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Obituaries, 1974

The following is a list of decedents from obituaries and deaths published in the Huron Daily Plainsman, Huron, South Dakota.
  • Clippings are available on microfilm at the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, aka the Family History Library.
    Title:Newspaper clippings from Huron Daily Plainsman, mainly obituaries, 1973-1977.
    Microfilm number:928217, Item 2.
  • HPnnD-pppc = the scrapbook number, page, and column (a-f).
AAKER, Antone--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Nannie O (RING) AAKER.
AAKER, Nannie O (Mrs)--age:83; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008d]
AASBY, Cathy Jo--age:INF; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033d]
ABBOTT, Madeline Jane--age:32; res:Ellsworth AFB SD.  [Source:HP11D, p009e]
ABRAHAMSON, Alfred--age:69; res:Kennebec SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014c]
ABRAHAMSON, Gladys--Deceased spouse; see:Will APLAND.

ADAMS, Chancey 'Bill'--age:60; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016c]
ADAMS, Jacqueline (Mrs)--age:45; res:Sioux Falls SD; St. Thomas.  [Source:HP11D, p107a]
ADAMS, Sena (Mrs)--age:80; res:Howard SD; Park Rapids MN.  [Source:HP11D, p004a]
AHBOLTIN, Ermila--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Florenz H BREWE.
AHLSTROM, Esther--md:DANIELSON; age:82; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121e]
AHLSTROM, Esther--md:SKARIN; age:82; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121e]
AKIN, Lewis Bert--age:67; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079c]
ALEXANDER, Marilyn (Mrs)--age:43; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008a,008(A)b]
ALLEN, Hazel--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Edward SCHLAAK.
ALLEN, Margaret Lillian--md:WALKER; age:96; res:Wessington Springs SD; Los Angeles CA.  [Source:HP11D, p067e,062d]
ALLEY, Clara M--md:HINES; age:78; res:Ree Heights SD; Gardena CA.  [Source:HP11D, p009a,008e]
ALT, Josephine (Mrs)--age:--; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109b]
ALTENOW, Mabel--md:MAGNESS; age:84; res:St Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052a]
AMACHER, Robert August--age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071a]
AMES, Oliver H (Judge)--age:98; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057c]
ANDERSEN, Albertine--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:John Henry SHOULTZ.
ANDERSON, Alfred--age:93; res:Manchester SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p050a]
ANDERSON, Clara Amelia--md:JOHNSON; age:85; res:Orient SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025e]
ANDERSON, Coe Elaine--md:NELSON; age:26; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019a,019e]
ANDERSON, Dorothy A--md:PEDERSEN; age:66; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p091c]
ANDERSON, Earl--age:83; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046d,043c]
ANDERSON, Eunice--md:ASHCRAFT; age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094c,093b]
ANDERSON, Eunice--md:PATTON; age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094c,093b]
ANDERSON, Fronia--md:MUNDHENKE; age:70; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037d]
ANDERSON, Joseph L,--Deceased spouse; see:Susie L (PARKER) ANDERSON.
ANDERSON, LeRoy O--age:44; res:Garden City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003c]
ANDERSON, Mattie--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Henry Arthur THOMPSON.
ANDERSON, Otis Dale--age:51; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076b]
ANDERSON, Stephen--age:16; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055e]
ANDERSON, Susie L (Mrs)--age:80; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102c,101e]
ANDERSON, Vivian--md:KIRTON; age:60; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119d,119b]
ANDERSON, Vivian--md:ZEIGLER; age:60; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119d,119b]
ANDERSON, Walter--age:72; res:Dell Rapids SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111b]
ANDREWS, May (Mrs)--age:86; res:Huron SD; Ashland OH.  [Source:HP11D, p118b]
ANGLIN, (infant dau)--age:0; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025c]
ANNETT, Cora (Mrs)--age:75; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005c,004e]
ANNETT, Thomas M--Deceased spouse; see:Cora (DAHL) ANNETT.
APLAND, Will--age:74; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109c]
ARMOUR, Leona (Mrs)--age:65; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065d,065b,066b]
ARMOUR, Robert--Deceased spouse; see:Leona (SIPES) ARMOUR.
ARNEY, Clara--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:Earl COSTAIN.
ARNOLD, Clifford E--age:71; res:Huron SD;Aberdeen SD; Midland MI.  [Source:HP11D, p094a,094d]
ARNOLD, Hazel J (Miss)--age:70; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087b,087e]
ARPEN, Larry--age:23; res:Lake Andes SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122b]
ARZBERGER, Mamie W--md:STEINEL; age:--; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076a]
ASBENSON, Adrian--age:22; res:Plankinton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098e]
ASHBY, Robert E--age:61; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104d]
ASHCRAFT, Eunice (Mrs)--age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094c,093b]
ASHCRAFT, Herbert--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Eunice (ANDERSON) ASHCRAFT.
ASHFIELD, Julie (Mrs)--age:67; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066d,067d]
ASHFIELD, William--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Julie (RUDD) ASHFIELD.
ASKELAND, Jacob (Rev)--age:--; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065c]
ASVERA, Agatha--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see:Joseph T WELCHERT.
AUGHENBAUGH, Floyd W--age:84; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080a,080d]
AUSTIN, Claude--age:84; res:Huron SD; North Mankato MN.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)a]
AUSTIN, Mary--md:DONOVAN; age:75; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062b]
AUSTIN, Ruth (Mrs)--age:68; res:Bancroft SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029e]
AUSTIN, William--Deceased spouse; see:Ruth (MILLER) AUSTIN.
BACON, Etta V (Mrs)--age:83; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004a,004c]
BAHDE, Edna L--md:COLEMAN; age:--; res:Frankfort SD; Santa Cruz CA.  [Source:HP11D, p056e]
BAILY, Beatrice--Deceased spouse; see:Kenneth T CONE.
BAKER, Don--age:39; res:Vermillion SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064e]
BAKER, Goldie Joyce--md:BOBELDYKE; age:45; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069c,068c]
BAKER, Inez--md:NELSON; age:74; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034d]
BAKER, Jennie E 'Fleta'--md:DUNCAN; age:94; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027a]
BALLARD, Ralph--age:24; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063e]
BANDY, Virgie--md:CARROLL; age:--; res:Huron SD; Villa Park IL.  [Source:HP11D, p067d]
BARKEMA, George--age:82; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068a]
BARNES, Katherine--Deceased spouse; d:1939; see:Alfred H WESSEL.
BARNEY, Boyd M--age:93; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046c]
BARNHARDT, Renetta A--md:MURPHY; age:70; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020c,022c]
BARRETT, Fern--md:NEEMAN; age:65; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005c,004e]
BARTHOLOMEW, Blanche--Deceased spouse; see:Ernest R RASMUSSEN.
BARTHOLOMEW, Lula (Mrs)--age:89; res:Clark SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098c]
BARTHOLOMEW, Ted--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Lula (DAY) BARTHOLOMEW.
BARTON, William--age:92; res:Huron SD; Columbus OH.  [Source:HP11D, p068a]
BASHAM, William W--age:82; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016a,015e]
BASSETT, Walter Mrs--age:66; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045d]
BATES, Earven Dow--age:73; res:Highmore SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037c]
BATTEEN, George A--age:85; res:Chelsea SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069e]
BAUDER, Emelia--md:STERN; age:78; res:Alpena SD; Alexandria VA.  [Source:HP11D, p014b]
BAUER, Gary Lee--age:23; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP11D, p006b]
BAUER, Louisa--md:BENDER; age:74; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058a,054c]
BAUGHFMAN, William John--age:94; res:Woonsocket SD; Huntington Park CA.  [Source:HP11D, p003a]
BAUSE, Leroy--age:29; res:Edgemont SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064c]
BAYNE, Ira--age:60; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011a,010c]
BECHTEL, Marie Elizabeth (Miss)--age:76; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096c,096b]
BECK, Anna Marie (Mrs)--age:92; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026c,027e]
BECK, Chris J--Deceased spouse; d:1921; see:Anna Marie (PEDERSEN) BECK.
BECK, Howard--age:74; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005e,006e]
BECKER, Freida (Mrs)--age:86; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089e]
BECKER, Mabel--md:LARSEN; age:86; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108e]
BECKER, Maxine (Mrs)--age:43; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002b]
BECKMAN, Ida (Mrs)--age:84; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061c]
BECKMAN, Paul--Deceased spouse; d:1939; see:Ida (BROCKMAN) BECKMAN.
BEEBE, Emery W--age:88; res:Mellette SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101c]
BEER, Edri Beatrice--md:MALLON; age:85; res:Huron SD; Hawthorne CA.  [Source:HP11D, p093a,092e]
BEERS, Newell E--age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD; Bozeman MT.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)c]
BELL, Alfred H--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Daisy R (MESSEROLE) BELL.
BELL, Daisy R (Mrs)--age:84; res:Raymond SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014a,015c]
BELL, Mazie (Mrs)--age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060b]
BELZER, Emil--Deceased spouse; d:1944; see:Ida (GROTTA) BELZER.
BELZER, Ida (Mrs)--age:88; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109a]
BENDER, Louisa (Mrs)--age:74; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058a,054c]
BENDER, Richard Albert--age:53; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027d]
BENNETT, John Kenneth--age:73; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068b,064b]
BERENS, Clara--md:HICE; age:71; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057a,059d]
BERG, Iver--age:--; res:Hoven SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118b]
BERGEN, Jessie (Mrs)--age:81; res:Huron SD; LaJolla CA.  [Source:HP11D, p115e]
BERGUIN, William J IV--age:19; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029d,027b]
BERKEY, Blanche B--md:KLINK; age:77; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028a]
BERNDT, Hattie W--md:BRAUN; age:87; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112c,113c]
BERNDT, Robert--age:27; res:Sioux City IA.  [Source:HP11D, p087a]
BERRY, Edith--md:MYERS; age:--; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103b]
BESLICH, Mary,--Deceased spouse; see:Christian SCHMIEDING.
BESTOW, Leita--md:BYRUM; age:81; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036c]
BETTMANN, Julia B--md:HOLSCHER; age:68; res:Wecota SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084c]
BETZER, Hazel--md:SMITH; age:89; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029c,028b]
BEVERIDGE, Marjorie--md:MILLER; age:90; res:Doland SD; Hollywood CA.  [Source:HP11D, p008e]
BIERLE, Robert R--age:39; res:Midland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041e]
BIG TALK, Harry--age:60; res:Sisseton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065a,121a]
BIGELOW, Darrell--Deceased spouse; see:Marlys Mae (RAINY) BIGELOW.
BIGELOW, Marlys Mae (Mrs)--age:44; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,011c]
BINDAUER, Pauline--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:John P RUDY.
BINGER, Frank E--age:67; res:Tulare SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007e]
BINGNER, Saydia Lydia--md:DANIELSON; age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059a,057d]
BINGNER, Saydia Lydia--md:ERNSTER; age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059a,057d]
BIRCKHEAD, Mabel Eula (Mrs)--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044d,043e]
BIRCKHEAD, William R--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Mabel Eula (GORANSON) BIRCKHEAD.
BIRD, Eldon L--age:36; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097e]
BISHOP, Florence (Mrs)--age:73; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063e]
BISHOP, Philo B--Deceased spouse; see:Florence (WOLF) BISHOP.
BITTNER, Christian--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Karolina 'Carrie' (NEUHARTH) BITTNER.
BITTNER, Karolina 'Carrie' (Mrs)--age:87; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023d,023c]
BJORDAHL, Clara--md:SEVERSON; age:86; res:Erwin SD;DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031a]
BLAKLEY, Anne E (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; St. Paul MN.  [Source:HP11D, p016b]
BLANK, Elsie (Mrs)--age:83; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015c]
BLEHA, Frank Peter--age:85; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098d]
BLOCK, Alma (Mrs)--age:62; res:Iroquois SD; Pipestone MN.  [Source:HP11D, p109d]
BLOOM, Louis R--age:82; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084a]
BLOOM, Rosa--md:BOOTH; age:88; res:Frankfort SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093e]
BLOOM, Rosa--md:BOYSEN; age:88; res:Frankfort SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093e]
BOARD, Curtis--age:18; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086b,086a,085c]
BOBELDYKE, Goldie Joyce (Mrs)--age:45; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069c,068c]
BODE, Fred--age:64; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051e]
BODE, Theodore--age:87; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019b,022d]
BOEHNEN, Wilferd--age:--; res:Huron SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP11D, p020d]
BOEHNKE, John--age:86; res:Henry SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058b]
BONNES, Richard--age:48; res:Huron SD; North Mankato MN.  [Source:HP11D, p024e,024b]
BOOTH, Ezra E--Deceased spouse; d:1906; see:Rosa (BLOOM) BOOTH.
BOOTH, Rosa (Mrs)--age:88; res:Frankfort SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093e]
BORDEN, Leah Faye--md:COLEMAN; age:80; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071b]
BORGE, LaVern--age:34; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021b]
BOS, Claus--age:82; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039b]
BOSSLY, John Craig Jr--age:19; res:Mansfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004d]
BOTTUM, Stewart N--age:84; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018a,014e]
BOVEE, Lloyd--Deceased spouse; see:Marie Louise (LAWRENCE) BOVEE.
BOVEE, Marie Louise (Mrs)--age:70; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070e,068d]
BOWAR, Ida Mdec'd--Deceased spouse; see:William J GIESEN.
BOWDER, Lucille--md:TOMPKINS; age:54; res:Huron SD; Morrison CO.  [Source:HP11D, p003e]
BOWEN, Virginia--md:HOPPEL; age:56; res:Huron SD; Concord CA.  [Source:HP11D, p055e]
BOWERS, Ruth--md:RENTZ; age:78; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096d]
BOWERS, Ruth--md:WAINMAN; age:78; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096d]
BOWLES, Mildred--md:VILAS; age:64; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089a]
BOWLES, Samuel Jr--age:9; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p082c,080b]
BOWMAN, Kirk--age:48; res:Littleton CO.  [Source:HP11D, p070b]
BOWMAN, Pamela (Mrs)--age:38; res:Littleton CO.  [Source:HP11D, p070b]
BOYD, Gladys Anna Mary--md:CHRISTOPHERSON; age:67; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026e]
BOYLE, Mavis (Mrs)--age:48; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041b]
BOYSEN, John H--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Rosa (BLOOM) BOYSEN.
BOYSEN, Rosa (Mrs)--age:88; res:Frankfort SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093e]
BRADBURY, Peter Aldrich--age:77; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095e]
BRADEY, Marion M--md:DAKE; age:91; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012a]
BRADLEY, Rose--Deceased spouse; see:Neal GALVIN.
BRADSHAW, Ethel--md:POOR; age:91; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016a,015c]
BRAGG, James I--age:85; res:Huron SD; Glendale AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p079d]
BRAND, John H--age:72; res:Faulkton SD; Tucson AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p034e,034d]
BRANDRUP, Roy J--age:82; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002c]
BRANNON, Alfred H--age:59; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p105d]
BRAUN, Hattie W (Mrs)--age:87; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112c,113c]
BRAUN, Louie--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Hattie W (BERNDT) BRAUN.
BRAUNSREITHER, Lawrence--age:22; res:Utica SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086c]
BREEDING, Paul M--age:78; res:White Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008b]
BREKKE, Erling--age:66; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106e,105e]
BRENNAN, Matilda (Mrs)--age:96; res:Huron SD;Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104b]
BREWE, Florenz H--age:75; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064d]
BREWER, Hannah (Mrs)--age:87; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040a]
BREWER, Rudolph H--age:81; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005b]
BRILES, Josephine--md:RUMELHART; age:86; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083d,083a]
BROCK, Raymond J--age:46; res:Hitchcock SD; Corning CA.  [Source:HP11D, p024c]
BROCKMAN, Ida--md:BECKMAN; age:84; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061c]
BRODERSON, Ricky--age:18; res:Hill City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013b]
BROECHER, John Carroll--age:72; res:Murdo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103a]
BROOKING, Herbert A--Deceased spouse; d:1945; see:Isadore (HAYES) BROOKING.
BROOKING, Isadore (Mrs)--age:83; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079b]
BROSZ, Robert--age:79; res:Tripp SD;Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093c]
BROWN, Ada (Mrs)--age:79; res:Henry SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023c]
BROWN, Lillian (Mrs)--age:66; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028e]
BROWN, Michele--age:INF; res:Ellsworth AFB SD.  [Source:HP11D, p105c]
BRUGGER, Emma C (Mrs)--age:72; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113b,113d]
BRUINS, John--age:76; res:Las Vegas NV.  [Source:HP11D, p115b]
BRUNER, Henry--age:86; res:Roswell SD;Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111a,111e]
BRYANT, Frank W--age:71; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122a]
BUCHANAN, Vivian (Mrs)--age:51; res:Huron SD; Edina; MN.  [Source:HP11D, p,101b]
BUCKLEY, Herbert Eldon 'Ed'--age:55; res:Huron SD; Superior WI.  [Source:HP11D, p072c]
BUDMAYER, Allan--age:25; res:Belle Fourche SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107e]
BUEHL, Emma--md:STEINBIS; age:96; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032d]
BUELOW, Lila (Mrs)--age:63; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053e]
BUER, Elmer--age:72; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100b]
BULLER, Glen Allen--age:32; res:Parker SD.  [Source:HP11D, p090b]
BULLINGTON, Earl D--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Ruby (PETERSON) BULLINGTON.
BULLINGTON, Ruby (Mrs)--age:64; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041c]
BULT, Henry--age:72; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015b,014c]
BUMANN, Roy--age:62; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077c]
BUNDAY, Letha M--md:TOWNSEND; age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088a]
BURCHFIELD, Robert B--age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070c,069a]
BURGESS, Anna Mary (Mrs)--age:80; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019b]
BURGHARDT, Marie--md:SHIMON; age:86; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078a]
BURKE, Maude--md:McINTYRE; age:84; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029d]
BURLEIGH, Michael M--age:30; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013e]
BURNIDGE, Clarissa--Deceased spouse; d:1920; see:Jasper O HAMMOND.
BUSH, John W--age:61; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p082d,090d]
BUSS, Alvin A--age:69; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101e]
BUSSE, Jonathon Carter--age:INF; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107d]
BUTTERFIELD, Charles--age:18; res:Hill City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013b]
BUTTS, Lillian Mae--Deceased spouse; d:1943; see:Frank E DAVIS.
