source:HP09D-028e]
KERKENIDES, Christine--c1947-1973; res:San Jose CA.  [Source:HP09D-036d]
KERR, Mildred--1913-1973; md:HANKS; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-039a]
KETCHEN, John--1890-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-075d]
KETELSEN, Martha Violet--1901-1973; md:STEPHENS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-043a]
KEYES, Ida--1883-1973; md:SEVERSON; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-030e]
KILIAN, Willie--1894-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-002e]
KILLS ENEMY, William--c1906-1973; res:St Francis SD.  [Source:HP09D-024b]
KINCHELOE, Donald--1919-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-092e,092e]
KINDELSPIRE, Estella--1899-1973; md:NELSON; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-105c]
KING, Paul-- -1973; res:Norwalk CA.  [Source:HP09D-024e]
KING, Roy L--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-005c,005d(2x)]
KINKEAD, Beryl--1896-1973; md:STRATTON; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-087a]
KIRBY, Lee P--1892-1973; res:Potter Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-040c]
KIRBY, Nellie (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Bradley SD.  [Source:HP09D-009d]
KISZER, James--1884-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-065a]
KITTLESON, Ada--Deceased spouse; d:1923; see:Bernard Olaf OLSON 1885-1973.
KLEIN, Rosella (LAWLER)--1900-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-019c(2x)]
KLEINSASSER, Dorothy A--1895-1973; md:WALDNER; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-078e]
KLEINSASSER, Edward J--1911-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-046e(2x)]
KLEINSASSER, Mary--1911-1973; md:HOFER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-033a]
KLEINSASSER, Sam D--1897-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-006a]
KLETSCH, Lewis W--1896-1973; res:Hughes Co SD.  [Source:HP09D-051b]
KLINE, Edward Earl--1903-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-083d]
KLINGBEIL, Rudolph E--1909-1973; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-083d]
KLINGER, Clara--1883-1973; md:SCHWARTZ; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP10D-107a]
KLINKEL, Alice I (BECK)--1909-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010a(2x)]
KLINKEL, Alvin--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Alice I (BECK) KLINKEL 1909-1973.
KLUCAS, Bernard--Deceased spouse; see:Lorena (LUSK) KLUCAS 1892-1973.
KLUCAS, Lorena (LUSK)--1892-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-051a(2x)]
KLUDT, Elsie Augusta (ZEECK)--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-104a]
KLUDT, Robert--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Elsie Augusta (ZEECK) KLUDT 1893-1973.
KLUTHE, Casper J--1885-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-010b]
KNIE, John E--1889-1973; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP09D-024a]
KNIGGE, Frank H--1899-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-040c]
KNOCKE, Agnes (BENIKE)--1892-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-033c]
KNOCKE, William--Deceased spouse; see:Agnes (BENIKE) KNOCKE 1892-1973.
KNOUSE, Harry Edwin--1898-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-093a,093a]
KNUTSON, Lizzie (Mrs)--1882-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-051a]
KNUTZ, Richard LeRoy--c1918-1973; res:Huron SD; McMinnville OR.  [Source:HP09D-040b]
KOCH, Albert--c1894-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-040d]
KOCH, Leonard W--Deceased spouse; see:Virginia L (FORGEY) KOCH 1929-1973.
KOCH, Leonard--1926-1973; res:Gettysburg SD; Faith SD.  [Source:HP09D-040d,040c]
KOCH, Virginia L (FORGEY)--1929-1973; res:Gettysburg SD; Faith SD.  [Source:HP09D-040e,040c]
KOEHLER, Lorraine Edna--1904-1973; md:NICHOLSON; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-014a]
KOERNER, Katherine--1885-1973; md:DESCOMBAZ; res:Wolsey SD; Austin MN.  [Source:HP09D-013a]
KOESTER, Ella--1896-1973; md:ALLISON; res:Wolsey SD; Santa Cruz CA.  [Source:HP10D-071c]
KOHLMAN, Emma--1894-1973; md:STANKE; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-030e]
KOHLMEYER, Emil--1882-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-065e]
KOK, Arlo-- -1973; res:Platte SD.  [Source:HP09D-022c]
KOOS, Forrest Albert--1910-1973; res:Pierre SD: Lead SD.  [Source:HP10D-075d]
KOPPLIN, Leo J--1891-1973; res:Tulare SD; Crandon Settlement SD.  [Source:HP10D-056d]
KOSTERS, Larry--c1946-1973; res:Mobridge SD.  [Source:HP09D-040a]
KOTH, Bertha (WINTER)--1902-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-020c]
KRAFT, Theadore--1897-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-075e]
KRAMER, Anton--1895-1973; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP09D-051b]
KRANZ, Mary Charlotte--1936-1973; md:ARCH; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-025e]
KRAUSE, Dennis--c1954-1973; res:Breckinridge MN.  [Source:HP10D-097c]
KRETCHMER, Angela Marie--1973-1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP10D-083e]
KRIENKE, Emil R--1889-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-029a]
KROGH, Elma A--1888-1973; md:RUMANN; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-095c]
KRONING, Harry O--1898-1973; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP10D-056d]
KRUEGER, Mabel Mary (BAKER)--1897-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-010e]
KRUG, Samuel F--1887-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-083e,093d]
KUBORN, Harold V--1915-1973; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP09D-033e]
KUEHN, Ida--1882-1973; md:JORDAN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-092d,092d]
KUEHN, Ida--1882-1973; md:RENSHAW; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-092d,092d]
KUHR, Alvina--Deceased spouse; d:1918; see:John T RAHDER 1883-1973.
KULA, Margaret--1890-1973; md:VOORHES; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-108b]
KUNDERT, Lucille--1908-1973; md:ELLINGSTON; res:Forestburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-090c]
KURTZFELDT, Alvena--1883-1973; md:CHRISTENSEN; res:Huron SD; Virgil SD.  [Source:HP10D-053c,053b]
KUTIL, Joseph B--1877-1973; res:Lane SD.  [Source:HP09D-018a]
KVINGE, Anna Louise (OLSON)--1891-1973; res:Hetland SD; Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-033d]

LaFRANCE, Leo--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Lillian (NOONAN) LaFRANCE 1888-1973.
LaFRANCE, Lillian (NOONAN)--1888-1973; res:Frankfort SD; Winona MN.  [Source:HP09D-029b]
LAGGE, Norris D-- -1973; res:Lead SD.  [Source:HP10D-092b]
LAKE, Lester J--1925-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-093b,093b]
LAMBERT, Clair (Mr)--1894-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-103e,103d,103c]
LAMBERT, Donald J--1913-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-104b,104a]
LAMBERT, George E--1906-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP10D-075c,075b]
LAMBERT, Minnie May--1894-1973; md:LEINEN; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP10D-076a]
LAMMERS, George H--c1883-1973; res:Huron SD; Billings MT.  [Source:HP10D-056c]
LAMONT, William--c1913-1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP10D-065b]
LANGE, Hattie O (LEPPKE)--1896-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-029a]
LANGLAND, Henry--1896-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-020d]
LANGSTON, Oliver--1916-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-065b]
LARKIN, Evalyn (ERD)--1887-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-075e]
LARSEN, Andrew--1883-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-006b]
LARSEN, Frank--1892-1973; res:Woonsocket SD; Lake Benton MN.  [Source:HP09D-002d]
LARSON, A Melvin--1896-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-084a]
LARSON, Anna (PETERSON)--1889-1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP10D-093c]
LARSON, Carmel (Mr)--1895-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-056e,056e]
LARSON, Julian S--1902-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-065b]
LARSON, Lena--1885-1973; md:GOMSRUD; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-019d]
LARSON, Ruben Jr--c1926-1973; res:Madison SD.  [Source:HP09D-010c]
LAU, Carl--Deceased spouse; see:Thena Jane (APPLEBY) LAU 1882-1973.
LAU, Thena Jane (APPLEBY)--1882-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-002c]
LAU, Walter Enno--1911-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-065c]
LAUGHLIN, Alice M (MADDEN)--1875-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-024b]
LAUGHLIN, Patrick Francis--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:Alice M (MADDEN) LAUGHLIN 1875-1973.
LAWLER, Marie--1889-1973; res:Howard SD; Chicago IL.  [Source:HP10D-084b]
LAWLER, Rosella--1900-1973; md:KLEIN; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-019c(2x)]
LAWVER, Clarence W--1897-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Mesa AZ.  [Source:HP09D-003b(3x)]
LAWVER, Laura (MOROSS)--1904-1973; res:Brule co SD; Jerauld co SD; Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-065c]
LAYTON, Clade Allen--1906-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-065d,065d]
LeCHANCE, Ida M--1883-1973; md:SCHAEFFER; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-014b]
LEE, Alfred--1898-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-093c]
LEE, Ludvig--1884-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-056e]
LeGRAND, Nancy  (BRUSH)--1900-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-065a,065a]
LEHMAN, Albert P--1905-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-033d]
LEHNA, Raymond--1934-1973; res:Bradley SD; Cameron MO.  [Source:HP10D-075b]
LEHNERT, Gertrude (Mrs)--c1888-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-029b]
LEHNERT, John--Deceased spouse; see:Gertrude LEHNERT. c1888-1973.
LEHRKAMP, Herman--1882-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-065d,062a]
LEINEN, Minnie May (LAMBERT)--1894-1973; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP10D-076a]
LEMLER, Agnes Elnore--1905-1973; md:STICKERZ; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-017a]
LENTH, Clara L--1892-1973; md:SANDEEN; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-042b]
LEPPE, Edgar-- -1973; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP10D-090d]
LEPPKE, Hattie O--1896-1973; md:LANGE; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-029a]
LEVTZOW, Alma L--1887-1973; md:MORRIS; res:Rockham SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-051e]
LEWALLEN, Edith (HURT)--1905-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Santa Monica CA.  [Source:HP10D-071d]
LEWIS, Elsie--Deceased spouse; d:1926; see:Anthony A HAUB 1878-1973.
LEWIS, Geneva (HANSON)--1891-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-093a]
LILLY, Stasia--1894-1973; md:GILBERT; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-091a,091a]
LINDBLOOM, A Edwin 'Lindy'--1908-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-076b]
LINDQUIST, Chester A (Rev)--1895-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-012a,012c]
LITTERICK, Clara (LYNDE)--1908-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-093d]
LITTLE CROW, Philip-- -1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-093c]
LOESCH, Edward C--1895-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-093d,093c]
LOETZ?, Dorothy---1973; md:BOTTJEN; res:Sheridan WY.  [Source:HP09D-017b]
LOMBARD, C Donald--c1913-1973; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP10D-093e]
LOOMIS, Lyndal--1913-1973; md:WILSON; res:Blunt SD; Cheney KS.  [Source:HP09D-011e]
LORSCHBOUGH, Izetta (HASTINGS)--1891-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-076c]
LOTHROP, Helen (FIE)--1888-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-104b,104b]
LOUDENBERG, Harry--Deceased spouse; see:Lillian LOUDENBERG 1882-1973.
