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Obituaries, 1995 (Partial List) -- Updated 14 March 2012

Here is an updated list of the 1995 obituaries from the Plainsman (Huron, SD) newspaper:

AASBY, Harold F--age 69; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
ABRAHAMSON, Lyla--md:THOMPSON; age:78; res:Carthage SD; Madison SD; d:1995.
ACKER, Lawrence Anthony 'Larry'--age 78; res:Lane SD; d:1995.
ADAMS, Clarence M 'Babe'--age 72; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
ADAMS, Melissa Ann--age 9; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
ADAMS, Ruth--age 71; res:Denmark NY; d:1995.

AHNBERG, Viola--md:GUSTAFSON; age:71; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
AKINS, Ruth Myrtle--md:PETIT; age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ALFSON, Idella Isabell (Miss)--age 84; res:Woonsocket; d:1995.
ALLEMAN, Genevieve Catherine (GRAHAM)--age 80; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
ALLEN, Marshall--age 7; res:Flandreau SD; d:1995.
ALLEY, Keith Eugene--age 69; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
ALMBAUGH, Lois Irene (FANGER)--age 59; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
ALMENDINGER, Leona Mae 'Jonesy' (DAVIS)--age 71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ALMOND, Robert E--age 48; res:Huron SD; Newbury Park CA; d:1995.
AMES, Robert R--age 64; res:Tulare SD; d:1995.
AMIOTTE, Lorna--age 21; res:Brookings SD; d:1995.
AMMON, Henry--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:AMMON, Pauline (GARBE) d:1995.
AMMON, Pauline (GARBE)--age 84; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
AMUNDSON, Alicia--age 10; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
ANDERSEN, Helen Adelle (SIMONDS)--age 78; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Bertha May (WADSWORTH)--age 87; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Doreen C (MEEHAN)--age 68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Elmo Theodore Sr--age 75; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Genevieve Eileen (CRAMER)--age 70; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Gladys--age 87; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Hannah Christin [sic]--md:ODDY; age:101; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Mary Jane--md:MORAN; age:69; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Norman--age 84; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
ANDERSON, Palmer--(Deceased spouse); d:1991.  See:ANDERSON, Bertha May (WADSWORTH) d:1995.
ANDERSON, Woodrow E--age 76; res:Huron SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1995.
ARBOGAST, Chester Leroy--age 84; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
ARCHER, Stanley--age 53; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
ARMIN, Ruth Odgers (BOTTOMLEY)--age 81; res:Iroquois SD; Marceline MO; d:1995.
ARMIN, Wilber--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:ARMIN, Ruth Odgers (BOTTOMLEY) d:1995.
ARMSTRONG, Bertha (RODMAN)--age 92; res:Hitchcock SD; Overland Park KS; d:1995.
ARMSTRONG, Donald W--age 61; res:Doland SD; d:1995.
ARMSTRONG, George--(Deceased spouse); d:1965.  See:ARMSTRONG, Bertha (RODMAN) d:1995.
ARTHUR, Aileen L--md:FLOYD; age:92; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
AUDISS, Grace--md:PETERSON; age:63; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
AUSDEMORE, Eleanor--md:LOGAN; age:80; res:Iroquois SD; Yankton SD; d:1995.
BAACH, Esther Johanna--md:GILBERT; age:80; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
BABB, Opal Irene (WILSON)--age 84; res:Bryant SD; Arlington SD; d:1995.
BAILEY, Charles--(Deceased spouse).  See:BAILEY, Leona Mae (WILLIAMS) d:1995.
BAILEY, Leona Mae (WILLIAMS)--age 90; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
BAILLY, Doris A--(Deceased spouse); d:1978.  See:WHITTEMORE, Clifford N d:1995.
BAKKE, Clifford--age 68; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
BAKKE, Stella Marie--md:STROBEL; age:90; res:Howard; Canova SD; Topeka KS; d:1995.
BALLARD, Earl--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:BALLARD, Theora (HASKETT) d:1995.
BALLARD, Theora (HASKETT)--age 96; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
BALTZER, Paulina--md:REDMANN; age:97; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
BANGS, George 'Archie'--age 79; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
BARD, David A--(Deceased spouse); d:1991.  See:BARD, Malinda Amanda (WINTER) d:1995.
BARD, Malinda Amanda (WINTER)--age 82; res:Alpena SD; d:1995.
BARDAHL, Gladys Ester (WICKS)--age 83; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
BARDAHL, Martin--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:BARDAHL, Gladys Ester (WICKS) d:1995.
BARR, Lucia Jeannette 'Nettie'--md:CAVANAUGH; age:101; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
BARTA, Dureen--md:OLMSTEAD; age:54; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
BARTEL, Jean Frances (SEVERSON)--age 57; res:Highmore SD; Pierre SD; d:1995.
BARZ, Amanda Anna--md:HAWKINS; age:85; res:Mellette SD; d:1995.
BATEMAN, Rachel B--md:WALKINSHAW; age:82; res:Wessington Springs SD; Bremerton WA; d:1995.
BATEMAN, Robert (Rev)--age -; res:Cavour SD; Seattle WA; d:1995.
BAU, Lena Marie--md:PAULSON; age:75; res:Frankfort SD; d:1995.
BAXTER, James Earl*--age 84; res:Onida SD; Pierre SD; d:1995.
BAXTER, Marion Marie (SHULTZ)--age 61; res:Tulare SD; Norris TN; d:1995.
BEAL, Angie--age 15; res:Brandon SD; d:1995.
BEALL, Gladys R--md:HOFFMAN; age:90; res:Huron SD; Minden Ne; d:1995.
BEANER, Marcella--age 43; res:Tripp SD; d:1995.
BEATTY, Ed--age 16; res:Lake Norden SD; d:1995.
BECHARD, Paul--(Deceased spouse); d:1977.  See:BECHARD, Violet L (LUNDAHL) d:1995.
BECHARD, Violet L (LUNDAHL)--age 83; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
BECK, Hazel Violet--md:HAMMILL; age:87; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
BECKER, Anna Marie*--md:HAGMAN; age:83; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
BECKER, Bertha Mae (WILHELM)--age 82; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
BECKER, Bonnie May--md:STEWART; age:53; res:Onida SD; d:1995.
BECKER, Jacob W--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:BECKER, Bertha Mae (WILHELM) d:1995.
BECKLER, Kenneth Delmar--age 72; res:Seneca SD; d:1995.
BEEKMAN, Douglas John--age 38; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BEERMAN, William Albert--age 76; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BEERS, Angelo--age 85; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
BELL, Nelle--md:WOLTING; age:72; res:Wessington Springs SD; Volga SD; d:1995.
BERANEK, Elizabeth Ann--md:WERDEL; age:87; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
BERG, Ida Mae--md:CAVIEZEL; age:81; res:Huron SD; Rapid Ctiy SD; d:1995.
BERG, Ruth Ellen--md:HALLAN; age:76; res:Iroquois SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
BERGIN, Clementine Elizabeth--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:PETERS, Howard Henry d:1995.
BERINGER, Marcella Delores 'Sally' (SETZER)--age 81; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
BERTSCH, Frances Ann--md:DESLAURIERS; age:86; res:Doland SD; d:1995.
BERTSCH, Mary L--md:McPARTLAND; age:93; res:Conde SD; d:1995.
BETTEN, Harry Bill--age 67; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
BIERMAN, Richard A 'Dick'--age 53; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
BIERSTEDT, Tanner Lee--age 9MO; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BIES, Donald James--age 82; res:Huron SD; Broadland SD; d:1995.
BINDENAGEL, Lyle Carl--age 85; res:Frankfort SD; d:1995.
BINGAMAN, Sady--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:NELSON, George Wayne d:1995.
BIRCHALL, Charles--(Deceased spouse); d:1974.  See:BIRCHALL, Hilda Francis (LASHWOOD) d:1995.
BIRCHALL, Hilda Francis (LASHWOOD)--age 72; res:Huron SD; Shawnee OK; d:1995.
BISBEE, Helen Marie--md:RAETHZ; age:68; res:Cresbard SD; d:1995.
BITELER, Ila Janet (TANDE)--age 45; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
BJERKE, Carl--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:BJERKE, Olga Johanna (WARWICK) d:1995.
BJERKE, Olga Johanna (WARWICK)--age 85; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
BJORDAHL, Hilda (LARSON)--age 89; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
BJORDAHL, Oscar--(Deceased spouse); d:1978.  See:BJORDAHL, Hilda (LARSON) d:1995.
BLOM, Helia--md:PALO; age:90; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
BLOODGOOD, LaJune A--md:HEGG; age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BLUM, Theodore Jacob George Jr--age 61; res:Huron SD; Grimes IA; d:1995.
BLYSTONE, M Eugene--age 91; res:Huron SD; Elmira NY; d:1995.
BOARD, Kenneth Ray--age 67; res:Doland SD; Donna TX; d:1995.
BODE, Hilda M--md:CALMUS; age:79; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
BOETEL, Gerhard--age 79; res:Yale SD; d:1995.
BOETTCHER, Maybelle Louise--md:CROSS; age:73; res:Woonsocket SD; Spearfish SD; d:1995.
BOHRER, Viola Margareta--md:ZEISZLER; age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
BOLDT, Roland Owen--age 82; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
BOOMSMA, Jacob G 'Jake'--age 56; res:Huron SD; Riverside CA; d:1995.
BOONE, Iva M--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:KJELLERSON, Roland 'Swede' -1985.
BOONE, Iva M--md:KJELLERSON; age:76; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BOSTON, George Edward--age 91; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
BOTTOMLEY, Ruth Odgers--md:ARMIN; age:81; res:Iroquois SD; Marceline MO; d:1995.
BOUCHIE, Claude F 'Tom'--age 88; res:Onida SD; Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
BOVOPOULOS, Katherine G--md:MANOLIS; age:96; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BOWAR, Francis Lee--age 49; res:Huron SD; Encinitas CA; d:1995.
BOWERS, Phyllis Ione (LARSON)--age 53; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
BOWMAN, George Frederick--age 77; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
BRADBURY, Stuart Maxwell--age 79; res:Howard SD; Madison SD; d:1995.
BRADFIELD, Roger Vernon--age 73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BRADLEY, Kenneth T 'Jiggs'--age 75; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
BRADY, Bernard Patrick--age 84; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
BRAKE, Donald J--age 67; res:Huron SD; Jamestown ND; d:1995.
BRANCEL, Robert--age 69; res:Pierre SD; Yuma AZ; d:1995.
BRANDT, Mildred (GRUVER)--age 93; res:Agar SD; Onida SD; d:1995.
BRANDT, Paul--(Deceased spouse).  See:BRANDT, Mildred (GRUVER) d:1995.
BRAUN, Dorothy Marie--md:CASEY; age:80; res:Huron SD; Aurora CO; d:1995.
BRAUN, Harold William--age 83; res:Wolsey SD; Louisville KY; d:1995.
BRAUN, JoAnn B--md:NESTER; age:65; res:DeSmet SD; Rio Rancho NM; d:1995.
BREHE, Vina Ruth--md:ZEUGE; age:92; res:Onida SD; Kennewick WA; d:1995.
BREKKE, Arnold--(Deceased spouse); d:1955.  See:BREKKE, Myrtle Lucile (GARRETT) d:1995.
BREKKE, Dayton--age--; res:; d:1937.
BREKKE, Myrtle Lucile (GARRETT)--age 85; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BRENNER, Edward--(Deceased spouse); d:1950.  See:BRENNER, Katie (HEER) d:1995.
BRENNER, Katie (HEER)--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BRETKREUTZ, Alvera Selma--md:MERRILL; age:78; res:Onida SD; Hot Springs SD; d:1995.
BREYER, Ione (ZELLER)--age 88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BREYER, John--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:BREYER, Ione (ZELLER) d:1995.
BRIST, Gladys--age 67; res:Sturgis SD; d:1995.
BRITTON, Danette Sue (KENT)--age 43; res:Tulare SD; Inverness FL; d:1995.
BROCK, Edith--md:DUBOIS; age:82; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
BRONS, Elsie M (GILBERT)--age 86; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1996.
BRONS, Walter H--(Deceased spouse).  See:BRONS, Elsie M (GILBERT) 1909-1996.
BROOKSHIRE, Mary Lee--md:CARLSON; age:49; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
BROUSSEAU, Leona Mae 'Jonesy'  (DAVIS)--age 71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BROUSSEAU, Paul--(Deceased spouse); d:1987.  See:BROUSSEAU, Leona Mae 'Jonesy'  (DAVIS) d:1995.
BROWN, Dawn Carmen (TISLAND)--age 54; res:Arlington SD; d:1995.
BROWN, Francis--age 78; res:Wolsey SD; Omaha NE; d:1995.
BROWN, Pearl Bennett--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:URQUHART, Bruce Douglas d:1995.
BROWN, Pearl Bennett--md:URQUHART; age:90; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BRUEGGEMANN, Lynnn--age 69; res:Rockham SD; d:1995.
BRUEKELMAN, Dwayne--age 54; res:Huron SD; Watertown SD; d:1995.
BRUMWELL, Patricia Jean--md:TAYLOR; age:63; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
BRUST, Viva S--md:ECKMANN; age:78; res:Cavour SD; d:1995.
BUCHHOLZ, William A--age 87; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
BULLINGTON, Celia A--(Deceased spouse); d:1970.  See:SOREN, Chester d:1995.
BULT, LeRoy--age 68; res:Wessington Springs SD; Mount Vernon SD; d:1995.