BYROAD, Clarence L--age:91; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054(A)b,055b,055c]
BYRUM, Leita (Mrs)--age:81; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036c]
CABLE, John J--age:71; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027d,026b]
CALLAHAN, Arthur B--age:91; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030a]
CALVERT, Eldon 'Sandy'--age:64; res:Huron SD;Spearfish SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089c]
CAMPBELL, Delia--md:TERRY; age:86; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070a]
CAMPBELL, Lloyd E--age:62; res:Miller SD; Clarkston WA.  [Source:HP11D, p001c]
CAMPBELL, Mary--md:JOHNSON; age:58; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084b]
CAMPMAN, Beryl Ruth 'Ruth'--md:HALE; age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045e,045d]
CANTRELL, Jennie--md:KOUF; age:77; res:Huron SD; Powder River WY.  [Source:HP11D, p011c]
CAPEHART, Maud--md:HARRIS; age:94; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093a]
CARD, Harold W--age:77; res:Webster SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053d]
CARLSON, Hjelmer--age:57; res:Brown's Valley MN.  [Source:HP11D, p079a]
CARLSON, James W--age:67; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026d]
CARLSON, Shirley--md:HOVLAND; age:53; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055b]
CARLTON, Berta (Mrs)--age:98; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114a]
CARLTON, Helen--md:TRUDEAU; age:72; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032b]
CARMAN, Orville M--age:69; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095a]
CARMAN, Vallie--md:SUTLEY; age:84; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051a]
CARMODY, Donald L--age:19; res:Ramona SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056c]
CARMODY, Elayne C--md:COWAN; age:41; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107b,106e]
CARMON, Florence M (Mrs)--age:75; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044c]
CARNICLE, Celia (Mrs)--age:--; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029d]
CARPENTER, George W--age:91; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014c]
CARRICO, Sophie M (Mrs)--age:78; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111c]
CARROLL, Alice--Deceased spouse; d:1954; see:Arthur B CALLAHAN.
CARROLL, Michael J--age:23; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p105d,105c,104d]
CARROLL, Virgie (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Villa Park IL.  [Source:HP11D, p067d]
CARSON, John--age:81; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058d,058b]
CARTER, Evon (Mrs)--age:66; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030d]
CARTER, Ralph T--age:82; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004c]
CASPER, Oscar--age:72; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100b]
CASPER, Richard--age:26; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p006c]
CASS, Marjean Marie (Miss)--age:18; res:Agar SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024d]
CASSANO, James--age:66; res:East Carbon UT.  [Source:HP11D, p068c]
CASSANO, Wanda (Mrs)--age:60; res:East Carbon UT.  [Source:HP11D, p068c]
CASSELL, Edward M--age:58; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p099a]
CAVANEE, Lloyd F--age:68; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067a]
CAVIEZEL, Frankie--age:59; res:Huron SD;  NV.  [Source:HP11D, p075b]
CHALK, Gary--age:18; res:Norfolk VA.  [Source:HP11D, p066c]
CHARLSON, Virginia--md:VOLEK; age:52; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046e,049d]
CHITTY, George--age:83; res:Huron SD; Port Gibson MS.  [Source:HP11D, p112d]
CHRISTENSEN, Carl Henry--age:81; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p006c]
CHRISTENSEN, Lila (Mrs)--age:76; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039e]
CHRISTENSEN, Peter C--age:85; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064a]
CHRISTIAN, Irena O--md:VanLAECKEN; age:55; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069e]
CHRISTIAN, Leo--age:72; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042d]
CHRISTIANSON, Gladys (Mrs)--age:84; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065d]
CHRISTIANSON, Leslie--Deceased spouse; see:Gladys (HARRINGTON) CHRISTIANSON.
CHRISTOPHER, (infant son)--age:0; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060d]
CHRISTOPHERSON, Gladys Anna Mary (Mrs)--age:67; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026e]
CHRISTOPHERSON, LaVerne--Deceased spouse; see:Gladys Anna Mary (BOYD) CHRISTOPHERSON.
CLARK, Alice A--Deceased spouse; see:Creed A HARRELL.
CLARK, Edna Dedie--md:HAWTHORNE; age:91; res:Wessington Springs SD; Alhambra CA.  [Source:HP11D, p037e]
CLARK, Flora--md:OHMAN; age:95; res:Huron SD;Irene SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096e]
CLARK, Orlo--age:65; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118e,120c]
CLARK, Zelma Willard (Mrs)--age:64; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110e,111a]
CLAUSSEN, Estella (Mrs)--age:91; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013d]
CLAUSSEN, John--Deceased spouse; see:Estella (FRANKLIN) CLAUSSEN.
CLEVELAND, C A 'Kelly'--age:59; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069a]
CLITES, Floyd H--age:76; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039d]
CLOETER, Elizabeth--Deceased spouse; d:1958; see:Carl Otto FRANK.
CLUTS, Lena--md:KEISER; age:94; res:Hayti SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088b]
COCHRAN, Lillie (Miss)--age:87; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078c]
COLE, Catherine (Mrs)--age:96; res:Huron SD; Alexandria VA.  [Source:HP11D, p045c]
COLE, Glenn M--age:82; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069c,071a]
COLE, Russell--age:69; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115d]
COLE, William J--Deceased spouse; d:1922; see:Catherine ([Not stated]) COLE.
COLEMAN, Charles H--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Leah Faye (BORDEN) COLEMAN.
COLEMAN, Edna L (Mrs)--age:--; res:Frankfort SD; Santa Cruz CA.  [Source:HP11D, p056e]
COLEMAN, Leah Faye (Mrs)--age:80; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071b]
COLLIER, Lewis--age:59; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115e]
COLLING, Clara--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Theodore BODE.
COLLINS, Gary W--age:17; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058c,056c]
COLLINS, Weynona (Mrs)--age:67; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059c]
COMSTOCK, George W--age:84; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042a]
CONE, Kenneth T--age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065e,066a]
COOK, Earl--age:87; res:Gettysburg SD; Bismarck ND.  [Source:HP11D, p057a]
COOMBS, Floyd--age:75; res:Plankinton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064e]
COOMBS, Mildred (Mrs)--age:70; res:Plankinton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064e]
COOPER, Billy--age:50; res:DeGrey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061a]
COOPERSMITH, Sophie M--md:CARRICO; age:78; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111c]
CORDTS, Homer--age:63; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113e]
CORKINS, Judith Arland (Miss)--age:33; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113d]
CORNELIUS, Otto R 'Nick'--age:83; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030d]
CORNELL, Lawrence Herbert 'Peck'--age:78; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p006d]
COSTAIN, Earl--age:90; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061d]
COSTELLO, Donald A 'Tuck'--age:55; res:Bancroft SD; Port Arthur TX.  [Source:HP11D, p009c]
COURNOYER, Ethel (Mrs)--age:56; res:Wagner SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062e]
COWAN, Elayne C (Mrs)--age:41; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107b,106e]
COY, Carl C--age:79; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121b]
COYLE, Linus--age:54; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122e,122a]
CRAEGH, Emerson M--age:58; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110a,109b]
CRAFT, Charles--age:76; res:Quinn SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109e]
CRANZ, Myrtle--Deceased spouse; d:1912; see:Antone Theodore SANDERS.
CRAWFORD, George--age:--; res:Cavour; Bryant SD; Maramount CA.  [Source:HP11D, p054b]
CRAWFORD, Miriam C--md:SPEIRS; age:87; res:Huron SD; Iowa City IA.  [Source:HP11D, p022a,020e,044b]
CRAWFORD, Walter R--age:82; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011b]
CRAZY BULL, Jewel--age:5; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,010e]
CRESSEY, Nellie--md:HARMES; age:86; res:Carpenter SD; Rock Port MO.  [Source:HP11D, p075c,073e]
CRESSEY, Nellie--md:ZUCK; age:86; res:Carpenter SD; Rock Port MO.  [Source:HP11D, p075c,073e]
CRIST, Ada--md:RANK; age:84; res:Wessington Springs SD; Newcastle WY.  [Source:HP11D, p084d]
CRIST, Isaac G--age:80; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024a,023c]
CRONIN, Leo F--age:81; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106c,106d]
CROPP, Albert H (Dr)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Nashville TN.  [Source:HP11D, p121c]
CROW, Jan (Mr)--age:35; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048d]
CULVER, Laura--md:SWANSON; age:84; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115c]
CUNNINGHAM, Florence--md:GEHRING; age:80; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073a]
CURRIER, Gladys--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:Arthur B TODD.
CURTIS, Harold--md:PETERSEN; age:67; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)d,009a]
CURTIS, Marvin--age:57; res:Quinn SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028b]
DADY, Weynona--md:COLLINS; age:67; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059c]
DAHL, Cora--md:ANNETT; age:75; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005c,004e]
DAHL, Ella K--md:HJELM; age:79; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063a,064b]
DAHL, Everett N--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Grace (JARRETT) DAHL.
DAHL, Grace (Mrs)--age:67; res:Huron SD; Salt Lake City UT.  [Source:HP11D, p061a]
DAHL, William E--age:72; res:Pearl Creek Twp. Beadle Co. SD; Pipestone MN.  [Source:HP11D, p036a]
DAHLBERG, Mavis--md:BOYLE; age:48; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041b]
DAHLQUIST, Harry M--age:53; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038b]
DAKE, Clarence W--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Marion M (BRADEY) DAKE.
DAKE, Earl D--age:72; res:Wessington SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021c]
DAKE, Marion M (Mrs)--age:91; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012a]
DAMMEIER, Dorothy (Mrs)--age:66; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101c,102c]
DANIELSON, Daniel E--Deceased spouse; see:Esther (AHLSTROM) DANIELSON.
DANIELSON, Esther (Mrs)--age:82; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121e]
DANIELSON, Saydia Lydia (Mrs)--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059a,057d]
DAUM, Harry C--age:86; res:Huron SD; Great Falls MT.  [Source:HP11D, p067c,066a]
DAUM, Walter P (Dr)--age:74; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083b]
DAVENPORT, LaVern L--age:49; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066d]
DAVID, Elma V--md:TIMPERLEY; age:89; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061b,062a]
DAVIS, Debbie (Mrs)--age:20; res:Atwater CA.  [Source:HP11D, p018b]
DAVIS, Frank E--age:92; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024b]
DAVIS, George--age:--; res:Aberdeen SD;Yale SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097e]
DAVIS, Josephone E (Mrs)--age:88; res:Redfield SD; Denver CO.  [Source:HP11D, p033e]
DAVIS, Mark J--age:63; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017e,009e]
DAY, Alvin--age:74; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061e,060d]
DAY, Lula--md:BARTHOLOMEW; age:89; res:Clark SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098c]
DEAN, Roscoe Elmer Sr--age:82; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001b,10D-100b]
DEAN, Walter F--age:43; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048d,046c]
DeBATES, Mabel--md:SUNDSTROM; age:60; res:Beresford SD;Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020d]
DeBOER, Mark--age:7; res:Clear Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067a]
DeCOCK, Carl--age:23; res:Belle Fourche SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107a]
DEERING, John--age:79; res:Wasta SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010b]
DeJONG, Hubert,--Deceased spouse; see:Mary C (SCHUBERT) DeJONG.
DeJONG, Mary C (Mrs)--age:85; res:Wessington Springs SD; Sterling IL.  [Source:HP11D, p103c,101b]
DEMPSTER, Byron--Deceased spouse; see:Esther A (FARRAND) DEMPSTER.
DEMPSTER, Esther A (Mrs)--age:85; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017a,014e]
DENT, Wilson M--age:79; res:Forestburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108a]
DERBY, Ricky--age:10; res:Black Hills SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103a]
DERSCHEID, Wilma--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Raymond WALLINE.
DESNOYERS, Margaret (Miss)--age:35; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085d]
DEUTER, Fern--md:PEARSON; age:70; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025c,025a]
DEUTER, Fern--md:WARE; age:70; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025c,025a]
DEUTSCHER, Doss Douglas--age:23; res:Wall SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109e]
DEVINE, Myrtle Forest--md:URDAHL; age:71; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059c]
DIEDE, Christ--age:75; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088c,089c]
DIEDE, Maralyn--md:MILLER; age:--; res:Highmore SD; Grand Prairie TX.  [Source:HP11D, p086a]
DIERENFELDT, Katharina (Mrs)--age:91; res:Eureka SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059a]
DIXON, Bula (Mrs)--age:80; res:Doland SD; Marietta MN.  [Source:HP11D, p104c]
DIXON, Lillian (Mrs)--age:79; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076c]
DODGE, M Oliver (Dr)--age:68; res:Wolsey SD; Lodi CA.  [Source:HP11D, p104d]
DONOVAN, Dan A--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Mary (AUSTIN) DONOVAN.
DONOVAN, Mary (Mrs)--age:75; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062b]
DORAN, William--age:87; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025d]
DORMADY, Peter Leo--age:73; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033c]
DOWNER, Christina (Mrs)--age:82; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054c,055c]
DOWNER, Lewis--Deceased spouse; see:Christina (ELLWEIN) DOWNER.
DRACY, Oscar Anthony--age:80; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059e,060d]
DROMEY, Leo Francis--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Lucile (TORKELSON) DROMEY.
DROMEY, Lucile (Mrs)--age:79; res:Canning SD;Blunt SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035b]
DUBOIS, Glen L--age:61; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078d]
DUNCAN, Jennie E 'Fleta' (Mrs)--age:94; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027a]
DUNCAN, Selma E (Mrs)--age:80; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023a]
DUNKLEE, Hattie--md:FRIEDBAUER; age:91; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066e]
DURHAM, John--age:60; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042b,041e]
DUSEK, Elaine (Mrs)--age:52; res:Chelsea SD; Havre MT.  [Source:HP11D, p090a]
DUTCH, Mildred--md:HARRIS; age:66; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069b,068c]
DYE, Beulah Bessie (Miss)--age:55; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042a]
EAGLEMAN, Grace (Mrs)--age:83; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062b,061b]
EAGLEMAN, Thomas--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Grace (MOORE) EAGLEMAN.
EASTMAN, Cora V--md:HAYES; age:91; res:Hayes Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106b]
EASTON, Jennie--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Tillman E WALKER.
ECCLES, Delbert--age:36; res:South Shore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065b]
EDELMAN, Connie (Mrs)--age:36; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074b,073c]
EDWARDS, Mary--md:POMMER; age:61; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094b]
EDWARDS, Ted L--age:83; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p050b,045d]
EGGENA, Herman--age:82; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113b]
EGGERLING, Conrad--age:--; res:Orient SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017d]
EGGLESTON, Thelma--Deceased spouse; d:1919; see:Oscar Anthony DRACY.
EILERS, Keith K--age:43; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046b]
ELENZ, Anna Marie (Mrs)--age:72; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110b]
ELLER, Lester L--age:79; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027e]
ELLEY, Maude--md:POAGUE; age:88; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021d]
ELLWEIN, Christina--md:DOWNER; age:82; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054c,055c]
ENDAHL, Rachael F (Mrs)--age:85; res:Lane SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072Ab]
ENGLE, Willis W--age:71; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122c,122a]
ENGLERT, Jacqueline--md:ADAMS; age:45; res:Sioux Falls SD; St. Thomas.  [Source:HP11D, p107a]
ENGLISH, Lida--md:GULLICKSON; age:81; res:Howard Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098d]
ENRIGHT, Thomas--age:68; res:Hill City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106c]
ERICKSON, Anna (Mrs)--age:88; res:Bryant SD;Hayti SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021a]
ERICKSON, Curtis E--age:49; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p090c]
ERICKSON, Edward--age:85; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034a]
ERNSTER, Charles--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:Saydia Lydia (BINGNER) ERNSTER.
ERNSTER, Saydia Lydia (Mrs)--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059a,057d]
ESTERGARD, Andrew Richard--age:75; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056a]
EVANS, Ada--md:BROWN; age:79; res:Henry SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023c]
EVANS, Connie--md:EDELMAN; age:36; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074b,073c]
EVANS, Robert R--age:68; res:Pierre SD; Hays KS.  [Source:HP11D, p056a]
EVERS, Anna--md:SCHLUETER; age:87; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057e,059b]
EYSTER, Henry N--age:86; res:Belle Fourche SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062c]
FAGRELIUS, Svea Victoria--md:ROGERS; age:79; res:Bancroft SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP11D, p097b]
FAINTER, Harold--age:54; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079e]
FALLIS, Grover Cleveland--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Lucy ([Not stated]) FALLIS.
FALLIS, Lucy (Mrs)--age:90; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119c]
FARLEY, Robert--age:57; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p009e]
FARRAND, Esther A--md:DEMPSTER; age:85; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017a,014e]
FARRAND, Esther A--md:HULL; age:85; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017a,014e]
FAST, Terrance Lynn--age:INF; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043e]
FASTNACHT, Carl--age:92; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018c,018e]
FAULK, Paul Mrs--age:86; res:Austin MN.  [Source:HP11D, p114c]
FAWCETT, Ruby H--md:LOBBAN; age:80; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037c]
FEENEY, Elizabeth--md:SAWYER; age:89; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039d]
FELBERG, Iver Sr--age:77; res:Sinai SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036e]
FENNER, Eula J (Mrs)--age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111a]
FERRIS, Vivian L--md:JOHNSON; age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)b,008b]
FEY, Bessie--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:George A BATTEEN.
FIEKENS, Leo--age:73; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072f]
FILLBACH, Louella (Mrs)--age:77; res:Faulkton SD; Sacramento CA.  [Source:HP11D, p002d]
FILLBACH, Wilson--Deceased spouse; see:Louella ([Not stated]) FILLBACH.
FINKBEINER, Elsie--md:KLEIN; age:56; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042c,041e]
FINLEY, Clarence J--Deceased spouse; see:Madeline L (LOFTUS) FINLEY.
FINLEY, Madeline L (Mrs)--age:73; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056e]
FINNEY, Elizabeth--md:LAUGHLIN; age:66; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016c]
FINNEY, Elizabeth--md:NEWELL; age:66; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016c]
FISCHBACH, Frederic C--age:60; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070a]
FISCHER, Anna (Mrs)--age:53; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102a]
FISH, Albert--Deceased spouse; d:1943; see:Judith (FRILAND) FISH.
FISH, Judith (Mrs)--age:90; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035d]
FISHER, David Mrs--age:55; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114d]
FLANAGAN, Basil--age:--; res:Pierre SD; China Lake CA.  [Source:HP11D, p084d]
FLETCHALL, Arthur C--age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051b,052a,050e]
FLEURY, Norma J--md:LeCOMPTE; age:38; res:Stephan SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101e]
FLUTE, Alice A (Mrs)--age:71; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078c]
FLYNN, Fern--md:THORESON; age:63; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025a]
FLYNN, Fern--md:ZUGSWERDT; age:63; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025a]
FOLEY, Mary Bernice--md:TOBIN; age:91; res:Broadland SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031a,028a]
FOOS, Susie (Mrs)--age:90; res:Roswell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088e]
FORBES, Eva--md:WOLFF; age:78; res:Faulkton SD; Dawson MN.  [Source:HP11D, p047a]
FORIN, Regina Emma--md:VREELAND; age:84; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088c]
FORSTER, Bruce--age:10; res:Hudson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061e]
FOSHEIM, Peter Mrs--md:GUDAHL; age:90; res:Miner Co. SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069a]
FOSS, Lydia--md:NELSON; age:86; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051c]
FOUBERG, Dennis Dean--age:32; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087d,087b]
FOX, Coral E (Mrs)--age:87; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049d,046c,048c]
FOX, Evon--md:CARTER; age:66; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030d]
FOX, Monte John--age:18; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017c]
FOX, William G--Deceased spouse; see:Coral E (POMEROY) FOX.
FRANK, Carl Otto--age:76; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015e,016b,016d]
FRANK, Carl Otto--age:76; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015e,016b,016d]
FRANKLIN, Estella--md:CLAUSSEN; age:91; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013d]
FRAZIER, John--age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071e]
FREEBURG, Myrtle--Deceased spouse; d:1917; see:Ray B JOHNSON.