LOUDENBERG, Lillian (Mrs)--1882-1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP09D-003c(2x)]
LOUGHLIN, Bernese--1898-1973; md:ETZKORN; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-037e]
LOVE, Zona--c1913-1973; md:ASHPOLE; res:Huron; Woonsocket SD; Hollywood FL.  [Source:HP10D-052d]
LOVETT, Charles Alvah--1912-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-094a,094a]
LOWER, Clyde Charles--1883-1973; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP09D-051c]
LUCKHARDT, Allen L--c1946-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-083c]
LUECKE, (infant son)-- -1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-013b]
LUFT, George W--1915-1973; res:Huron SD; Spokane WA.  [Source:HP10D-093e]
LUKE, Alma Ann--1889-1973; md:ENGLET; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-082b]
LUKE, John--c1885-1973; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP10D-056d]
LUNDEEN, David Mrs-- -1973; res:.  [Source:HP10D-056e]
LUNDEEN, David--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Elsa Rudena (ANDERSON) LUNDEEN 1888-1973.
LUNDEEN, Elsa Rudena (ANDERSON)--1888-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-051b]
LUNDEEN, Melbourne-- -1954; Deceased son; see:Elsa Rudena (ANDERSON) LUNDEEN 1888-1973.
LUNDY, Clint J--1891-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-065e]
LUNNEY, May--1887-1973; md:SHERIDAN; res:Ashton SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-030c]
LUSCH, Elmer Otto--1904-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-076c,076d]
LUSK, Lorena--1892-1973; md:KLUCAS; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-051a(2x)]
LYLE, Elva (Mrs)--c1898-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-093e,093e]
LYNDE, Alice---1973; md:McCALL; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-058c]
LYNDE, Alice---1973; md:ROBERTS; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-058c]
LYNDE, Clara--1908-1973; md:LITTERICK; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-093d]

MacFARLAND, Vicki L--c1957-1973; res:Beaver Creek MN.  [Source:HP10D-101e]
MADDEN, Alice M--1875-1973; md:LAUGHLIN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-024b]
MADSEN, Clara--1896-1973; md:OLSON; res:Lake Whitewood SD.  [Source:HP10D-085c]
MADSEN, Enoch J 'Slim'--1898-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Tucson AZ.  [Source:HP10D-084a]
MADSEN, Lloyd--1917-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-094c]
MADSEN, Mary--1908-1973; md:OLSON; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP10D-085d]
MAGER, Ernest Emery Wilhelm--1917-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-057a]
MAGINNIS, Vera Irene--1906-1973; md:BROCK; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-099e]
MAHER, John B--1888-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-033c]
MAHOWALD, Margaret (Mrs)--c1888-1973; res:Huron SD; Hollywood CA.  [Source:HP10D-101a]
MAKENS, James D--1918-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-006a]
MANN, Roy J Sr--1896-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-066a]
MANZ, Fred--Deceased spouse; see:Rosina (GROSSMAN) MANZ 1876-1973.
MANZ, Rosina (GROSSMAN)--1876-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-006b]
MARLETTE, Catherine (GRUEBER)--1894-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-003e]
MARLETTE, Lawrence L--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Catherine (GRUEBER) MARLETTE 1894-1973.
MARQUARDT, Arthur--1884-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-076b]
MARQUARDT, Dale--c1959-1973; res:Emery SD.  [Source:HP10D-093b]
MARQUIS, Harold 'Swede'-- -1973; res:.  [Source:HP09D-016e]
MARSHALL, Carl M--1914-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-104c,104c]
MARSHALL, Clark E--1917-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-006c]
MARSHALL, Joseph--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Margaret (TILLIAN) MARSHALL 1894-1973.
MARSHALL, Lennie--c1879-1973; md:HOSKINGS; res:Vivian SD.  [Source:HP10D-075e]
MARSHALL, Margaret (TILLIAN)--1894-1973; res:Blunt SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-040e]
MARSHALL, Michael C--c1958-1973; res:Ellsworth AFB SD.  [Source:HP10D-089d]
MARSHALL, Michael E--c1958-1973; res:Ellsworth AFB SD.  [Source:HP10D-097e]
MARTIN, Harold L 'Tuffy'--1907-1973; res:Onida SD; Milwaukee WI.  [Source:HP09D-041a(2x)]
MARTIN, Harry N--c1922-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-051d]
MARTIN, Joseph--1894-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP09D-029d]
MARTIN, Mayme--1909-1973; md:BRANDSTED; res:Huron SD; Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-015e]
MARTIN, Paul--1922-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-051d]
MASCHER, Herman Edward--1892-1973; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP09D-018b,016e]
MATHIS, Harold Earl--c1920-1973; res:North Sioux City SD.  [Source:HP10D-089d]
MATTKE, Mildred--1888-1973; md:ALMQUIST; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-032a]
McANULTY, Hugh A--1898-1973; res:Redfield SD; Laguna Hills CA.  [Source:HP10D-076d]
McCALL, Alice (LYNDE)-- -1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-058c]
McCALL, Mary Zita--1902-1973; md:SCHMIDT; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-030d]
McCALL, William--Deceased spouse; d:1957; see:Alice (LYNDE) McCALL. -1973.
McCANN, Emma--1883-1973; md:CHERREY; res:Winfred SD.  [Source:HP10D-081b]
McCARTHY, Mary Loretta--1898-1973; md:DANCEY; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-100d]
McCORD, Charles H--1903-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-006c]
McCRILLIS, Ollie Pearl--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Sidney OSMAN 1883-1973.
McDONALD, George James--1893-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-029b]
McDONOUGH, Clarence H--1897-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-066a]
McFARLANE, Lydia S (Mrs)--c1882-1973; res:Bryant SD; Braham MN.  [Source:HP09D-025a]
McGAUGHEY, Charles Alvah--c1953-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP10D-104c]
McGINNIS, Alice (GRAHAM)--1880-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-076e]
McGINNIS, John--Deceased spouse; d:1931; see:Alice (GRAHAM) McGINNIS 1880-1973.
McGINNIS, Margaret M (WHITE)--1911-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-084c,084d]
McGINTY, Ardyce (BULLINGTON)--1905-1973; res:Hetland SD.  [Source:HP10D-076d]
McGRUDER, Louie R--1912-1973; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-057a]
McINTIRE, Ella E (Dr)--c1886-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-084c]
McKAY, Cora--1894-1973; md:WOODLAND; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-087b]
McKEEVER, John H 'Bert'--c1875-1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP09D-040d]
McKICHAN, Hugh--Deceased spouse; d:1941; see:Urma (HART) McKICHAN 1901-1973.
McKICHAN, Urma (HART)--1901-1973; res:Bonilla SD; Bayport MN.  [Source:HP09D-029c]
McKIE, Atha C Grace--Deceased spouse; see:Nathan P ANDERSON 1893-1973.
McKINNEY, Margaret (PETERSEN)--1895-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
McKINNEY, Oliver James--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Margaret (PETERSEN) McKINNEY 1895-1973.
McKITTRICK, Virgil--c1918-1973; res:Spearfish SD; Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-066a]
McLAIN, Harold L--1903-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-014a]
McLAIN, Ruby V--1897-1973; md:WILLIAMS; res:Redfield SD; St. Paul MN.  [Source:HP09D-015d]
McMAINS, George R--1914-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-033e(2x)]
McMAINS, Ivan C--1904-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-094c]
McMILLAN, Clarence R--1896-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP10D-104d]
McNEIL, William Ernest--1882-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-051c,051c]
McNEILL, James D--1889-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP09D-003c(2x)]
McQUILLEN, Ida M (MIKKELSEN)--1909-1973; res:Huron SD; Canby MN.  [Source:HP09D-029c]
MELICHER, Joseph W--c1887-1973; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP10D-083e]
MENCKE, Minna--1889-1973; md:SCHNATHORST; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-034e]
MENEY, Irene (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Nisland SD.  [Source:HP10D-066b]
MERKEL, Caroline--Deceased spouse; see:Alpha B CURL 1881-1973.
MERRIMAN, Jeffrey L--c1957-1973; res:Ellsworth AFB SD.  [Source:HP10D-097e]
MERXBAUER, Darci Annette--1972-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-057a]
MESSMORE, Maude M--1900-1973; md:TRUMAN; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-045c]
METSCHKE, Anne E (HAYWOOD)--1887-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-104d]
MEYER, Elizabeth--1883-1973; md:WALTER; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-097e]
MEYER, Fred--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Ruth (WILLIAM) MEYER 1891-1973.
MEYER, Harland Arnold--1912-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-006e,006d]
MEYER, Ruth (WILLIAM)--1891-1973; res:Northville SD; Mansfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-034a]
MEYER, William L--1886-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-084b]
MEYERS, Gertrude (Mrs)--1885-1973; res:Redfield SD; Phoenix AZ.  [Source:HP09D-014b]
MICHAELSON, Mike--1885-1973; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP10D-076a]
MICHALEK, Melvin R--1918-1973; res:Lower Brule SD.  [Source:HP09D-051d]
MICHLITSCH, Adolph--c1916-1973; res:Eden SD.  [Source:HP09D-021e]
MIDDAUGH, Betty--Deceased spouse; d:1946; see:Harry Vern HALE 1916-1973.
MIDDLETENT, Ernest--1916-1973; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP10D-084d]
MIEDEMA, Claus--1899-1973; res:Broadland SD.  [Source:HP10D-104e]
MIESEN, Pete-- -1973; res:Zell SD.  [Source:HP09D-015e]
MIKKELSEN, Ida M--1909-1973; md:McQUILLEN; res:Huron SD; Canby MN.  [Source:HP09D-029c]
MILBURN, Roy R--c1907-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-066b]
MILLAR, Maude--Deceased spouse; see:Guy D Sr ARCHER 1898-1973.
MILLER, Anna--1910-1973; md:MULHOLLAND; res:Arlington SD; Bremerton WA.  [Source:HP09D-051e]
MILLER, Anna--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:John FORTHMAN 1888-1973.
MILLER, Annie (OPSAL)--1891-1973; res:Canton SD; Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-105a]
MILLER, Bert--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Annie (OPSAL) MILLER 1891-1973.
MILLER, Bert--Deceased spouse; see:L Belle MILLER 1881-1973.
MILLER, Earl Volesco--1898-1972; res:Lane SD.  [Source:HP09D-003e(2x)]
MILLER, Eugene--1900-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-016d]
MILLER, L Belle (Mrs)--1881-1973; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP09D-041b]
MILLER, Meta--1905-1973; md:BINGER; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP10D-088c]
MILLER, Raymond--1925-1973; res:Redfield SD; Baltic SD.  [Source:HP09D-014c]
MILLER, Robert Burton--1944-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-057b]
MINSKE, Nellie (FREEBURG)--1892-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-084d,084d]
MINSKE, Wesley W--Deceased spouse; d:1923; see:Nellie (FREEBURG) MINSKE 1892-1973.
MINTEER, Dale Laverne--c1936-1973; res:Eldora IA.  [Source:HP09D-009e]
MINTEER, James Wilson-- -1973; res:Steamboat Rock IA.  [Source:HP09D-009e]
MISTELSKIE, Albert--c1894-1973; res:Lemmon SD.  [Source:HP10D-081b]
MITCHELL, Lucy (HENDRICKSON)--1894-1973; res:Iroquois SD; Edinburg IN.  [Source:HP10D-084e,084e]
MITCHELL, Ted Warren--1947-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-029e]
MOGCK, Emil--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Grace (FUNK) MOGCK 1913-1973.
MOGCK, Grace (FUNK)--1913-1973; res:Alpena SD; Des Moines IA.  [Source:HP10D-094d]
MOLANDER, Agnes Junetta (JARL)-- -1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-066c]
MONTAGUE, Rebecca Jane--1872-1973; md:SCHILTZ; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-086d]
MOODY, Douglas M--c1956-1973; res:Wellington OH.  [Source:HP10D-074b]
MOORE, Alvin M--1882-1973; res:Huron SD; Marshalltown IA.  [Source:HP10D-066c]
MOORE, Bertha Grace--1884-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-057b]
MOORE, D E Mrs--c1881-1973; res:Miller; Manchester SD; Greeley CO.  [Source:HP10D-104c]
MOORE, Edgar--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:D E Mrs MOORE. c1881-1973.