BUSHMAN, Alvina (JOHANNSEN)--age 97; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
BUSHMAN, Ray--(Deceased spouse); d:1959.  See:BUSHMAN, Alvina (JOHANNSEN) d:1995.
BUSSELL, Viola--(Deceased spouse); d:1989.  See:BIES, Donald James d:1995.
BUTTENOB, Joyce Lucille--md:WUNDER; age:52; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
BUTTERFIELD, E B 'Jim'--age 91; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
BUZAY, Mary A (PETA)--age 80; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
CALLIES, Helen M (FREEMAN)--age 78; res:Canova SD; d:1995.
CALLIES, Robert--(Deceased spouse); d:1992.  See:CALLIES, Helen M (FREEMAN) d:1995.
CALMUS, Hilda M (BODE)--age 79; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
CAMPBELL, Joan--md:HARTER; age:60; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
CAMPBELL, Kathryn C 'Kay'--md:WOLLMAN; age:74; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
CAMPBELL, R Neil--age 65; res:Huron SD; Donna TX; d:1995.
CANTON, Leona--md:PAULSON; age:85; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
CAPRIOTTI, Harry--(Deceased spouse); d:1949.  See:CAPRIOTTI, Helen (DiCICCO) d:1995.
CAPRIOTTI, Helen (DiCICCO)--age 81; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
CARDOZO, Angella (OLDRE)--age 91; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
CARDOZO, Henry--(Deceased spouse); d:1970.  See:CARDOZO, Angella (OLDRE) d:1995.
CARLSON, Mary Lee (BROOKSHIRE)--age 49; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
CARLSON, Nettie Marie*--md:JENKINS; age:91; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
CARPENTER, Lois Mildred--md:LAMBERT; age:85; res:Fedora SD; d:1995.
CARPENTER, Mabel Blanche--md:SCHUMAN; age:95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
CARROLL, Helen Jean--age 68; res:DeSmet SD; Wyoming MI; d:1995.
CARSTENS, Iva Elizabeth (JAQUETTE)--age 78; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
CARSTENS, Otto P--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:CARSTENS, Iva Elizabeth (JAQUETTE) d:1995.
CASEY, Dorothy Marie (BRAUN)--age 80; res:Huron SD; Aurora CO; d:1995.
CASTLE, Charles Burton--age 71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
CAVANAUGH, James Patrick--(Deceased spouse); d:1970.  See:CAVANAUGH, Lucia Jeannette 'Nettie' (BARR) d:1995.
CAVANAUGH, Lucia Jeannette 'Nettie' (BARR)--age 101; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
CAVIEZEL, Ida Mae (BERG)--age 81; res:Huron SD; Rapid Ctiy SD; d:1995.
CAVIEZEL, Jerry--(Deceased spouse).  See:CAVIEZEL, Ida Mae (BERG) d:1995.
CAVIGIELLI, Nyla (LEIGHTON)--age 57; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
CHANEY, Dorothy Bell (THOMPSON)--age 89; res:Vermillion SD; d:1995.
CHANEY, Morris Alexander--(Deceased spouse); d:1963.  See:CHANEY, Dorothy Bell (THOMPSON) d:1995.
CHASE, Evalyn G--md:KUKRALL; age:68; res:Seneca SD; Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
CHERREY, Dorothy Elizabeth--md:SAWYER; age:76; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
CHIEF, Dakota Travis--age 2-1/2; res:Procupine SD; d:1995.
CHRISTEN, Philip G--(Deceased spouse); d:1989.  See:CHRISTEN, Ruby Rose (RICHERT) d:1995.
CHRISTEN, Ruby Rose (RICHERT)--age 95; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
CHRISTENSEN, Otto C--age 77; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
CHRISTIANSEN, Ruth Elaine (DEERING)--age 46; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1995.
CHRISTOPHERSON, Arnold Louis--age 70; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
CHRISTOPHERSON, Burdette Angeline--md:WHITES; age:76; res:Iroquois SD; d:1995.
CLARK, Evelyn M--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:OLSON, Harold E 'Ole' d:1995.
CLARK, Robert M--age 69; res:Lebanon SD; d:1995.
CLARKE, Gilbert 'Gib'--age 67; res:Fedora SD; Estelline SD; d:1995.
CLEGG, Mary Lou (MAGNESS)--Deceased daughter; d:1993.
CLIFTON, Charles--age 21; res:Luther OK; d:1995.
CLOUD, Vanessa--age 23; res:White River SD; d:1995.
COBB, Lucille--md:KRAFT; age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
COCHRAN, Martha K--md:FRANK; age:79; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
COCHRAN, Valtah Valerie (McCULLAH)--age 80; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
COCHRANE, Roy--age 81; res:Clark SD; Hopkins MN; d:1995.
COLBY, Frances (RYLAND)--age 84; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
COLBY, Irving--(Deceased spouse).  See:COLBY, Frances (RYLAND) d:1995.
COLLINS, Gladys Hazel--md:RHODES; age:96; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
COLLINS, Jeanne Lynn (ZAFFT)--age 39; res:Estelline SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
COMSTOCK, Everett--age 85; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
COOK, Betty L--md:SIEDSCHLAW; age:79; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
COOK, Henry--age 68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
COOK, Ohmer D--age 86; res:Quinn SD; d:1995.
COOPER, Donald Paul--age 71; res:Faulkton SD; Santa Anna CA; d:1995.
COOPER, Ruth--(Deceased spouse); d:1987.  See:WAHLEN, Nels d:1995.
COPLAN, Philip Charles--age 47; res:Eden Prairie MN; d:1995.
CORBIN, Barbara Kay--md:MUTH; age:49; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
CORL, Nita Lillian--md:HIPPLE; age:84; res:Huron SD; Davenport IA; d:1995.
CORLETT, Velma Alice--md:CRONKHITE; age:96; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
COUGHLIN, Elizabeth (LEGGITT)--age 82; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
COUGHLIN, Florence--md:WASKO; age:84; res:Cavour-Yale SD; East Chicago IN; d:1995.
COUGHLIN, Leo--(Deceased spouse).  See:COUGHLIN, Elizabeth (LEGGITT) d:1995.
COUTTS, Charles--age 88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
CRAMER, Genevieve Eileen--md:ANDERSON; age:70; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
CRANDALL, Daryl--age 26; res:Milbank SD; d:1995.
CRAWFORD, Harold 'Duff'--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:CRAWFORD, Mildred ([not stated]) d:1995.
CRAWFORD, Mildred ([not stated])--age 83; res:Iroquois SD; Forest Grove OR; d:1995.
CRONKHITE, Earl--(Deceased spouse); d:1978.  See:CRONKHITE, Velma Alice (CORLETT) d:1995.
CRONKHITE, Velma Alice (CORLETT)--age 96; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
CROSS, Maybelle Louise (BOETTCHER)--age 73; res:Woonsocket SD; Spearfish SD; d:1995.
CROW, Kenneth Edward--age 55; res:Centerville SD; d:1995.
CULET, Josephine Henrietta (SMITH)--age 98; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
CULVER, Wesley Lloyd--age 75; res:Iroquois SD; d:1995.
CUMMINGS, Geneva M--md:MADSEN; age:78; res:Rosholt SD; d:1995.
CUMMINS, Maybelle (MOLVIG)--age 85; res:Virgil SD; Kimball SD; d:1994.
CUMMINS, Virgil--(Deceased spouse).  See:CUMMINS, Maybelle (MOLVIG) 1909-1994.
CUNDY, Harold A--age 90; res:Iroquois SD; DeSmet SD; d:1995.
CUNNINGHAM, Robert James--age 86; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
CURRIER, Todd--age 29; res:Moorhead MN; d:1995.
CURTIS, Donald Dean--age 68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DAHL, Martha--md:FETHERHUFF; age:94; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DAHME, Christy Lynn--age 19; res:Huron SD; Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
DALLEY, Nancy--md:WALDNER; age:31; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
DANBURG, Phyllis Irene--md:LOSEY; age:70; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
DANGEL, Julie Ann--md:JUNGWIRTH; age:33; res:Redfield SD; Houston TX; d:1995.
DANLEY, June Pearl (REDMOND)--age 81; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DAVIES, Marie Josephine (HANSON)--age 93; res:Huron SD; San Diego CA; d:1995.
DAVIES, Ross D--(Deceased spouse).  See:DAVIES, Marie Josephine (HANSON) d:1995.
DAVIS, Alma Elizabeth (DOBBIN)--age 85; res:Murdo SD; d:1995.
DAVIS, Bernice (WITTE)--age 81; res:Hand co SD; Newberg OR; d:1995.
DAVIS, Edison Ellsworth--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:DAVIS, Bernice (WITTE) d:1995.
DAVIS, Eldon A--age 86; res:Murdo SD; d:1995.
DAVIS, Everett--(Deceased spouse); d:1980.  See:DAVIS, Mildred (PUGSLEY) d:1995.
DAVIS, Leona Mae 'Jonesy' --md:BROUSSEAU; age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DAVIS, Mildred (PUGSLEY)--age 85; res:Huron SD; Worthington MN; d:1995.
DAVIS, Theresa E (HARGENS)--age 85; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
DAVIS, Walter E--(Deceased spouse); d:1961.  See:DAVIS, Theresa E (HARGENS) d:1995.
DAVISON, Milo Evans--age 78; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
DAY, Lelia M--md:KNIPFER; age:92; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
DAY, Ryan--age 18; res:Howes SD; d:1995.
DEARINGER, Patricia Jean--md:SANDVEN; age:51; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
DeBOER, Cathern (QUIGLEY)--age 75; res:Lennox SD; d:1995.
DeBOER, Daniel F--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:DeBOER, Cathern (QUIGLEY) d:1995.
DECKER, David T--age 83; res:Hitchcock SD; Reedley CA; d:1995.
DECKER, Herman L--(Deceased spouse); d:1989.  See:DECKER, Margaret E (KARBAN) d:1995.
DECKER, Margaret E (KARBAN)--age 80; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
DEERING, Ruth Elaine--md:CHRISTIANSEN; age:46; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1995.
DeHART, Todd--age 82; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DEIBERT, Daniel--age 10; res:Herreid SD; d:1995.
DEIST, Rena L (MILLER)--age 103; res:Huron SD; Umatilla OR; d:1995.
DEITER, John H--age 81; res:Frankfort SD; d:1995.
DeLAY, Bonnie C--age 77; res:Volga SD; Westport CT; d:1995.
DENISON, Richard Gary--age 57; res:Virgil SD; El Campo TX; d:1995.
DENNIS, (Baby Boy)--age 0; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DESCOMBOZ, Alma R--md:SCHLENKER; age:83; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
DESLAURIERS, Frances Ann (BERTSCH)--age 86; res:Doland SD; d:1995.
DESLAURIERS, Lester--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:DESLAURIERS, Frances Ann (BERTSCH) d:1995.
DEUTER, Frances Esther--md:SCHLECHTER; age:99; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
DEVICK, Olene D--md:STREETER; age:76; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND; d:1995.
DeWITT, Charles Henry--age 72; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
DeWITT, Dallas--Deceased son; d:1969.
DIAZ, Luis Lebran--age 37; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
DiCICCO, Helen--md:CAPRIOTTI; age:81; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
DICKERSON, Diane S (GUSTAFSON)--age 48; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
DICKSON, Rheba--md:HAEDER; age:58; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
DIEDE, Beverly Irene (HATCH)--age 83; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
DIEDE, Christina--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:GORHAM, Carl Cleo d:1995.
DIEDE, Herbert E--(Deceased spouse).  See:DIEDE, Beverly Irene (HATCH) d:1995.
DIRKSEN, Erwin Arthur--age 73; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1995.
DIXON, Dorothy Mae--md:SHOEMAKER; age:68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DIXSON, Hazel Gertrude--md:VanDYKE; age:94; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DOBBERPUHL, Michael--age 4; res:Conde SD; d:1995.
DOBBIN, Alma Elizabeth--md:DAVIS; age:85; res:Murdo SD; d:1995.
DOBSON, Randy John--age 27; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
DOERING, Anthony--age 35; res:Wessington Springs SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
DOLLENBACHER, Helen Marie--md:SMALL; age:92; res:Woonsocket SD; Cavour SD; d:1995.
DOOLEY, Harold E--age 80; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
DOOLITTLE, Willis Leroy--age 72; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
DORNBUSH, Isaac 'Ike'--age 85; res:Strasburg ND; d:1995.
DOUGHERTY, Dennis James--age 73; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
DOUGLAS, Donald Philip--age 64; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
DOUGLAS, Ryan David--age 16; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
DOWNER, Ruby Anna--md:LOUNSBURY; age:68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
DREW, Beatrice 'Bea' (Miss)--age 88; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
DREWITZ, Anna D--md:JATON; age:102; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
DRIES, Catherine M--md:TIMP; age:84; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
DRILL, Mary Jane--md:JONES; age:78; res:Wolsey SD; Omaha NE; d:1995.
DUBOIS, Edith (BROCK)--age 82; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
DUBOIS, Glen--(Deceased spouse).  See:DUBOIS, Edith (BROCK) d:1995.
DULANY, Grace (AUDISS)--age 63; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
DUNCAN, Gladys Lucille (McQUOWN)--age 89; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
DUNCAN, Harold 'Slim'--(Deceased spouse).  See:DUNCAN, Gladys Lucille (McQUOWN) d:1995.
DYKSTRA, Bernard--(Deceased spouse); d:1976.  See:DYKSTRA, Minnie (HARBERTS) d:1995.
DYKSTRA, Minnie (HARBERTS)--age 88; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
EAKE, Victor P--(Deceased spouse); d:1966.  See:ESKE, Ruth Mae (McLAIN) d:1995.