FREED, Dallas A--age:68; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074d]
FRENCH, Archie--age:90; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117a,116c]
FRIEDBAUER, Hattie (Mrs)--age:91; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066e]
FRIEDBAUER, William--Deceased spouse; see:Hattie (DUNKLEE) FRIEDBAUER.
FRIEND, Emma (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; St. Joseph MO.  [Source:HP11D, p119b]
FRIER, Bertha--Deceased spouse; d:1936; see:Emanuel GOEHRING.
FRIESE, Clarence Fredrick--age:70; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062d]
FRILAND, Judith--md:FISH; age:90; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035d]
FRITZ, Ethel (Mrs)--age:44; res:Huron SD; Racine WI.  [Source:HP11D, p119a]
FRITZSCHE, Bertha Alma--md:WHITE; age:78; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011a]
FROIEN, Julius H--age:83; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038a]
FROMSTAD, Thora--md:THORESON; age:81; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052d]
FRY, Charles Hubert--age:92; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077e]
FRY, Cora (Mrs)--age:87; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033d]
FRY, William B--Deceased spouse; see:Cora (WAFFENSMITH) FRY.
FRYER, Bula--md:DIXON; age:80; res:Doland SD; Marietta MN.  [Source:HP11D, p104c]
FUERST, Emanuel--Deceased spouse; see:Emelia (FUERST) GIMBEL.
FUERST, Emelia--md:GIMBEL; age:86; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114b,113b]
GABEL, Inez L--md:SMITH; age:92; res:Yale SD; Minneapolis MN.  [Source:HP11D, p106a,105d]
GABLE, John H--age:60; res:Yale; Huron SD; Southgate CA.  [Source:HP11D, p037d,033e,035e]
GAFFIN, Ona Elizabeth--md:JONES; age:69; res:Wessington SD; Tucson AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p041a]
GAGE, Daniel J (Dr)--age:80; res:Huron SD; Decatur IL.  [Source:HP11D, p068d]
GALVIN, Neal--age:88; res:Athol SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068e]
GARBE, Anna Marie--md:YEGGE; age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049b,048c]
GARTNER, Clinton Troy--age:5; res:Box Elder SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013e]
GASCOIGNE, Alice (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Prescott AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p065c]
GASCOIGNE, Dorothy--md:DAMMEIER; age:66; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101c,102c]
GASPAR, Veronica (Mrs)--age:74; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012e]
GAVETTE, Cecil B (Mrs)--age:63; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100d]
GEHRING, Florence (Mrs)--age:80; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073a]
GEHRING, Henry--Deceased spouse; see:Florence (CUNNINGHAM) GEHRING.
GEIER, Elizabeth--md:TEBBEL; age:67; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038d,038e]
GEORGE, Alta M--Deceased spouse; see:Glenn M COLE.
GERAW, Randy Frank--age:25; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089a,088d]
GERBER, Math--age:66; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037b,035d]
GERJETS, Bena--md:NEU; age:79; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107c]
GERRIETS, Evelena [Mrs]--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:Henry C SCHNITTGRUND.
GESSLIN, Alice (Mrs)--age:94; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p090b,089e]
GIDLEY, Sarah (Mrs)--age:88; res:Gettysburg SD; Crookston MN.  [Source:HP11D, p001a]
GIESEN, William J--age:81; res:Faulkton SD; El Cajon CA.  [Source:HP11D, p075e]
GILBERT, Ira David--age:88; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046b]
GILBERT, Mervin--age:26; res:Winner SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061e]
GILBERTSON, Adolph B--age:63; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097c]
GILL, Donald Jr--age:35; res:Sisseton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079a]
GILLIES, Bob--age:--; res:Huron SD; Lancaster CA.  [Source:HP11D, p119b]
GIMBEL, Emelia (Mrs)--age:86; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114b,113b]
GLANZER, Dave P--age:65; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036d,033e,035e]
GLANZER, Joshua D--age:43; res:Delmont SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088e]
GLANZER, Susanna--age:40; res:Delmont SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088e]
GLENNON, Leila Mae--md:VanWINKLE; age:84; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010d,011c]
GLOE, Elvina (Mrs)--age:47; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109e]
GLOE, Herman J--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Elvina (PAGE) GLOE.
GOEHRING, Emanuel--age:88; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008d,007b,005a]
GOEHRING, Emanuel--age:88; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008d,007b,005a]
GOEHRING, Emil--age:71; res:Highmore SD; Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012a,011b]
GOEMANN, A W 'Bud'--age:65; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078b]
GOERGEN, Christine M (Mrs)--age:82; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041d]
GOERGEN, Michael--age:78; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098b]
GOERGEN, Regina B (Mrs)--age:72; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122e]
GOFF, James--age:52; res:Sturgis SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113a]
GOGOLIN, Millie--Deceased spouse; see:Lucian Dewey SHOEMAKER.
GOHR, Fred J--age:20; res:Wichita Falls TX.  [Source:HP11D, p066a]
GOHRING, Beryle,--Deceased spouse; see:Russell W 'Bud' ROWEN.
GOHRING, Richard--age:83; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025d,026b]
GOODFACE, Eunice E (Mrs)--age:79; res:Lower Brule SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012c,013b]
GOODFACE, Frances--age:54; res:Stephan Mission SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045d]
GOODFACE, Henry Sr--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:Eunice E (TWO HAWK) GOODFACE.
GOODLANDER, Grant M--age:74; res:Huron SD; Willmar MN.  [Source:HP11D, p105c]
GORANSON, Mabel Eula--md:BIRCKHEAD; age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044d,043e]
GOTWALS, Robert A--age:--; res:Wessington Springs SD; Colorado Springs CO.  [Source:HP11D, p077d]
GOWELL, Hulda (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Roseville CA.  [Source:HP11D, p004b]
GRABINSKI, Elmer--age:86; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p075e]
GRABINSKI, Terry Lee--age:INF; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094a]
GRACE, Ellen T (Mrs)--age:87; res:Huron SD; Green Bay WI.  [Source:HP11D, p099d,099a]
GRACE, John F--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:Ellen T (LOONEY) GRACE.
GRAY OWL, Robert--age:49; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067e,066e]
GREEN, George C--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Julia L (HOLZGRAF) GREEN.
GREEN, Julia L (Mrs)--age:82; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063a,061d,064c]
GREENE, Fred D--Deceased spouse; see:Mabelle (HUNTLEY) GREENE.
GREENE, Mabelle (Mrs)--age:93; res:Huron SD; Claremont CA.  [Source:HP11D, p067e]
GRIFFIN, Anna M--md:REILLY; age:69; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003d,004b]
GRIFFIN, Anna--md:McDONALD; age:80; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036d]
GRIFFITH, Margaret--md:HOUGE; age:81; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092a]
GROCE, John H--age:84; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001d]
GROENENBOOM, Joe--age:82; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p116d]
GROGAN, Marc Lloyd--age:22; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023a,023d]
GROHS, Victor--age:49; res:Kimball SD.  [Source:HP11D, p099a]
GROSS, Glenn O--age:46; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038e]
GROSS, Katherina (Mrs)--age:87; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027d]
GROSS, Lucille (Mrs)--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053b]
GROSS, Peter P--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Lucille (SABOE) GROSS.
GROSS, Pilar (Mrs)--age:41; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027c]
GROSS, Sam D--age:70; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061b,058e,062a]
GROSS, William J--Deceased spouse; d:1928; see:Katherina (KLEINSASSER) GROSS.
GROTTA, Ida--md:BELZER; age:88; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109a]
GROVE, John A--age:87; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087c]
GRUBY, Virgil Mrs--age:23; res:Browns Valley MN.  [Source:HP11D, p013c]
GRUENWALD, Mathilda (Mrs)--age:83; res:Zell SD;Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p116d]
GRUHLKE, Louise (Mrs)--age:92; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010c,011b]
GRUHLKE, William G--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:Louise (MATHEWS) GRUHLKE.
GUDAHL, Peter Mrs--age:90; res:Miner Co. SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069a]
GUDAHL, Peter--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Peter Mrs (FOSHEIM) GUDAHL.
GUERICKE, Hildabert (Mr)--age:67; res:Menno SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117d]
GUERRERO, Pilar--md:GROSS; age:41; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027c]
GUISE, Phoebe Esther--md:SWANEY; age:92; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112c]
GULLICKSON, Edward,--Deceased spouse; see:Lida (ENGLISH) GULLICKSON.
GULLICKSON, Lida (Mrs)--age:81; res:Howard Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098d]
GULLY, Thomas F--age:89; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089d]
GUNDERSON, Selmer--age:86; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015d,014d]
GUNNISON, George--age:84; res:Watertown SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032a]
GUSE, Irma B (Miss)--age:66; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087c]
GUTENKAUF, Leona (Mrs)--age:59; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030e]
HACKETT, Artis Charles--age:2-1/2; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101b]
HAFFNER, George L--Deceased spouse; d:1929; see:Kate ([Not stated]) HAFFNER.
HAFFNER, Kate (Mrs)--age:90; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018b,019b]
HAGIN, John C (Dr)--age:79; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021e]
HAHLER, Gottlieb--age:92; res:Wecota SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062a]
HAHN, Clarence W--age:52; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106a]
HAIRY CHIN, Freeman Joseph--age:10; res:Bullhead SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080e,121a]
HALE, Beryl Ruth 'Ruth' (Mrs)--age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045e,045d]
HALE, E D--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Stena (MICKELSON) HALE.
HALE, Edward Roy--Deceased spouse; d:1957; see:Beryl Ruth 'Ruth' (CAMPMAN) HALE.
HALE, Stena (Mrs)--age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063b,063d]
HALEY, Mildred--md:LANGSTON; age:55; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123e]
HALL, Bonnie Jean--age:INF; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115d,115b]
HALL, Charles N--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Susie (LANE) HALL.
HALL, Gertrude (Mrs)--age:66; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119e]
HALL, Susie (Mrs)--age:82; res:Huron SD; Webster Groves MO.  [Source:HP11D, p031c,032c]
HALTER, Mary--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:H Clyde LOSEY.
HAMBURG, Lydia M--md:SCHULTZ; age:75; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007a]
HAMBURGER, Phillip H--age:77; res:Lebanon SD; Garden Grove CA.  [Source:HP11D, p007a]
HAMM, Arlon T--age:50; res:Bear Butte SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042d]
HAMMOND, Hannah--Deceased spouse; see:Floyd F TANNER.
HAMMOND, Jasper O--age:79; res:Iroquois SD; Long Beach CA.  [Source:HP11D, p113d,112e]
HANCOCK, Alfred--Deceased spouse; see:Lulu (SMITH) HANCOCK.
HANCOCK, Lulu (Mrs)--age:89; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002d,002a]
HAND, Katherine Elizabeth--md:SAMIS; age:--; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029a,032d]
HAND, Percy W--age:72; res:Midland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104a]
HANGER, (Mrs)--md:LUSK; age:65; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079a]
HANKS, Stanley--age:67; res:Woodburn OR.  [Source:HP11D, p057b]
HANNA, Hazel--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Martin F SHERIDAN.
HANNA, Minnie Edith--md:JAQUETTE; age:89; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083a]
HANSEN, Edward M--age:65; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010c]
HANSHOEW, Clifford R--age:21; res:Twin Falls ID.  [Source:HP11D, p066c]
HANSON, (Mrs Ted)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Jamestown KS.  [Source:HP11D, p076e]
HANSON, Duane T 'Bud'--age:57; res:Huron SD; Altadena CA.  [Source:HP11D, p068c,069d]
HANSON, Harold--age:75; res:Howard SD; Utica MN.  [Source:HP11D, p024d]
HANSON, Sena--md:ADAMS; age:80; res:Howard SD; Park Rapids MN.  [Source:HP11D, p004a]
HANSON, William--age:79; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072e,072Aa]
HARDES, Veronica--md:GASPAR; age:74; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012e]
HARDIE, Freida--md:BECKER; age:86; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089e]
HARDIE, Lillian--md:SCHWICHTENBERG; age:74; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064d]
HARDIE, W V 'Bill'--age:52; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108a,107d]
HARDING, Rose Marie (Mrs)--age:79; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025b]
HARMENING, DeAnn Marie--age:INF; res:Oakland CA.  [Source:HP11D, p026e]
HARMES, Andrew--Deceased spouse; d:1920; see:Nellie (CRESSEY) HARMES.
HARMES, Nellie (Mrs)--age:86; res:Carpenter SD; Rock Port MO.  [Source:HP11D, p075c,073e]
HARMON, Elaine--md:DUSEK; age:52; res:Chelsea SD; Havre MT.  [Source:HP11D, p090a]
HAROLD, Foley--age:55; res:Bakersfield CA.  [Source:HP11D, p072Aa]
HARRELL, Creed A--age:79; res:Miller SD; Gage OK.  [Source:HP11D, p024e]
HARRINGTON, Gladys--md:CHRISTIANSON; age:84; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065d]
HARRIS, Claire J--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Mildred (DUTCH) HARRIS.
HARRIS, Maud (Mrs)--age:94; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093a]
HARRIS, Mildred (Mrs)--age:66; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069b,068c]
HART, Artie (Mrs)--age:92; res:Hitchcock SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100c,099e,100c]
HART, Harry C--Deceased spouse; d:1937; see:Artie (ROZENBOOM) HART.
HART, Mae--md:LAMB; age:91; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019a]
HART, Mae--md:ORR; age:89; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p009b,008e]
HARTER, Max William--age:86; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032c]
HARTLEY, Jeanette M (Mrs)--age:43; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037e,040a]
HAUFF, Leona (Mrs)--age:53; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059d,060b]
HAUFLE, Bertha (Mrs)--age:76; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104e]
HAUFLE, Ernest,--Deceased spouse; see:Bertha (NELSON) HAUFLE.
HAUGE, Chester M--age:59; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102c,103c]
HAUGEN, James Allen--age:25; res:Belle Fourche SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101b]
HAUPT, Emma--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Harold G 'Lolly' ISBURG.
HAUSMAN, Charlotte 'Lottie'--md:WELCH; age:86; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036c]
HAVEN, Anthony John--age:INF; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114c]
HAWK, Kenneth Leroy--age:20; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038b]
HAWTHORNE, Edna Dedie (Mrs)--age:91; res:Wessington Springs SD; Alhambra CA.  [Source:HP11D, p037e]
HAY, Laura Agnes (Mrs)--age:69; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046a,046c,047a]
HAYES, Cora V (Mrs)--age:91; res:Hayes Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106b]
HAYES, Frank--Deceased spouse; d:1937; see:Cora V (EASTMAN) HAYES.
HAYES, Isadore--md:BROOKING; age:83; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079b]
HAZEL, Ardith L (Mrs)--age:61; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104b,104b]
HAZEL, John P--Deceased spouse; see:Ardith L (MURRAY) HAZEL.
HAZELRIGG, Charles Mrs--age:80; res:Pierre SD; Gilroy CA.  [Source:HP11D, p021a]
HAZELRIGG, Charles--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Charles Mrs (HILGENBOEKER) HAZELRIGG.
HEALD, Erma I--md:POPE; age:48; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117a,116c,116e]
HEGG, Marilyn--md:ALEXANDER; age:43; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008a,008(A)b]
HEIN, Alma--md:BLOCK; age:62; res:Iroquois SD; Pipestone MN.  [Source:HP11D, p109d]
HEIN, Conrad Peter--age:--; res:Brown's Valley MN.  [Source:HP11D, p072c]
HEINTZMAN, Pauline--md:LIEDTKE; age:87; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109c]
HELLAND, Knute--age:86; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118a]
HELM, Ollie--age:98; res:Hazel SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123d]
HENDERSON, Marjorie H (Mrs)--age:60; res:Wessington Springs SD; Atlantic IA.  [Source:HP11D, p076a]
HENDRICKSEN, Hans--age:94; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089d,090b]
HENDRICKSON, Henry C--age:83; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019d]
HENDRICKSON, Hulda Rosella--md:PAULSON; age:71; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087d]
HENGEL, Louis A--age:76; res:Pierre SD; Huntington Park CA.  [Source:HP11D, p007c]
HENLEY, Oliver R--age:64; res:Volga SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104a]
HENRICHS, Viola (Mrs)--age:59; res:Pierre SD; Arcadia CA.  [Source:HP11D, p032b]
HERDER, Gerald A--age:69; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095b,094c]
HESS, Paul--age:72; res:Rialto CA.  [Source:HP11D, p058e]
HEUMILLER, Michael--age:18; res:Montrose SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094e]
HICE, Clara (Mrs)--age:71; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057a,059d]
HIGGINS, Vincent E--age:57; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054d,054b]
HILES, Herman Leo--age:65; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020a,020e]
HILES, Milton--age:69; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103d,103b]
HILGENBOEKER, Charles Mrs--md:HAZELRIGG; age:80; res:Pierre SD; Gilroy CA.  [Source:HP11D, p021a]
HILKEMEIER, Margaret--md:LEONARD; age:79; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107e]
HILLIARD, Stella (Mrs)--age:94; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007d,007b]
HILLIARD, William--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Stella ([Not stated]) HILLIARD.
HINE, Delores (Miss)--age:37; res:Huron SD;Winner SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045e]
HINES, Clara M (Mrs)--age:78; res:Ree Heights SD; Gardena CA.  [Source:HP11D, p009a,008e]
HINES, Ernest--Deceased spouse; d:1932; see:Clara M (ALLEY) HINES.
HINES, John F--age:85; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p090e]
HINZ, Edward H--age:--; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074d]
HIPP, Michael J--age:88; res:Huron SD; Breckenridge MN.  [Source:HP11D, p014d]
HIRTZEL, William G--age:76; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p091c]
HJELM, Ella K (Mrs)--age:79; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063a,064b]
HJELM, Ole--Deceased spouse; see:Ella K (DAHL) HJELM.
HOBAN, Daniel J--age:24; res:Scottsbluff NE.  [Source:HP11D, p077a]
HOCKESSON, Beulah M (Mrs)--age:68; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108b]
HOERTH, Fred--age:77; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096c,096b]
HOFER, Ferd--age:72; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097c,097b]
HOFER, Ida,--Deceased spouse; see:Ferd HOFER.
HOFER, Jacob S--age:81; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004e,004c]
HOFER, Katie--md:WIPF; age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p047c]
HOFER, Mary--md:STAHL; age:89; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100a,099e]
HOFER, Rebecca--md:WALTER; age:58; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084e,084c]
HOFFERT, Henry--age:--; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014c]
HOFFMAN, Don B--age:63; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108c]
HOFFMAN, James L--age:75; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088d,088d]
HOGEL, Lonnie--age:34; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113a]
HOHM, Randall Edwin--age:21; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107c,108e]
HOHM, Randy--age:21; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107a]
HOIME, Thomas M--age:72; res:Bryant SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051b]
HOLMAN, Merle--age:25; res:Mission Hill SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104c]
HOLSCHER, Amelia (Mrs)--age:78; res:Wecota SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054e,054(A)c]
HOLSCHER, Carl--Deceased spouse; see:Julia B (BETTMANN) HOLSCHER.