MOREY, Alta I--1916-1973; md:BELL; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-007e]
MORIARTY, Gertrude--1886-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-066d]
MORK, Anna (Mrs)--c1890-1973; res:Ruthton MN.  [Source:HP10D-066c]
MORK, Hans--Deceased spouse; see:Anna MORK. c1890-1973.
MOROSS, Laura--1904-1973; md:LAWVER; res:Brule co SD; Jerauld co SD; Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-065c]
MORRIS, Alma L (LEVTZOW)--1887-1973; res:Rockham SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-051e]
MORRISON, Anna A (DUMMER)--1888-1973; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP09D-041c]
MORSE, Minnie--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:S A 'Sam' TJADEN 1893-1973.
MORTIMER, John Wesley--1886-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-094b]
MOSHER, Floyd Elmer--1894-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-105b,105a]
MOTT, Dorthea (VOIGT)--1884-1973; res:Missoula MT.  [Source:HP10D-094b]
MOWRY, Amanda C (STAMMER)--1880-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-094d]
MUEHLEISEN, Dora--1890-1973; md:TODD; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-070a,070a]
MUELLER, Frances Mary (Miss)--1881-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-041b]
MULHOLLAND, Anna (MILLER)--1910-1973; res:Arlington SD; Bremerton WA.  [Source:HP09D-051e]
MULLIGAN, Sadie G--1887-1973; md:SMITH; res:Rockham SD; Brookings; Volga SD.  [Source:HP10D-059d]
MUNGER, Florence M (ZAHLLAR)--1903-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-064e]
MUNGER, Howard--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:Florence M (ZAHLLAR) MUNGER 1903-1973.
MUNGER, Ruth M (JACKSON)--1900-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-006e]
MUSER, Leroy 'Tack'--1925-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-105c]
MUSOLF, Art--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Paulina (WALZ) MUSOLF 1900-1973.
MUSOLF, Paulina (WALZ)--1900-1973; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-085a,085a]
MYERS, Carl--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Minnie May (JACKSON) MYERS 1887-1973.
MYERS, Minnie May (JACKSON)--1887-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]

NAMANNY, Timothy--c1971-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-035a]
NANNEY, Carrie Mae--1892-1973; md:DAVIS; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-016c]
NASH, Alvin E--1911-1973; res:Northville SD; Ontario CA.  [Source:HP10D-105a]
NEAL, Terry Lee--1948-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-029e(2x)]
NEEB, Elaine (WILDGRUBE)--c1918-1973; res:Huron SD; Sheboygan WI.  [Source:HP09D-051d]
NEEMAN, Sarah--c1953-1973; res:Oacoma SD.  [Source:HP10D-105e]
NEIFFER, Edward Herman--c1946-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP09D-010d]
NEISES, Everist J--1906-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-084e]
NELSON, Albert W--1893-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP09D-016b]
NELSON, Andy J--Deceased spouse; see:Mary M (OLSTON) NELSON 1881-1973.
NELSON, Andy--1889-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-012a]
NELSON, Douglas--c1930-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP09D-022a]
NELSON, Edna (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-016e]
NELSON, Elizabeth (COMMES)--1910-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-066d]
NELSON, Elsie--c1890-1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP10D-076d]
NELSON, Estella (KINDELSPIRE)--1899-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-105c]
NELSON, Freeman--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Estella (KINDELSPIRE) NELSON 1899-1973.
NELSON, Gary--c1956-1973; res:Huron SD; Boone IA.  [Source:HP09D-041a]
NELSON, Gerald R--c1949-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-085a]
NELSON, Herman N--1894-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-076e]
NELSON, Marcus--1949-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP09D-034a]
NELSON, Mary M (OLSTON)--1881-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-015a]
NELSON, Minerva (BRUCE)--1890-1973; res:Esmond SD.  [Source:HP09D-034b]
NELSON, Nels C--1884-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-085b]
NELSON, Swen Mrs-- -1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP10D-104e]
NENABER, Marie (FETT)--1884-1973; res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-057c]
NEUHART, Viola M (BRACHVOGEL)--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-066e,066e]
NEUHARTH, Janice--1940-1973; md:EDDY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-063a,063a]
NEUHARTH, John Mrs  (KALLENBERGER)--1899-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-014c]
NEWBERRY, Myrtle--1897-1973; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP10D-094d]
NEWELL, Evelyn--1917-1973; md:WEISS; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP09D-044a]
NEWELL, Percy E--1901-1973; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP10D-105d]
NEWTON, Jeanette Evon (COOPER)--1935-1973; res:Huron SD; Parsons KS.  [Source:HP10D-067a]
NICHOLSON, Lorraine Edna (KOEHLER)--1904-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-014a]
NIELSEN, Addie (ANDERSEN)--1889-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-020b]
NIELSEN, Hans C--Deceased spouse; d:1954; see:Addie (ANDERSEN) NIELSEN 1889-1973.
NIELSEN, William E--1890-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-048a]
NIESES, Richard--1926-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-080a]
NIPP, William I--1929-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-021b(2x)]
NOEL, Guen G--1900-1973; md:KELLEY; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-083c]
NOGELMEIER, Celia (RITTER)--1891-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-085b]
NOLTENSMEIER, Albert--1901-1973; res:Lane SD.  [Source:HP09D-014c,016e]
NOONAN, Lillian--1888-1973; md:LaFRANCE; res:Frankfort SD; Winona MN.  [Source:HP09D-029b]
NORDLUND, Elfrieda--1895-1973; md:KELLAR; res:DeSmet SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-104a]
NORGAARD, Stuart Arnold--1953-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-057c]
NORTH, Amy Lynn--1973-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-077a]
NOWELL, Clara E (BRUGGER)--1911-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP09D-051e]
NUSSBAUMER, Carl J--1939-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-048a]

OBERT, Harold J--1921-1973; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP10D-067a]
O'BYRNE, Anna A (DUMMER)--1888-1973; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP09D-041c]
O'DANIEL, Allen R--1949-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-016c]
OFSTAD, Esther--1903-1973; md:BUTE; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-036b]
OHLSEN, Amanda (OSMANN)--1881-1973; res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-057d,057d]
OHLSEN, Charles H--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Amanda (OSMANN) OHLSEN 1881-1973.
OHLSON, John Edward--1886-1973; res:Forestburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-041c]
O'HORA, Anthony--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Mary (ENGEL) O'HORA 1886-1973.
O'HORA, Mary (ENGEL)--1886-1973; res:Gettysburg SD; DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-105e]
OLDAKER, Lou (DAVIES)--1894-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-094e]
OLSEN, Bessie H (WOLD)--1888-1973; res:Willow Lake SD; Salem OR.  [Source:HP09D-025b]
OLSEN, O Erner--1883-1973; res:Platte SD; Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP09D-002c]
OLSEN, Oscar--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:Bessie H (WOLD) OLSEN 1888-1973.
OLSON, Alfred C 'Ole'--1903-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-015e]
OLSON, Alice--1914-1973; md:SLAUGHTER; res:Pierre SD: Mobridge SD.  [Source:HP09D-004b]
OLSON, Anna Louise--1891-1973; md:KVINGE; res:Hetland SD; Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-033d]
OLSON, Arthur W--1890-1973; res:Huron SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-003d(2x)]
OLSON, Ben O--c1921-1973; res:Sturgis SD.  [Source:HP10D-077a]
OLSON, Bernard Olaf--1885-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-024e]
OLSON, Clara (MADSEN)--1896-1973; res:Lake Whitewood SD.  [Source:HP10D-085c]
OLSON, David Elmer--1910-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-085c,085c]
OLSON, Dorothy Lucille--c1928-1973; res:Sturgis SD.  [Source:HP10D-077a]
OLSON, Gertie Caroline--1894-1973; md:HAIWICK; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-039b]
OLSON, Lucille (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Aberdeen SD; Richmond CA.  [Source:HP10D-057d]
OLSON, Mary (MADSEN)--1908-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP10D-085d]
OLSON, Mary Oline--1884-1973; md:ROSETH; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-077d]
OLSON, Mary Theresa--1886-1973; md:COLLINS; res:Huron SD; Chicago IL.  [Source:HP09D-036e(2x)]
OLSON, Minnie--1885-1973; md:STORVIK; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-078b]
OLSON, Nancy Lorraine--c1952-1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP09D-047c]
OLSON, Nora May--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:O Erner OLSEN 1883-1973.
OLSON, Norman--1886-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP09D-024c]
OLSON, Thilda (VORSETH)--1890-1973; res:Vienna SD.  [Source:HP10D-094e]
OLSON, Walter O--1898-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP09D-029d]
OLSTON, Mary M--1881-1973; md:NELSON; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-015a]
OMANSON, Walter--1883-1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP09D-041c]
O'NEIL, Pearl--Deceased spouse; see:Milton E GRIMM 1884-1973.
OPDAHL, Hattie Ruth--1897-1973; md:HOY; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010e]
OPPERUD, Effie (ROSS)--1893-1973; res:Washington DC.  [Source:HP10D-077a]
OPSAL, Annie--1891-1973; md:MILLER; res:Canton SD; Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-105a]
ORR, Rex K--1900-1973; res:Murdo SD; Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-042a]
OSBORN, Melvin Jay--1910-1973; res:Ashton SD; Mellette SD.  [Source:HP10D-105d]
OSMAN, Sidney--1883-1973; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP09D-029c]
OSMANN, Amanda--1881-1973; md:OHLSEN; res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-057d,057d]
OTEY, William H--1908-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-030a]
OTTO, Albert--1902-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-067b]
OTTO, Pearl--Deceased spouse; see:Otto FALLER 1891-1973.
OTTOSON, Alice--1914-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-057e]
OVERBEE, Lloyd Mrs--c1937-1973; res:Hurley SD.  [Source:HP09D-047e]
OVERLIE, Julius--c1887-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-016a]
OWEN, Garry C--Deceased spouse; d:1931; see:Rhoda (SEWARD) OWEN 1874-1973.
OWEN, Rhoda (SEWARD)--1874-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-106e]
OWENS, Mabel Harriet--1905-1973; md:BICE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-036a(2x)]

PADRNOS, Henry V--1897-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-067a]
PALMER, Marion Lorraine (STODDARD)--1918-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-030a]
PALT, Elizabeth--1888-1973; md:GRESCHKE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-055b(2x)]
PARISH, Paul Ivan--1905-1973; res:Vilas SD; Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-105d]
PARSONS, Beulah--1895-1973; md:HANCOCK; res:Pierre SD: Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-039a]
PATERSON, Margaret M--1895-1973; md:ANDERSON; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-047a]
PATTEN, James Mrs--c1904-1973; res:Hitchcock; Mitchell SD; Omaha NE.  [Source:HP09D-041d]
PATTEN, James W (Rev)--1910-1973; res:Omaha NE.  [Source:HP10D-085e]
PAUL, Frank G--1911-1973; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP10D-067d]
PAUL, Irving M--1888-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP09D-048b]
PAULSON, Alice--c1909-1973; md:BEELER; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND.  [Source:HP09D-026b]
PAULSON, Myrtle Helen (WARNE)--1915-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Grand Mound IA.  [Source:HP09D-024d(2x)]
PAULSON, Nels--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Myrtle Helen (WARNE) PAULSON 1915-1973.