EASTON, Craig Steven--age 44; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
EASTON, Karen--Deceased sister; d:1989.
EBERT, Anna Laura (WARNE)--age 90; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
EBERT, Joseph Francis--(Deceased spouse).  See:EBERT, Anna Laura (WARNE) d:1995.
ECKER, Robert Edgar--age 68; res:Jamestown ND; d:1995.
ECKMANN, Viva S (BRUST)--age 78; res:Cavour SD; d:1995.
ECKSTEIN, John--(Deceased spouse).  See:ECKSTEIN, Rose C (MENHART) d:1995.
ECKSTEIN, Rose C (MENHART)--age 100; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
EIDSNESS, Agnes--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:HUKE, Edwin d:1995.
EILERS, Arlis Jeanne (ESTERVIG)--age 66; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
EINING, Edward--age 61; res:Iroquois; Huron SD; Napa CA; d:1995.
ELLER, Bill--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:ELLER, Ethel Josephine (JONES) d:1995.
ELLER, Ethel Josephine (JONES)--age 89; res:Artesian SD; d:1995.
ELLER, Nancy Louise--md:KOTHE; age:94; res:Fedora SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
ELLINGSON, Lauretta H (GASTINEAU)--age 88; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
ELLIOTT, Bertha Dee--md:HADRICK; age:85; res:Faulkton; d:1995.
ELLIOTT, Myra--md:MADISON; age:98; res:Huron SD; Long Beach CA; d:1995.
ELLIS, Novella--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:MAGNESS, Gordon 'Cobb' -1964.
ELLIS, Novella--md:MAGNESS; age:90; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Acworth GA; d:1995.
ELVAKER, Alice (PAULSON)--age 76; res:Huron SD; d:1994.
EMERY, Celeste--age 9; res:Procupine SD; d:1995.
ENGBRECHT, Evangeline (ZANTER)--age 58; res:Vermillion SD; d:1995.
ENGEBRETSON, June Marilyn--md:LINDNER; age:64; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ENGEL, Dorothy--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:MEYER, Elmer N -1980.
ENGEL, Dorothy--md:MEYER; age:77; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ENGELBRETSON, Norman--age 76; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ENGH, Martha Laura (KUNDERT)--age 79; res:Forestburg SD; d:1995.
ENGLEMANN, Betty Mae (SHEPHERD)--age 67; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
ERICKSON, Dagny Marie (SORENSON)--age 86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ERICKSON, Ralph--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:ERICKSON, Dagny Marie (SORENSON) d:1995.
ERLAND, E Darlene (HELLAND)--age 69; res:Howard SD; Madison SD; d:1995.
ERLAND, James--Deceased son; d:1994.
ESCHEN, Doris (OECHSLE)--Deceased daughter; d:1991.
ESKE, Ruth Mae (McLAIN)--age 91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ESSER, James--age 83; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
ESSER, Louise (HAIDER)--age 84; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
ESTERVIG, Arlis Jeanne--md:EILERS; age:66; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
EVANS, Elizabeth (LEGGITT)--age 82; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
EVANS, Mildred Pauline (RIST)--age 82; res:Artesian; Carthage SD; Hutchinson KS; d:1995.
FAGG, Catherine E--md:SMITH; age:95; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
FANGER, Lois Irene--md:ALMBAUGH; age:59; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
FARMER, Virginia F--md:NORBECK; age:83; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
FARRINGTON, Roger G--age 96; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
FAST, Benjamin--age 71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
FAULHABER, Lester C--age 77; res:Plankinton SD; d:1995.
FAULHABER, Robert--age--; res:--; d:1995.
FEDT, Mabel (MARSH)--age 90; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
FEDT, Martin--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:FEDT, Mabel (MARSH) d:1995.
FELT, Mildred--md:WIDMAN; age:85; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
FENGER, Anna (FIX)--age 83; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
FENNER, Lowell S--age 61; res:Iroquois SD; Chamberlain SD; d:1995.
FERGUSON, Marguerite S--md:WILKINS; age:93; res:Northfield SD; d:1995.
FERRIS, Emery--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:FERRIS, June Pearl (REDMOND) d:1995.
FERRIS, June Pearl (REDMOND)--age 81; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
FETHERHUFF, Martha (DAHL)--age 94; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
FISCHER, Delma D (KOCK)--age 69; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
FISCHER, Donald Lee--age 52; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
FIX, Anna--md:PARKS; age:83; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
FLANAGAN, Alice--md:SAXTON; age:76; res:Huron SD; Stockton CA; d:1994.
FLANAGAN, Daniel P 'Tony'--age 70; res:Huron SD; Fremont NE; d:1995.
FLANAGAN, Michael E--age 56; res:Huron SD; Denver CO; d:1995.
FLANNERY, Katherine Helen 'Kit'--md:HOLZMAN; age:105; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
FLOYD, Aileen L (ARTHUR)--age 92; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
FLOYD, Alden Woodruff--(Deceased spouse); d:1955.  See:FLOYD, Aileen L (ARTHUR) d:1995.
FORCIER, Olene D--age 78; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
FORD, Leah Elizabeth--md:STAMMER; age:88; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
FORMAN, Rozella Marie--md:WEBER; age:92; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
FORSBURG, Earl W--age 77; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
FORST, Vivian Marie--md:WEISS; age:75; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
FORTUNE, George Alan--age 83; res:Huron SD; Oakland City IN; d:1994.
FOSTER, C W 'Bill'--age 84; res:Huron; d:1995.
FOSTER, John B--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:FOSTER, Mildred (HELGESON) d:1995.
FOSTER, Mildred (HELGESON)--age 93; res:Garden City SD; Clark SD; d:1995.
FOUBERG, Verna Elizabeth (LINKE)--age 79; res:Letcher SD; d:1995.
FOX, Clinton W--age 87; res:Sioux City IA; d:1995.
FRAHM, Lester Raymond--age 85; res:Manchester SD; Pipestone MN; d:1995.
FRANCHER, Marjorie--md:STEUERWALD; age:92; res:Wolsey SD; Dewey AZ; d:1995.
FRANK, Alice Almyra (HORNBY)--age 77; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
FRANK, Art--(Deceased spouse); d:1969.  See:FRANK, Martha K (COCHRAN) d:1995.
FRANK, Martha K (COCHRAN)--age 79; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
FRANSEN, Sena--md:POPPEN; age:96; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
FREEMAN, Edwin R--age 78; res:Ethan SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
FREEMAN, Helen M--md:CALLIES; age:78; res:Canova SD; d:1995.
FREESE, George--(Deceased spouse); d:1979.  See:FREESE, Mary Etta (SEXTON) d:1995.
FREESE, Mary Etta (SEXTON)--age 82; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
FRENCH, Jessica L--age 18; res:Volin SD; d:1995.
FRENCH, Mary Jane (DRILL)--age 78; res:Wolsey SD; Omaha NE; d:1995.
FRERICKS, Edrae--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:BUCHHOLZ, William A d:1995.
FRIED, Leigh Jr--age 23; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
FRIER, Herbert--(Deceased spouse).  See:FRIER, Mildred (VEARRIER) d:1995.
FRIER, Mildred (VEARRIER)--age 85; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
FRONING, Richard Joseph--age 67; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
FRY, Marvin--age 66; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
FRY, Viola--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:FURSEE, Robert d:1995.
FULLER, Eleanor E (Miss)--age 88; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
FULLER, Lowell 'Ole'--age 76; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
FULTON, Kate L (PETERSON)--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
FULTON, Lester--(Deceased spouse); d:1979.  See:FULTON, Kate L (PETERSON) d:1995.
FURNESS, Sophie Kristine--md:MELIGAN; age:82; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
FURSEE, Robert--age 90; res:Wessington Springs SD; Cleveland MS; d:1995.
GALBREATH, Gertrude Irene 'Trudy'--md:WHITE; age:79; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GAMBLE, Edith May--md:SPICER; age:97; res:Wessington; Huron SD; Vancouver WA; d:1995.
GAMMELIN, Dora--md:HINTZ; age:85; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
GANDY, Edna Georgia--md:OSTERKAMP; age:88; res:Blunt SD; d:1995.
GARBE, Pauline--md:AMMON; age:84; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
GARDNER, Paul Robert Sr--age 58; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GARRETSON, Gary Arthur (Rev)--age 53; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
GARRETSON, Jean G--md:RICKEL; age:81; res:Artesian SD; d:1995.
GARRETT, Myrtle Lucile--md:BREKKE; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GARRISON, Telesha--age 10; res:Minnehaha co SD; d:1995.
GASTINEAU, Chester--(Deceased spouse); d:1962.  See:GASTINEAU, Mabel (NELSON) d:1995.
GASTINEAU, Lauretta H (Miss)--age 88; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
GASTINEAU, Lauretta H--md:ELLINGSON; age:88; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
GASTINEAU, Mabel (NELSON)--age 87; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
GEISINGER, Myrna (SWANSON)--age 59; res:Wessington Springs SD; Denver NC; d:1995.
GENSEL, Irene--(Deceased spouse).  See:KENOBBIE, Walter B d:1995.
GERATHS, Bertha L--md:WEBER; age:90; res:Harrold SD; d:1995.
GERE, Donald K--age 76; res:Woonsocket SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
GETZ, Carl--age 60; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
GILBERT, Arlene Helen (SEEBECK)--age 75; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
GILBERT, Elsie M--md:BRONS; age:86; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1996.
GILBERT, Esther Johanna (BAACH)--age 80; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
GILBERT, Morris Nelson 'Bud'--age 63; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GILBERTZ, Margaret A--md:MULLANEY; age:56; res:Orient SD; d:1995.
GILCHRIST, Leonard--(Deceased spouse).  See:GILCHRIST, Ruth L (LAPOSKY) d:1995.
GILCHRIST, Ruth L (LAPOSKY)--age 76; res:Iroquois SD; Oak Creek WI; d:1995.
GILES, Ivan W--age 84; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
GLANZER, Katie--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:HOFER, Josh G d:1995.
GLANZER, Susanna S (PULLMAN)--age 89; res:Yale SD; d:1995.
GLANZER, Toby--(Deceased son-in-law); d:1994.
GLANZER, William--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:GLANZER, Susanna S (PULLMAN) d:1995.
GLEICH, Leodina Elizabeth 'Betty' (KERNER)--age 71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GLOVER, Kenneth--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:GLOVER, Vivian Evelyn (SPILDE) d:1995.
GLOVER, Vivian Evelyn (SPILDE)--age 78; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
GOAD, Agnes B.--md:WEISS; age:91; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
GOERGEN, Leo John--age 71; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
GOERGEN, Leona--md:WETZEL; age:79; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
GOGOLIN, Marie M--md:SORENSON; age:92; res:Alexandria SD; d:1995.
GOOSEN, Aron--age 95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GORDON, Gladys Lorena (VANCE)--age 80; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
GORDON, Kathryn L (SHAW)--age 83; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
GORDON, Lester--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:GORDON, Kathryn L (SHAW) d:1995.
GORDON, Stanley--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:GORDON, Gladys Lorena (VANCE) d:1995.
GORHAM, Carl Cleo--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:GORHAM, Christina (DIEDE) -1993.
GORHAM, Carl Cleo--age 86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GORHAM, Christina (DIEDE)--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.
GORHAM, Kenneth--(Deceased son); d:1960.
GOTTSLEBEN, Mary Isabelle--md:POIRIER; age:83; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
GOUDY, Albert Wayne--age 83; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GRAHAM, Genevieve Catherine--md:ALLEMAN; age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
GREEN, Walter Jr 'Bud'--age 72; res:Huron SD; Shelton WA; d:1995.
GREENWOOD, Harriet May (HOWARD)--age 71; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
GREENWOOD, William--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:GREENWOOD, Harriet May (HOWARD) d:1995.
GRIFFITH, William M--age 97; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GROENHOFF, Ray--Deceased brother-in-law; d:1976.
GROHS, Patricia (REINDL)--age 73; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
GROSS, Elizabeth W (KLEINSASSER)--age 89; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
GROSS, Sam--(Deceased spouse); d:1974.  See:GROSS, Elizabeth W (KLEINSASSER) d:1995.
GROSZ, Arthur Jacob--age 84; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
GRUVER, Mildred--md:BRANDT; age:93; res:Agar SD; Onida SD; d:1995.
GUERICKE, Hildebert--(Deceased spouse).  See:GUERICKE, Martha (SCHAEFFER) d:1995.
GUERICKE, Martha (SCHAEFFER)--age 87; res:Iroquois SD; Menno SD; d:1995.
GUILKEY, Ellis--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:GUILKEY, Selma B (LUNSTRUM) d:1995.
GUILKEY, Selma B (LUNSTRUM)--age 101; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
GULLY, Edward--age 76; res:Willow Lake SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
GUNDERSON, Duane Richard--age 63; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
GUSTAFSON, Diane S--md:DICKERSON; age:48; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
GUSTAFSON, Viola (AHNBERG)--age 71; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
HAAS, Cecilia Mary (HOSS)--age 81; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
HADRICK, Bertha Dee (ELLIOTT)--age 85; res:Faulkton; d:1995.
HAEDER, Rheba (DICKSON)--age 58; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
HAGERTY, Margaret Louise (JOHNSTON)--age 70; res:Falls Church VA; d:1995.
HAGERTY, Merle--(Deceased spouse); d:1980.  See:HAGERTY, Margaret Louise (JOHNSTON) d:1995.