HOLSCHER, Julia B (Mrs)--age:68; res:Wecota SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084c]
HOLSCHER, Wilhelmina--Deceased spouse; see:Gottlieb HAHLER.
HOLSCHER, William--Deceased spouse; see:Amelia (KREBS) HOLSCHER.
HOLTER, Agnes--md:KVERNES; age:79; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038a]
HOLTZ, John T--age:67; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004d]
HOLTZ, John T--age:67; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004d]
HOLZER, Jim--age:29; res:Mobridge SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098e]
HOLZERLAND, Minnie (Mrs)--age:67; res:Waubay SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104c]
HOLZGRAF, Julia L--md:GREEN; age:82; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063a,061d,064c]
HOLZWARTH, Anna M (Mrs)--age:62; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061c]
HOMAN, Brian--age:14; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p099b]
HOPKINS, Carrie,--Deceased spouse; see:Alfred OLSON.
HOPLEY, Marjorie H--md:HENDERSON; age:60; res:Wessington Springs SD; Atlantic IA.  [Source:HP11D, p076a]
HOPPEL, Donald--Deceased spouse; see:Virginia (BOWEN) HOPPEL.
HOPPEL, Virginia (Mrs)--age:56; res:Huron SD; Concord CA.  [Source:HP11D, p055e]
HOPPER, Ethel Grace (Mrs)--age:66; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p075b,075d]
HORSLEY, Arthur B--age:78; res:Wessington Springs SD; Bagley MN.  [Source:HP11D, p066a]
HORST, Martha--md:SCHORZMANN; age:74; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p082c,080d]
HOSS, Cletus--age:51; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073b,073c]
HOUCK, Hazel E (Miss)--age:71; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073e,074c]
HOUGE, Margaret (Mrs)--age:81; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092a]
HOVLAND, Dale--Deceased spouse; see:Shirley (CARLSON) HOVLAND.
HOVLAND, Shirley (Mrs)--age:53; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055b]
HOWARD, Cathy Jo--age:INF; res:Big Stone City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084a]
HOWARD, Lillian--md:BROWN; age:66; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028e]
HOWARDSON, I A (Mr)--age:78; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111d]
HOWIE, Anna M (Mrs)--age:87; res:Mellette SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029b]
HOWIE, Ray--Deceased spouse; see:Anna M ([Not stated]) HOWIE.
HUBER, Lydia--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Christ DIEDE.
HUDLER, Walter A--age:68; res:Huron SD;  CA.  [Source:HP11D, p077d,078b]
HUDSON, Lawrence L--age:22; res:Lower Brule SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110d]
HUDSON, Lawrence--age:22; res:Lower Brule SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109e]
HUETHER, Elizabeth--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Carl FASTNACHT.
HUGHES, Bertha--md:LANTIS; age:--; res:Huron SD; Penn Valley CA.  [Source:HP11D, p007d]
HULL, Earl W--Deceased spouse; see:Esther A (FARRAND) HULL.
HULL, Esther A (Mrs)--age:85; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017a,014e]
HUMANN, Elmo Edwin--age:28; res:Carson ND.  [Source:HP11D, p055d]
HUMPHREY, Elsie--md:LINDLAND; age:72; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107b]
HUNTLEY, Grace Abi (Miss)--age:90; res:Jerauld Co. SD; Claremont CA.  [Source:HP11D, p043d]
HUNTLEY, Mabelle--md:GREENE; age:93; res:Huron SD; Claremont CA.  [Source:HP11D, p067e]
HUSS, Theodore--age:90; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115a]
IHLEN, Esther C--md:WANG; age:56; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110a,111c]
IRWIN, Nellie Pearl (Mrs)--age:87; res:Rockham SD; Long Beach CA.  [Source:HP11D, p043a]
IRWIN, Thomas--Deceased spouse; d:1943; see:Nellie Pearl ([Not stated]) IRWIN.
ISBURG, Harold G 'Lolly'--age:69; res:Chamberlain SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045c,043c]
IVERSON, Della Mae (Mrs)--age:80; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028d]
IVERSON, William--age:71; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103d]
JACKSON, John--age:19; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063c]
JACKSON, Pearl--md:STRATTON; age:92; res:Wessington Springs SD; Pipestone MN.  [Source:HP11D, p109d]
JACOBSEN, Edmund--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Louise ([Not stated]) JACOBSEN.
JACOBSEN, Louise (Mrs)--age:86; res:Pierre SD; Evanston IL.  [Source:HP11D, p098b,098a]
JACOBSON, Hannah--md:BREWER; age:87; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040a]
JACOBSON, Lawrence A--age:80; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052c,047b]
JAHNING, Shanda--age:INF; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057b]
JANIS, Vincent--age:66; res:Scottsbluff NE.  [Source:HP11D, p094e]
JANS, Lydia (Mrs)--age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031c,032d]
JANSEN, Elisa 'Lizzie'--md:LARSON; age:82; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051b]
JANSEN, Nellie--Deceased spouse; see:Arthur M SWAIN.
JAQUETTE, Carl--Deceased spouse; d:1967; see:Minnie Edith (HANNA) JAQUETTE.
JAQUETTE, Minnie Edith (Mrs)--age:89; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083a]
JARECKI, Edmund L--age:72; res:Platte Center NE.  [Source:HP11D, p062c]
JARRETT, Elton A--age:--; res:Santee CA.  [Source:HP11D, p001e]
JARRETT, Grace--md:DAHL; age:67; res:Huron SD; Salt Lake City UT.  [Source:HP11D, p061a]
JASMANN, Elsa M (Mrs)--age:72; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007b,006c,006b]
JEFFERY, Grace--md:SHELTON; age:69; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p099e,099a]
JENNER, Sheryl M--md:SCHURCH; age:21; res:Redfield SD; Robbinsdale MN.  [Source:HP11D, p009c]
JENSEN, Gertrude (Mrs)--age:81; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121d]
JENSEN, Oscar--age:71; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111e]
JENSEN, Reuben 'Cy'--age:60; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036a]
JIRSA, Leonard--age:62; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p116a,115d]
JOCKHECK, William P--age:82; res:Hitchcock SD;Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049d]
JOHNSHOY, J Walter Mrs--age:--; res:Moorhead MN.  [Source:HP11D, p070a]
JOHNSON, Albert H--age:82; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115c]
JOHNSON, Alfred Odean 'Fred'--age:70; res:Huron SD;Broadland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044a,043c]
JOHNSON, Anfin--age:55; res:Clark SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013c]
JOHNSON, Arnold D--age:53; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060a,059d]
JOHNSON, Axeline--md:THOMPSON; age:76; res:Wessington SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049d,048b]
JOHNSON, Clara Amelia (Mrs)--age:85; res:Orient SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025e]
JOHNSON, Clarence R--age:74; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054a,053c]
JOHNSON, Elenora (Miss)--age:27; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)a]
JOHNSON, Frances Martha (Mrs)--age:57; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102e]
JOHNSON, Fred--Deceased spouse; d:1945; see:Pearl (SHAW) JOHNSON.
JOHNSON, Gene W--age:18; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118d,119c,120b]
JOHNSON, Gustaf A--age:84; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038c]
JOHNSON, Howard--age:47; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028d]
JOHNSON, Kenneth--age:58; res:Ottumwa IA.  [Source:HP11D, p012c]
JOHNSON, Lawrence--age:--; res:Centerville SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095d]
JOHNSON, Leilia--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Robert August AMACHER.
JOHNSON, Lena (Mrs)--age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035c,033d]
JOHNSON, LeRoy--Deceased spouse; see:Vivian L (FERRIS) JOHNSON.
JOHNSON, Lewis--age:83; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033a]
JOHNSON, Louis--age:67; res:Belle Prairie Twp. Beadle SD; Lebanon OR.  [Source:HP11D, p116b]
JOHNSON, Lulu--md:McMANUS; age:80; res:Wolsey SD; Chicago IL.  [Source:HP11D, p002b,001e]
JOHNSON, Mary (Mrs)--age:58; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084b]
JOHNSON, Maurice D--age:65; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058b,058e]
JOHNSON, Olai C--age:84; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037a]
JOHNSON, Pearl (Mrs)--age:90; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074a]
JOHNSON, Ray B--age:85; res:Doland; LaDelle SD; Harlingen TX.  [Source:HP11D, p104e]
JOHNSON, Robert--Deceased spouse; d:1937; see:Clara Amelia (ANDERSON) JOHNSON.
JOHNSON, Trygve--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Mary (CAMPBELL) JOHNSON.
JOHNSON, Vivian L (Mrs)--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)b,008b]
JOHNSTAD, Clara--md:TYSTAD; age:81; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087d]
JOHNSTON, Betty Jean (Miss)--age:30; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072e,073b]
JOHNSTON, Izetta--Deceased spouse; d:1938; see:Mark J DAVIS.
JONASEN, William--age:25; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072Ac]
JONASON, Jonas Mortimor 'Mort'--age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011d,011c]
JONES, Clarence A--age:66; res:San Francisco CA.  [Source:HP11D, p092a]
JONES, Clariet K (Mr)--age:76; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085b]
JONES, Francis W--age:81; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093c]
JONES, Jennie (Mrs)--age:88; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008a]
JONES, Joseph 'Eldon'--age:91; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092c,092c]
JONES, Logan--age:88; res:Huron SD;Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001e]
JONES, Ollie--Deceased spouse; d:1938; see:Joe GROENENBOOM.
JONES, Ona Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:69; res:Wessington SD; Tucson AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p041a]
JONES, Viola (Mrs)--age:68; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p082e,080e]
JONES, William--age:53; res:Edina MN.  [Source:HP11D, p045c]
JORGENSEN, Jorgen E--age:77; res:Huron SD; Medford OR.  [Source:HP11D, p009d]
JOYCE, Kate Mary--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Pearl B MARSHALL.
KAISER, Carrie L (Mrs)--age:95; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)a]
KAISER, F A--Deceased spouse; see:Carrie L ([Not stated]) KAISER.
KANT, Anna--md:ERICKSON; age:88; res:Bryant SD;Hayti SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021a]
KARIM, Zahra (Mrs)--age:62; res:Tehran IRAN.  [Source:HP11D, p043c]
KARLI, Donald--age:62; res:Valley Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055d]
KAYSER, Kenneth--age:51; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094b,093e]
KEEL, Blanche M (Miss)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Canoga Park CA.  [Source:HP11D, p003b]
KEGLER, William J--age:83; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111a]
KEISER, Lena (Mrs)--age:94; res:Hayti SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088b]
KEISER, Stewart--Deceased spouse; d:1914; see:Lena (CLUTS) KEISER.
KELLEY, James W--age:71; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p116e]
KELLEY, Roy--age:63; res:Huron SD; Delano MN.  [Source:HP11D, p071c]
KELLINGER, Terry L--age:20; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041e]
KELLY, (male)--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:Marian (KOEHNE) KELLY.
KELLY, Marian (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Lompoc CA.  [Source:HP11D, p122b]
KENNY, Leo--age:72; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053c]
KENYON, Elbert S--age:73; res:Tulare SD; Appleton MN.  [Source:HP11D, p050c]
KESSLER, Mary--age:15; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007d]
KIEL, Gottlieb Jacob 'Buck'--age:75; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097d,096e]
KILSTROM, Lena (Mrs)--age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035c,033d]
KINCAID, John--Deceased spouse; see:Oral ([Not stated]) KINCAID.
KINCAID, Oral (Mrs)--age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068a]
KING, Amy L--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:William F METTER.
KING, Amy Lela--md:METTER; age:60; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017a,017d,014e]
KING, Katherine (Mrs)--age:74; res:Huron SD; Downey CA.  [Source:HP11D, p064a,061d]
KING, Milton G Sr--age:80; res:Huron SD; Pico Rivera Ca.  [Source:HP11D, p039e]
KING, Milton Sr--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:Katherine (THERKILDSON) KING.
KINGHAM, Howard S--age:69; res:Agar SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005e]
KINTIGH, Dorothy--md:TAYLOR; age:61; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029c]
KINYON, Keith Glenn--age:39; res:Huron SD; Great Fall MT.  [Source:HP11D, p089a,088d]
KIRKPATRICK, Louie--age:83; res:Hayes SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025d,026c]
KIRSCHENMANN, Alvin C--age:67; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP11D, p090a,089d]
KIRTON, Clell--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Vivian (ANDERSON) KIRTON.
KIRTON, Vivian (Mrs)--age:60; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119d,119b]
KLAUS, Julia (Miss)--age:90; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034e]
KLEIN, Edna--md:SHROYER; age:67; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052e]
KLEIN, Elsie (Mrs)--age:56; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042c,041e]
KLEIN, William F--age:78; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093a]
KLEINSASSER, Katherina--md:GROSS; age:87; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027d]
KLEINSASSER, Katherina--md:MENDEL; age:87; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027d]
KLINK, Blanche B (Mrs)--age:77; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028a]
KLINK, Herman F--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Blanche B (BERKEY) KLINK.
KLOSTER, Jessie Lenore--md:MURRAY; age:84; res:Isabel SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077b,077a]
KLUG, James R--age:55; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123b,123d]
KLUGHIST, Katherine--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Andrew Richard ESTERGARD.
KNAPP, Winnifred (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Lancaster CA.  [Source:HP11D, p050a]
KNOUSE, Edna Lucille--md:WESTERBERG; age:55; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008c,009d]
KNUPPE, Roger A--age:10; res:New Underwood SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025c]
KNUTSON, Marvin--age:40; res:Highmore SD; Pullman WA.  [Source:HP11D, p012d]
KOCMICK, Gloria--age:17; res:Avon SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039c]
KOEHNE, Marian--md:KELLY; age:--; res:Huron SD; Lompoc CA.  [Source:HP11D, p122b]
KOENIG, Margaret Mary (Mrs)--age:81; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039c]
KOEPSELL, Anna (Mrs)--age:83; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078e]
KOHLWEY, Henry A--age:79; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045b]
KONRAD, Ida (Mrs)--age:78; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086d]
KONRAD, John,--Deceased spouse; see:Ida (MAYER) KONRAD.
KOPECKY, Earl--age:77; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121c,119c]
KOPECKY, Sophia--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Henry WEISNER.
KOPPANG, Alice--md:KROMER; age:57; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036a]
KOPPERT, Nick--age:85; res:Huron SD; Crowley TX.  [Source:HP11D, p119c,119e]
KOPPERUD, Robert--age:47; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048a]
KOST, Jacob--Deceased spouse; see:Lydia (MEILLAUD) KOST.
KOST, Lydia (Mrs)--age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031c,032d]
KOUF, Jennie (Mrs)--age:77; res:Huron SD; Powder River WY.  [Source:HP11D, p011c]
KREBS, Amelia--md:HOLSCHER; age:78; res:Wecota SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054e,054(A)c]
KRETZSCHMAR, Kevin Keith--age:17; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118d,120a]
KREUSER, Mathilda--md:LEMMER; age:71; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051d,053c]
KRIER, Christine M--md:GOERGEN; age:82; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041d]
KROMER, Alice (Mrs)--age:57; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036a]
KRUSE, Anna J--md:NELSON; age:89; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052d]
KUEHL, Emma--md:OPPERMANN; age:84; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032c]
KUEHN, Albert L--age:81; res:Doland SD; Monticello MN.  [Source:HP11D, p070d]
KUESTERMEYER, Fred--Deceased spouse; see:Mary (WILKEN) KUESTERMEYER.
KUESTERMEYER, Mary (Mrs)--age:90; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039a,039c]
KUHNS, Bernice (Mrs)--age:66; res:Wessington SD; Buffalo MO.  [Source:HP11D, p080e]
KUKUK, Charles F--age:79; res:Virgil SD;Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065a,062a]
KUNSTLE, Emma--md:NAGEL; age:81; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002e,003e]
KURTZ, Earl F (Rev)--age:84; res:Wessington Springs SD; Lawton IA.  [Source:HP11D, p015a]
KUSLER, Kenneth A--age:20; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008c]
KVERNES, Agnes (Mrs)--age:79; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038a]
KVERNES, Albert--Deceased spouse; d:1965; see:Agnes (HOLTER) KVERNES.
LACEY, Peter--age:23; res:.  [Source:HP11D, p121d]
LADWIG, Alfred--age:71; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093d]
LAIRD, Clarence R--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Helen (MOORE) LAIRD.
LAIRD, Helen (Mrs)--age:61; res:Highmore SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025e]
LAKE, Jay A--age:73; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005d]
LAKETEK, Gilbert (Rev), OSB--age:56; res:Tabor SD.  [Source:HP11D, p009d]
LAMB, Mae (Mrs)--age:91; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019a]
LAMB, Thomas--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Mae (HART) LAMB.
LAMBERT, Catherine (Mrs)--age:74; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072Ab]
LAMBIE, Patrick Alexander--age:49; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102e,103c]
LANDER, Sidney William--age:57; res:Provo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054e,054(A)a]
LANDRIGAN, Harry Joseph--age:45; res:Huron SD;Cavour; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121b]
LANE, Elisha J--age:76; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041b]
LANE, Susie--md:HALL; age:82; res:Huron SD; Webster Groves MO.  [Source:HP11D, p031c,032c]
LANG, William R--age:81; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031e]
LANGLAND, Joseph C--age:61; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053d]
LANGSLET, Hardy M--age:65; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063c]
LANGSTON, Mildred (Mrs)--age:55; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123e]
LANGSTON, Oliver--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:Mildred (HALEY) LANGSTON.
LANKFORD, Anne E--md:BLAKLEY; age:--; res:Huron SD; St. Paul MN.  [Source:HP11D, p016b]
LANTIS, Bertha (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Penn Valley CA.  [Source:HP11D, p007d]
LARSEN, Hans--age:88; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072d]
LARSEN, Iver M--age:82; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p091a]
LARSEN, Mabel (Mrs)--age:86; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108e]
LARSON, Clifford--age:46; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065a]
LARSON, Elisa 'Lizzie' (Mrs)--age:82; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051b]
LARSON, Elizabeth--Deceased spouse; see:Marvin WADE.
LARSON, Olaf G--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Elisa 'Lizzie' (JANSEN) LARSON.
LARSON, Olga (Mrs)--age:90; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020c]
LARSON, Oscar G--age:79; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049a,048a]
LARSON, Randy--age:--; res:Colton SD; Yuma AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p020d]
LARSON, Stina--md:STEPHENSON; age:94; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013a,012d]
LARSON, Sylvia--md:RAUCH; age:81; res:Volga SD;Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085a]
LARSON, Vernie (Mrs)--age:73; res:Bath SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080c]
LARSON, Viola--md:HENRICHS; age:59; res:Pierre SD; Arcadia CA.  [Source:HP11D, p032b]
LATHER, Velma (Mrs)--age:86; res:Cavour SD;Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089b]
LAUGHLIN, Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:66; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016c]
LAUGHLIN, Lee Charles--Deceased spouse; d:1957; see:Elizabeth (FINNEY) LAUGHLIN.