PAWLOWSKI, George J--1894-1973; res:Boulder CO.  [Source:HP10D-067c,068e]
PAYNE, Alger D--1905-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-106d]
PAYNE, Eva (CHURCHWARD)--c1887-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Dodge Center IA.  [Source:HP10D-094a]
PAYSON, Anna E--1878-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-066e,066e]
PEARCE, Iva M--1888-1973; md:DEYO; res:Huron SD; Browns Valley MN.  [Source:HP10D-062a]
PEDERSON, Keith E--1973-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-020d]
PEEBLES, Ina--1881-1973; md:FERRIS; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-090e]
PENNEY, Cecelia--1891-1973; md:BOWKER; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-010d]
PESTER, Bernard H--1931-1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP10D-067d]
PETERKA, Joseph--1886-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-106d]
PETERSEN, Hattie--c1891-1973; md:RASMUSSEN; res:Gann Valley SD; Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP09D-048b]
PETERSEN, John F--1894-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-014e]
PETERSEN, Margaret--1895-1973; md:McKINNEY; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
PETERSEN, Milton--1899-1973; res:Badger SD; Arlington SD.  [Source:HP09D-034d]
PETERSEN, Sena--1887-1973; md:HAGEDORN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-019e]
PETERSON, Adolph--Deceased spouse; see:Ida Karine (STEEN) PETERSON 1893-1973.
PETERSON, Anna--1889-1973; md:LARSON; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP10D-093c]
PETERSON, Anton Martin--1891-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-077b]
PETERSON, Donald J--1925-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-041b]
PETERSON, Harold E--1906-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP10D-057e]
PETERSON, Harvey E--1916-1973; res:Willow Lake SD; Wichita KS.  [Source:HP09D-041e]
PETERSON, Ida Karine (STEEN)--1893-1973; res:Naples SD.  [Source:HP09D-034c]
PETERSON, Nels P--1895-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-017b]
PETERSON, Nels P--1895-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-017b]
PETERSON, Roy--1899-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-067b,067b]
PETERSON, Rueben G--1895-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-085d]
PETERSON, Walter A--1896-1973; res:Frankfort SD; Santa Cruz CA.  [Source:HP10D-057e]
PETERSON, Walter--1897-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-015c,014e]
PETROSKY, Frances E (Mrs)--c1870-1973; res:Belle Fourche SD.  [Source:HP09D-030d]
PETTERSEN, Evelyn (Mrs)--c1913-1973; res:Sisseton SD.  [Source:HP10D-085e]
PETTIT, John--c1965-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP10D-065c]
PFEFFERKORN, Louise H--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Lytle WHEELER 1881-1973.
PHILLIPS, Clarence--1895-1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-034d,034d]
PHILLIPS, Sam--c1895-1973; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND.  [Source:HP09D-014a]
PIERCE, Angie--1890-1973; md:WARREN; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-098b,108b]
PIERCE, Clarence--Deceased spouse; d:1922; see:Violet R (INGALLS) PIERCE 1898-1973.
PIERCE, Everett M--1885-1973; res:Garretson SD; Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-106c]
PIERCE, Violet R (INGALLS)--1898-1973; res:Mitchell SD; Wessington SD.  [Source:HP10D-062c]
PIETRUS, Lucy (SOMMER)--1892-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-095a]
PIKE, Elsie--Deceased spouse; see:Harrison A SUNDAY 1872-1973.
PINKERTON, Anamae--1917-1973; md:BLUE; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-052e]
PITCHER, Malcolm K--1904-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-095a]
PITZER, Leslie H--c1894-1973; res:Huron SD; Yuma AZ.  [Source:HP10D-076e]
POE, Helen (GREEN)--1917-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-014d(2x)]
POLINE, Richard H--1904-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-085d]
POLLOCK, Jerome--1953-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-067c,067c]
POLLY, Duard C--1903-1973; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP09D-034b(2x)]
POPPEN, Clara (EIKAMP)--1888-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-086a]
POPPIN, Etta--1884-1973; md:ALBERTS; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-071b]
PORTER, Jessie--1891-1973; md:BIRKHOLTZ; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-088d]
POTTS, Forest H--1912-1973; res:Gettysburg SD; Calimesa CA.  [Source:HP09D-003d]
POULISSE, Jane--1896-1973; md:URBAN; res:Broadland SD; Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-070d,070d]
POWELL, Neal Mrs-- -1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-077a]
POWLOVICH, Edna Linnea Christina (ERICKSON)--1912-1973; res:Miller SD; Milwaukee WI.  [Source:HP10D-067e,057e]
PRATT, Robert--c1910-1973; res:Yale SD; Long Beach CA.  [Source:HP09D-020e]
PREMUS, Verdean M (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-078d]
PRICE, Erwin T--1890-1973; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP10D-067e]
PRICE, Harland--1920-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Oroville CA.  [Source:HP09D-022d]
PROCTOR, Mamie C--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Oscar W ANDERSON 1895-1973.
PROHL, William August--1903-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-058a]
PROTEXTER, Lucille (Mrs)--Deceased spouse; see:Melvin WIKA 1899-1973.
PROUSE, Bernice--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Forrest Albert KOOS 1910-1973.
PROVANCIAL, Michael--c1939-1973; res:Mission SD.  [Source:HP09D-024b]
PUGH, Catherine--Deceased spouse; see:John E KNIE 1889-1973.
PUGH, Marie--Deceased spouse; see:Clarence 'Duke' STEWART 1880-1973.
PURCEL, Annie--Deceased spouse; d:1921; see:Clarence Roy SHELLY 1890-1973.
PYATT, Scott--c1954-1973; res:Kadoka? SD.  [Source:HP10D-074b]

QUIETT, Cora (Mrs)--1897-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-068a]
QUIRK, Ella Anne (VanCAMP)--1886-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-068a]

RAHDER, John T--1883-1973; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP09D-011a]
RAISH, William Arthur--1887-1973; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP10D-106e]
RAMEY, George Arthur--1915-1973; res:Redfield SD; Ritzville WA.  [Source:HP10D-086a]
RAMEY, Mary E--1898-1973; md:CAMPBELL; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-081d,081e]
RAND, Edith M--1918-1973; md:CHAPMAN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-048d]
RAND, Edith M--1918-1973; md:RICE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-048d]
RAND, Etta May--1909-1973; md:SIBBERS; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP09D-017b,015b]
RANFT, Walter L--1902-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-058e,058e]
RANNEY, Arden E--1898-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-068b]
RASMUSSEN, Agnes--1910-1973; md:FREVIK; res:Bruce SD.  [Source:HP09D-023c]
RASMUSSEN, Fred Mrs  (v)--c1893-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-094e]
RASMUSSEN, Hattie (PETERSEN)--c1891-1973; res:Gann Valley SD; Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP09D-048b]
RASMUSSEN, Violet M--1912-1973; md:GREEN; res:DeSmet SD; Brookings SD.  [Source:HP09D-050d]
RATHBUN, Agnes Lucy (TURNER)--1896-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-058c,058d]
RATHBUN, Elzie--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Agnes Lucy (TURNER) RATHBUN 1896-1973.
RAWSTERN, Carrie--c1901-1973; md:FERRIS; res:Deadwood SD.  [Source:HP10D-054e]
RAWSTERN, Mathilda F (EILTS)--1880-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-077b,077b]
RAYBURN, Irene (DEMING)--1894-1973; res:Huron SD; Lincoln NE.  [Source:HP10D-086b]
REARICK, Walter Albert--1886-1973; res:Bonilla SD.  [Source:HP09D-048c(2x)]
REDHORSE, Richard A--c1931-1973; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP10D-077c]
REE, Cora--1900-1973; md:USEFUL HEART; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP10D-097c]
REICH, Ida (Mrs)--1878-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-068b]
REINEKE, Edward H--1913-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-030b(2x)]
REINHARD, John A--1889-1973; res:Fort Morgan CO.  [Source:HP10D-077c]
REINHART, Lloyd W--1916-1973; res:Vienna SD.  [Source:HP10D-077c]
REINHOLD, Ervin W--c1912-1973; res:Huron SD; Adams WI.  [Source:HP09D-041e]
REIPRICH, Adolph--1908-1973; res:Webster SD.  [Source:HP10D-067d]
REISCH, Nicholas (TURMES)--1885-1973; res:Miner Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-030b]
REISCH, Nicholas--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Nicholas (TURMES) REISCH 1885-1973.
REMACLE, Philip--1905-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-086b,086b]
REMILY, Julian L--1894-1973; res:Doland SD; Turton SD.  [Source:HP09D-030c]
REMMERS, David Alan--1973-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-068c]
REMSBURG, Wayne D--1899-1973; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP10D-058b]
RENSHAW, Frank--Deceased spouse; d:1926; see:Ida (KUEHN) RENSHAW 1882-1973.
RENSHAW, Ida (KUEHN)--1882-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-092d,092d]
RENTER, Helena--1889-1973; md:GOECKER; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-002d]
RHEA, Esther (Mrs)--c1913-1973; res:Joplin MO.  [Source:HP09D-003d]
RHINEHART, Evelyn--1900-1973; md:FULSOS; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-027c]
RHODES, Paul Kenneth--1951-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-034c]
RICE, Edith M (RAND)--1918-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-048d]
RICHARDSON, Ross--1890-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-068c]
RIECK, Henry Mrs-- -1973; res:.  [Source:HP09D-048b]
RIGGLE, George Earl--1894-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-086c]
RINEHART, Terence 'Terry'--c1951-1973; res:Bridgewater SD.  [Source:HP10D-095a]
RING, Elsie--1906-1973; md:JEPSON; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-091e]
RISETTER, Chester--c1915-1973; res:Wolsey SD; Stockton CA.  [Source:HP09D-048d]
RITTEL, Adeline Wilhemina--1913-1973; md:HIRSCH; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-106a,106b]
RITTEL, Adeline Wilhemina--1913-1973; md:SCHUETTE; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-106a,106b]
RITTER, Celia--1891-1973; md:NOGELMEIER; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-085b]
RIVENES, Sylvanus G--1904-1973; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-058c]
ROBANG, Mabelle (Miss)--1904-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-011b]
ROBERSON, John--1879-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-007a]
ROBERTS, Alice (LYNDE)-- -1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-058c]
ROBERTS, Georgia (BERRIEN)--1907-1973; res:Huron SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-025a]
ROBERTS, Pete--Deceased spouse; see:Georgia (BERRIEN) ROBERTS 1907-1973.
ROBESON, Charles H (Dr)--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-006d(2x)]
ROBINSON, Lorraine O (Mr)--1897-1973; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP10D-068d]
ROBINSON, Will Grow--1893-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-018b]
RODDA, Ida Mary--1887-1973; md:HUBBARD; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP10D-064d]
RODEWALD, Arthur F--c1876-1973; res:Vilas SD.  [Source:HP10D-068a]
ROHRABAUGH, Herbert E Sr--1903-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-004a(2x)]
ROLE, Edwin S (SSgt)--c1932-1973; res:Ellsworth AFB SD.  [Source:HP09D-022a]
RONAN, Wayne Sylvester--1923-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-041e]
ROSELAND, William A--1889-1973; res:Seneca SD.  [Source:HP10D-058d]
ROSETH, Julius--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Mary Oline (OLSON) ROSETH 1884-1973.