HAGMAN, Anna Marie* (BECKER)--age 83; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
HAIDER, Louise--md:ESSER; age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
HAIDU, Marie (PINTUCK)--Deceased daughter; d:1990.
HAIN, Vera Elizabeth (TOWNSEND)--age 93; res:Cresbard SD; Northville SD; d:1995.
HAIWICK, Leonard C--age 76; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
HALL, Alfred James--age 61; res:Huron SD; St. Louis Park MN; d:1995.
HALLAN, Archie--(Deceased spouse).  See:HALLAN, Ruth Ellen (BERG) d:1995.
HALLAN, Ruth Ellen (BERG)--age 76; res:Iroquois SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
HALSEY, Martha Kathrine (HOLST)--age 95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HALSEY, Roy A--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:HALSEY, Martha Kathrine (HOLST) d:1995.
HAMDORF, Loraine Glen 'Skeet'--age 68; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
HAMILTON, Alvin D 'Cuffie'--age 93; res:Bonilla SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
HAMLIN, Elsie (SAMP)--age 90; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
HAMLIN, Wallace--(Deceased spouse).  See:HAMLIN, Elsie (SAMP) d:1995.
HAMMILL, Bruce--Deceased son; d:1984.
HAMMILL, Frank--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:HAMMILL, Hazel Violet (BECK) d:1995.
HAMMILL, Hazel Violet (BECK)--age 87; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
HAMMILL, Lois--Deceased daughter-in-law; d:1986.
HAMRO, Cedric--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:HAMRO, Ruth M (MACK) d:1995.
HAMRO, Ruth M (MACK)--age 82; res:Carthage SD; Custer SD; d:1995.
HANNAH, Carrie--age 82; res:Esmond SD; d:1995.
HANSEN, Bernice V (KNUTSON)--age 69; res:Mellette SD; d:1995.
HANSEN, Byron Dale--(Deceased spouse); d:1989.  See:HANSEN, Bernice V (KNUTSON) d:1995.
HANSEN, Minnie--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:WILLIAMS,  Albert C d:1995.
HANSON, Jean Frances (SEVERSON)--age 57; res:Highmore SD; Pierre SD; d:1995.
HANSON, Louise E (TOMPKINS)--age 78; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
HANSON, Lyman E--(Deceased spouse).  See:HANSON, Louise E (TOMPKINS) d:1995.
HANSON, Marie Josephine--md:DAVIES; age:93; res:Huron SD; San Diego CA; d:1995.
HANSON, Marilyn J--md:ODLAND; age:64; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
HARBERTS, Minnie--md:DYKSTRA; age:88; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
HARDIE, Cheryl H--md:SUITER; age:41; res:Redfield SD; Hanhassen MN; d:1995.
HARFORD, Bertha 'Bert' (ROEBER)--age 78; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
HARFORD, Wendall--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:HARFORD, Bertha 'Bert' (ROEBER) d:1995.
HARGENS, Theresa E--md:DAVIS; age:85; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
HARKLESS, Thomas H--age 16; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HARMENING, Edna Verna--md:SARGENT; age:73; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
HARMS, Russell F--age 78; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
HARN, Joseph O--age 56; res:Gann Valley SD; Lakewood CO; d:1995.
HARPER, Charlotte--md:SCHNEIDER; age:103; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
HARRINGTON, Ray--age 50; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HARRIS, Louise--md:STALEY; age:71; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
HART, Gerald David--age 32; res:Lake Andes SD; d:1995.
HART, Opal Audrey (WILSON)--age 96; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
HART, William--(Deceased spouse); d:1960.  See:HART, Opal Audrey (WILSON) d:1995.
HARTER, Joan (CAMPBELL)--age 60; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HARVEY, Harry F--age 78; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
HASKETT, Bryce Warren--age 74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HASKETT, Theora--md:BALLARD; age:96; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
HATCH, Beverly Irene--md:DIEDE; age:83; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
HATHAWAY, Mel Jay--age 76; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
HAUCK, Raymond--age 73; res:Menno SD; d:1995.
HAUGE, Agnes M--md:WUNDER; age:79; res:Howard SD; Aloha OR; d:1995.
HAUGEN, Ruth Elaine--md:OESTREICH; age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HAUSMAN, Pearl A--md:HINSEY; age:86; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HAWKINS, Amanda Anna (BARZ)--age 85; res:Mellette SD; d:1995.
HAWKINS, Otis--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:HAWKINS, Amanda Anna (BARZ) d:1995.
HAWKS, Hazel (HUBBELL)--age 82; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HEAD, Harry H--age 102; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HEARNEN, Tom A--age 72; res:Conde SD; d:1995.
HECKENLAIBLE, Arthur--age 86; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
HEER, Katie--md:TENDELAND; age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HEER, Richard J--age 54; res:Doland SD; d:1995.
HEFFERNAN, Mary Jane Mae--md:WORLIE; age:81; res:Conde SD; d:1995.
HEGG, LaJune A (BLOODGOOD)--age 86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HEGG, Neil--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:HEGG, LaJune A (BLOODGOOD) d:1995.
HEIN, Earl--(Deceased spouse).  See:HAIN, Vera Elizabeth (TOWNSEND) d:1995.
HELGESON, Mildred--md:FOSTER; age:93; res:Garden City SD; Clark SD; d:1995.
HELKENN, Arthur 'Red'--age 90; res:Raymond SD; Clark SD; d:1995.
HELLAND, E Darlene--md:ERLAND; age:69; res:Howard SD; Madison SD; d:1995.
HELM, Bertha--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:HOLZWARTH, William d:1995.
HENDRICKS, Darline Carole (STAGEBERG)--age 58; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HENGEL, Albert H--(Deceased spouse).  See:HENGEL, Elsie Lucia (STAUDENMEYER) d:1995.
HENGEL, Elsie Lucia (STAUDENMEYER)--age 100; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HENGELFELT, Gertrude Helen (ZWANZIGER)--age 90; res:Huron SD; Tacoma WA; d:1995.
HENGELFELT, Louis--(Deceased spouse).  See:HENGELFELT, Gertrude Helen (ZWANZIGER) d:1995.
HENLINE, Frances--age 71; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
HERBERG, JoAnne--(Deceased spouse); d:1970.  See:MERKLE, James Frederick d:1995.
HERBOLDT, Martha (SCHAEFFER)--age 87; res:Iroquois SD; Menno SD; d:1995.
HEUMILLER, Virginia 'Jeanne'--md:KLUTHE; age:68; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
HIATT, Grace L--md:TROTMAN; age:101; res:Miller SD; Thornton CO; d:1995.
HIGGINS, Laura Eileen (SHEW)--age 73; res:Cresbard SD; d:1995.
HIGGINS, Mayo--(Deceased spouse); d:1991.  See:HIGGINS, Laura Eileen (SHEW) d:1995.
HIGGS, Josephine A--md:ZEIGLER; age:87; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
HILGEMANN, Lena--md:YEGGE; age:81; res:Alpena SD; Huron SD; Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
HILL, Clifford--(Deceased spouse); d:1987.  See:HILL, Susie A (MAENDL) d:1995.
HILL, Grace V (JOHNSON)--age 76; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
HILL, James Arthur--age 65; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
HILL, Orville M--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:HILL, Grace V (JOHNSON) d:1995.
HILL, Susie A (MAENDL)--age 83; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HILTON, Pauline (Miss)--age 88; res:Huron SD; Portland OR; d:1995.
HINES, Barbara Ann (UGLAND)--age 48; res:Pierre SD; Watertown SD; d:1995.
HINSEY, Leslie--(Deceased spouse); d:1969.  See:HINSEY, Pearl A (HAUSMAN) d:1995.
HINSEY, Pearl A (HAUSMAN)--age 86; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HINTZ, Dora (GAMMELIN)--age 85; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
HIPPEN, Preston O--age 62; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HIPPLE, Charles A--(Deceased spouse); d:1945.  See:HIPPLE, Nita Lillian (CORL) d:1995.
HIPPLE, Nita Lillian (CORL)--age 84; res:Huron SD; Davenport IA; d:1995.
HIRSCH, Rose M--md:McATEE; age:95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HITTLE, Robert Dale--age 71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HOARTY, John Charles 'Jack'--age 67; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
HODGES, Raylyn C 'Ray'--age 48; res:DeSmet SD; Huron SD; Roseburg OR; d:1995.
HODSON, Wednell 'Hod'--age 74; res:Artesian SD; San Lorenzo CA; d:1995.
HOELZEL, Elinor L (WEST)--age 70; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Adina--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:HOFER, Peter J S d:1995.
HOFER, Albert I--age -; res:Huron SD; McAllen TX; d:1995.
HOFER, Clifford T 'C T'--age 72; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Dorathy Ann (HOFER)--age 57; res:Yale SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Dorathy Ann--md:HOFER; age:57; res:Yale SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Edwin--age 75; res:Huron SD; Eldred MN; d:1995.
HOFER, Emil Arnold (Dr)--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Emma G. (TSCHETTER)--age 86; res:Huron SD; Brookings SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Joe C--age 74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Joe G--(Deceased spouse); d:1951.  See:HOFER, Sarah A (HOFER) d:1995.
HOFER, John R--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:HOFER, Emma G. (TSCHETTER) d:1995.
HOFER, John R--age 84; res:Carpenter SD; Brookings SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Johnny J--age 70; res:Bridgewater SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Josh G--age 68; res:Hitchcock SD; Cambridge MN; d:1995.
HOFER, Justina--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:WIPF, Paul K d:1995.
HOFER, Justina--md:WALDNER; age:62; res:Glendale Colony (Frankfort) SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Kathern [Mrs]--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:LANSEIDEL, John Chris d:1995.
HOFER, Marie--md:JANTZ; age:64; res:Hitchcock SD; Ceres CA; d:1995.
HOFER, Marlene--Deceased daughter; d:1982.
HOFER, Paul P W--age 93; res:Huron SD; Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Peter J S--age 95; res:Freeman SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Ruth--md:THADEN; age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Samuel--age 74; res:Carpenter SD; Milwaukee WI; d:1995.
HOFER, Sarah A (HOFER)--age 81; res:Carpenter SD; d:1995.
HOFER, Sarah A--md:TSCHETTER; age:81; res:Carpenter SD; d:1995.
HOFF, Fred--age 91; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
HOFFMAN, Gladys R (BEALL)--age 90; res:Huron SD; Minden Ne; d:1995.
HOFFMAN, James Edwin 'Ed'--age 73; res:Huron SD; Medford OR; d:1995.
HOFFMAN, Kenneth--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:HOFFMAN, Gladys R (BEALL) d:1995.
HOFMAN, Ronald--age -; res:Brandt SD; d:1995.
HOLCOMB, Maurine--md:RIPPLE; age:87; res:Huron SD; Carthage SD; Nemo SD; d:1995.
HOLLAND, Carol Janet--md:PETERSEN; age:74; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
HOLLARBUSH, Arlene (THOMPSON)--age 66; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
HOLLOW HORN BEAR, Duane Jr--age 20s; res:Saint Francis SD; d:1995.
HOLST, Martha Kathrine--md:HALSEY; age:95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HOLTE, Harland Lyle--age 51; res:Gillette WY; d:1995.
HOLTZMAN, Albert Martin--(Deceased spouse); d:1960.  See:HOLZMAN, Katherine Helen 'Kit' (FLANNERY) d:1995.
HOLVERSON, Ann--md:ROUSAR; age:90; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
HOLVERSON, Clarence--(Deceased spouse); d:1976.  See:HOLVERSON, Elsie M (GILBERT) 1909-1996.
HOLVERSON, Elsie M (GILBERT)--age 86; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1996.
HOLZMAN, Katherine Helen 'Kit' (FLANNERY)--age 105; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HOLZWARTH, William--age 90; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
HOOK, Milton Rolland 'Bud'--age 83; res:Iroquois SD; Riverside CA; d:1995.
HOOKIE, Ruby--md:HOUGE; age:74; res:Lake Preston SD; Bryant SD; d:1995.
HOOYMAN, Harold--(Deceased spouse); d:1960.  See:KOOYMAN, Viola A (LANDON) d:1995.
HOPLEY, Thelma--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:BUTTERFIELD, E B 'Jim' d:1995.
HORA, Leighton--(Deceased spouse); d:1968.  See:HORA, Shirley L (OHLSON) d:1995.
HORA, Shirley L (OHLSON)--age 74; res:Howard SD; Artesian SD; Canistota SD; d:1995.
HORN, Karen Kay--md:SEATON; age:54; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
HORNBY, Alice Almyra--md:FRANK; age:77; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HORNED EAGLE, Gordon--age 20s; res:Saint Francis SD; d:1995.
HORSLEY, Lulu Mae--md:WEDGE; age:76; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
HORTON, John H--age 59; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
HOSS, Cecilia Mary--md:HAAS; age:81; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
HOUGE, LeRoy--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:HOUGE, Ruby (HOOKIE) d:1995.
HOUGE, Ruby (HOOKIE)--age 74; res:Lake Preston SD; Bryant SD; d:1995.
HOUGLAND, Berkley G--age 65; res:Wessington Springs SD; Virginia Beach VA; d:1995.
HOUSTON, Hazel--md:ZWICK; age:89; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HOWARD, Harriet May--md:GREENWOOD; age:71; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HOWARD, Lloyd--age 49; res:Summit SD; d:1995.
HOWARD, Violet Marie--md:LaFURGE; age:90; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
HOY, Richard Eugene--age 50; res:South Bend IN; d:1995.
HUBBARD, Eunice--md:McINTIRE; age:89; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1995.