LAVERTY, Vera (Miss)--age:72; res:Hitchcock SD; Lusk WY.  [Source:HP11D, p003d]
LAWLESS, James J (Judge)--age:50; res:Beresford SD; Richland WA.  [Source:HP11D, p056c]
LAWRENCE, Marie Louise--md:BOVEE; age:70; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070e,068d]
LAWSON, Paul Forest 'Forey'--age:19; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010b,009e]
LECKNER, James Anthony--age:INF; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040e]
LeCLAIR, Vincent H--age:63; res:Dupree SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110c]
LeCOMPTE, Norma J (Mrs)--age:38; res:Stephan SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101e]
LeCOMPTE, Paul,--Deceased spouse; see:Norma J (FLEURY) LeCOMPTE.
LeDEAUX, Robert W--age:23; res:Hot Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018b]
LEDERMAN, Jacob--age:83; res:Crocker SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015d]
LEE, Alvin G--age:80; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055b,054b]
LEE, Anna E--md:LURVEY; age:82; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048e]
LEE, Henry Benhart 'Ben'--age:77; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p091b,090a]
LEGGETT, Florence--md:TIBBS; age:85; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072a,071d]
LeGRAND, Carl--age:--; res:.  [Source:HP11D, p]
LEIBY, Edward J--age:67; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038a]
LEMLER, William F--age:81; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003c]
LEMMER, Mathilda (Mrs)--age:71; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051d,053c]
LENARDS, Michael--age:19; res:Goodwin SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053a]
LENHART, Harry Carl--age:76; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001d]
LEONARD, Margaret (Mrs)--age:79; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107e]
LICHTY, Angela Kay--age:INF; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109a]
LICHTY, Fred J--age:80; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044c,043b]
LIECHTI, John--Deceased spouse; see:Mary ([Not stated]) LIECHTI.
LIECHTI, Mary (Mrs)--age:88; res:Seneca SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055a]
LIEDTKE, Carl--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Pauline (HEINTZMAN) LIEDTKE.
LIEDTKE, Pauline (Mrs)--age:87; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109c]
LIEN, Nolan--age:54; res:Ludlow SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109e]
LIESKE, Menris--age:94; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114c,113e]
LIESKE, Ursula Emma--md:MELBER; age:89; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039a,038d]
LIESTER, Michael Paul--age:7; res:Sherman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055d]
LILLIE, Agnes--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:William M McGAUGHEY.
LIMPO, William J--age:72; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104d]
LINAFELTER, Clara L (Mrs)--age:74; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014e,014b]
LINAFELTER, William E--Deceased spouse; d:1932; see:Clara L (MILLER) LINAFELTER.
LIND, Joy Alexander--age:60; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045b]
LINDEKUGEL, Fred L--age:70; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073c,072d]
LINDLAND, Elsie (Mrs)--age:72; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107b]
LINDLAND, Glenn--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:Elsie (HUMPHREY) LINDLAND.
LINDSEY, Raymond G--age:--; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112b]
LINN, Blanche--Deceased spouse; see:Jake Jr NEU.
LINN, Nellie--md:RASMUSSEN; age:86; res:Wessington Springs SD; Menomonie WI.  [Source:HP11D, p094c,093b]
LLOYD, Marjorie I--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Ralph T CARTER.
LOBBAN, Ruby H (Mrs)--age:80; res:Ree Heights SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037c]
LOE, Anna--md:KOEPSELL; age:83; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078e]
LOFTUS, Madeline L--md:FINLEY; age:73; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056e]
LOKEN, Nellie--Deceased spouse; see:Glenn McDANIEL.
LONGSTAFF, Ralph S--age:84; res:Huron SD; Winnetka IL.  [Source:HP11D, p027a]
LOOMIS, Clara (Miss)--age:79; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119d,121e]
LOONEY, Ellen T--md:GRACE; age:87; res:Huron SD; Green Bay WI.  [Source:HP11D, p099d,099a]
LOSEY, H Clyde--age:86; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034b]
LOULA, James F--age:70; res:Martin SD.  [Source:HP11D, p090c]
LOVELESS, Mazie--md:BELL; age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060b]
LOWE, Ruby Dell--age:82; res:Twin Brooks SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101b]
LUEHEMANN, David A--age:18; res:Jasper MN.  [Source:HP11D, p083e]
LUNCH, Lucy--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Frank TROSKE.
LUNDERS, Juliana (Mrs)--age:93; res:Salem SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023e]
LUNDGREN, Selma E--md:DUNCAN; age:80; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023a]
LUNDY, Holden--Deceased spouse; see:Ruth I (PETERSON) LUNDY.
LUNDY, Ruth I (Mrs)--age:76; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058a,057b]
LURVEY, Anna E (Mrs)--age:82; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048e]
LURVEY, Lynwood H--Deceased spouse; see:Anna E (LEE) LURVEY.
LUSK, (Mrs)--age:65; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079a]
LUTTER, Louise--Deceased spouse; see:Charles F KUKUK.
LYNCH, Ronald, DVM--age:37; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103e,103b]
LYONS, Bernard E--age:92; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p075a,075c]
MAASS, Albert J Jr--age:66; res:Yale SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080b,079d]
MACHAN, Kurt W--age:81; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109a,108b]
MADISON, Carrie--md:WOODALL; age:85; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100e]
MADISON, Eugene E--age:62; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106d]
MAGNESS, Mabel (Mrs)--age:84; res:St Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052a]
MAIER, Harry E--age:48; res:Spearfish SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059e]
MALEY, Daniel--Deceased spouse; d:1929; see:Marie (STALWICK) MALEY.
MALEY, Marie (Mrs)--age:80; res:Huron SD; Milan IL.  [Source:HP11D, p010b]
MALLERY, Jean (Miss)--age:86; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p091a,090c]
MALLON, Benton--Deceased spouse; d:1936; see:Edri Beatrice (BEER) MALLON.
MALLON, Edri Beatrice (Mrs)--age:85; res:Huron SD; Hawthorne CA.  [Source:HP11D, p093a,092e]
MANFULL, Horace--age:68; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001a]
MARESH, Emma--md:SCHULTZ; age:93; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p047d,047d]
MARLOW, Howard E--age:53; res:Zell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014a]
MARPLE, Fannie--Deceased spouse; see:William M OAKS.
MARSH, Milton N--age:64; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060e]
MARSHALL, Blanche Mae--md:PHILLIPS; age:84; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040d]
MARSHALL, Pearl B (Mr)--age:79; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018d,017e]
MARTIN, Leslie D--age:69; res:Bonilla SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036b,037b]
MARTIN, Maud--md:WHITNEY; age:89; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065e]
MARTINEZ, Juanita--age:INF; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068e]
MARVEL, Leonard--age:53; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101a]
MARX, Elmer J--age:79; res:Hastings NE.  [Source:HP11D, p010c]
MATHEWS, Louise--md:GRUHLKE; age:92; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010c,011b]
MATHIASON, Alfred--age:62; res:Redfield SD; Phoenix AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p023b]
MATHIEU, Gladyce Ruth (Mrs)--age:69; res:Brentford SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038d]
MATHIEU, Homer--Deceased spouse; see:Gladyce Ruth (SWIMM) MATHIEU.
MATTEVERNE, Anna Marie--Deceased spouse; see:William F LEMLER.
MATTKE, Alma--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Charles F KUKUK.
MATTKE, Arthur Emile--age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095d]
MATTSON, Clarence E--age:73; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070a]
MAYER, Ida--md:KONRAD; age:78; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086d]
McBRIDE, Rachel Ann--age:19; res:Wagner SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057c]
McCAIN, Anna Mary (Miss)--age:72; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072a]
McCAMLY, Myrtle--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:Floyd P 'Jack' POTTS.
McCORD, Eula J--md:FENNER; age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111a]
McDANIEL, Glenn--age:70; res:Wekota SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030e]
McDONALD, Anna (Mrs)--age:80; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036d]
McDONALD, Thomas--Deceased spouse; see:Anna (GRIFFIN) McDONALD.
McFARLAND, John W--age:39; res:Muncie IN.  [Source:HP11D, p093c]
McGAUGHEY, William M--age:83; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092d,092b]
McHENRY, Fred--age:91; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037e]
McINTYRE, Archie--Deceased spouse; see:Maude (BURKE) McINTYRE.
McINTYRE, Maude (Mrs)--age:84; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029d]
McKILLIP, Glen Mrs--md:RATHBUN; age:56; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005d,005b]
McLAIN, Lloyd--age:51; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p075c]
McLEOD, Florence--md:McNAMARA; age:82; res:Huron SD; Milwuakee WI.  [Source:HP11D, p094e,095b]
McLIN, Kenneth--age:21; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062e]
McMANUS, Lulu (Mrs)--age:80; res:Wolsey SD; Chicago IL.  [Source:HP11D, p002b,001e]
McMANUS, Tilda B (Mrs)--age:82; res:Wessington Springs SD; Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123c]
McMULLEN, Charles B--age:67; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112b]
McMURTRY, Zelma Willard--md:CLARK; age:64; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110e,111a]
McNAMARA, Florence (Mrs)--age:82; res:Huron SD; Milwuakee WI.  [Source:HP11D, p094e,095b]
McNAMARA, George--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Florence (McLEOD) McNAMARA.
McNEIL, Ida (Mrs)--age:86; res:Rapid City SD;Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080a]
McPHAIL, Lilly--md:ROBERTS; age:83; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018e,016d]
McQUIRE, Edward--age:85; res:Newell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087a]
McQUIRK, John (Rev)--age:70; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p009d]
McROBERTS, Clarence--Deceased spouse; see:Marcella R (PUNDSACK) McROBERTS.
McROBERTS, Marcella R (Mrs)--age:42; res:Lebanon SD;Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028e]
MEANS, Edward--age:18; res:Pine Ridge SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004e]
MEDIGER, Cory Michael--age:INF; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028a]
MEHLING, Robert Andrew--age:88; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096b]
MEHRENS, Jeff--age:18; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013b]
MEILLAUD, Lydia--md:JANS; age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031c,032d]
MEILLAUD, Lydia--md:KOST; age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031c,032d]
MELBER, George--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Ursula Emma (LIESKE) MELBER.
MELBER, Ursula Emma (Mrs)--age:89; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039a,038d]
MENDEL, J J--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Katherina (KLEINSASSER) MENDEL.
MENDEL, Katherina (Mrs)--age:87; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027d]
MENGENHAUSEN, Daniel Dean 'Donnie'--age:37; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057d]
MENKINS, Otelia (Mrs)--age:--; res:Gettysburg; Lebanon SD; St Petersburg FL.  [Source:HP11D, p008b]
MENTELE, William J--age:77; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p022c]
MERRIAM, Gertrude--md:HALL; age:66; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119e]
MESSEROLE, Daisy R--md:BELL; age:84; res:Raymond SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014a,015c]
METTER, Amy Lela (Mrs)--age:60; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017a,017d,014e]
METTER, William F--age:65; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030c]
METZGER, Carl--Deceased spouse; see:Helen G ([Not stated]) METZGER.
METZGER, Helen G (Mrs)--age:83; res:Huron SD; McAllen TX.  [Source:HP11D, p004d]
MEYER, Earl--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Olga A (NORDLUND) MEYER.
MEYER, Fred E--age:84; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101c]
MEYER, Olga A (Mrs)--age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070d,070a]
MEYER, Theodore--age:73; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070c,071b]
MEYERS, Edith (Mrs)--age:75; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p,102b]
MICHEEL, Lucille Caroline (Mrs)--age:62; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039b,040b]
MICHEL, Anna (Mrs)--age:89; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123d]
MICHEL, George--Deceased spouse; d:1947; see:Anna (MILLER) MICHEL.
MICKELSON, Stena--md:HALE; age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063b,063d]
MIDDLE TENT, Janelle--age:7; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,010e]
MIDDLE TENT, Kelvin--age:1; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,010e]
MIDDLE TENT, Loren--age:4; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,010e]
MIDDLE TENT, Ruth--age:14; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,010e]
MILEUSNICH, Mike--age:80; res:Onida SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044e]
MILLER, Aloysious 'Lloyd'--age:53; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069d,071d]
MILLER, Anna--md:MICHEL; age:89; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123d]
MILLER, Blance (Mrs)--age:94; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118c]
MILLER, Christoffer D--age:77; res:Sinai SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003b]
MILLER, Clara L--md:LINAFELTER; age:74; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014e,014b]
MILLER, Elizabeth--md:OLSON; age:86; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031e]
MILLER, F J--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Blance (RAMSDALL) MILLER.
MILLER, Hazel (Miss)--age:57; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031b,027a]
MILLER, Hugh H--age:80; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038c]
MILLER, James A--age:86; res:Faulkton SD;Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110e]
MILLER, Maralyn (Mrs)--age:--; res:Highmore SD; Grand Prairie TX.  [Source:HP11D, p086a]
MILLER, Marjorie (Mrs)--age:90; res:Doland SD; Hollywood CA.  [Source:HP11D, p008e]
MILLER, Paul Dean--age:29; res:Lake Preston SD; Yuma AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p020d]
MILLER, Raymond Mrs--age:55; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p006e]
MILLER, Ruth--md:AUSTIN; age:68; res:Bancroft SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029e]
MILLER, Wesley Irwin--age:84; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102d]
MILLER, William--Deceased spouse; see:Marjorie (BEVERIDGE) MILLER.
MILLS, George--Deceased spouse; see:Myrtle ([Not stated]) MILLS.
MILLS, Mildred--md:WHALEY; age:74; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117e]
MILLS, Myrtle (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Glendale CA.  [Source:HP11D, p019e]
MILLS, Winnifred--md:KNAPP; age:--; res:Huron SD; Lancaster CA.  [Source:HP11D, p050a]
MINER, Arlow--age:--; res:Sioux City IA.  [Source:HP11D, p040a]
MINS, Baker E--age:70; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088e]
MITCHELL, Merril R--age:53; res:Canning SD.  [Source:HP11D, p050c]
MITCHELL, Ronald--age:14; res:Yankton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115d]
MOBERG, Harry H--age:83; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060a]
MOE, Joseph--age:76; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123a]
MOE, Larry--age:35; res:Brown's Valley MN.  [Source:HP11D, p079a]
MONJARAZ, Rose--age:20; res:Wagner SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079a]
MONSON, Tillie E--Deceased spouse; d:1969; see:Roy J BRANDRUP.
MONTREAL, Nino M--age:36; res:Eagle Butte SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094d]
MOORE, Grace--md:EAGLEMAN; age:83; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062b,061b]
MOORE, Helen--md:LAIRD; age:61; res:Highmore SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025e]
MOORE, Jean Ardelle--md:TIMMINS; age:50; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057e,059b]
MOORE, Jessie B--md:SCHLOMER; age:71; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112e]
MOORE, Pearl (Mrs)--age:83; res:Ft. Lauderdale FL.  [Source:HP11D, p029a]
MOORE, Stewart W--age:71; res:Manchester SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049a]
MORFORD, Faye--Deceased spouse; d:1915; see:Carl Henry CHRISTENSEN.
MOSES, Ronald R--age:39; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p050d]
MOSHELL, H W--age:49; res:Roswell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111c]
MOSS, Albert E--age:83; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101a]
MUELLER, John B--age:84; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p022d]
MUNDHENKE, Fronia (Mrs)--age:70; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037d]
MUNDHENKE, Lydia--md:MURPHY; age:87; res:Willow Lake SD; Jamestown ND.  [Source:HP11D, p112a]
MUNDT, Karl E--age:74; res:.  [Source:HP11D, p081a,082a]
MUNHALL, Charles T--age:85; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005b]
MURPHY, Bessie (Mrs)--age:86; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086c,085c]
MURPHY, Charles--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:Lydia (MUNDHENKE) MURPHY.
MURPHY, Esther--Deceased spouse; see:Johnnie TEMPLE.
MURPHY, Lydia (Mrs)--age:87; res:Willow Lake SD; Jamestown ND.  [Source:HP11D, p112a]
MURPHY, Ray--age:82; res:Elrod SD;Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035a,033b]
MURPHY, Renetta A (Mrs)--age:70; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020c,022c]
MURRAY, Ardith L--md:HAZEL; age:61; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104b,104b]
MURRAY, Ardith L--md:PAUL; age:61; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104b,104b]
MURRAY, Ardith L--md:SIEPMAN; age:61; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104b,104b]
MURRAY, Byron H--age:88; res:Isabel SD; Sioux City IA.  [Source:HP11D, p061c,063d]
MURRAY, Byron H--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:Jessie Lenore (KLOSTER) MURRAY.
MURRAY, Daniel F--age:80; res:Revere MA.  [Source:HP11D, p060d]
MURRAY, James--age:44; res:Denver CO.  [Source:HP11D, p079b]
MURRAY, Jessie Lenore (Mrs)--age:84; res:Isabel SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077b,077a]
MUSOLF, Edward Carl--age:70; res:Huron SD;Estelline SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042e]
MUSSEL, Christena E--md:PRIBYL; age:87; res:Wolsey SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060e]
MYERS, Austin--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Edith (BERRY) MYERS.
MYERS, Edith (Mrs)--age:--; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103b]
NAGEL, Emma (Mrs)--age:81; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002e,003e]
NAGEL, Johannes--Deceased spouse; see:Emma (KUNSTLE) NAGEL.
NANCE, Frances--md:THOMPSON; age:95; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068c]
NEAL, Clifford A--age:56; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078d]
NEDELLA, Patricia M--age:47; res:Hartford SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114b]
NEEDHAM, Lillian (Mrs)--age:79; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076c]
NEEMAN, Fern (Mrs)--age:65; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005c,004e]
NELSON, Albert--age:85; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098a]
NELSON, Alvin J--age:49; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098c]
NELSON, Anna J (Mrs)--age:89; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052d]
NELSON, Annie Marie--md:WIBERG; age:83; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013e]
NELSON, Bertha--md:HAUFLE; age:76; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104e]
NELSON, Coe Elaine (Mrs)--age:26; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019a,019e]
NELSON, Earl L--age:47; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092d,092b]
NELSON, Elvira--Deceased spouse; see:Henry BULT.
NELSON, George B--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Anna J (KRUSE) NELSON.
NELSON, Inez (Mrs)--age:74; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034d]
NELSON, Jokum--age:88; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117e]
NELSON, Leo George--age:68; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118c,119c]
NELSON, Lydia (Mrs)--age:86; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051c]
NELSON, Mary--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Ray B xJOHNSON.
NELSON, Olga--md:LARSON; age:90; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020c]
NELSON, Paul--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Inez (BAKER) NELSON.
NELSON, Randy--age:47; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p006b]
NESSEIM, Lewis Ronald--age:20; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016b]
NEU, Bena (Mrs)--age:79; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107c]
NEU, Jake Jr--age:74; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071d]
NEUHARTH, Karolina 'Carrie'--md:BITTNER; age:87; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023d,023c]
NEWELL, Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:66; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016c]
NICHOLS, Claude E--age:76; res:Forestburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055b]
NICHOLSON, Gladys Ethel (Mrs)--age:75; res:Highmore SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018d,016d]
NICHOLSON, Vincent--Deceased spouse; see:Gladys Ethel (STANTON) NICHOLSON.