ROSETH, Mary Oline (OLSON)--1884-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-077d]
ROSS, Effie--1893-1973; md:OPPERUD; res:Washington DC.  [Source:HP10D-077a]
ROSS, Mae Rose--1894-1973; md:JONES; res:Wessington Springs SD; Vancouver WA.  [Source:HP09D-016d]
ROSS, Sarah C--1901-1973; md:SWENSON; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-031a]
ROUNDS, Janet-- -1973; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP09D-025c]
ROWCLIFF, Lyle 'Polly'--1920-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP09D-007b(3x)]
ROWEN, Donald--c1913-1973; res:Arlington WA.  [Source:HP10D-077b]
ROWLAND, Vonnie--c1971-1973; res:.  [Source:HP10D-058b]
ROYER, Chandos B--1890-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-041d]
ROYER, Clyde--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Wilhelmina (FRAHM) ROYER. c1898-1973.
ROYER, Wilhelmina (FRAHM)--c1898-1973; res:Iroquois SD; Saginaw MI.  [Source:HP09D-011a]
ROYHL, Gretchen (SAUER)--1889-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-095b]
ROYHL, Max--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Gretchen (SAUER) ROYHL 1889-1973.
RUE, Bessie H (WOLD)--1888-1973; res:Willow Lake SD; Salem OR.  [Source:HP09D-025b]
RUE, Lewis--Deceased spouse; see:Bessie H (WOLD) RUE 1888-1973.
RUHAAK, Peter J--1887-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-068e]
RUMANN, Elma A (KROGH)--1888-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-095c]
RUMANN, William--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:Elma A (KROGH) RUMANN 1888-1973.
RUNDLE, Elsie--1896-1973; md:GAFFIN; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-101d]
RUNESTAD, John--1892-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-012c,011b(2x)]
RUNESTAD, Lars--1890-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-095c]
RUSCH, Adolph H--1889-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP09D-007a(2x)]

SABOE, Hilmer--1898-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-058d]
SABOE, Lester W--1917-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP10D-105b,105a]
SACK, Frank T--1893-1973; res:Onida SD; Cherryville KS.  [Source:HP09D-042a]
SAFFEL, Anna (Mrs)--1871-1973; res:Pierre SD; Klamath Falls OR.  [Source:HP09D-011b]
SAFFEL, Michael--Deceased spouse; d:1926; see:Anna SAFFEL 1871-1973.
SAFFORD, Paul F--1901-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-077d,077c]
SALATHE, Walter Albert--1901-1973; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP10D-058a,058a]
SALISBURY, Jay-- -1973; res:Wolsey SD; Gaylord MN.  [Source:HP09D-015b]
SANDEEN, Clara L (LENTH)--1892-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-042b]
SANDIFORD, James Lee--1949-1973; res:Hayes SD.  [Source:HP10D-096e]
SANNES, Christine--1883-1973; md:HUMPHREY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-039d,039d]
SANTEE, Damie--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:Roy JOPP 1875-1973.
SANTEE, Evelyn--1912-1973; md:TWOMBLEY; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-087b]
SAUER, Gretchen--1889-1973; md:ROYHL; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-095b]
SAUGSTAD, Lewis--1919-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Orange CA.  [Source:HP09D-018c]
SCHAEFER, Albert T--1898-1973; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP10D-106a]
SCHAEFER, Bernard W--1922-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-058e]
SCHAEFFER, Ida M (LeCHANCE)--1883-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-014b]
SCHAEFFER, Theodore--Deceased spouse; see:Ida M (LeCHANCE) SCHAEFFER 1883-1973.
SCHAFFER, William H--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-086c]
SCHALKLE, Meta H (HAMSTED)--1900-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-048d]
SCHAUL, Anna--1894-1973; md:HAMMOND; res:Roswell SD.  [Source:HP10D-102c]
SCHEEL, Ida L (BARTELS)--1892-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-077e]
SCHEELHAASE, Dorathea (Mrs)--1877-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-042c]
SCHEELHAASE, John F--Deceased spouse; see:Dorathea SCHEELHAASE 1877-1973.
SCHEIDEGGER, Albert--1905-1973; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP10D-058b,058a]
SCHEIDEL, Eva--1894-1973; md:HIRSCHMAN; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-103a]
SCHENCK, Eda (GILBERT)--1883-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-095d]
SCHENEGGE, Louis Keith--1926-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-025c]
SCHILLING, Meta--1898-1973; md:SNYDER; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-107c]
SCHILTZ, Peter--Deceased spouse; d:1941; see:Rebecca Jane (MONTAGUE) SCHILTZ 1872-1973.
SCHILTZ, Rebecca Jane (MONTAGUE)--1872-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-086d]
SCHIMKE, Hilda--c1908-1973; md:WERLY; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-018e]
SCHIMKE, Nathaniel--1885-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-011c]
SCHLENDER, Alma--Deceased spouse; d:1943; see:Henry Rolph DIRKSEN 1901-1973.
SCHLENDER, Frank--c1884-1973; res:Bryant SD; Seattle WA.  [Source:HP09D-016d]
SCHLENKER, Richard Bernard--1906-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-059a]
SCHLIM, Ida (Miss)--1895-1973; res:Howard SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-042a]
SCHMIDT, Adolph--1901-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-022a]
SCHMIDT, Adolph--Deceased spouse; see:Mary Zita (McCALL) SCHMIDT 1902-1973.
SCHMIDT, Benjamin J--1899-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-086e]
SCHMIDT, Frank J--1896-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-068d,068c]
SCHMIDT, Mary Zita (McCALL)--1902-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-030d]
SCHMIETER, Hazel L--1894-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-106b]
SCHMIT, Melanie Marie--1973-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-059b]
SCHMIT, Peter--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-095d,095e]
SCHMITT, Mabel (CADWELL)--1883-1973; res:Casper WY.  [Source:HP10D-077e]
SCHMITZ, Theodore--1881-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-011c]
SCHNABEL, Benjamin--1904-1973; res:Huron SD; Canova CA.  [Source:HP09D-004b(2x)]
SCHNATHORST, Carl--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Minna (MENCKE) SCHNATHORST 1889-1973.
SCHNATHORST, Hildegarde--c1911-1973; md:JONES; res:Huron SD; Longview WA.  [Source:HP09D-046d]
SCHNATHORST, Hildegarde--c1911-1973; md:KEELING; res:Huron SD; Longview WA.  [Source:HP09D-046d]
SCHNATHORST, Minna (MENCKE)--1889-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-034e]
SCHNEIDER, Laurence--1918-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-095e]
SCHNEIDER, Raymond A--1907-1973; res:Lebanon SD; Waukegan IL.  [Source:HP10D-106c,106c]
SCHNELLER, Anna (HAESE)--1884-1973; res:Iroquois SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-086d,086d]
SCHNITTGRUND, Evalena (HALL)--1904-1973; res:Mellette SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-059a,059a]
SCHOEDLER, Harry L--1904-1973; res:Rapid City SD; Philadelphia PA.  [Source:HP09D-048e]
SCHONE, Rose E (Mrs)--1911-1973; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP09D-048e]
SCHORG, Realto--c1904-1973; res:Spencer SD.  [Source:HP09D-035b]
SCHRADER, Anna (AGLLAND)--1895-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-096a]
SCHRANK, (Infant Dau)--1973-1973; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP10D-086c]
SCHRECK, Minnie May (JACKSON)--1887-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-021a]
SCHRECK, Paul--Deceased spouse; d:1935; see:Minnie May (JACKSON) SCHRECK 1887-1973.
SCHRODER, Mabel Anna--1888-1973; md:AMBROSIUS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-087e,087d]
SCHROEDER, Cora L--1902-1973; md:VANCE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-043d]
SCHROEDER, Ella (VETERMAN)--1893-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-038b]
SCHROEDER, Fred--Deceased spouse; d:1947; see:Ella (VETERMAN) SCHROEDER 1893-1973.
SCHROEDER, John H--1895-1973; res:Crandon SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-106b]
SCHROEDER, Ronald Dean--1954-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-048e]
SCHROOTEN, Arnold J--c1897-1973; res:Howard SD; Pico Rivero CA.  [Source:HP10D-095b]
SCHUELKE, Mathilda (Mrs)--c1890-1973; res:Groton SD.  [Source:HP09D-042c]
SCHUETTE, Adeline Wilhemina (RITTEL)--1913-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-106a,106b]
SCHULTZ, Amy Clara--1966-1973; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-069a,069a,069a]
SCHULTZ, Andrew H--Deceased spouse; d:1946; see:Mathilda 'Ella' (DIXON) SCHULTZ 1882-1973.
SCHULTZ, Leo M--1905-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP09D-018c]
SCHULTZ, Mathilda 'Ella' (DIXON)--1882-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-018d(2x)]
SCHULZ, William--c1886-1973; res:Huron SD; Madison MN.  [Source:HP09D-042c]
SCHUMACKER, John Francis--1888-1973; res:White Lake? SD.  [Source:HP09D-025b]
SCHUTTE, Anna--1904-1973; md:SIEBRECHT; res:Redfield SD; Ashton SD.  [Source:HP09D-003a]
SCHUTZ, Martha--1887-1973; md:HAEDER; res:Yale SD; Salem OR.  [Source:HP09D-021c]
SCHWABAUER, Louise--1880-1973; md:BARTELS; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-026b,026b]
SCHWALM, Ira H--1893-1973; res:Midland SD.  [Source:HP10D-086e]
SCHWARTZ, Clara (KLINGER)--1883-1973; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP10D-107a]
SCHWARTZ, Ella Evelyn--1918-1973; md:TIMOTHY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-097b,097a]
SCHWARTZKOPF, Bernard A--1916-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-086a]
SCOTT, Clara (WORRA)--1887-1973; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP10D-107b]
SCOTT, Edward--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Lucy (HAVENS) SCOTT. c1883-1973.
SCOTT, Lucy (HAVENS)--c1883-1973; res:Huron SD; Sunnyside WA.  [Source:HP09D-030d]
SEAMAN, Berwyn Dean--1930-1973; res:Doland SD; Council Bluffs IA.  [Source:HP09D-045b]
SEDGWICK, Lillian-- -1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP10D-080e]
SEDGWICK, Ollie L (Mr)--1890-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-096a,096a]
SEEFELDT, Carl--1892-1973; res:Clark Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-042b]
SEEFELDT, Darwin G--1954-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP09D-045a(2x)]
SEHNERT, Wanda (SIEGRIED)--1888-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-068e]
SEIM, Iola--1912-1973; md:DOYEN; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-101e]
SEIM, Iola--1912-1973; md:GERKE; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-101e]
SELCHERT, (male)--Deceased spouse; d:1939; see:Sarah SELCHERT. c1878-1973.
SELCHERT, Sarah (Mrs)--c1878-1973; res:Castlewood SD.  [Source:HP09D-014d]
SENSKA, Lura (v)--1891-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-095e]
SENSKE, Lydia--1880-1973; md:BORN; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP10D-072e,072e]
SERBICK, Mike M--1921-1973; res:Rapid City; Clark co SD; Spink Co. SD.  [Source:HP10D-059b]
SEVERSON, Ida (KEYES)--1883-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-030e]
SEVERSON, Lenore--1895-1973; md:FOLSLAND; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP09D-005b]
SEVERSON, Swen--Deceased spouse; see:Ida (KEYES) SEVERSON 1883-1973.