HUBBARD, Noah Sylvester--age 87; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HUBBELL, Hazel--md:HAWKS; age:82; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HUGHES, R Frank--Deceased son; d:1993.
HUGHES, Raymond C--age 104; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HUIZENA, Clayton Richard--age 58; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
HUKE, Edwin--age 97; res:Watertown SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
HULBERT, Maxcine--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:BOLDT, Roland Owen d:1995.
HULL, Ruth (SCHALLER)--age 82; res:Wessington Springs SD; Colorado Springs CO; d:1995.
HULL, Willis--(Deceased spouse).  See:HULL, Ruth (SCHALLER) d:1995.
HUNSLEY, Doris Frances--md:SCHERLIE; age:85; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
HUNT, Scott--age 45; res:Huron SD; Worthing SD; d:1995.
HURD, R D (Judge)--age 54; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
HUSS, Cyril John--age 77; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
HUSTED, Earl Stanley--age 85; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
HUTCHINGS, Bruce Brickwood--age 76; res:Huron SD; Roseville CA; d:1995.
HUTCHINSON, Arthur Lawrence--age 95; res:Huron SD; Louisville KY; d:1995.
ISSENDORF, Thomas Roy--age 46; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
IVERSON, Howard--(Deceased spouse).  See:IVERSON, Winifred Mary (STONE) d:1995.
IVERSON, Jeanette--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:HASKETT, Bryce Warren d:1995.
IVERSON, Winifred Mary (STONE)--age 89; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
JACKSON, Harvey Clifford--age 98; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
JACOBS, Howard L--(Deceased spouse); d:1980.  See:JACOBS, Orpha Christine (WIBE) d:1995.
JACOBS, Orpha Christine (WIBE)--age 87; res:Huron SD; Brookings SD; d:1995.
JACOBSON, Olaf--age 88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
JAGER, Edward--(Deceased spouse); d:1959.  See:JAGER, Minnie B (VILLBRANDT) d:1995.
JAGER, Minnie B (VILLBRANDT)--age 87; res:Alpena SD; d:1995.
JANES, Raymond Leonard--age 91; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
JANSSEN, Herbert--age 96; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
JANTZ, Marie (HOFER)--age 64; res:Hitchcock SD; Ceres CA; d:1995.
JAQUETTE, Iva Elizabeth--md:CARSTENS; age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
JATON, Anna D (DREWITZ)--age 102; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
JATON, William--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:JATON, Anna D (DREWITZ) d:1995.
JENKINS, Dorcie D--(Deceased spouse).  See:JENKINS, Nettie Marie* (CARLSON) d:1995.
JENKINS, Nettie Marie* (CARLSON)--age 91; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
JENNINGS, Nadine Kathryn--md:ROBINSON; age:88; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
JENSEN, Clara Marie (KOEPP)--age 85; res:Oldham SD; Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
JENSEN, Myrtle--md:LACY; age:90; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
JENSEN, Segurd--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:JENSEN, Clara Marie (KOEPP) d:1995.
JENSSEN, Alice Elena (MILES)--age 81; res:Alpena SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
JENSSEN, Clarence--(Deceased spouse).  See:JENSSEN, Alice Elena (MILES) d:1995.
JERLOW, Richard Alden--age 70; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
JESSEN, Donald P--age 68; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
JESSEN, Katherine 'Peg'--md:NEWMAN; age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
JOCKHECK, Marie Sophie--md:MAGER; age:94; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
JOCKHECK, Martin Fred 'Marty'--age 43; res:Hitchcock SD; Milbank SD; d:1995.
JOHANNSEN, Alvina--md:BUSHMAN; age:97; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
JOHANNSEN, James Jurgen--age 64; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
JOHANNSON, Nammie W--md:OGREN; age:92; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
JOHNSEN, Marvin Dean--age 62; res:Redfield SD; Sundance WY; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Bennett Jr--age 86; res:Alpena SD; Eugene OR; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Doyle R--age 74; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Grace V--md:POPPEN; age:76; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Harvey Norman*--age 60; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Henry--(Deceased spouse); d:1967.  See:JOHNSON, Minnie (HARBERTS) d:1995.
JOHNSON, Ida--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:WALLEN, Justus d:1995.
JOHNSON, John Harold--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
JOHNSON, LaVerne Lorraine--md:VALENTINE; age:69; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Lila May--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:ENGELBRETSON, Norman d:1995.
JOHNSON, Minnie (HARBERTS)--age 88; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Oren Mitchell--age 83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
JOHNSON, Sylvia G--(Deceased spouse).  See:MARSHALL, Bernard L> d:1995.
JOHNSON, William Wesley--age 96; res:Orient SD; d:1995.
JOHNSTON, Corliss George 'Short'--age 90; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
JOHNSTON, Margaret Louise--md:HAGERTY; age:70; res:Falls Church VA; d:1995.
JONES, Emil M--age 89; res:Beadle co SD; Wilsonville OR; d:1995.
JONES, Ethel Josephine--md:ELLER; age:89; res:Artesian SD; d:1995.
JONES, Harold Lloyd--age 88; res:Huron SD; Wessington SD; d:1995.
JONES, Mary Jane (DRILL)--age 78; res:Wolsey SD; Omaha NE; d:1995.
JORGENSEN, Mary--md:LARSEN; age:104; res:Huron SD; Nampa ID; d:1995.
JULSON, Helen I--(Deceased spouse); d:1987.  See:PASEK, Dwight M d:1995.
JUNGWIRTH, Johnny P--age 46; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
JUNGWIRTH, Julie Ann (DANGEL)--age 33; res:Redfield SD; Houston TX; d:1995.
KAEMINGK, Jason--age 15; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
KAMINSKI, Joseph Alan--age 44; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KARBAN, Margaret E--md:DECKER; age:80; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
KARLEN, Linda Rae (MERXBAUER)--age 47; res:Chamberlain SD; d:1995.
KASIN, Horace Anthony--age 85; res:Wallace SD; d:1995.
KAUP, Margaret--md:NYLANDER; age:86; res:Lebanon SD; d:1995.
KAVANAGH, Mary--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:HARRINGTON, Ray d:1995.
KAYL, Eric--age 14; res:Bridgewater SD; d:1995.
KEELIN, Duane--(Deceased spouse).  See:KEELIN, Lenora M (SCHORZMANN) d:1995.
KEELIN, Lenora M (SCHORZMANN)--age 68; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
KEENAN, Phyllis Ione (LARSON)--age 53; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
KEISER, Iona Isabell (TIBBETTS)--age 80; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
KELLOGG, Tanya--age -; res:Mitchell SD; d:1994.
KEMPF, Helen LaVonne* (KUBORN)--age 73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KEMPG, Gertrude Elizabeth (MADDOCK)--age 88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KENOBBIE, Walter B--age 74; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
KENT, Danette Sue--md:BRITTON; age:43; res:Tulare SD; Inverness FL; d:1995.
KENTON, Alice (PAULSON)--age 76; res:Huron SD; d:1994.
KERNER, Leodina Elizabeth 'Betty'--md:GLEICH; age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KETELSEN, Iona Kathryn--md:ROGNSTAD; age:85; res:Vivian SD; d:1995.
KINDLE, Alice Ann (MAGER)--age 85; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
KINDLE, William--(Deceased spouse).  See:KINDLE, Alice Ann (MAGER) d:1995.
KING, Agnes Ida--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:VanDYKE, Andrew d:1995.
KING, Raymond Eugene--Deceased father; d:1962.
KING, Tony Leon--age 45; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KIRBY, Fred W--age 92; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KIRKWOOD, Beulah 'Nell' (SAMPSON)--age 76; res:Huron SD; Austin MN; d:1995.
KITCHEN, Lyle--(Deceased spouse); d:1968.  See:KITCHEN, Shirley L (OHLSON) d:1995.
KITCHEN, Shirley L (OHLSON)--age 74; res:Howard SD; Artesian SD; Canistota SD; d:1995.
KJELLERSON, Alan Dean--age 50; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KJELLERSON, Iva M (BOONE)--age 76; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KJELLERSON, Myron--(Deceased brother); d:1969.
KJELLERSON, Roland 'Swede'--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:KJELLERSON, Iva M (BOONE) d:1995.
KJELLSEN, Albeck--(Deceased spouse); d:1979.  See:KJELLSEN, Elsie Marie (PEDERSEN) d:1995.
KJELLSEN, Elsie Marie (PEDERSEN)--age 91; res:Arlington SD; d:1995.
KLEINSASSER, David M--age 61; res:Watertown SD; Carpenter SD; d:1995.
KLEINSASSER, Elizabeth W--md:GROSS; age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KLEINSASSER, Kathryn (WOLLMAN)--age 75; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
KLEVEN, Les (Senator)--age 64; res:Sturgis SD; d:1995.
KLINSKY, Miloslav Daniel 'Milo'--age 75; res:Long Beach CA; d:1995.
KLUTHE, Virginia 'Jeanne' (HEUMILLER)--age 68; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
KNIPFER, Lelia M (DAY)--age 92; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
KNIPFER, Warren--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:KNIPFER, Lelia M (DAY) d:1995.
KNIPPLING, Kenneth--age--; res:; d:1991.
KNIPPLING, Paul K--age 70; res:Buffalo co SD; d:1995.
KNUTSON, Al D--age 81; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
KNUTSON, Arthur Milford*--age 89; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
KNUTSON, Bernice V--md:HANSEN; age:69; res:Mellette SD; d:1995.
KNUTSON, Hazel Lovina--md:SCHUMAN; age:75; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KOCH, Cartney KOCH--md:McRAVEN; age:19; res:Oklahoma City OK; d:1995.
KOCK, Delma D--md:FISCHER; age:69; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
KOEPP, Clara Marie--md:JENSEN; age:85; res:Oldham SD; Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
KOESTER, Delores (MEYER)--age 60; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
KOGEL, Dorene (RUMELHART)--age 72; res:Wessington Springs SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
KOGEL, James--Deceased son; d:1987.
KOGEL, Janell--Deceased daughter; d:1953.
KOOYMAN, Viola A (LANDON)--age 83; res:Custer SD; d:1995.
KOPPELMAN, Grant--age 30; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
KOPPLIN, August R--age 97; res:Iroquois SD; DeSmet SD; d:1995.
KOTHE, Fred--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:KOTHE, Nancy Louise (ELLER) d:1995.
KOTHE, Nancy Louise (ELLER)--age 94; res:Fedora SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
KRAFT, George--(Deceased spouse).  See:KRAFT, Lucille (COBB) d:1995.
KRAFT, Lucille (COBB)--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KRANTZ, Teresa--(Deceased spouse).  See:ESSER, James d:1995.
KRANZ, Florence C (SCHELL)--age 80; res:Watertown SD; d:1995.
KRANZ, Nicholas A--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:KRANZ, Florence C (SCHELL) d:1995.
KRELL, Bob--age 69; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
KRETCHMER, Marjorie Ione--md:LIEN; age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KRIER, Scott--age 20; res:Alexandria SD; d:1995.
KROUPA, Lillian L--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:KUEHN, Otto C d:1995.
KUBORN, Helen LaVonne*--md:KEMPF; age:73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KUEHL, Victoria Grace 'Vickie'--md:SQUIRE; age:41; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
KUEHN, Otto C--age 96; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KUESTERMEYER, Christian Earnest--age 88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
KUHLMAN, George J--age 76; res:Huron SD; Grand Forks ND; d:1995.
KUKRALL, Evalyn G (CHASE)--age 68; res:Seneca SD; Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
KUKRALL, Jacob--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:KUKRALL, Evalyn G (CHASE) d:1995.
KUNDERT, Martha Laura--md:ENGH; age:79; res:Forestburg SD; d:1995.
KUPER, Clarence A--age 81; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
LACY, Charles--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:LACY, Myrtle (JENSEN) d:1995.
LACY, Myrtle (JENSEN)--age 90; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
LaFURGE, Douglas--(Deceased son); d:1964.
LaFURGE, Leonard Wayne--age 58; res:Sully co SD; d:1995.
LaFURGE, Robert--(Deceased spouse); d:1980.  See:LaFURGE, Violet Marie (HOWARD) d:1995.
LaFURGE, Violet Marie (HOWARD)--age 90; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
LAKOTA, Leon L Jr--age 58; res:Pine Ridge SD; d:1995.
LAMBERT, Elsie Marie--md:MOEDING; age:84; res:Broadland SD; d:1995.
LAMBERT, Lois Mildred (CARPENTER)--age 85; res:Fedora SD; d:1995.
LANDON, Viola A--md:KOOYMAN; age:83; res:Custer SD; d:1995.
LANGBEHN, LeRoy Howard--age 82; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
LANSEIDEL, John Chris--age 91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
LANZ, Arthur--(Deceased spouse).  See:LANZ, Iona L (STUBSTEN) d:1995.
LANZ, Iona L (STUBSTEN)--age 78; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
LaPOINTE, Richard--age 24; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
LAPOSKY, Ruth L--md:GILCHRIST; age:76; res:Iroquois SD; Oak Creek WI; d:1995.
LARIMER, Owen Jensvold--age 82; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
LaROCHE, Theresa Marie--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:DeWITT, Charles Henry d:1995.
LARSEN, Amber--age 15; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1995.
LARSEN, George F--(Deceased spouse); d:1955.  See:LARSEN, Mary (JORGENSEN) d:1995.
LARSEN, Mary (JORGENSEN)--age 104; res:Huron SD; Nampa ID; d:1995.
LARSON, Agnes--md:OTTERPOHL; age:93; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
LARSON, Alma (ROTH)--age 78; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
LARSON, Carline--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:DOOLEY, Harold E d:1995.