NIELSON, Nels A--age:84; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040b]
NORDBY, Susan (Mrs)--age:--; res:.  [Source:HP11D, p118b]
NORDHUS, Severt C--age:79; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042e]
NORDLUND, Olga A--md:MEYER; age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070d,070a]
NORMAN, Nina (Mrs)--age:87; res:Fort Pierre SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034a]
NORQUIST, Anna Marie (Mrs)--age:74; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030c,031e]
NORTHEY, Eutie Annetta--md:PIER; age:92; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019c,020d]
NOVACEK, Joseph F--age:65; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002a]
NULL, Eldon (Dr)--age:49; res:West Lafayette IN.  [Source:HP11D, p040e]
NUNNERY, Pearl M (Mrs)--age:88; res:Carthage SD; Seattle WA.  [Source:HP11D, p042c]
NUNNERY, Roe--Deceased spouse; see:Pearl M ([Not stated]) NUNNERY.
NUTTBROCK, Joseph H--age:92; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034c,033b,035b]
NYGAARD, Ernest--age:50; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106d]
OAKS, William M--age:97; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052e,051c]
O'BRIAN, Edward M--age:60; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092e]
O'BRIEN, Dean Adrian--age:48; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020e,021d]
OCHSNER?, Ida--md:WAHL; age:86; res:Sacramento CA.  [Source:HP11D, p,100d]
ODDEN, Gudmond--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Tillie ([Not stated]) ODDEN.
ODDEN, Tillie (Mrs)--age:83; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106d]
ODDY, Edward B--age:83; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053b]
OHMAN, Flora (Mrs)--age:95; res:Huron SD;Irene SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096e]
OINES, Oral--age:68; res:Volga SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096e]
OLIGMUELLER, Justina--Deceased spouse; see:Conrad C SCHAEFERS.
OLIVER, Lulu P (Mrs)--age:79; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055a]
OLIVER, Pat--Deceased spouse; see:Lulu P (PAYNE) OLIVER.
OLSON, A J Mrs--age:--; res:.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)c]
OLSON, Alfred--age:83; res:Northville SD.  [Source:HP11D, p105e]
OLSON, Ben--age:74; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111b,111b]
OLSON, Eleanor M (Mrs)--age:81; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076e,077b]
OLSON, Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:86; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031e]
OLSON, Ernest T--age:63; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026d]
OLSON, Olga A (Miss)--age:81; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p047b]
OLSON, Orris--age:59; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033b]
OLSON, William H--age:90; res:Huron SD; Fresno CA.  [Source:HP11D, p028c]
ONDELL, Manoah E--age:79; res:Conde SD;Mellette SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097e]
O'NEAL, Marshall E--age:77; res:Huron SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068e]
OPPERMANN, Emma (Mrs)--age:84; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032c]
OPPERMANN, Harvey--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Emma (KUEHL) OPPERMANN.
ORR, Mae (Mrs)--age:89; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p009b,008e]
ORSTRUM, Henry C--age:76; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018c]
ORTMEIER, Maximilian--age:93; res:Polo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004b,004c]
OSBORN, Leon--age:70; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084b]
OSMANSON, Paul Orville--age:59; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078a]
OSTREM, Anna--md:TROELSON; age:79; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013c]
OVIATT, S Claude--age:90; res:Huron SD; Lemon Grove CA.  [Source:HP11D, p101d,101b]
PAANANEN, Inez M (Mrs)--age:62; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056b]
PADELFORD, Gladys (Mrs)--age:78; res:Wolsey SD; Long Beach CA.  [Source:HP11D, p035d]
PAGE, Elvina--md:GLOE; age:47; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109e]
PALMER, Ellsworth 'Pat'--age:70; res:Orient SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103c]
PARFREY, Lester--age:27; res:Buffalo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103a]
PARKER, Susie L--md:ANDERSON; age:80; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102c,101e]
PARMELY, Grace (Mrs)--age:83; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071b]
PASO, Inez M--md:PAANANEN; age:62; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056b]
PATRICK, George E--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Hilda Alida (WICKLAND) PATRICK.
PATRICK, Hilda Alida (Mrs)--age:85; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095c,095c]
PATTON, Eunice (Mrs)--age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094c,093b]
PATTON, John--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Eunice (ANDERSON) PATTON.
PAUL, Ardith L (Mrs)--age:61; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104b,104b]
PAUL, Joe--Deceased spouse; see:Ardith L (MURRAY) PAUL.
PAULGER, Charles A--age:78; res:Wolsey SD; Red Cloud NE.  [Source:HP11D, p090d]
PAULSEN, Emil E 'Mike'--age:83; res:Clark SD;Hazel SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031b]
PAULSON, Hulda Rosella (Mrs)--age:71; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087d]
PAULSON, Leona--md:HAUFF; age:53; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059d,060b]
PAULSON, Leona--md:SHELLY; age:53; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059d,060b]
PAWLOVICH, Wilbert 'Bud'--age:48; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033a]
PAYNE, Lulu P--md:OLIVER; age:79; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055a]
PAYNE, Lulu P--md:THOMPSON; age:79; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055a]
PAYNTER, Bernice--age:71; res:Plankinton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p101b]
PEARSON, Charles M--Deceased spouse; d:1927; see:Fern (DEUTER) PEARSON.
PEARSON, Fern (Mrs)--age:70; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025c,025a]
PEARSON, Harold L 'Spider'--age:42; res:Carpenter SD; Minneapolis MN.  [Source:HP11D, p085c]
PECK, Gladys--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:Earl ANDERSON.
PEDERSEN, Anna Marie--md:BECK; age:92; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026c,027e]
PEDERSEN, Dorothy A (Mrs)--age:66; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p091c]
PEDERSEN, M C,--Deceased spouse; see:Dorothy A (ANDERSON) PEDERSEN.
PEFFLEY, Harmony A--md:STEINBORN; age:87; res:Huron SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003b]
PEKAREK, Joseph E--age:76; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060c,060b]
PEMRICK, Margaret Mary--md:KOENIG; age:81; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039c]
PERKINS, Roy Lewis--age:48; res:Miller; Wolsey SD; Ft. Smith AR.  [Source:HP11D, p097b]
PERKINS, S Myrtle (Mrs)--age:71; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095c]
PESTER, Henry--age:81; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089e]
PETERS, Anna Marie--md:ELENZ; age:72; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110b]
PETERSEN, Fred--Deceased spouse; d:1955; see:Frieda (STABEN) PETERSEN.
PETERSEN, Frieda (Mrs)--age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020b]
PETERSEN, Hans H--age:--; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p082e]
PETERSEN, Harold (Mrs)--age:67; res:Lake Norden SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008(A)d,009a]
PETERSEN, Kenneth LaVerne--age:52; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023e]
PETERSON, Alvin Otis--age:65; res:Hetland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086e]
PETERSON, Amanda (Miss)--age:89; res:Naples SD; Vienna SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008a]
PETERSON, Dale B 'Benjie'--age:19; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015e]
PETERSON, Ruby--md:BULLINGTON; age:64; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041c]
PETERSON, Ruth I--md:LUNDY; age:76; res:Carpenter SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058a,057b]
PETERSON, William Reuben--age:73; res:Rosholt SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121d]
PETERSON, Willie--age:75; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031d,028b]
PETTIS, Harriet A--md:SHIPPEE; age:86; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017e]
PETTIT, Alta--md:TIFFANY; age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005a(2x)]
PHILLIPS, Blanche Mae (Mrs)--age:84; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040d]
PHILLIPS, Lila--md:BUELOW; age:63; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053e]
PHILLIPS, Maxine--md:BECKER; age:43; res:Rockham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002b]
PIER, Eutie Annetta (Mrs)--age:92; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019c,020d]
PIER, Lester Levit--Deceased spouse; d:1925; see:Eutie Annetta (NORTHEY) PIER.
PIERCE, Lynn--age:16; res:Sioux City IA.  [Source:HP11D, p087a]
PIERCE, Mary Agnes (Mrs)--age:51; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045a]
PIESCHKE, Adolph P--age:78; res:Clark SD;Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038c]
PIETZ, Elsa M--md:JASMANN; age:72; res:Harrold SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007b,006c,006b]
PIKE, Pearl--md:UPHAM; age:84; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026b]
PILLARD, Lawrence A--age:23; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073d,073b]
PINARD, Edma--md:TIEDE; age:63; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002c,002a]
PIPPERT, Leonard C--age:62; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054b]
PITTMAN, Mary E [Miss]--age:84; res:Zell SD; Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071c]
PLETT, Rhonda June--age:9; res:Hesston KS.  [Source:HP11D, p049b]
PLYANS, Augusta--Deceased spouse; see:Ollie HELM.
POAGUE, Maude (Mrs)--age:88; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021d]
POLLOCK, Charles A--age:79; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015b]
POMEROY, Coral E--md:FOX; age:87; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049d,046c,048c]
POMMER, Mary (Mrs)--age:61; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094b]
POOR, Ethel (Mrs)--age:91; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016a,015c]
POOR, George--Deceased spouse; d:1957; see:Ethel (BRADSHAW) POOR.
POPE, Erma I (Mrs)--age:48; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117a,116c,116e]
POPPE, Woodrow--age:--; res:Murdo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066c]
POTTS, Floyd P 'Jack'--age:64; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058d]
POWELL, George--age:87; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049d,045d]
POWERS, Gertrude Mae (Mrs)--age:92; res:Redfield SD; Seattle WA.  [Source:HP11D, p052b]
PRESTON, Harold Allen--age:37; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054a]
PRIBYL, Christena E (Mrs)--age:87; res:Wolsey SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060e]
PRIBYL, Frank--Deceased spouse; see:Christena E (MUSSEL) PRIBYL.
PRUE, Michael--age:--; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041e]
PUCKETT, C C (Judge)--age:92; res:Yankton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011d]
PULLES, Margaret (Miss)--age:71; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043d]
PULLMAN, Jacob H 'Jake'--age:66; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029b,024b]
PULLMAN, Joe S--age:81; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035c]
PUNDSACK, Marcella R--md:McROBERTS; age:42; res:Lebanon SD;Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028e]
PYLE, May--md:ANDREWS; age:86; res:Huron SD; Ashland OH.  [Source:HP11D, p118b]
QUELLAND, Mabel--md:STRATTON; age:--; res:Huron SD; Battleground WA.  [Source:HP11D, p091d]
QUIGLEY, Marlin R--age:27; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025b]
QUILT, R W 'Randy'--age:38; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007b]
RADEMACHER, George--age:73; res:Clayton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040c]
RAINS, Brian Clarke--age:INF; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062d]
RAINY, Marlys Mae--md:BIGELOW; age:44; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,011c]
RAINY, Marlys Mae--md:VASKNETZ; age:44; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,011c]
RAMSDALL, Blance--md:MILLER; age:94; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118c]
RAND, Lloyd Edward--age:61; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p042b]
RANK, Ada (Mrs)--age:84; res:Wessington Springs SD; Newcastle WY.  [Source:HP11D, p084d]
RANK, Harry E,--Deceased spouse; see:Ada (CRIST) RANK.
RANK, Harry E--age:83; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002e,003b]
RASMUSSEN, Bennie--age:55; res:Crocker SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088a]
RASMUSSEN, Ernest R--age:76; res:Seneca SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112b]
RASMUSSEN, Fred--age:82; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048e]
RASMUSSEN, Nellie (Mrs)--age:86; res:Wessington Springs SD; Menomonie WI.  [Source:HP11D, p094c,093b]
RASMUSSEN, Percy--Deceased spouse; d:1952; see:Nellie (LINN) RASMUSSEN.
RATH, Lesel C--age:74; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p099b]
RATHBUN, Glen Mrs--age:56; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005d,005b]
RAUCH, Reinhold--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Sylvia (LARSON) RAUCH.
RAUCH, Sylvia (Mrs)--age:81; res:Volga SD;Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085a]
REARICK, Ethel--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Alfred ABRAHAMSON.
REBER, Wesley Todd--age:5; res:Groton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056e]
REDDY, Robert Anthony--age:42; res:Kyle SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118e]
REED, Nina--md:NORMAN; age:87; res:Fort Pierre SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034a]
REESE, John H--Deceased spouse; see:Rena (SAUGSTAD) REESE.
REESE, Rena (Mrs)--age:95; res:Aberdeen SD; West Newton MA.  [Source:HP11D, p059b]
REHNKE, Ernest A--age:83; res:Crandon SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035a]
REID, Charles A--age:--; res:Huron SD; Kansas City MO.  [Source:HP11D, p099e]
REID, William J--age:46; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106b]
REILLY, Anna M (Mrs)--age:69; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003d,004b]
REILLY, Jeanette M--md:HARTLEY; age:43; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037e,040a]
REILLY, Joe--age:78; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p099d,099e]
REILLY, John--Deceased spouse; d:1948; see:Anna M (GRIFFIN) REILLY.
REILLY, Ruth (Mrs)--age:80; res:Highland Park IL.  [Source:HP11D, p005a]
REINARTZ, Albert T--age:70; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117c]
REINHART, Charles--age:72; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083d]
REINKE, Kate (Mrs)--age:90; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018b,019b]
REMUS, Fritz Albert--age:56; res:Big Stone City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064e]
RENSHAW, Ethel Grace--md:HOPPER; age:66; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p075b,075d]
RENTZ, Ruth (Mrs)--age:78; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096d]
REWERTS, Darlene--age:16; res:Hutchinson MN.  [Source:HP11D, p090d]
REZAC, Henry--age:78; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087e,087c]
RICHARDSON, J Harold--age:68; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097a,096d]
RIEGER, Fay--md:WILKES; age:86; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063d,061d]
RIEGER, John G--age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112a]
RILLING, Lloyd--age:63; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041e,042c]
RINERSON, Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:89; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100a]
RINERSON, William--Deceased spouse; d:1939; see:Elizabeth (WILSON) RINERSON.
RING, Nannie O--md:AAKER; age:83; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008d]
RINGLING, Donald--age:26; res:Platte SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064a]
RISTESUND, Elias O--age:83; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p116b,115b]
ROBE, Dorothy C--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Harry C DAUM.
ROBERTS, Alfred A--Deceased spouse; see:Gladys (SHARPE) ROBERTS.
ROBERTS, Anna (Mrs)--age:86; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055e]
ROBERTS, Edna--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:George W COMSTOCK.
ROBERTS, Evelyn--md:WELTY; age:57; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072b]
ROBERTS, Gladys (Mrs)--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068b,069b]
ROBERTS, Lilly (Mrs)--age:83; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018e,016d]
ROBERTS, Syril James Jr--age:43; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076a]
ROBERTS, William--Deceased spouse; see:Anna (WEILAND) ROBERTS.
ROBERTSON, Seth Michael--age:INF; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073c>074c]
ROBINSON, Debbie--md:DAVIS; age:20; res:Atwater CA.  [Source:HP11D, p018b]
ROCHE, Thomas F--age:90; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060a]
ROEGIERS, Henri--age:90; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059a]
ROESLER, Alfred J--age:57; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021b,020d]
ROETMAN, L Gwen (Mrs)--age:64; res:Wessington Springs SD; Reading MN.  [Source:HP11D, p123c]
ROGERS, Alvin E--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Svea Victoria (FAGRELIUS) ROGERS.
ROGERS, Ruth (Mrs)--age:70; res:Huron SD; Kennewick WA.  [Source:HP11D, p057d]
ROGERS, Svea Victoria (Mrs)--age:79; res:Bancroft SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP11D, p097b]
ROHRABAUGH, Herbert Eldon 'Ed' Jr--age:45; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054c,055b]
ROHRBACH, Ricky D--age:22; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055c]
ROMMEREIN, Rena (Mrs)--age:91; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063b]
ROSEMONT, V Gregory (Dr)--age:86; res:Huron SD; Glendale CA.  [Source:HP11D, p003a]
ROSENAU, Otto--age:79; res:Howes SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119a]
ROSS, Derek Richard--age:2; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080d]
ROUSE, Lowell N--age:65; res:Huron SD; Battle Ground WA.  [Source:HP11D, p123c]
ROVANG, John--age:82; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035e]
ROWCLIFFE, Thomas Lyle--age:15; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044d,050a]
ROWEN, Russell W 'Bud'--age:59; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085e]
ROZENBOOM, Artie--md:HART; age:92; res:Hitchcock SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100c,099e,100c]
RUCH, Robert--age:50; res:Livingston CA.  [Source:HP11D, p051e]
RUDD, Julie--md:ASHFIELD; age:67; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066d,067d]
RUDEEN, Andrew P--age:79; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027b]
RUDLOFF, Edward M--age:66; res:Huron SD; Mt. Vernon WA.  [Source:HP11D, p053a]
RUDY, John P--age:84; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048b,048d]
RUESCHENBERG, Catherine--md:LAMBERT; age:74; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072Ab]
RUESINK, Christin L--age:6; res:Castlewood SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054d,054(A)a]
RUMANN, Rodney G--age:83; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017b]
RUMELHART, Josephine (Mrs)--age:86; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083d,083a]
RUNGE, August H--age:81; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085d]
RUPP, Lucille Caroline--md:MICHEEL; age:62; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039b,040b]
RYAN, Ralph--age:82; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076c]
RYLAND, Chadwick--age:4; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080a]
SABATKA, Carl E--age:73; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046a]
SABOE, Lucille--md:GROSS; age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053b]
SABOE, Lucille--md:WHEELER; age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053b]
SAFFEL, Michael--age:82; res:Stanley Co SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007d]
SALISBURY, Bernite (Mrs)--age:62; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002a]
SAMDAHL, Clarence--age:86; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064c]
SAMIS, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029a,032d]
SAMPSON, Myrtle Forest--md:VanDYKE; age:54; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056d]
SANDERS, Antone Theodore--age:94; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085e]
SANDS, Matie--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:William BARTON.
SANDUM, Rena--md:ROMMEREIN; age:91; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063b]
SANFORD, Jerry--age:28; res:Spearfish SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109e]
SARGEANT, Andrew--age:57; res:Stephan SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093d,094e]
SARGEANT, Lucy Agatha (Mrs)--age:79; res:Stephan Mission SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043b]
SARGENT, William--age:59; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113a]
SATTER, Evelyn--md:SLADE; age:72; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019c]
SAUDINGER, Edward Ray--age:23; res:Sturgis SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062c]
SAUER, Minnie--Deceased spouse; see:Phillip H HAMBURGER.
SAUERHEGG, Alma E--md:SOLHEIM; age:57; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110b]
SAUGSTAD, Rena--md:REESE; age:95; res:Aberdeen SD; West Newton MA.  [Source:HP11D, p059b]
SAWYER, Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:89; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039d]
SCARBOROUGH, Russell W--age:76; res:Hayes SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028a]
SCHADE, Ollie (Mrs)--age:83; res:Volga SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115b]
SCHAEFERS, Conrad C--age:73; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102b]
SCHAEFERS, Elizabeth--Deceased spouse; see:Maximilian ORTMEIER.