SEWARD, Rhoda--1874-1973; md:OWEN; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP10D-106e]
SEYMOUR, Viola--1890-1973; md:ULRICH; res:Huron SD; Oklahoma City OK.  [Source:HP10D-070c,070c]
SHAFFNER, Clyde--1891-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-059b,059b]
SHANLEY, Thomas (Rev)--c1892-1973; res:Milbank SD.  [Source:HP10D-077d]
SHARPE, George A--c1912-1973; res:Huron SD; Sacramento CA.  [Source:HP10D-095e]
SHARPE, Harold W-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Sedan MN.  [Source:HP10D-106c]
SHELLY, Clarence Roy--1890-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-011c]
SHERIDAN, May (LUNNEY)--1887-1973; res:Ashton SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-030c]
SHERIDAN, Robert--Deceased spouse; see:May (LUNNEY) SHERIDAN 1887-1973.
SHERMAN, Mildred--Deceased spouse; d:1919; see:Alvin M MOORE 1882-1973.
SHOECRAFT, Myrtle V--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Walter O OLSON 1898-1973.
SHOEMAKER, Russell Charles--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-069b]
SHOWELL, Gustave William--c1895-1973; res:Huron SD; Brainerd MN.  [Source:HP09D-042e]
SHULT, Raymond W--1895-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP09D-007c]
SIBBERS, Etta May (RAND)--1909-1973; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP09D-017b,015b]
SIEBRASSE, Susanna Lydia 'Susie'--1890-1973; md:WESTPHAL; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-031d]
SIEBRECHT, Anna (SCHUTTE)--1904-1973; res:Redfield SD; Ashton SD.  [Source:HP09D-003a]
SIEGLING, Otto Herman--1896-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-025c]
SIEGRIED, Wanda--1888-1973; md:SEHNERT; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-068e]
SIMMET, Frances--1895-1973; md:FREIBURGHAUS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-050c]
SIMPSON, Gladys E--1908-1973; md:FOOS; res:Roswell SD; Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-090e]
SINGLETON, Ward Leslie--1945-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-045b(2x)]
SINKIE, Lurina M--c1886-1973; md:THOMPSON; res:Gann Valley SD.  [Source:HP10D-069e]
SITTNER, Albert--c1934-1973; res:Lemmon SD.  [Source:HP10D-059d]
SKILLESTAD, Oscar--1895-1973; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP09D-042d]
SKOGLUND, Anna--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Nels P PETERSON 1895-1973.
SKOOG, Thomas Jr--c1944-1973; res:Milbank SD.  [Source:HP10D-069b]
SKYBERG, Olaf Sr--1885-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-011d]
SLAUGHTER, Alice (OLSON)--1914-1973; res:Pierre SD: Mobridge SD.  [Source:HP09D-004b]
SLOAT, Alma (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-031e]
SLY, Clara W (THOMPSON)--1888-1973; res:Bryant SD; Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-004c]
SLY, Florence A (Mrs)--1890-1973; res:Pierre SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP10D-096b]
SMALLEY, Burnett--1906-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-096b]
SMITH, Arthur V--1901-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-059c]
SMITH, Christine--1973-1973; res:Overland Park KS.  [Source:HP09D-045a]
SMITH, Florence D (Mrs)--c1915-1973; res:Cleveland OH.  [Source:HP09D-047c]
SMITH, Fred F--Deceased spouse; see:Sadie G (MULLIGAN) SMITH 1887-1973.
SMITH, Richard G--1900-1973; res:Redfield SD; MN.  [Source:HP10D-059c]
SMITH, Sadie G (MULLIGAN)--1887-1973; res:Rockham SD; Brookings; Volga SD.  [Source:HP10D-059d]
SMITH, Wendy Sue--c1969-1973; res:Yankton SD.  [Source:HP10D-077e]
SNIDER, Forrest W--1908-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-078a]
SNYDER, Caroline--1904-1973; md:WAGNER; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-044c(2x)]
SNYDER, Emma J--1885-1973; md:CARL; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-023b]
SNYDER, Emma J--1885-1973; md:VENS; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-023b]
SNYDER, Meta (SCHILLING)--1898-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-107c]
SOMMER, Lucy--1892-1973; md:PIETRUS; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-095a]
SONDEGAARD, Mary (CORNELIUS)--1887-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-096b]
SONDERGARD, Joseph--1895-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-096c]
SORENSEN, Grondine S--1887-1973; md:GIDDINGS; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-009b]
SORENSON, Carl D--1912-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-086e]
SORENSON, James--1886-1973; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP09D-014e]
SORENSON, Lyal Dwight 'Bud'--1926-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-042d]
SOUKUP, Roger--c1953-1973; res:Yankton SD.  [Source:HP10D-069c]
SPAID, Richard Delvin--1964-1973; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP10D-069c]
SPEAR, Albert C--1889-1973; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP10D-096d]
SPERLICH, Elsa (Mrs)--c1908-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP09D-042e]
SPIEKER, Bertha (SYMENS)--1906-1973; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-059e]
SPOONEMORE, Silas--1906-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-045c]
SPRANG, George--1889-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Fort Collins CO.  [Source:HP10D-087a]
SPRY, Beatrice (Mrs)--1927-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-053a]
SQUYRES, Raley Clide--1959-1973; res:Faith SD.  [Source:HP10D-096d]
STAKKE, Burniece--1892-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-069c]
STAMMER, Amanda C--1880-1973; md:MOWRY; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-094d]
STAMP, George Mrs--c1904-1973; res:Battle Ground WA.  [Source:HP09D-042e]
STANFIELD, Bessie M--1888-1973; md:FLEMING; res:Alpena SD; Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-062e]
STANGOHR, Albert Otto--1902-1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP10D-107a]
STANKE, Emma (KOHLMAN)--1894-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP09D-030e]
STANKE, Stephen--Deceased spouse; see:Emma (KOHLMAN) STANKE 1894-1973.
STECHMANN, Louis--1892-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-107b]
STEEN, Ida Karine--1893-1973; md:PETERSON; res:Naples SD.  [Source:HP09D-034c]
STEICHEN, Catherine J (KEFFELER)--1893-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-034e]
STEICHEN, Harlan J--c1933-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-059c]
STEICHEN, John L--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Catherine J (KEFFELER) STEICHEN 1893-1973.
STEICHEN, Joseph C--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Rose STEICHEN 1887-1973.
STEICHEN, Rose (Mrs)--1887-1973; res:Mitchell SD; Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP09D-042e]
STELOW, Marvin B--1909-1973; res:Pierre SD; Bakersfield CA.  [Source:HP10D-059d]
STENBERG, Hiram S--c1901-1973; res:Huron SD; Los Angeles CA.  [Source:HP10D-096e]
STEPHENS, Chase--Deceased spouse; see:Martha Violet (KETELSEN) STEPHENS 1901-1973.
STEPHENS, Earl--1905-1973; res:Crocker SD.  [Source:HP10D-107c]
STEPHENS, Martha Violet (KETELSEN)--1901-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-043a]
STEPHENS, Vera--Deceased spouse; d:1954; see:Earl STEPHENS 1905-1973.
STEVENS, Clara--1906-1973; md:ARBOGAST; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-099a]
STEVENS, Francis Mildred (Miss)--1913-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-015d]
STEVENS, Ina Eva--1911-1973; md:FRYBARGER; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP09D-038a]
STEVENS, John--Deceased spouse; d:1941; see:Lucy (HENDRICKSON) STEVENS 1894-1973.
STEVENS, Lucy (HENDRICKSON)--1894-1973; res:Iroquois SD; Edinburg IN.  [Source:HP10D-084e,084e]
STEWART, Clarence 'Duke'--1880-1973; res:Gettysburg SD; ,, CA.  [Source:HP09D-025b]
STEWART, Merritt W--c1898-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP10D-107a]
STICK, Celia A (GONSTAD)--1897-1973; res:Willow Lake SD; Clear Lake SD.  [Source:HP09D-043a]
STICKERZ, Agnes Elnore (LEMLER)--1905-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-017a]
STICKERZ, Barthel--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Agnes Elnore (LEMLER) STICKERZ 1905-1973.
STIELOW, Carl--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Grace (EDEN) STIELOW 1907-1973.
STIELOW, Grace (EDEN)--1907-1973; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP09D-045d]
STINEHART, Hazel E--1913-1973; md:YOUNGLOVE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-044d]
STITT, Lyle C--1900-1973; res:Hitchcock SD; Felton CA.  [Source:HP10D-078a]
STOBBE, Anna O--1886-1973; md:GOC; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-013e]
STODDARD, Marion Lorraine--1918-1973; md:PALMER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-030a]
STOKKE, Agnes--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:David FJELLESTAD 1897-1973.
STOLL, Sylvia--1898-1973; md:DAY; res:Huron SD; Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-100e]
STOLPE, Bertha (VIRCHOW)--1895-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-020a]
STORHAUG, Arthur M--1916-1973; res:Erwin SD; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP10D-107d]
STORVIK, Minnie (OLSON)--1885-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP10D-078b]
STRATTON, Beryl (KINKEAD)--1896-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP10D-087a]
STRUCKMEYER, Adolph--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Stella J STRUCKMEYER 1892-1973.
STRUCKMEYER, Stella J (Mrs)--1892-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-022c]
STUART, Willis LeRoy--c1915-1973; res:Huron SD; Yucca Valley CA.  [Source:HP09D-030e]
STURZENBECHER, Katie (Mrs)--c1904-1973; res:Dolton SD.  [Source:HP09D-011d]
SUMNER, Irene L--1970-1973; res:Tulare SD; San Francisco CA.  [Source:HP10D-069b]
SUMPTER, Etta--1880-1973; md:COLLINS; res:Carr Twp, Potter, SD.  [Source:HP10D-053d,053c]
SUNDAY, Harrison A--1872-1973; res:Virgil SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-069d]
SUNDERMAN, Mary S--1889-1973; md:BIRKS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-049b]
SUNDET, Ernest L--1913-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-022b]
SUTTON, Dora Mabel--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Walter Albert REARICK 1886-1973.
SUTTON, Hubert Nelson 'Dick'--1898-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Des Moines IA.  [Source:HP09D-045d]
SWANEY, George Nelson--1890-1973; res:Huron SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-035c]
SWANEY, Mary Frances--1878-1973; md:EMERY; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-008d(3x)]
SWANSON, John--1880-1973; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP10D-107c]
SWENSON, Dave--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Sarah C (ROSS) SWENSON 1901-1973.
SWENSON, Sarah C (ROSS)--1901-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-031a]
SYMENS, Bertha--1906-1973; md:SPIEKER; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-059e]

TAGGART, Charles--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Frances (HAMMON) TAGGART 1908-1973.
TAGGART, Frances (HAMMON)--1908-1973; res:Winner SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-107d]
TANGER, Charles--Deceased spouse; see:Elsie M (AMICK) TANGER 1897-1973.