LARSON, Della Jean--md:USSERY; age:53; res:Huron SD; Isgah IA; d:1995.
LARSON, Edna--md:STREENZ; age:94; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
LARSON, Hilda--md:BJORDAHL; age:89; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
LARSON, Olaf Rusval 'Ole'--age 77; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
LARSON, Phyllis Ione--md:BOWERS; age:53; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
LARSON, Richard--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:LARSON, Alma (ROTH) d:1995.
LASHWOOD, Hilda Francis--md:BIRCHALL; age:72; res:Huron SD; Shawnee OK; d:1995.
LAUGHLIN, Mary Irene (Miss)--age 96; res:Huron SD; Alhambra CA; d:1995.
LAVALIERE, Bernice (MOLZOFF)--age 69; res:Huron SD; Olivia MN; d:1995.
LAVALIERE, Richard--(Deceased spouse).  See:LAVALIERE, Bernice (MOLZOFF) d:1995.
LECKNER, Dorothy (ROBERTS)--age 71; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
LECKNER, Robert--(Deceased spouse).  See:LECKNER, Dorothy (ROBERTS) d:1995.
LEE, Adolph Joseph--age 88; res:DeSmet SD; Brookings SD; d:1995.
LEE, Clarence--(Deceased spouse); d:1962.  See:LEE, Mildred Gretchen (TROUSDALE) d:1995.
LEE, Mildred Gretchen (TROUSDALE)--age 84; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
LEGGITT, Elizabeth--md:COUGHLIN; age:82; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
LEIDER, John [dec'd]--(Deceased spouse).  See:LEIDER, Myrtle (PARKER) d:1995.
LEIDER, Myrtle (PARKER)--age 92; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
LEIGHTON, Nyla--md:CAVIGIELLI; age:57; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
LENZ, John Henry Herman--age 73; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
LEREW, Ruby (WOLLE)--age 89; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
LICHTY, Oscar--age 90; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
LIEBIG, Gaar--age 79; res:Frankfort SD; d:1995.
LIEN, Marjorie Ione (KRETCHMER)--age 74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
LIGHTCAP, Ruth J (SMITH)--age 69; res:Huron SD; Lake Crystal MN; d:1995.
LINDBLOOM, Alice Marie (MICHAELSON)--age 95; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
LINDBLOOM, Peter--(Deceased spouse); d:1966.  See:LINDBLOOM, Alice Marie (MICHAELSON) d:1995.
LINDGREN, Billie Ann--(Deceased spouse); d:1989.  See:RHEBORG, Raymond d:1995.
LINDNER, June Marilyn (ENGEBRETSON)--age 64; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
LINDNER, Loretta--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:LEE, Adolph Joseph d:1995.
LINKE, Verna Elizabeth--md:FOUBERG; age:79; res:Letcher SD; d:1995.
LIPS, Virgil J--age 74; res:Miller SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
LOESCHKE, Alice Lauretta--md:VEHELST; age:73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
LOGAN, Eleanor (AUSDEMORE)--age 80; res:Iroquois SD; Yankton SD; d:1995.
LONE HILL, Roland--age -; res:; d:.
LOOMER, Myron H--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:LOOMER, Pauline Ann (MILLER) d:1995.
LOOMER, Pauline Ann (MILLER)--age 76; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
LORENZ, Hans--age 97; res:Esmond SD; d:1995.
LOSEY, Phyllis Irene (DANBURG)--age 70; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
LOUNSBURY, Ruby Anna (DOWNER)--age 68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
LOVELACE, Gelie Violet (RAGELS)--age 75; res:Doland SD; Clark SD; d:1995.
LOVELACE, James W--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:LOVELACE, Gelie Violet (RAGELS) d:1995.
LUCAS, Anna Caroline (Miss)--age 96; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
LUCAS, M. Edward (Sister)--age 96; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
LUCKE, Merle G--age 73; res:Great Falls MT; d:1995.
LUDEMANN, Allen John--age 72; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
LUND, Peder Christian--age 88; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
LUNDAHL, Violet L--md:BECHARD; age:83; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
LUNDY, Annamae Riiff--age 86; res:Platte SD; Longview WA; d:1995.
LUNSTRUM, Selma B--md:GUILKEY; age:101; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
LURA, Lois Elaine--md:NORDHUS; age:66; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
LUSK, Alvera Margaret (WEELBORG)--age 71; res:Vienna SD; Bryant SD; d:1995.
LUSK, David W--age 73; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
LUSK, Elmer Ralph--age 80; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
LUTTER, Alice Ann (MAGER)--age 85; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
MACER, Louis W--age 82; res:Garden City SD; d:1995.
MACK, Ruth M--md:HAMRO; age:82; res:Carthage SD; Custer SD; d:1995.
MACNEILL, Gordon Laird*--age 89; res:Tulare SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
MADDOCK, Gertrude Elizabeth--md:KEMPG; age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MADISON, Myra (ELLIOTT)--age 98; res:Huron SD; Long Beach CA; d:1995.
MADSEN, Chrise [sic]--(Deceased spouse); d:1992.  See:MADSEN, Geneva M (CUMMINGS) d:1995.
MADSEN, Geneva M (CUMMINGS)--age 78; res:Rosholt SD; d:1995.
MADSEN, Robert William--age 70; res:Carpenter SD; d:1995.
MAENDL, Susie A--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:HILL, Clifford -1987.
MAENDL, Susie A--md:HILL; age:83; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MAGER, Alice Ann--md:KINDLE; age:85; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
MAGER, Marie Sophie (JOCKHECK)--age 94; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
MAGER, Reinhold R--(Deceased spouse); d:1947.  See:MAGER, Marie Sophie (JOCKHECK) d:1995.
MAGNESS, Gordon 'Cobb'--(Deceased spouse); d:1964.  See:MAGNESS, Novella (ELLIS) d:1995.
MAGNESS, Jimmy--(Deceased son); d:1927.
MAGNESS, Mary Lou--md:CLEGG; (Deceased daughter); d:1993.
MAGNESS, Novella (ELLIS)--age 90; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Acworth GA; d:1995.
MAGNESS, Opal Audrey (WILSON)--age 96; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
MAGNUSON, Arthur--(Deceased spouse); d:1963.  See:MAGNUSON, Emma Elleda (PAULSON) d:1995.
MAGNUSON, Emma Elleda (PAULSON)--age 98; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
MAHONEY, Charles T--age 81; res:Huron SD; Lansing KS; d:1995.
MAKENIN, Hanna J--md:McDANIEL; age:95; res:Huron SD; Hitchcock SD; Broadland SD; d:1995.
MALLON, Lois Ilene (Miss)--age 71; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MANGELSEN, David Allen--age 27; res:Clark SD; Sioux Falls sD; d:1995.
MANNING, Mark Allen--age 32; res:Hayes SD; Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
MANOLIS, George--(Deceased spouse); d:1965.  See:MANOLIS, Katherine G (BOVOPOULOS) d:1995.
MANOLIS, Katherine G (BOVOPOULOS)--age 96; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MARCOTTE, Tina--age 30; res:Rapid City SD; d:1994.
MARKS, Saloma Catherine (PUETZ)--age 80; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
MARONE, Richard 'Dutch'--age 89; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MARONE, Russell--Deceased son; d:1972.
MARONEY, Russell C--age 81; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
MARSH, Mabel--md:FEDT; age:90; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
MARSH, Mary Helen--age -; res:Huron SD; Pierre SD; d:-.
MARSHALL, Bernard L.--age 73; res:Blunt SD; d:1995.
MARTELL, Sara Ann--md:WHITE; age:88; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
MARTENS, Alvin K--age 75; res:Iroquois SD; d:1995.
MARTIN, Mary--md:PETERSON; age:98; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
MASON, Margaret Helen--md:RITTEL; age:81; res:Highmore SD; Miller SD; d:1995.
MATHIEU, James R--age 64; res:Brentford SD; d:1995.
MATHIS, Ivan E--age 67; res:Mount Vernon SD; d:1995.
MAURICE, Donald E--age 79; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
MAWHINNEY, Myrtle M--md:WOLFGRAM; age:95; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
McALEVY, Samuel George [jr]--age 82; res:Stanley co SD; Pierre SD; d:1995.
McATEE, Rose M (HIRSCH)--age 95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
McCARTHY, Justin G 'Jess'--age 78; res:Artesian SD; Huron SD; Spearfish SD; d:1995.
McCULLAH, Valtah Valerie--md:RHODEN; age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
McDANIEL, Hanna J (MAKENIN)--age 95; res:Huron SD; Hitchcock SD; Broadland SD; d:1995.
McDANIEL, Iden--(Deceased spouse); d:1953.  See:McDANIEL, Hanna J (MAKENIN) d:1995.
McDANIEL, Kerry Dean--age 47; res:Sturgis SD; Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
McDANIEL, Robert--(Deceased son); d:1978.
McDERMID, Edith Marie--md:SCHIRBER; age:96; res:Orient SD; d:1995.
McFARLING, Charles S--age 92; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
McFARLING, James L--age 64; res:Huron SD; Newark OH; d:1995.
MCILRAVY, Woodroe Thomas 'Woody'--age 82; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
McILVAINE, Lloyd--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:McILVAINE, Loma Linda (MEYERS) d:1995.
McILVAINE, Loma Linda (MEYERS)--age 85; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
McINTIRE, Eunice (HUBBARD)--age 89; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1995.
McINTIRE, Melvin J--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:McINTIRE, Eunice (HUBBARD) d:1995.
McKNIGHT, Hershel--(Deceased spouse).  See:McKNIGHT, Hilda (LARSON) d:1995.
McKNIGHT, Hilda (LARSON)--age 89; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
McLAIN, Mildred--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:SIMPSON, Walter d:1995.
McLAIN, Ruth Mae--md:ESKE; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
McPARTLAND, Bernard--(Deceased spouse).  See:McPARTLAND, Mary L (BERTSCH) d:1995.
McPARTLAND, Florian J--age 71; res:Conde SD; d:1995.
McPARTLAND, Mary L (BERTSCH)--age 93; res:Conde SD; d:1995.
McQUIRK, Cyril 'Cy'--age 84; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
McQUOWN, Gladys Lucille--md:DUNCAN; age:89; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
McRAE, Ed--(Deceased spouse); d:1992.  See:McRAE, Martha (VALENTINE) d:1995.
McRAE, Martha (VALENTINE)--age 89; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
McRAVEN, Cartney KOCH (KOCH)--age 19; res:Oklahoma City OK; d:1995.
McTIGHE, Martha--(Deceased spouse); d:1957.  See:McQUIRK, Cyril 'Cy' d:1995.
McTIGHE, Rita Frances--age 75; res:Iroquois SD; d:1995.
McWILLIAMS, Opal--md:SWANEY; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MEAGHAN, James J--age 86; res:Huron SD; Sarasota FL; d:1995.
MEEHAN, Doreen C--md:ANDERSON; age:68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MEEK, F W 'Dutch'--age 89; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
MEISEL, Dorothy--(Deceased spouse).  See:OLSON, Oscar John d:1995.
MELIGAN, Charles--(Deceased spouse).  See:MELIGAN, Sophie Kristine (FURNESS) d:1995.
MELIGAN, Sophie Kristine (FURNESS)--age 82; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
MENCKE, Erna--md:TEUBER; age:80; res:Redfield SD; Federal Way WA; d:1995.
MENDEL, Mary (WOLLMAN)--age 89; res:Freeman SD; d:1995.
MENDEL, Noah--age 70; res:Cavour SD; d:1995.
MENDEL, Sam--(Deceased spouse); d:1976.  See:MENDEL, Mary (WOLLMAN) d:1995.
MENHART, Rose C--md:ECKSTEIN; age:100; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
MERKLE, James Frederick--age 61; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
MERRILL, Alvera Selma (BRETKREUTZ)--age 78; res:Onida SD; Hot Springs SD; d:1995.
MERRILL, William R--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:MERRILL, Alvera Selma (BRETKREUTZ) d:1995.
MERXBAUER, Linda Rae--md:KARLEN; age:47; res:Chamberlain SD; d:1995.
METTLER, Clarence R--age 66; res:Letcher SD; d:1995.
MEYER, Alta--(Deceased spouse).  See:MEEK, F W 'Dutch' d:1995.
MEYER, Delores--md:KOESTER; age:60; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
MEYER, Dorothy (ENGEL)--age 77; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MEYER, Elmer N--(Deceased spouse); d:1980.  See:MEYER, Dorothy (ENGEL) d:1995.
MEYER, Noel Lyndon--age 52; res:Pasco WA; d:1995.
MEYER, Rachel PFLUGHAUPT--age -; res:Huron SD; d:.
MEYERS, Loma Linda--md:McILVAINE; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MICHAELSON, Alice Marie--md:LINDBLOOM; age:95; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
MICK, Adala M--md:WAGNER; age:84; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
MILES, Alice Elena--md:JENSSEN; age:81; res:Alpena SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
MILLER, James W--age 75; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MILLER, Kenneth Laverne--age 66; res:Hetland SD; d:1995.
MILLER, Pauline Ann--md:LOOMER; age:76; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
MILLER, Rena L--md:DEIST; age:103; res:Huron SD; Umatilla OR; d:1995.
MITCHELL, Alice (FLANAGAN)--age 76; res:Huron SD; Stockton CA; d:1994.
MITCHELL, Mabel--md:NOE; age:89; res:Wessington SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
MITTELSTADT, Vernon Richard--age 79; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MOBERLY, Richard O--age 71; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
MOEDING, Betty Jean--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:WALTON, Kenneth Clare d:1995.