SCHAEFERS, Herman J--age:73; res:Polo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074b,073e]
SCHARDIN, Hilbert 'Blackie'--age:57; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048c]
SCHARPE, Laura (Mrs)--age:83; res:Huron SD; Salem OR.  [Source:HP11D, p115b]
SCHAUNAMAN, Jodi Lynn--age:1; res:Roslyn SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123a]
SCHEELE, Theodore A--age:67; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017b]
SCHEIBER, Frank--age:58; res:Clear Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073b]
SCHEIBER, John--age:41; res:Clear Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073b]
SCHEID, Henry--age:74; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043e,043d]
SCHELLING, Clinton--age:INF; res:Hull IA.  [Source:HP11D, p067d]
SCHIEBER, Douglas--age:17; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034b,38e]
SCHLAAK, Edward--age:74; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072e]
SCHLAGEL, Anna (Mrs)--age:82; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107d]
SCHLAGEL, Fred,--Deceased spouse; see:Anna (SCHMIDT) SCHLAGEL.
SCHLEGEL, Cliff S--age:67; res:Huron SD; Oceanside CA.  [Source:HP11D, p089d]
SCHLENKER, Donald M--age:46; res:Highmore SD; Omaha NE.  [Source:HP11D, p006a]
SCHLOEMER, Minnie--Deceased spouse; d:1966; see:William S SMITH.
SCHLOMER, Jessie B (Mrs)--age:71; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112e]
SCHLUETER, Anna (Mrs)--age:87; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057e,059b]
SCHLUETER, William--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Anna (EVERS) SCHLUETER.
SCHMIDT, Anna--md:SCHLAGEL; age:82; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p107d]
SCHMIDT, Terry--age:12; res:Colman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098e]
SCHMIEDING, Christian--age:81; res:Polo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098c]
SCHMITGEN, Frances Martha--md:JOHNSON; age:57; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102e]
SCHMITZ, Michelle--age:3; res:Custer SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024b]
SCHMUTZ, Leo W--age:69; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058d]
SCHNEIDER, Cletus J--age:71; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069d]
SCHNEIDER, Daniel--age:75; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122e]
SCHNEIDER, Rudolph--age:79; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013a]
SCHNITTGRUND, Henry C--age:68; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007c]
SCHORZMANN, Albert--Deceased spouse; see:Martha (HORST) SCHORZMANN.
SCHORZMANN, Martha (Mrs)--age:74; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p082c,080d]
SCHRAEDER, Fred G--age:75; res:Orient SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020a]
SCHRODER, David Mrs--md:FISHER; age:55; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114d]
SCHROEDER, Christoph Henry--age:84; res:Blunt SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086d]
SCHROEDER, Richard--age:72; res:Beadle Co. SD;Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113b]
SCHROEDER, Walter--age:55; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102a]
SCHUBERT, Mary C--md:DeJONG; age:85; res:Wessington Springs SD; Sterling IL.  [Source:HP11D, p103c,101b]
SCHUELLER, Eva (Mrs)--age:68; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067b]
SCHUELLER, Joseph L--age:68; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123a]
SCHUELLER, Leo V--age:78; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p054e,054(A)c]
SCHUETT, Walter L--age:64; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083a]
SCHULER, Mary Lou--age:25; res:Centerville SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122b]
SCHULTZ, Emma (Mrs)--age:93; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p047d,047d]
SCHULTZ, Frank F--Deceased spouse; see:Marie E ([Not stated]) SCHULTZ.
SCHULTZ, Joseph--Deceased spouse; see:Emma (MARESH) SCHULTZ.
SCHULTZ, Lydia M (Mrs)--age:75; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007a]
SCHULTZ, Marie E (Mrs)--age:83; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041a]
SCHULTZ, Philo H--age:70; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077e]
SCHULZ, Minnie--md:HOLZERLAND; age:67; res:Waubay SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104c]
SCHUPPAN, Frederick 'Fritz'--age:59; res:Ardmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007e]
SCHURCH, Sheryl M (Mrs)--age:21; res:Redfield SD; Robbinsdale MN.  [Source:HP11D, p009c]
SCHUTT, Dean LeRoy--age:39; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123b]
SCHWARTZ, J I Milton--age:71; res:Huron SD; Custer SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001a]
SCHWARTZ, John H--age:96; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086a,086e]
SCHWARTZ, William L--age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p021d,021c]
SCHWICHTENBERG, Lillian (Mrs)--age:74; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064d]
SCOTT, Anna--md:FISCHER; age:53; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102a]
SCOTT, George--age:66; res:Alpena SD; Roseburg OR.  [Source:HP11D, p091c]
SEAMAN, Belva M (Mrs)--age:79; res:Faulkton SD; Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012b]
SEARLES, J Harold--age:--; res:Huron SD; Washington DC.  [Source:HP11D, p018e]
SEEFELDT, George A--age:80; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114d]
SEELEY, Earl F--age:69; res:Missoula MT.  [Source:HP11D, p046d]
SEIM, Sarah E (Miss)--age:86; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010a,008b]
SESSIONS, Thomas R--age:56; res:Whitewood SD.  [Source:HP11D, p090e]
SEVERSON, Anna--age:86; res:Garden City SD; Henry SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066a,064a]
SEVERSON, Clara (Mrs)--age:86; res:Erwin SD;DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031a]
SEVERSON, Vennie--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Clara (BJORDAHL) SEVERSON.
SHAFER, Mabel [Mrs]--age:81; res:Cresbard SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP11D, p117e]
SHARPE, Gladys--md:ROBERTS; age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068b,069b]
SHARPE, Thomas--Deceased spouse; see:Laura ([Not stated]) SCHARPE.
SHATTOCK, Pearl M (Mrs)--age:88; res:Carthage SD; Seattle WA.  [Source:HP11D, p042c]
SHATTOCK, Will--Deceased spouse; see:Pearl M ([Not stated]) SHATTOCK.
SHAW, Pearl--md:JOHNSON; age:90; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074a]
SHAW, Sarah M--Deceased spouse; see:John J CABLE.
SHAY, Wilmer A--age:75; res:Storla SD.  [Source:HP11D, p093e]
SHELLY, Leona (Mrs)--age:53; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059d,060b]
SHELTON, Grace (Mrs)--age:69; res:Raymond SD.  [Source:HP11D, p099e,099a]
SHERIDAN, Martin F--age:83; res:Carpenter SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP11D, p009b]
SHERLOCK, John P--age:66; res:Huron SD; Yountville CA.  [Source:HP11D, p023b]
SHERMAN, Edwin P--age:82; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102d]
SHIMON, Adolph--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Marie (BURGHARDT) SHIMON.
SHIMON, Marie (Mrs)--age:86; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078a]
SHIPPEE, Harriet A (Mrs)--age:86; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017e]
SHOEMAKER, Lucian Dewey--age:76; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083c,084a]
SHOEMAKER, Vickie Lynn--age:INF; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019b]
SHOULTZ, John Henry--age:73; res:Broadland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040c]
SHROYER, Edna (Mrs)--age:67; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052e]
SHUMAKER, Martha Rosella (Mrs)--age:89; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077a]
SHUMAKER--Deceased spouse; d:1945; see:Martha Rosella ([Not stated]) SHUMAKER.
SIECK, Emmett--age:58; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080d]
SIEPMAN, Ardith L (Mrs)--age:61; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p104b,104b]
SIEVERS, (infant son)--age:0; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p102b]
SIEVERS, James Draper--age:30; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085b,085a]
SIMON, Leona--md:GUTENKAUF; age:59; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030e]
SIMPSON, Walter R Jr--age:41; res:Willow Lake SD; Sherburn MN.  [Source:HP11D, p016e]
SIPES, Leona--md:ARMOUR; age:65; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065d,065b,066b]
SKARIN, Esther (Mrs)--age:82; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121e]
SKARIN, Robert--Deceased spouse; d:1918; see:Esther (AHLSTROM) SKARIN.
SKATVOLD, Patty--age:--; res:Waubay SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103a]
SKILLMAN, Becky--age:16; res:Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098e]
SKINNER, Ida M--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Lawrence Herbert 'Peck' CORNELL.
SLACK, Adah B--md:SPRACKLIN; age:84; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035b]
SLADE, Evelyn (Mrs)--age:72; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019c]
SLADE, Hugh--Deceased spouse; see:Evelyn (SATTER) SLADE.
SLEMMEN, Torsten--age:96; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084e]
SLOAT, C B--age:80; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108b]
SLUNECKA, Edward--age:--; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p047e]
SMALL, Robert Harold--age:52; res:Cavour SD.  [Source:HP11D, p097a,096e]
SMITH, Dow--Deceased spouse; see:Hazel (BETZER) SMITH.
SMITH, Elsie--md:BLANK; age:83; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015c]
SMITH, Harold E--age:88; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058c]
SMITH, Hazel (Mrs)--age:89; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029c,028b]
SMITH, Henry J--age:57; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p004a]
SMITH, Inez L (Mrs)--age:92; res:Yale SD; Minneapolis MN.  [Source:HP11D, p106a,105d]
SMITH, James F--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Inez L (GABEL) SMITH.
SMITH, Lulu--md:HANCOCK; age:89; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002d,002a]
SMITH, May E (Mrs)--age:83; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083d,084a]
SMITH, May E--md:SMITH; age:83; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083d,084a]
SMITH, Nellie Pearl (Mrs)--age:87; res:Rockham SD; Long Beach CA.  [Source:HP11D, p043a]
SMITH, William S--age:86; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p027c]
SNOW, Randy--age:23; res:Jackson MN.  [Source:HP11D, p116b]
SNYDER, Matt--age:50; res:Iroquois SD; Mount Vernon WA.  [Source:HP11D, p075d]
SNYDER, Robert C--age:31; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111e]
SODERBERG, William C--age:57; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003a]
SOHN, Eleanor M--md:OLSON; age:81; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076e,077b]
SOLHEIM, Alma E (Mrs)--age:57; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110b]
SOMMER, Arthur F--age:90; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p034c]
SORENSEN, Jon Michael--age:17; res:Deadwood SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100c]
SPEIRS, Miriam C (Dr)--age:87; res:Huron SD; Iowa City IA.  [Source:HP11D, p022a,020e,044b]
SPELBRING, Frances (Mrs)--age:56; res:Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p085b]
SPENCER, J Edgar--age:82; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067c]
SPILLER, Laura Agnes--md:HAY; age:69; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046a,046c,047a]
SPRACKLIN, Adah B (Mrs)--age:84; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035b]
STABEN, Frieda--md:PETERSEN; age:83; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020b]
STACEY, Ronald--age:16; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p058c]
STAHL, Anna--md:WOLLMAN; age:53; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043c]
STAHL, Jacob P--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Mary (HOFER) STAHL.
STAHL, Mary (Mrs)--age:89; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100a,099e]
STALWICK, Marie--md:MALEY; age:80; res:Huron SD; Milan IL.  [Source:HP11D, p010b]
STAM, Philivene N (Mrs)--age:45; res:Wessington Springs SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052b]
STAMP, Emma--md:WIRTJES; age:89; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024c]
STANDING SOLDIER, Edward Joseph--age:17; res:Pine Ridge SD.  [Source:HP11D, p022b]
STANTON, Claude O--age:88; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051a,050a]
STANTON, Gladys Ethel--md:NICHOLSON; age:75; res:Highmore SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p018d,016d]
STARKS, Leonard W--age:87; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013a]
STARR, Herb--age:--; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p094b]
STEELE, Jennie K--age:22; res:Pine Ridge SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118e,120c]
STEER, Gerald R--age:24; res:Minneapolis MN.  [Source:HP11D, p063e]
STEFFEN, Mabel (Mrs)--age:68; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP11D, p048a]
STEICHEN, Battis--age:86; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071e]
STEIGER, Hattie Elizabeth--Deceased spouse; see:Otto W TIEDE.
STEINBIS, Emma (Mrs)--age:96; res:Tulare SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032d]
STEINBIS, Ernest--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Emma (BUEHL) STEINBIS.
STEINBORN, George G--Deceased spouse; d:1947; see:Harmony A (PEFFLEY) STEINBORN.
STEINBORN, Harmony A (Mrs)--age:87; res:Huron SD;Sioux Falls SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003b]
STEINEL, George J--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Mamie W (ARZBERGER) STEINEL.
STEINEL, Mamie W (Mrs)--age:--; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076a]
STEINFELD, Regina B--md:GOERGEN; age:72; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122e]
STEPHENSON, Sam J--Deceased spouse; see:Stina (LARSON) STEPHENSON.
STEPHENSON, Stina (Mrs)--age:94; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013a,012d]
STEPP, Burton--age:59; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098b]
STERLING, Robert G--age:50; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088b]
STERN, Emelia (Mrs)--age:78; res:Alpena SD; Alexandria VA.  [Source:HP11D, p014b]
STERN, Henry--Deceased spouse; d:1963; see:Emelia (BAUDER) STERN.
STEVENS, Isabel (Mrs)--age:56; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078b]
STEVENS, William G--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p022d,019e]
STEVENSON, Robert Gray--age:78; res:Bradley SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079c]
STEVENSON, Truman W--age:69; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040b]
STEWART, Elizabeth--Deceased spouse; see:Archie FRENCH.
STEWART, Mary (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Denver CO.  [Source:HP11D, p050d]
STIGMAN, S Myrtle--md:PERKINS; age:71; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095c]
STINSON, Robert--age:94; res:Clark SD;Milbank SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074c]
STOBBS, Samuel--age:82; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023b,023d]
STOCKSTAD, M J 'Joe'--age:80; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024a,023c]
STONE, Alice--md:GASCOIGNE; age:--; res:Huron SD; Prescott AZ.  [Source:HP11D, p065c]
STONER, James M--age:74; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110d]
STORY, Edgar 'Vincent'--age:82; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108d]
STOTTS, Cleo C--age:61; res:Kennebec SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019d,017d]
STOTZ, Kurt--age:17; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066c]
STOWELL, Ethel--Deceased spouse; see:Walter R CRAWFORD.
STRAND, Richard Harvey--age:21; res:Canton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p023e]
STRANDE, Anton L--age:83; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092c]
STRATTON, Foster--Deceased spouse; d:1935; see:Pearl (JACKSON) STRATTON.
STRATTON, Mabel (Mrs)--age:--; res:Huron SD; Battleground WA.  [Source:HP11D, p091d]
STRATTON, Pearl (Mrs)--age:92; res:Wessington Springs SD; Pipestone MN.  [Source:HP11D, p109d]
STROH, Henry (Rev)--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Henry Mrs ([Not stated]) STROH.
STROH, Henry Mrs--age:75; res:Alpena SD; Greeley CO.  [Source:HP11D, p012c]
STROM, Alvin J--age:55; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076d]
STROMSETH, Randy--age:15; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065e]
STRUBE, Florence--Deceased spouse; d:1971; see:Ted L EDWARDS.
STUCKE, Joseph B/R--age:70; res:Gettysburg SD; Eugene OR.  [Source:HP11D, p091d]
STUCKER, Raymond V--age:70; res:Mellette SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010d]
SULLIVAN, Eva--Deceased spouse; d:1974; see:Joseph L SCHUELLER.
SULLIVAN, Eva--md:SCHUELLER; age:68; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067b]
SULLIVAN, Steven J--age:16; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056d]
SUNDSTROM, Mabel (Mrs)--age:60; res:Beresford SD;Artesian SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020d]
SUTLEY, Vallie (Mrs)--age:84; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p051a]
SUTTON, John A--age:87; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095a]
SWAIN, Arthur M--age:56; res:Huron SD; Lake Benton MN.  [Source:HP11D, p005d]
SWAIN, Mabel M (Mrs)--age:89; res:Mellette SD; Corona CA.  [Source:HP11D, p086e]
SWANEY, Phoebe Esther (Mrs)--age:92; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112c]
SWANSON, Debra L--age:19; res:Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064e]
SWANSON, Frank E--age:93; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043b]
SWANSON, Joseph P 'Jay'--age:50; res:Huron SD;Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064b]
SWANSON, Laura (Mrs)--age:84; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115c]
SWANSON, Raymond--age:70; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020e]
SWENSON, Bertil K--age:67; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089c]
SWENSON, Elmer--age:--; res:Madison Lane SD.  [Source:HP11D, p106c]
SWIFT HAWK, Lucy Agatha--md:SARGEANT; age:79; res:Stephan Mission SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043b]
SWIMM, Gladyce Ruth--md:MATHIEU; age:69; res:Brentford SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038d]
TAFT, Byron--age:58; res:Yankton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p016e]
TANNER, Floyd F--age:82; res:Miranda SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065c]
TAYLOR, Dorothy (Mrs)--age:61; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029c]
TAYLOR, Harold E--Deceased spouse; d:1968; see:Dorothy (KINTIGH) TAYLOR.
TEBBEL, Elizabeth (Mrs)--age:67; res:Doland SD.  [Source:HP11D, p038d,038e]
TEDFORD, Matthew--age:17; res:Fort Pierre SD; Oklahoma City OK.  [Source:HP11D, p057a,055d]
TEESLINK, Alfred--age:--; res:Wessington Springs SD; Cornelia GA.  [Source:HP11D, p011c]
TELKAMP, Ernest F--age:73; res:Brookings SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087a]
TEMPLE, Johnnie--age:71; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074e]
TERRIO, Elmer William--age:48; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063d]
TERRY, Delia (Mrs)--age:86; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070a]
TERRY, Rex--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Delia (CAMPBELL) TERRY.
THERKILDSON, Katherine--md:KING; age:74; res:Huron SD; Downey CA.  [Source:HP11D, p064a,061d]
THIELEN, Joseph--age:12; res:Elkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044b]
THIMSEN, Richard O--age:40; res:Rapid City SD; Las Vegas NV.  [Source:HP11D, p025b]
THOMAS, David--age:76; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076b]
THOMAS, Epho (Mr)--age:76; res:Watertown SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073a]
THOMPSON, Adam--Deceased spouse; see:Lulu P (PAYNE) THOMPSON.
THOMPSON, Axeline (Mrs)--age:76; res:Wessington SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049d,048b]
THOMPSON, Beulah M--md:HOCKESSON; age:68; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108b]
THOMPSON, Darryl Dean--age:18; res:Mitchell SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077a]
THOMPSON, Frances (Mrs)--age:95; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p068c]
THOMPSON, Henry Arthur--age:85; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036e,036b]
THOMPSON, Kenneth--age:64; res:Winfred SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012d]
THOMPSON, Ketha Ann--md:TOWNSEND; age:85; res:Northville SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095e]
THOMPSON, Ketha Ann--md:TOWNSEND; age:85; res:Northville SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095e]
THOMPSON, Lulu P (Mrs)--age:79; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055a]
THOMPSON, Thomas--age:89; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007e]
THOMPSON, William N--Deceased spouse; d:1953; see:Frances (NANCE) THOMPSON.
THORESON, Fern (Mrs)--age:63; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025a]
THORESON, Thora (Mrs)--age:81; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052d]
THORESON, Trygve--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Thora (FROMSTAD) THORESON.
THORPE, Cleata (Dr)--age:83; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117b,118b]
THUE, Matt J--age:92; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039e]
THUE, Otto--age:69; res:Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080c]
THURINGER, John --age:21; res:Parkston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088e]
THURSTON, William B--age:61; res:Beadle Co. SD; Lakeside CA.  [Source:HP11D, p037b]
TIBBS, Florence (Mrs)--age:85; res:Fort Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072a,071d]
TIECHOW, Francis--age:--; res:Beardsley MN.  [Source:HP11D, p079a]
TIEDE, Edma (Mrs)--age:63; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002c,002a]
TIEDE, Otto W--age:93; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p114a]
TIFFANY, Alta (Mrs)--age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p005a(2x)]
TIFFANY, Frank--Deceased spouse; d:1956; see:Alta (PETTIT) TIFFANY.