TANGER, Elsie M (AMICK)--1897-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-017a]
TARBOX, William H--1911-1973; res:Garden City SD.  [Source:HP09D-045c]
TASSLER, Inez Lola (BUCHHOLTZ)--1892-1973; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP10D-078b,078b]
TAYLOR, Ethel (BERRY)--1886-1973; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP10D-096d,096c]
TEASDALE, Albert--c1912-1973; res:Huron SD; Lubbock TX.  [Source:HP09D-031e]
TEIG, Otis Roy--1900-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-045e(2x)]
TEMPLE, Merle--c1900-1973; res:Cottonwood SD.  [Source:HP10D-084b]
TERVEEN, George--1890-1973; res:Raymond SD; McAllen TX.  [Source:HP09D-031a]
TESKA, Edna (GEHRING)--1910-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-097a]
TEUSCHER, Gottfried--1890-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-035c]
THEURER, Esther Pauline--1915-1973; md:ZELLER; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-060c,060a]
THIESEN, Julie Ann--1963-1973; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP10D-059e,060a]
THOMAS, Cecelia (Mrs)--1881-1973; res:Clark SD; ,, CO.  [Source:HP09D-031b]
THOMAS, Douglas A--1973-1973; res:Anchorage AK.  [Source:HP10D-107e]
THOMAS, Gertrude--c1918-1973; res:New Effington SD.  [Source:HP10D-097b]
THOMAS, Ruth--1882-1973; md:BURNS; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-008a(2x)]
THOMAS, William--Deceased spouse; see:Cecelia THOMAS 1881-1973.
THOME, Frances (Mrs)--1883-1973; res:Turton; Highmore SD; ,, TX.  [Source:HP09D-035a]
THOMPSON, Bennett--1892-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-069d]
THOMPSON, Bessie--1889-1973; md:AUSMAN; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-099b,099b]
THOMPSON, Charles--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Ida L (ANDERSON) THOMPSON 1890-1973.
THOMPSON, Clara W--1888-1973; md:SLY; res:Bryant SD; Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-004c]
THOMPSON, Ida L (ANDERSON)--1890-1973; res:Letcher SD; Snohomish WA.  [Source:HP10D-078c]
THOMPSON, John A--1887-1973; res:Seneca SD.  [Source:HP10D-069e]
THOMPSON, Lurina M (SINKIE)--c1886-1973; res:Gann Valley SD.  [Source:HP10D-069e]
THOMPSON, Myrtle M--1910-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-097a]
THORN, Clark--c1882-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP09D-004a]
THORPE, Earl--c1899-1973; res:Tulare SD; Ellensdale ND.  [Source:HP10D-108a]
THUNN, Renibelle--1890-1973; md:ERFMAN; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-054c]
THURSTON, Ida--Deceased spouse; see:Clyde DAY 1880-1973.
TIEGS, Vernon Raymond--c1932-1973; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP09D-047a]
TILLIAN, Margaret--1894-1973; md:MARSHALL; res:Blunt SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-040e]
TIMOTHY, Ella Evelyn (SCHWARTZ)--1918-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-097b,097a]
TIMOTHY, Patrick A--c1887-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-034a]
TIPPENS, David R--c1888-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-043b]
TISDEL, Morris A--c1906-1973; res:Huron SD; Excelsior MN.  [Source:HP09D-007c]
TJADEN, S A 'Sam' (Dr)--1893-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-045e]
TOBIN, Fred J--1896-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-043b(2x)]
TOBIN, Timothy James--1951-1973; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP10D-078c]
TODD, Dora (MUEHLEISEN)--1890-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-070a,070a]
TODD, John Wesley--1913-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-020d]
TOLLEFSON, John--c1910-1973; res:Edina MN.  [Source:HP10D-069e]
TOLTON, Roy--1891-1973; res:Hayes SD.  [Source:HP09D-031c]
TOMPKIN, James W--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Mary (ALMOS) TOMPKIN 1891-1973.
TOMPKIN, Mary (ALMOS)--1891-1973; res:Redfield SD; Spink Co. SD.  [Source:HP10D-070a,070a]
TORGERSON, Henry--1890-1973; res:Forestburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-097b]
TORGERSON, Tena--1885-1973; md:JOHNSON; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-013c]
TORKELSON, Agnes (Mrs)--c1880-1973; res:Huron SD; Wilmar MN.  [Source:HP10D-078a]
TRAINER, Edna (Mrs)--c1885-1973; res:Buffalo Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-025c]
TRAINER, Robert Harvey--1914-1973; res:Gann Valley SD.  [Source:HP10D-070b]
TRAVERS, Barbara (GRUBER)--1885-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-004d(2x)]
TRENERRY, Ward C--1914-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP10D-078d]
TRITZ, A S--1899-1973; res:Huron; Redfield SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP09D-011d]
TROUPE, Evelyn E--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Richard G ADEBAR 1908-1973.
TRUMAN, Claude A--1894-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-043c]
TRUMAN, Glenn--Deceased spouse; d:1957; see:Maude M (MESSMORE) TRUMAN 1900-1973.
TRUMAN, Maude M (MESSMORE)--1900-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-045c]
TSCHETTER, Ann--1907-1973; md:HOOVER; res:Hitchcock SD; Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-015a]
TSCHETTER, Anna--1882-1973; md:HOFER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-028c]
TSCHETTER, David D M--1903-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP09D-031c]
TSCHETTER, David J P--1891-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-107e]
TSCHETTER, Douglas Dean--1963-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-079d,079a]
TSCHETTER, Joe K-- -1970; Deceased brother; see:Lydia P TSCHETTER 1908-1973.
TSCHETTER, Katharine (HOFER)-- -1973; res:Salem SD.  [Source:HP10D-107e]
TSCHETTER, Katherine--Deceased spouse; d:1918; see:Edward A WALZ 1890-1973.
TSCHETTER, Kathryn--1915-1973; md:ENTZ; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP09D-037d(2x)]
TSCHETTER, Lydia P--1908-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-108a]
TSCHETTER, Lydia--1900-1973; md:WIPF; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-020b]
TSCHETTER, Paul-- -1972; Deceased brother; see:Lydia P TSCHETTER 1908-1973.
TSCHETTER, Susanna--1886-1973; md:HOHM; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-075c]
TSCHETTER, Susie L--1895-1973; md:DECKER; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP10D-082b,082a]
TURMES, Nicholas--1885-1973; md:REISCH; res:Miner Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-030b]
TURNER, Agnes Lucy--1896-1973; md:RATHBUN; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-058c,058d]
TWO BEAR, Alonzo-- -1973; res:Potato Creek SD.  [Source:HP10D-066b]
TWOMBLEY, Evelyn (SANTEE)--1912-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-087b]
TYRRELL, Edna Marie (Miss)--1921-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-043c,045d]
TYRRELL, Leslie V 'Mike'--1892-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-070b,070c]

ULIN, Verlon--1897-1973; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP09D-004c(2x)]
ULRICH, Edward B--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Viola (SEYMOUR) ULRICH 1890-1973.
ULRICH, Viola (SEYMOUR)--1890-1973; res:Huron SD; Oklahoma City OK.  [Source:HP10D-070c,070c]
ULSH, Cindy Mae--1973-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-043a]
URBAN, Jane  (POULISSE)--1896-1973; res:Broadland SD; Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-070d,070d]
URBAN, Jerry Keith--1954-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-079e,079a]
URBAN, Nancy Kay--1958-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-079d,079a]
URQUHART, Mervin A--1925-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-043d]
USEFUL HEART, Cora (REE)--1900-1973; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP10D-097c]
USEFUL HEART, Edward--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Cora (REE) USEFUL HEART 1900-1973.

VanBUSKIRK, Florence M--1904-1973; md:BROBST; res:Hitchcock SD; Eyota MN.  [Source:HP10D-088e]
VanCAMP, Ella Anne--1886-1973; md:QUIRK; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP10D-068a]
VANCE, Cora L (SCHROEDER)--1902-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-043d]
VANCE, Donald M, Dr--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:Cora L (SCHROEDER) VANCE 1902-1973.
VANCE, Ellen--Deceased spouse; see:Thomas P HALEN 1905-1973.
VanTASSEL, Edna Carolyn (CRAWFORD)--1894-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP10D-078d]
VanWINKLE, Honor B (Mr)--1883-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-070c,070d]
VAUGHN, Cort--1895-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-043e]
VENS, Emma J (SNYDER)--1885-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-023b]
VENS, John--Deceased spouse; d:1909; see:Emma J (SNYDER) VENS 1885-1973.
VETERMAN, Ella--1893-1973; md:SCHROEDER; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-038b]
VETTER, William--1883-1973; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP10D-087b]
VETTERMAN, Ella--1893-1973; md:GILGORE; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-038b]
VEY, James--c1890-1973; res:Huron SD; Chicago IL.  [Source:HP10D-059d]
VIRCHOW, Bertha--1895-1973; md:STOLPE; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP09D-020a]
VOELTZ, Anna--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Bill CALLIES 1894-1973.
VOIGT, Dorthea--1884-1973; md:MOTT; res:Missoula MT.  [Source:HP10D-094b]
VOLD, Vernal R 'Rudy'--c1901-1973; res:Huron SD; Palm Springs CA.  [Source:HP09D-031e]
VonPOLLWORTH, Doris--1918-1973; md:BRUNKEN; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-073a,073a]
VOORHES, Margaret (KULA)--1890-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-108b]
VORSETH, Selmer--1902-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP09D-025d]
VORSETH, Thilda--1890-1973; md:OLSON; res:Vienna SD.  [Source:HP10D-094e]

WADE, Wilbur F--c1906-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Hot Springs CA.  [Source:HP10D-069d]
WAGAMAN, Kathryn--c1902-1973; res:Chamberlain SD.  [Source:HP10D-078e]
WAGNER, Caroline (SNYDER)--1904-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-044c(2x)]
WAGNER, Elizabeth M--1888-1973; md:COMEAU; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP10D-081a]
WAGNER, John E--Deceased spouse; see:Margaret (CRAIG) WAGNER 1896-1973.
WAGNER, Lawrence--1899-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-044d]
WAGNER, Lawrence--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:Caroline (SNYDER) WAGNER 1904-1973.
WAGNER, Margaret (CRAIG)--1896-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-044c]
WALDNER, Anna (Mrs)--c1905-1973; res:Pearl Creek Colony Beadle Co. SD.  [Source:HP09D-020d]
WALDNER, Dorothy A (KLEINSASSER)--1895-1973; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-078e]
WALDNER, Stanley S--c1959-1973; res:Deerfield Colony SD.  [Source:HP10D-060b]
WALGAMATH, Alma (Mrs)--c1879-1973; res:Minneapolis MN.  [Source:HP09D-016a]
WALGAMUTH, Ed--1881-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-097c]
WALKER, Lucinda [Mrs]--Deceased spouse; see:Emil R KRIENKE 1889-1973.
WALKER, Sarah-- -1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-108d]
WALL, Melvin--Deceased spouse; see:Ruth Emma (FOSTER) WALL 1910-1973.
WALL, Ruth Emma (FOSTER)--1910-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-031d]
WALLENFELT, Lester--1895-1973; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP09D-012c]
WALLUM, Maxine (HILLERY)--1925-1973; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-097d]
WALSH, Anastasia--c1895-1973; res:Larchwood IA.  [Source:HP10D-097d]
WALTER, Elizabeth (MEYER)--1883-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP10D-097e]
WALTON, Sarah Edith--1893-1973; md:DICKSON; res:Hitchcock SD; Santa Monica CA.  [Source:HP10D-090b]
WALZ, Edward A--1890-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-098a]
WALZ, Paulina--1900-1973; md:HINTZ; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-085a,085a]
WALZ, Paulina--1900-1973; md:MUSOLF; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-085a,085a]
WARNE, Myrtle Helen--1915-1973; md:PAULSON; res:DeSmet SD; Grand Mound IA.  [Source:HP09D-024d(2x)]
WARNER, Joseph A-- -1973; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP09D-032b]
WARREN, Angie (PIERCE)--1890-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-098b,108b]
WASHACHEK, Delmar--c1924-1973; res:Kimball SD.  [Source:HP10D-069a]
WATTIER, Alma E--1890-1973; md:HILDEBRANT; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP10D-102a]
WATTS, Christie (Mr)--c1905-1973; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-025a]
WATZNAUER, Edward Joseph--1884-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-035a]
WEBBER, Josephine E--1909-1973; md:HOFFMANN; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP10D-055d(2x)]
WEBER, Wilhelm R--c1902-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP10D-108b]
WECKER, Nick Jr--1896-1973; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP10D-070e]
WEDEMEYER, Grayce E (Mrs)--c1903-1973; res:Islamorada FL.  [Source:HP10D-066b]
WEGNER, Lorne G--1899-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-108c]
WEIDEMAN, Edward J--Deceased spouse; d:1944; see:Sarah E (HORNBERGER) WEIDEMAN 1884-1973.