MOEDING, Elsie Marie (LAMBERT)--age 84; res:Broadland SD; d:1995.
MOEDING, Henry--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:MOEDING, Elsie Marie (LAMBERT) d:1995.
MOELLER, Henry 'Hank'--age 83; res:Sundance WY; d:1995.
MOILAN, Wesley Vernon--age 79; res:Bryant SD; Lake Norden SD; d:1995.
MOIR, Bertha (RODMAN)--age 92; res:Hitchcock SD; Overland Park KS; d:1995.
MOIR, Walter--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:MOIR, Bertha (RODMAN) d:1995.
MOLLER, Freda V--md:QUIRAM; age:78; res:Wolsey SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
MOLLET, Bernice--md:TRAINER; age:78; res:Gann Valley SD; Rapid City SD; d:1995.
MOLVIG, Maybelle--md:CUMMINS; age:85; res:Virgil SD; Kimball SD; d:1994.
MOLZOFF, Bernice--md:SCHMIDT; age:69; res:Huron SD; Olivia MN; d:1995.
MONSON, Vera Katherine--md:NELLERMOE; age:88; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
MONTAGUE, Bernice (MOLLET)--age 78; res:Gann Valley SD; Rapid City SD; d:1995.
MONTAGUE, David Allen--(Deceased spouse); d:1966.  See:MONTAGUE, Bernice (MOLLET) d:1995.
MONTGOMERY, Mae--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:PETERSON, Victor R d:1995.
MOONEY, Hilda Josephine--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:McALEVY, Samuel George [jr] d:1995.
MOORE, Bertha--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:BOLDT, Roland Owen d:1995.
MOORE, Donald--age 50; res:Brookings SD; d:1995.
MOORE, Esther A (WETZEL)--age 85; res:Artesian SD; d:1995.
MOORE, Irving H--age 85; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
MOORE, John Sherwood--age 71; res:Huron SD; Spearfish SD; d:1995.
MOORE, Walter--(Deceased spouse).  See:MOORE, Esther A (WETZEL) d:1995.
MORAN, Mary Jane (ANDERSON)--age 69; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MOREHEAD, Junius E--age 83; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
MORRIS, Ethel Josephine (JONES)--age 89; res:Artesian SD; d:1995.
MORRIS, Perry--(Deceased spouse); d:1941.  See:MORRIS, Ethel Josephine (JONES) d:1995.
MORRISON, Wenfred Harvey 'Wennie'--age 88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MORRISSEY, Michael 'Mike'--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
MORTIMER, Marguritte Alice (RODMAN)--age 72; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
MOSER, Clarence--age 67; res:Wessington SD; Kent WA; d:1995.
MUELLER, Dorothy Grace (SWENSON)--age 73; res:Lane SD; Spirit Lake IA; d:1995.
MUELLER, James F--age 81; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
MUILENBURG, Jim--age 53; res:Bancroft SD; Orland CA; d:1995.
MULDER, Lydia--md:TIGGELAAR; age:82; res:Willow Lake SD; Pipestone MN; d:1995.
MULLANEY, Margaret A (GILBERTZ)--age 56; res:Orient SD; d:1995.
MUNION, Roger Jr--age 67; res:Wessington SD; Portland OR; d:1995.
MURPHY, Sheldon D--age -; res:Woonsocket SD; Seattle WA; d:1990.
MURRAY, Sylvia (WADDINGTON)--age 78; res:Redfield SD; Estherville IA; d:1995.
MURRAY, William W--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:MURRAY, Sylvia (WADDINGTON) d:1995.
MUTH, Barbara Kay (CORBIN)--age 49; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
MYERS, Scott Dean--age 33; res:Winner SD; d:1995.
NAASZ, LaVern D--age 57; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
NAGEL, Clinton John--age 66; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
NASH, Alvin--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:NASH, Orel O (WATERMAN) d:1995.
NASH, Orel O (WATERMAN)--age 76; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
NEDVED, Harold William--age 75; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
NEFF, Alma (ROTH)--age 78; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
NEFF, Alvin--(Deceased spouse); d:1992.  See:NEFF, Alma (ROTH) d:1995.
NELLERMOE, Vera Katherine (MONSON)--age 88; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
NELSON, Betty--md:RODWAY; age:92; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
NELSON, Daniel Louis--age 52; res:Huron SD; Duluth MN; d:1995.
NELSON, Elsie--md:SALMEN; age:94; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
NELSON, George Wayne--age 85; res:Onida SD; d:1995.
NELSON, Guy Theodore--age 91; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
NELSON, Lyle 'Bill'--age 81; res:Ashton SD; d:1995.
NELSON, Mabel--md:GASTINEAU; age:87; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
NELSON, Norman--age 82; res:Washburn WI; d:1995.
NELSON, Robert--age 71; res:Iroquois SD; Houston TX; d:1995.
NESHEIM, Rozella [Mrs]--(Deceased spouse).  See:WEBER, Emmett A d:1995.
NESHEIM, Rozella Marie (FORMAN)--age 92; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
NESHEIM, William S--(Deceased spouse); d:1942.  See:NESHEIM, Rozella Marie (FORMAN) d:1995.
NESS, LeRoy Sr 'Cork'--age 53; res:Gann Valley SD; d:1995.
NESSEIM, Lavonne Alice--md:WOBBEMA; age:79; res:Huron; Lake Preston SD; Lakewood CA; d:1995.
NESTER, JoAnn B (BRAUN)--age 65; res:DeSmet SD; Rio Rancho NM; d:1995.
NEUHARTH, Norma--age 56; res:Menno SD; d:1995.
NEWBERG, Esther Johanna (BAACH)--age 80; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
NEWELL, Katherine (DONEGAN)--age 99; res:Plankinton SD; d:1995.
NEWELL, Lee Francis--(Deceased spouse).  See:NEWELL, Katherine (DONEGAN) d:1995.
NEWLAND, James A--age 78; res:Huron SD; Prescott Valley AZ; d:1995.
NEWMAN, Clayton J--(Deceased spouse); d:1980.  See:NEWMAN, Katherine 'Peg' (JESSEN) d:1995.
NEWMAN, Katherine 'Peg' (JESSEN)--age 87; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
NICODEMUS, Veda--md:POOLEY; age:98; res:Carthage SD; Apache Junction AZ; d:1995.
NOE, Luther--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:NOE, Mabel (MITCHELL) d:1995.
NOE, Mabel (MITCHELL)--age 89; res:Wessington SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
NOLAN, Leonard D--age 82; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
NORBECK, Kermit G--(Deceased spouse); d:1970.  See:NORBECK, Virginia F (FARMER) d:1995.
NORBECK, Virginia F (FARMER)--age 83; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
NORDHUS, Lois Elaine (LURA)--age 66; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
NOYES, Mae Edith (Miss)--age 89; res:Erwin SD; Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
NUHSBAUMER, Carl J--age 73; res:Zell SD; d:1995.
NYLANDER, Margaret (KAUP)--age 86; res:Lebanon SD; d:1995.
ODDY, Edward--(Deceased spouse); d:1974.  See:ODDY, Hannah Christin [sic] (ANDERSON) d:1995.
ODDY, Hannah Christin [sic] (ANDERSON)--age 101; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
ODELL, Florence--md:SAUNDERS; age:91; res:Huron SD; Juneau AK; d:1995.
ODLAND, Marilyn J (HANSON)--age 64; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
OECHSLE, Doris--md:ESCHEN; Deceased daughter; d:1991.
OECHSLE, Hazel Bertha (PAYNE)--age 85; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
OECHSLE, LeRoy--(Deceased spouse); d:1991.  See:OECHSLE, Hazel Bertha (PAYNE) d:1995.
OERLLINE, William Jay--age 69; res:Huron SD; Rochford SD; d:1995.
OESTREICH, Rudolph--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:OESTREICH, Ruth Elaine (HAUGEN) d:1995.
OESTREICH, Ruth Elaine (HAUGEN)--age 78; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
OGAN, Clifford 'Kip'--age 69; res:Blunt SD; d:1995.
OGREN, John--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:OGREN, Nammie W (JOHANNSON) d:1995.
OGREN, Nammie W (JOHANNSON)--age 92; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
OHLSON, Shirley L--md:HORA; age:74; res:Howard SD; Artesian SD; Canistota SD; d:1995.
O'KEEFE, William H--age 49; res:Huron SD; Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
OLDRE, Angella--md:CARDOZO; age:91; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
OLESEN, Eleanor Minnie (RAMSER)--age 79; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
OLIVA, Lillian A (SYKORA)--age 90; res:Huron SD; Woodland Hills CA; d:1995.
OLIVA, Mike--(Deceased spouse); d:1959.  See:OLIVA, Lillian A (SYKORA) d:1995.
OLMSTEAD, Dureen (BARTA)--age 54; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
OLSEN, James Jr--age 33; res:Canistota SD; d:1995.
OLSON, Harold E 'Ole'--age 81; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
OLSON, Lillian I (WEISHAUPT)--age 73; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
OLSON, Oscar John--age 85; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
O'NEILL, Anna Laura (WARNE)--age 90; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
O'NEILL, Tom--(Deceased spouse).  See:O'NEILL, Anna Laura (WARNE) d:1995.
OSMAN, John Everitt*--age 79; res:Huron SD; Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
OSTERKAMP, Edna Georgia (GANDY)--age 88; res:Blunt SD; d:1995.
OSTERKAMP, Harry--(Deceased spouse); d:1977.  See:OSTERKAMP, Edna Georgia (GANDY) d:1995.
OTTERPOHL, Agnes (LARSON)--age 93; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
OTTERPOHL, Henry--(Deceased spouse).  See:OTTERPOHL, Agnes (LARSON) d:1995.
OTTO, Harriet May (HOWARD)--age 71; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
OTTO, Pearl--(Deceased spouse); d:1936.  See:ROSS, Gerald A d:1995.
OTTO, William--(Deceased spouse); d:1954.  See:OTTO, Harriet May (HOWARD) d:1995.
OWENS, Arthur John* Jr--age 58; res:Onida SD; d:1995.
PADMORE, Echo Octavia--age 82; res:Huron SD; Cavour SD; Miller SD; d:1995.
PALMER, Ethel Marion (RIVENESS)--age 79; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
PALMER, Harry--age 80; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
PALMER, Vern 'Snoose'--(Deceased spouse).  See:PALMER, Ethel Marion (RIVENESS) d:1995.
PALO, Edward--(Deceased spouse); d:1971.  See:PALO, Helia (BLOM) d:1995.
PALO, Helia (BLOM)--age 90; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
PARKER, Myrtle--md:LEIDER; age:92; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
PARKS, Anna (FIX)--age 83; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
PASEK, Dwight M--age 85; res:Huron SD; New York; d:1995.
PATTERSON, Amelia Elnor (WALGAMUTH)--age 83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
PAULSON, Alice--md:KENTON; age:76; res:Huron SD; d:1994.
PAULSON, Emma Elleda--md:MAGNUSON; age:98; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
PAULSON, Lena Marie (BAU)--age 75; res:Frankfort SD; d:1995.
PAULSON, Leona (CANTON)--age 85; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
PAWLOWSKI, Myrl George--age 68; res:Lane SD; Rapid City SD; d:1995.
PAYNE, Bill--age 69; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
PAYNE, Hazel Bertha--md:OECHSLE; age:85; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
PEARSON, Hazel F I (Miss)--age 83; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
PECKHAM, James Watson--age 58; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
PEDERSEN, Elsie Marie--md:KJELLSEN; age:91; res:Arlington SD; d:1995.
PETA, Mary A--md:BUZAY; age:80; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
PETERS, David L--age 20; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
PETERS, Howard Henry--age 80; res:Alpena SD; d:1995.
PETERS, Karlton 'K J'--age 68; res:Parker; Redfield SD; Detroit Lakes MN; d:1995.
PETERS, Lucille--(Deceased spouse); d:1991.  See:MEEK, F W 'Dutch' d:1995.
PETERS, Marie--(Deceased spouse); d:1960.  See:WINTERBERG, John E d:1995.
PETERSEN, Carol Janet (HOLLAND)--age 74; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
PETERSEN, Jessie Mae (RAND)--age 95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
PETERSEN, Mary L (WELTY)--age 93; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
PETERSON, Donald Hugo--age 69; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
PETERSON, Edward L 'Pete'--age 60; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
PETERSON, Grace (AUDISS)--age 63; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
PETERSON, Kate L--md:FULTON; age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
PETERSON, LaVern Oscar 'Bud'--age 61; res:Huron SD; Sturgis SD; d:1995.
PETERSON, Lewis B--(Deceased spouse); d:1930.  See:PETERSON, Mary (MARTIN) d:1995.
PETERSON, Mary (MARTIN)--age 98; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
PETERSON, Victor R--age 98; res:Virgil SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1995.
PETIT, Harold--(Deceased spouse).  See:PETIT, Ruth Myrtle (AKINS) d:1995.
PETIT, Ruth Myrtle (AKINS)--age 86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
PETRIE, Phoebe M (SCHEER)--age 83; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
PETROSKY, Lawrence--age 82; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
PEVESTORF, Duane H--age 54; res:Huron SD; New Germany MN; d:1995.
PFEIFER, Vincent James--age 66; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
PHILLIPPI, Paul Anthony--age 39; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
PHILLIPS, Justin--age 14MO; res:Rapid city SD; d:1995.
PHILLIPS, Viva S (BRUST)--age 78; res:Cavour SD; d:1995.
PILLATZKE, James Edwin--age 45; res:Watertown SD; d:1995.