TILE, Lillian--Deceased spouse; see:Elmer GRABINSKI.
TIMM, Anna Marie--md:NORQUIST; age:74; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030c,031e]
TIMM, Anna Marie--md:ZEECK; age:74; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030c,031e]
TIMMINS, Jean Ardelle (Mrs)--age:50; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p057e,059b]
TIMPERLEY, Elma V (Mrs)--age:89; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p061b,062a]
TIMPERLEY, George--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Elma V (DAVID) TIMPERLEY.
TIMPERLY, Clarence C--age:68; res:Huron SD; Longdale CA.  [Source:HP11D, p100c]
TINNELL, John--age:35; res:Whitewood SD.  [Source:HP11D, p014b]
TITZE, Bernard Ben--age:65; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066b]
TITZE, Carl/Clarence H--age:82; res:Lebanon SD.  [Source:HP11D, p092e,092c]
TOBIN, Mary Bernice (Mrs)--age:91; res:Broadland SD;Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031a,028a]
TOBIN, William James--Deceased spouse; see:Mary Bernice (FOLEY) TOBIN.
TODD, Arthur B--age:89; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p076d]
TODD, Nathanael--age:14; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p123d]
TOFFLEMIRE, L Gwen--md:ROETMAN; age:64; res:Wessington Springs SD; Reading MN.  [Source:HP11D, p123c]
TOMEK, Edward--age:84; res:Chelsea SD.  [Source:HP11D, p029e]
TOMPKINS, Lucille (Mrs)--age:54; res:Huron SD; Morrison CO.  [Source:HP11D, p003e]
TOMPKINS, Vern--age:82; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p017d,016b]
TOMSHA, Bertha L (Miss)--age:64; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045a]
TORKELSON, Lucile--md:DROMEY; age:79; res:Canning SD;Blunt SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035b]
TOUCHED, Robert Mathias--age:52; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087b]
TOWNSEND, Charles A--Deceased spouse; d:1921; see:Letha M (BUNDAY) TOWNSEND.
TOWNSEND, Ketha Ann (Mrs)--age:85; res:Northville SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095e]
TOWNSEND, Ketha Ann (Mrs)--age:85; res:Northville SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095e]
TOWNSEND, Letha M (Mrs)--age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088a]
TOXINE, Ellen M--Deceased spouse; d:1960; see:Alfred ANDERSON.
TRABING, Lena--md:JOHNSON; age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035c,033d]
TRABING, Lena--md:KILSTROM; age:76; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p035c,033d]
TRACY, James Lawrence--age:55; res:Auray CO.  [Source:HP11D, p072Aa]
TREIBERG, Ferdinand 'Pat'--age:36; res:Badger SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055e]
TRENARY, Robert Leo--age:47; res:White River SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056b]
TREVILLYAN, Todd--age:23; res:Buffalo SD.  [Source:HP11D, p064a]
TRIMBLE, Murel L--age:65; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040e,039d]
TROELSON, Anna (Mrs)--age:79; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013c]
TROELSON, Einar--Deceased spouse; see:Anna (OSTREM) TROELSON.
TROFTGRUBEN, Eugene--age:36; res:St. Thomas ND.  [Source:HP11D, p096a]
TRONNIER, Florence M--md:CARMON; age:75; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044c]
TROSKE, Frank--age:84; res:Turton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p020b]
TROY, Viola--md:JONES; age:68; res:Gettysburg SD.  [Source:HP11D, p082e,080e]
TRUDEAU, Helen (Mrs)--age:72; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032b]
TRUEBLOOD, Jess--age:25; res:Pine Ridge SD.  [Source:HP11D, p105a,105a]
TSCHETTER, David S--age:78; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043a,043d]
TUBANDT, Harold W--age:63; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p075a]
TURNER, Arnold J--age:--; res:Alpena SD; Bellflower CA.  [Source:HP11D, p001d]
TURNER, Harold O--age:74; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p118a]
TURNING BEAR, Melvin--age:20; res:Misson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p075d]
TWO HAWK, Eunice E--md:GOODFACE; age:79; res:Lower Brule SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012c,013b]
TYRRELL, Raymond L--age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032a,027b]
TYSTAD, Clara (Mrs)--age:81; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p087d]
UNKE, Brian--age:37; res:St. Thomas ND.  [Source:HP11D, p096a]
UPHAM, Pearl (Mrs)--age:84; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026b]
UPHOFF, Hannah M (Mrs)--age:65; res:Willow Lake SD; Blaine MN.  [Source:HP11D, p113c]
URDAHL, Myrtle Forest (Mrs)--age:71; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p059c]
URDAHL, Oscar--Deceased spouse; see:Myrtle Forest (DEVINE) URDAHL.
URTON, Harold E--age:75; res:SD; Stuart FL.  [Source:HP11D, p089b]
VALENTINE, Hannah M--md:UPHOFF; age:65; res:Willow Lake SD; Blaine MN.  [Source:HP11D, p113c]
VanASPEREN, Peter--age:82; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p047e]
VanBUREN, Hilda (Mrs)--age:76; res:Huron SD;Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063b,061d]
VanDenBERG, Harminnie--md:WIKLE; age:86; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066c]
VanDenBERG, John Henry--age:69; res:St Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p015a,016d]
VanDEVENTER, Dora Jane (Miss)--age:89; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p108d,110d]
VanDRONGELEN, John--age:5; res:Corsica SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067a]
VanDYKE, Myrtle Forest (Mrs)--age:54; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p056d]
VanEREM, Stella--Deceased spouse; see:Frank N WETTSTEIN.
VanLAECKEN, Irena O (Mrs)--age:55; res:Letcher SD.  [Source:HP11D, p069e]
vanOSDEL, Paul--age:23; res:Alexandria SD.  [Source:HP11D, p077c]
VanSHARREL, Johann B--age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122e]
VanWINKLE, H B--Deceased spouse; d:1973; see:Leila Mae (GLENNON) VanWINKLE.
VanWINKLE, Leila Mae (Mrs)--age:84; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010d,011c]
VARES, Carl J--age:--; res:Lead SD.  [Source:HP11D, p080e]
VASKNETZ, Marlys Mae (Mrs)--age:44; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011e,011c]
VATER, Harold--age:--; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p098a]
VAUGHN, Ada (Mrs)--age:--; res:Gann Valley SD.  [Source:HP11D, p037a]
VEFLIN, Arlen--age:18; res:Sisseton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103a]
VERCH, Paul G--age:73; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062c]
VERVYNCK, Martha--Deceased spouse; d:1970; see:Henri ROEGIERS.
VETSCH, Thelma--age:41; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p007b]
VETTER, Lida J (Mrs)--age:81; res:Onida SD.  [Source:HP11D, p052c]
VETTER, William--Deceased spouse; see:Lida J ([Not stated]) VETTER.
VILAS, Mildred (Mrs)--age:64; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089a]
VOELTZ, Melosina (Miss)--age:91; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070e]
VOLEK, Virginia (Mrs)--age:52; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p046e,049d]
VOLKERS, Fraukeline (Mrs)--age:74; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121a,121b]
VONDRACEK, Emil O--age:86; res:DeSmet Yale SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078d]
VREELAND, Regina Emma (Mrs)--age:84; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p088c]
VREELAND--Deceased spouse; d:1949; see:Regina Emma (FORIN) VREELAND.
WADE, Lovell--age:77; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p078e]
WADE, Marvin--age:84; res:Arlington SD;Rapid City SD.  [Source:HP11D, p071c]
WAFFENSMITH, Cora--md:FRY; age:87; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033d]
WAGNER, Elaine (Mrs)--age:21; res:Fort Duchesne UT.  [Source:HP11D, p113a]
WAGNER, Gertrude M (Mrs)--age:82; res:Huron SD; Long Beach CA.  [Source:HP11D, p052a]
WAHL, Ida (Mrs)--age:86; res:Sacramento CA.  [Source:HP11D, p,100d]
WAINMAN, Ruth (Mrs)--age:78; res:St. Lawrence SD.  [Source:HP11D, p096d]
WALDNER, Lena--age:6; res:Spring Valley Col (Wessington Springs) SD.  [Source:HP11D, p028d]
WALDNER, Paul P--age:36; res:Spink Colony SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039c]
WALDNER, Reinhart--age:18; res:Rosedale Colony (SE of Mitchell) SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060c]
WALDNER, Rose Ann--age:8; res:Pearl Creek Col, Beadle, SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011c]
WALKER, George--age:80; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041c,040e]
WALKER, Margaret Lillian (Mrs)--age:96; res:Wessington Springs SD; Los Angeles CA.  [Source:HP11D, p067e,062d]
WALKER, Oscar A--Deceased spouse; d:1950; see:Margaret Lillian (ALLEN) WALKER.
WALKER, Tillman E--age:--; res:Jerauld Co. SD; Maring ID.  [Source:HP11D, p032d]
WALKING BULL, Wilfred J--age:48; res:St. Paul MN.  [Source:HP11D, p114b]
WALL, Alfred--age:86; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p010a,008b]
WALLINE, Raymond--age:70; res:Osceola; Iroquois SD; Beaverton OR.  [Source:HP11D, p108e]
WALSTON, Gladys (Mrs)--age:82; res:Custer SD;Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031e]
WALTER, Rebecca (Mrs)--age:58; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p084e,084c]
WALTERS, Jacob--age:--; res:Kelvington SASK CANADA.  [Source:HP11D, p103e]
WALTERS, Maelin--age:78; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p073d]
WALTMAN, Peggy--age:20; res:Scottsbluff NE.  [Source:HP11D, p077a]
WANG, Esther C (Mrs)--age:56; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110a,111c]
WARD, Alice--md:WHYTE; age:92; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044e,043d]
WARD, Thomas--age:42; res:Bryant SD;Hayti SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049c]
WARE, Fern (Mrs)--age:70; res:Miller SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025c,025a]
WARE, John--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Fern (DEUTER) WARE.
WARNE, Edward N--age:81; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p112e]
WARNER, Anita A--age:23; res:Wagner SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067b]
WARNER, Volney T--age:80; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p033e]
WATERS, Lester--age:78; res:Fedora SD.  [Source:HP11D, p103e,104c]
WATTS, Robert Louis--age:79; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND.  [Source:HP11D, p035d]
WATZEK, Robert O--age:80; res:Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p003e]
WEBSTER, Mary Agnes--md:PIERCE; age:51; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p045a]
WEGNER, Charles E--age:75; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p006a]
WEIDEBUSH, Gary Carl--age:0; res:Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p074e]
WEIDLER, Elmer Mrs--age:81; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p062e]
WEILAND, Anna--md:ROBERTS; age:86; res:Ashton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p055e]
WEISGRAM, David--age:15; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p060b,057b]
WEISNER, Henry--age:77; res:Orient SD.  [Source:HP11D, p022c]
WEITZ, Anna Marie--md:WUGER; age:82; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001e]
WELCH, Arthur--Deceased spouse; d:1961; see:Charlotte 'Lottie' (HAUSMAN) WELCH.
WELCH, Charlotte 'Lottie' (Mrs)--age:86; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p036c]
WELCH, Velma--md:LATHER; age:86; res:Cavour SD;Bryant SD.  [Source:HP11D, p089b]
WELCHER, Roy S--age:56; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115a,16b]
WELCHERT, Joseph T--age:84; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053e]
WELLS, John Corwin Clarence--age:28; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030b,030b,029a]
WELTY, Evelyn (Mrs)--age:57; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072b]
WENTWORTH, Lulu Irene (Miss)--age:58; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117d]
WESSEL, Alfred H--age:74; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026a]
WEST, Ralph W--age:87; res:Huron SD; Ontario CA.  [Source:HP11D, p116a]
WESTBY, Ernest M--age:72; res:Madison SD.  [Source:HP11D, p121c]
WESTERBERG, Edna Lucille (Mrs)--age:55; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p008c,009d]
WESTHAUSER, George J--age:72; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024c]
WESTMAN, Carl--age:72; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012b,012d]
WETTERBERG, Fred Carl--age:93; res:Arlington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013e,014b]
WETTSTEIN, Frank N--age:78; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP11D, p050e]
WHALEY, Mildred (Mrs)--age:74; res:Erwin SD.  [Source:HP11D, p117e]
WHALEY, Vernon C--age:28; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079d,079c]
WHARTON, John M--age:66; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066e]
WHEELER, Lucille (Mrs)--age:63; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p053b]
WHEELHOUSE, Berend 'Ben'--age:65; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p019e]
WHITE MOUSE, Julia--age:78; res:Fort Thompson SD.  [Source:HP11D, p079d,079a]
WHITE, Bertha Alma (Mrs)--age:78; res:Wessington SD.  [Source:HP11D, p011a]
WHITE, Ida Blanche (Mrs)--age:82; res:Frankfort SD.  [Source:HP11D, p040d]
WHITE, Robert P--age:89; res:Conde SD.  [Source:HP11D, p067d]
WHITNEY, Maud (Mrs)--age:89; res:Wessington Springs SD.  [Source:HP11D, p065e]
WHITNEY, Robert E--age:56; res:Huron SD; Concord CA.  [Source:HP11D, p051c]
WHITNEY, S J--Deceased spouse; see:Maud (MARTIN) WHITNEY.
WHITTLE, Harry--age:83; res:Henry SD.  [Source:HP11D, p122d]
WHYTE, Alice (Mrs)--age:92; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044e,043d]
WHYTE, N Z--Deceased spouse; d:1951; see:Alice (WARD) WHYTE.
WIBERG, Annie Marie (Mrs)--age:83; res:Oldham SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013e]
WIBERG, August--Deceased spouse; d:1941; see:Annie Marie (NELSON) WIBERG.
WICKLAND, Hilda Alida--md:PATRICK; age:85; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p095c,095c]
WIKLE, Harminnie (Mrs)--age:86; res:Highmore SD.  [Source:HP11D, p066c]
WIKLE, Sheridan E--Deceased spouse; d:1912; see:Harminnie (VanDenBERG) WIKLE.
WILDE, James B--age:78; res:Lemmon SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044b]
WILEY, Bernite--md:SALISBURY; age:62; res:Carthage SD.  [Source:HP11D, p002a]
WILKEN, Mary--md:KUESTERMEYER; age:90; res:Hitchcock SD.  [Source:HP11D, p039a,039c]
WILKES, Fay (Mrs)--age:86; res:Pierre SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063d,061d]
WILKEY, Bessie--md:MURPHY; age:86; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p086c,085c]
WILLIAMS, Clinton R--age:81; res:Canova SD.  [Source:HP11D, p070c]
WILLIAMS, Mahlon--age:81; res:Cresbard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001c,001a]
WILLIAMSON, Gusta E--age:80; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p072b]
WILSON, Elizabeth--md:RINERSON; age:89; res:Willow Lake SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100a]
WILSON, Richard--age:48; res:Carthage SD; Rolla ND.  [Source:HP11D, p025a]
WINCHESTER, George--age:59; res:Yankton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p115d]
WINTER, Bernard--age:65; res:Alpena SD.  [Source:HP11D, p041d,040c]
WIPF, Katie (Mrs)--age:77; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p047c]
WIRTJES, Emma (Mrs)--age:89; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p024c]
WISSLER, Edwin E--age:72; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p026a]
WOLD, Theodore--age:94; res:DeSmet SD.  [Source:HP11D, p032e]
WOLF, Florence--md:BISHOP; age:73; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p063e]
WOLFF, Eva (Mrs)--age:78; res:Faulkton SD; Dawson MN.  [Source:HP11D, p047a]
WOLFF, Johann--Deceased spouse; see:Eva (FORBES) WOLFF.
WOLLMAN, Andy--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Anna (STAHL) WOLLMAN.
WOLLMAN, Anna (Mrs)--age:53; res:Freeman SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043c]
WOLLMAN, Jacob M--age:74; res:Freeman? Bridgewater? SD.  [Source:HP11D, p044d]
WONSBECK, Alvin--age:50; res:Lake Preston SD.  [Source:HP11D, p111d]
WOOD, Mabel--md:SHAFER; age:81; res:Cresbard SD; Portland OR.  [Source:HP11D, p117e]
WOODALL, Carrie (Mrs)--age:85; res:Iroquois SD.  [Source:HP11D, p100e]
WOOLFTON, Dana--age:19; res:Billings MT.  [Source:HP11D, p065b]
WRIGHT, Belva M--md:SEAMAN; age:79; res:Faulkton SD; Aberdeen SD.  [Source:HP11D, p012b]
WRIGHT, Dean--age:75; res:Newcastle WY.  [Source:HP11D, p014d]
WRIGHT, Lucy (Mrs)--age:--; res:Hoven SD.  [Source:HP11D, p109b]
WRITNER, Harrison W--age:88; res:Wolsey SD.  [Source:HP11D, p013d]
WUGER, Anna Marie (Mrs)--age:82; res:Faulkton SD.  [Source:HP11D, p001e]
WUGER, Theodore--Deceased spouse; d:1959; see:Anna Marie (WEITZ) WUGER.
WURZ, Katherin--Deceased spouse; d:1964; see:Joe S PULLMAN.
YEGGE, Anna Marie (Mrs)--age:86; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p049b,048c]
YOUNG, Lona--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Edward N WARNE.
YOUNGERMAN, Michael--age:INF; res:.  [Source:HP11D, p067b]
YUNG, Nellie--Deceased spouse; see:Lester L ELLER.
ZASTROW, John Matthew--age:INF; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p043b]
ZEECK, Anna Marie (Mrs)--age:74; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p030c,031e]
ZEECK, Otto J--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Anna Marie (TIMM) ZEECK.
ZEIGLER, Vivian (Mrs)--age:60; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p119d,119b]
ZENS, Lillie--Deceased spouse; see:Fred J LICHTY.
ZIBEL, Emma C--md:BRUGGER; age:72; res:Huron SD.  [Source:HP11D, p113b,113d]
ZIMMER, Norman J--age:65; res:Howard SD.  [Source:HP11D, p110c]
ZIMMICK, Josephone E--md:DAVIS; age:88; res:Redfield SD; Denver CO.  [Source:HP11D, p033e]
ZIRPEL, Wilbert E Sr--age:49; res:Woonsocket SD.  [Source:HP11D, p083c,083a,083b]
ZUCK, Ernest--Deceased spouse; d:1972; see:Nellie (CRESSEY) ZUCK.
ZUCK, Nellie (Mrs)--age:86; res:Carpenter SD; Rock Port MO.  [Source:HP11D, p075c,073e]
ZUGSWERDT, Fern (Mrs)--age:63; res:Clark SD.  [Source:HP11D, p025a]
ZUGSWERDT, Vernie--Deceased spouse; d:1962; see:Fern (FLYNN) ZUGSWERDT.
ZUMHOFE, Gladys (Mrs)--age:82; res:Custer SD;Redfield SD.  [Source:HP11D, p031e]
ZUMHOFE, Henry--Deceased spouse; see:Gladys ([Not stated]) WALSTON.