WEIDEMAN, Sarah E (HORNBERGER)--1884-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-027c]
WEISS, Evelyn (NEWELL)--1917-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP09D-044a]
WEISSER, Fred William--c1908-1973; res:Tyndall SD.  [Source:HP10D-060a]
WEIST, Frances--1891-1973; md:GANJE; res:Eagle Butte SD.  [Source:HP09D-050d]
WELCH, Addie--1888-1973; md:GOHRING; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-091b]
WELSH, Richard Emmett--1902-1973; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP10D-098c,098c]
WELTY, John D--1900-1973; res:Huron SD; Dawson MN.  [Source:HP10D-070e,070d]
WENZEL, William E--1901-1973; res:Jerauld Co. SD.  [Source:HP10D-108c,108c,108d]
WERLY, Hilda (SCHIMKE)--c1908-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-018e]
WERLY, John--Deceased spouse; see:Hilda (SCHIMKE) WERLY. c1908-1973.
WERNER, Mabel F (KELLER)--1892-1973; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP10D-060a]
WEST, Donald--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Mildred (GIFFORD) WEST 1917-1973.
WEST, Mildred (GIFFORD)--1917-1973; res:Wessington SD; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP09D-044a]
WESTLUND, Albert--1892-1973; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP10D-097d]
WESTPHAL, Carl Arthur--Deceased spouse; see:Susanna Lydia 'Susie' (SIEBRASSE) WESTPHAL 1890-1973.
WESTPHAL, Susanna Lydia 'Susie' (SIEBRASSE)--1890-1973; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP09D-031d]
WETZEL, Clarence C--1894-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-097e]
WHALEN, Lottie M--1882-1973; md:JOHNSON; res:DeSmet SD; Sacramento CA.  [Source:HP10D-083b]
WHEELER, Lytle--1881-1973; res:Huron SD; Forest Grove OR.  [Source:HP09D-011e]
WHERRY, Mary (GEIST)--1899-1973; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP10D-070e]
WHITE BUFFALO, Agatha--c1939-1973; res:Rosebud Indian Reservation SD.  [Source:HP10D-098e]
WHITE, Margaret M--1911-1973; md:McGINNIS; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP10D-084c,084d]
WHITNEY, George A Sr--1912-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-044b]
WHITWER, Violet--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Eugene MILLER 1900-1973.
WICKRE, Alma--Deceased spouse; d:1947; see:Orville E CARPENTER 1907-1973.
WIDER, Kenneth B--1922-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-080b]
WIDOON, Verdean M (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-078d]
WIEBE, M Dale--1950-1973; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP10D-080a,080a]
WIEBESICK, Johanna--1910-1973; md:WURSTER; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP09D-032a(2x)]
WIENER, Chris--c1886-1973; res:Hinton IA.  [Source:HP10D-087a]
WIETING, George Eldred--1901-1972; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP09D-004e]
WIKA, Melvin--1899-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-024a]
WILDGRUBE, Elaine--c1918-1973; md:NEEB; res:Huron SD; Sheboygan WI.  [Source:HP09D-051d]
WILES, Harry L--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Mabel (BOOTH) WILES 1903-1973.
WILES, Mabel (BOOTH)--1903-1973; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP10D-098b,098a]
WILHITE, John H Mrs--1886-1973; md:FREI; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP09D-032e]
WILKINS, Edward Samuel--c1904-1973; res:Deadwood SD.  [Source:HP10D-078e]
WILL, Anna Lucile--1901-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD; Ingelwood CA.  [Source:HP10D-060b]
WILLARD, Max E--c1914-1973; res:Huron SD; Socorro NM.  [Source:HP10D-071d]
WILLIAM, Ruth--1891-1973; md:MEYER; res:Northville SD; Mansfield SD.  [Source:HP09D-034a]
WILLIAMS, Barbara (GRUBER)--1885-1973; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP09D-004d(2x)]
WILLIAMS, Carol M--c1911-1973; md:WILLIAMSON; res:Miller SD; Bloomington MN.  [Source:HP09D-018d]
WILLIAMS, Everett--1905-1973; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-031b]
WILLIAMS, Florence--1881-1973; md:FORD; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-101c]
WILLIAMS, Gerald Lee--c1954-1973; res:Pelican Rapids MN.  [Source:HP10D-097c]
WILLIAMS, Harvie J--1890-1973; res:Bonilla SD.  [Source:HP10D-060b]
WILLIAMS, Minnie (HANSEN)--1917-1973; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP09D-044d]
WILLIAMS, Rose (Mrs)--1885-1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP09D-007d]
WILLIAMS, Ruby V (McLAIN)--1897-1973; res:Redfield SD; St. Paul MN.  [Source:HP09D-015d]
WILLIAMS, Thomas--Deceased spouse; see:Rose WILLIAMS 1885-1973.
WILLIAMSON, Carol M (WILLIAMS)--c1911-1973; res:Miller SD; Bloomington MN.  [Source:HP09D-018d]
WILLIAMSON, Maurice R--c1886-1973; res:Plankinton SD.  [Source:HP09D-004a]
WILSON, Bonnie B (FLETCHER)--1898-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-020c]
WILSON, Lyndal (LOOMIS)--1913-1973; res:Blunt SD; Cheney KS.  [Source:HP09D-011e]
WILSON, Norman G Sr [Rev]--1899-1973; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP09D-012a]
WILSON, Ruth Muriel--1907-1973; md:YOUNG; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-020a]
WILSON, Victor E--1918-1973; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP09D-007d(2x)]
WILSON, Wayne J--Deceased spouse; see:Bonnie B (FLETCHER) WILSON 1898-1973.
WINJUM, Mae E--1890-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-060c,060c]
WINKEL, LeRoy--c1921-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP10D-096e]
WINSOR, Frank--1913-1973; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP10D-071a]
WINTER, Bertha--1902-1973; md:KOTH; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-020c]
WIPF, David P--1907-1973; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP09D-044e(2x)]
WIPF, Dennis E--1951-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP09D-044e]
WIPF, Josh--1968-1973; res:Cloverleaf Colony SD.  [Source:HP10D-087c]
WIPF, Lydia (TSCHETTER)--1900-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-020b]
WIPF, Sam K--Deceased spouse; see:Lydia (TSCHETTER) WIPF 1900-1973.
WISE, Bertha (Mrs)--1879-1973; res:Spink Co. SD; Salinas CA.  [Source:HP10D-079a]
WOLD, Bessie H--1888-1973; md:OLSEN; res:Willow Lake SD; Salem OR.  [Source:HP09D-025b]
WOLD, Bessie H--1888-1973; md:RUE; res:Willow Lake SD; Salem OR.  [Source:HP09D-025b]
WOLD, John Alfred--1883-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-071b]
WOLDT, Delores (JACOBSON)--1935-1973; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP10D-098d,098d]
WOLF, Albert--c1905-1973; res:Woonsocket SD; Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP09D-012b]
WOLFORTH, Jack D--1955-1973; res:Agar SD.  [Source:HP10D-087c]
WOLKER, Donald Esley--1925-1973; res:Huron SD; Norwalk CA.  [Source:HP10D-071a]
WOLLMAN, John--1892-1973; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP10D-108d,108d]
WOMACKS EYSMONT, Mildred-- -1973; res:Huron SD; Miami FL.  [Source:HP09D-027a]
WOOD, Helen (Mrs)-- -1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-014d]
WOOD, Rolland--Deceased spouse; d:1940; see:Helen WOOD. -1973.
WOODLAND, Cora (McKAY)--1894-1973; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP10D-087b]
WOODRUFF, Gladys--1918-1973; md:BELL; res:Huron SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP09D-035e]
WOODS, Elizabeth A (KENNY)--1896-1973; res:Willow Lake SD; Great Falls MT.  [Source:HP09D-044a]
WOODS, George--1908-1973; res:Garden City SD.  [Source:HP10D-060d]
WOODS, Harold--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Elizabeth A (KENNY) WOODS 1896-1973.
WORRA, Clara--1887-1973; md:SCOTT; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP10D-107b]
WRIGHT, Blanche--1887-1973; md:HILL; res:Arcadia CA.  [Source:HP10D-102a]
WRIGHT, Kent W--1917-1973; res:Custer SD.  [Source:HP10D-098e]
WULF, Donald Sr--1914-1973; res:Eagle Butte SD.  [Source:HP09D-044b]
WULFF, Marie Christina--1886-1973; res:Gann Valley SD.  [Source:HP09D-015d]
WURSTER, Johanna (WIEBESICK)--1910-1973; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP09D-032a(2x)]
WURTHMAN, Frank--1890-1973; res:Flandreau SD; Egan SD.  [Source:HP10D-071a]
WYNIA, Craig--c1963-1973; res:Platte SD.  [Source:HP09D-022c]
WYNIA, Jim-- -1973; res:Platte SD.  [Source:HP09D-022c]

YADA, Larry--1956-1973; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP10D-071c]
YAUNEY, Susie (GROSS)--1907-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-087d]
YEGGE, Martin--c1887-1973; res:Alpena SD; CA.  [Source:HP09D-025a]
YENNEY, Florence (JOHNSON)--1896-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-031e]
YENNEY, Melchior R--Deceased spouse; see:Florence (JOHNSON) YENNEY 1896-1973.
YOUNG, Charlene--c1948-1973; res:Parmelee SD.  [Source:HP10D-079e]
YOUNG, Ruth Muriel (WILSON)--1907-1973; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-020a]
YOUNGLOVE, Hazel E (STINEHART)--1913-1973; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP09D-044d]

ZAHLLAR, Florence M--1903-1973; md:ISAACSON; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-064e]
ZAHLLAR, Florence M--1903-1973; md:MUNGER; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP10D-064e]
ZARD, Michael--c1967-1973; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP09D-035b]
ZAVESKY, C J--1888-1973; res:Crow Lake SD.  [Source:HP10D-108e,108e]
ZEECK, Elsie Augusta--1893-1973; md:KLUDT; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP10D-104a]
ZELLER, Esther Pauline (THEURER)--1915-1973; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP10D-060c,060a]
ZENS, Matt--1886-1973; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP10D-071c]
ZIBELL, Lillie--1909-1973; md:BRUGGER; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP10D-073a]
ZIESMAN, Frieda--1897-1973; md:BRUCE; res:Draper SD; Pierre SD.  [Source:HP09D-032c]
ZILVERBERG, Jake--1886-1973; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP09D-032b]
ZITZKE, Edith (HURT)--1905-1973; res:DeSmet SD; Santa Monica CA.  [Source:HP10D-071d]
ZORN, Lena--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:John SWANSON 1880-1973.
ZVORAK, Arthur R--1900-1973; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP09D-004d]