PINTUCK, Alice (RODINCZWK)--age 99; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
PINTUCK, Helen--md:SMITH; Deceased daughter; d:1984.
PINTUCK, John--Deceased son; d:1990.
PINTUCK, Kornelius--(Deceased spouse); d:1968.  See:PINTUCK, Alice (RODINCZWK) d:1995.
PINTUCK, Marie--md:HAIDU; Deceased daughter; d:1990.
PITLICK, Florence (SMITH)--age 79; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
PITLICK, John Joseph--(Deceased spouse).  See:PITLICK, Florence (SMITH) d:1995.
PLATE, Jessie--(Deceased spouse); d:1948.  See:MORRISON, Wenfred Harvey 'Wennie' d:1995.
PLUMMER, Wanda--(Deceased spouse); d:1991.  See:CUNDY, Harold A d:1995.
POIRIER, Leopold J 'Leo'--(Deceased spouse); d:1977.  See:POIRIER, Mary Isabelle (GOTTSLEBEN) d:1995.
POIRIER, Mary Isabelle (GOTTSLEBEN)--age 83; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
POLIDORI, Romolo Juiseppe 'Roney J'--age 73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
POLLARD, Robert--age 30; res:Brookings SD; d:1995.
POLLY, Jacqueline Joyce--md:SPRANG; age:64; res:Huron SD; Columbia Heights MN; d:1995.
POOLEY, Roy--(Deceased spouse); d:1969.  See:POOLEY, Veda (NICODEMUS) d:1995.
POOLEY, Veda (NICODEMUS)--age 98; res:Carthage SD; Apache Junction AZ; d:1995.
POPPEN, Grace V (JOHNSON)--age 76; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
POPPEN, Otto--(Deceased spouse).  See:POPPEN, Sena (FRANSEN) d:1995.
POPPEN, Sena (FRANSEN)--age 96; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
POST, Lyle Dewaine--age 64; res:Henry SD; d:1995.
PRENTICE, Robert LeRoy--age 70; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
PRICE, Grace Nell--md:SCHLIMGEN; age:90; res:Huron SD; Constantine MI; d:1995.
PUDWILL, Alegra Jean (RISCHE)--age 61; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
PUETZ, Saloma Catherine--md:MARKS; age:80; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
PUGSLEY, Harold Jon 'Jack'--age 53; res:Lake Byron SD; d:1995.
PUGSLEY, Irma--Deceased mother; d:1991.
PUGSLEY, Mildred--md:DAVIS; age:85; res:Huron SD; Worthington MN; d:1995.
PUHLMAN, Carl A--age 25; res:Black Hawk SD; d:1995.
PULLMAN HOFER, Kathern--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:LANSEIDEL, John Chris d:1995.
PULLMAN, Andrew--age 75; res:Iroquois SD; d:1995.
PULLMAN, Susanna S--md:GLANZER; age:89; res:Yale SD; d:1995.
PUTZLER, Wayne A--age 82; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
QUAIL, Chrystal--age 38; res:Watertown SD; d:1995.
QUAIL, Lorraine--age 65; res:Brandt SD; d:1995.
QUIGLEY, Cathern--md:DeBOER; age:75; res:Lennox SD; d:1995.
QUIGLEY, Walter P J--age 59; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
QUIRAM, Dianne Rae--md:THOMPSON; age:51; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
QUIRAM, Freda V (MOLLER)--age 78; res:Wolsey SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
QUIRAM, Walter Frank--(Deceased spouse); d:1968.  See:QUIRAM, Freda V (MOLLER) d:1995.
RAETHZ, Helen Marie (BISBEE)--age 68; res:Cresbard SD; d:1995.
RAGELS, Gelie Violet--md:LOVELACE; age:75; res:Doland SD; Clark SD; d:1995.
RAMSDELL, Marguerite Elizabeth (SCHENCK)--age 87; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
RAMSER, Eleanor Minnie--md:OLESEN; age:79; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
RAND, Jessie Mae--md:PETERSEN; age:95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
RANDALL, Roland--age 10; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
REAGLE, Theresa--age 59; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
REAGLE, William--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:REAGLE, Theresa d:1995.
REAGLE, William--age 60; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
REDIGER, Millerd William--age 77; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
REDMANN, John--(Deceased spouse).  See:REDMANN, Paulina (BALTZER) d:1995.
REDMANN, Paulina (BALTZER)--age 97; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
REDMOND, June Pearl--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:FERRIS, Emery -1994.
REDMOND, June Pearl--md:FERRIS; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
REDMOND, Melville--Deceased father; d:1917.
REGYNSKI, Virginia Dale 'Jean' (STARR)--age 53; res:Pierre SD; d:1955.
REIFEL, Ben--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:REIFEL, Frances (RYLAND) d:1995.
REIFEL, Frances (RYLAND)--age 84; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
REIFEL, John--age 24; res:Minneapolis MN; d:1995.
REINBOLD, Mary Katherine (SCHUMACHER)--age 59; res:Huron SD; Grand Junction CO; d:1995.
REINDL, Patricia--md:GROHS; age:73; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
RESICK, Elwood--age 71; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
REYNOLDS, Adam--age 20; res:Hot Springs SD; d:1995.
RHEBORG, Raymond--age 71; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
RHINEHART, Gladys (TWOGOOD)--age 84; res:Waubay SD; d:1995.
RHINEHART, Mark--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:RHINEHART, Gladys (TWOGOOD) d:1995.
RHODEN, Valtah Valerie (McCULLAH)--age 80; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
RHODES, Gladys Hazel (COLLINS)--age 96; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
RHODES, Lloyd 'Stub'--(Deceased spouse); d:1979.  See:RHODES, Gladys Hazel (COLLINS) d:1995.
RICHARDSON, Evelyn--md:SWANK; age:88; res:Letcher SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
RICHERT, Ruby Rose--md:CHRISTEN; age:95; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
RICHMOND, Ralph--age 57; res:Redfield SD; Richmond VA; d:1995.
RICKEL, Jean G (GARRETSON)--age 81; res:Artesian SD; d:1995.
RIDGWAY, M G--Deceased brother; d:1983.
RIDGWAY, Margaret Winifred (Miss)--age 77; res:Pierre SD; Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
RIEGER, Philip P--age 95; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
RIFFE, George Lester--age 73; res:Woonsocket SD; Jamestown ND; d:1995.
RIPPLE, Maurine (HOLCOMB)--age 87; res:Huron SD; Carthage SD; Nemo SD; d:1995.
RISCHE, Alegra Jean--md:PUDWILL; age:61; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
RIST, Mildred Pauline--md:EVANS; age:82; res:Artesian; Carthage SD; Hutchinson KS; d:1995.
RITTEL, Arthur--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:RITTEL, Margaret Helen (MASON) d:1995.
RITTEL, Margaret Helen (MASON)--age 81; res:Highmore SD; Miller SD; d:1995.
RITTER, Theodore Tilmer--age 66; res:Harrold SD; d:1995.
RIVENESS, Ethel Marion--md:PALMER; age:79; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
ROBERTS, Dorothy--md:LECKNER; age:71; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
ROBERTSON, Gyla--age 61; res:Sisseton SD; d:1995.
ROBINSON, Nadine Kathryn (JENNINGS)--age 88; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
ROBINSON, Paul James--(Deceased spouse).  See:ROBINSON, Nadine Kathryn (JENNINGS) d:1995.
ROBY, Milo--age 82; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
RODINCZWK, Alice--md:PINTUCK; age:99; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
RODMAN, Bertha--md:MOIR; age:92; res:Hitchcock SD; Overland Park KS; d:1995.
RODMAN, Marguritte Alice--md:MORTIMER; age:72; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
RODMAN, Roderick D--age 69; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
RODMAN, William James--age 82; res:Ree Heights SD; d:1995.
RODWAY, Betty (NELSON)--age 92; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
RODWAY, Olin--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:RODWAY, Betty (NELSON) d:1995.
ROEBER, Bertha 'Bert'--md:HARFORD; age:78; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
ROGNSTAD, Iona Kathryn (KETELSEN)--age 85; res:Vivian SD; d:1995.
ROMANS, Mary Eleanor--md:ROSS; age:68; res:Huron SD; White SD; d:1995.
ROOT, Dorothy--(Deceased spouse).  See:BULT, LeRoy d:1995.
ROSS, Gerald A--age 85; res:Volga SD; d:1995.
ROSS, Mary Eleanor (ROMANS)--age 68; res:Huron SD; White SD; d:1995.
ROTH, Alma--md:NEFF; age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
ROTH, Iona L (STUBSTEN)--age 78; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
ROTHSTEIN, James Leland--age 81; res:Mobridge SD; d:1995.
ROUSAR, Ann (HOLVERSON)--age 90; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
ROUSAR, John--(Deceased spouse); d:1963.  See:ROUSAR, Ann (HOLVERSON) d:1995.
RUMELHART, Dorene--md:KOGEL; age:72; res:Wessington Springs SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
RUNGE, Douglas A--age 39; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
RUNS ABOVE, John--age 19; res:Two Strikes SD; d:1995.
RYCHTARIK, Della (TERWILLIGER)--age 76; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
RYDBOM, Dorothy Marie--md:VIRCHOW; age:77; res:Lake Norden SD; d:1995.
RYLAND, Frances--md:REIFEL; age:84; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
SAARIE, Duane Edward 'Dewey'--age 48; res:Hitchcock SD; Sioux City IA; d:1995.
SADLER, Donald--age 55; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
SALMEN, Elsie (NELSON)--age 94; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
SALMEN, Russell--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:SALMEN, Elsie (NELSON) d:1995.
SAMELSON, Clarence M--age 92; res:Iroquois SD; Bancroft SD; d:1995.
SAMELSON, Grace--Deceased spouse; d:1994.
SAMELSON, Lawrie V--age 42; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
SAMELSON, Pamela--Deceased sister; d:1953.
SAMP, Elsie--md:HAMLIN; age:90; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
SAMPSON, Beulah 'Nell'--md:KIRKWOOD; age:76; res:Huron SD; Austin MN; d:1995.
SANDE, Andrew--age 94; res:Huron SD; Rapid City SD; d:1995.
SANDQUIST, Carl J--age 89; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
SANDVEN, Patricia Jean (DEARINGER)--age 51; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
SARGENT, Edna Verna (HARMENING)--age 73; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
SAUNDERS, Florence (ODELL)--age 91; res:Huron SD; Juneau AK; d:1995.
SAWTELLE, Robert L--age 67; res:Woodburn OR; d:1994.
SAWYER, Dorothy Elizabeth (CHERREY)--age 76; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
SAWYER, Richard--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:SAWYER, Dorothy Elizabeth (CHERREY) d:1995.
SAXTON, Alice (FLANAGAN)--age 76; res:Huron SD; Stockton CA; d:1994.
SCHAEFFER, Martha--md:GUERICKE; age:87; res:Iroquois SD; Menno SD; d:1995.
SCHAEFFER, Martha--md:HERBOLDT; age:87; res:Iroquois SD; Menno SD; d:1995.
SCHALLER, Ruth--md:HULL; age:82; res:Wessington Springs SD; Colorado Springs CO; d:1995.
SCHAMBER, Herbert B--age 81; res:Alpena SD; Westfield IN; d:1995.
SCHEER, Clara--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:BRAUN, Harold William d:1995.
SCHEER, Phoebe M--md:PETRIE; age:83; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
SCHELL, Florence C--md:KRANZ; age:80; res:Watertown SD; d:1995.
SCHELL, Phyllis--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:WEISFLOCK, Mayo Dean d:1995.
SCHENCK, Marguerite Elizabeth--md:RAMSDELL; age:87; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
SCHENEGGE, Pauline Christina Johanna 'Polly'--md:UECKER; age:102; res:Hughes co SD; d:1995.
SCHERLIE, Doris Frances (HUNSLEY)--age 85; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
SCHERLIE, Timothy--(Deceased spouse); d:1976.  See:SCHERLIE, Doris Frances (HUNSLEY) d:1995.
SCHIRBER, Edith Marie (McDERMID)--age 96; res:Orient SD; d:1995.
SCHIRBER, Frank W--(Deceased spouse).  See:SCHIRBER, Edith Marie (McDERMID) d:1995.
SCHLECHTER, Frances Esther (DEUTER)--age 99; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
SCHLECHTER, Herman Anton--(Deceased spouse); d:1957.  See:SCHLECHTER, Frances Esther (DEUTER) d:1995.
SCHLENKER, Alma R (DESCOMBOZ)--age 83; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
SCHLENKER, Franklin E--age 61; res:Watertown SD; d:1995.
SCHLIMGEN, Fred--(Deceased spouse); d:1969.  See:SCHLIMGEN, Grace Nell (PRICE) d:1995.
SCHLIMGEN, Grace Nell (PRICE)--age 90; res:Huron SD; Constantine MI; d:1995.
SCHMIDT, Bernice (MOLZOFF)--age 69; res:Huron SD; Olivia MN; d:1995.
SCHMIDT, Charles D--age 22; res:Yankton SD; d:1995.
SCHMIDT, Louis R--(Deceased spouse).  See:SCHMIDT, Bernice (MOLZOFF) d:1995.
SCHMITZ, Thomas Jerauld--age 53; res:Hayes SD; d:1995.
SCHNATHORST, Elfrieda Elsa--md:ULRICH; age:82; res:Yale; Huron SD; Gillette WY; d:1995.
SCHNEIDER, Charlotte (HARPER)--age 103; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
SCHNEIDER, Christian--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:SCHNEIDER, Charlotte (HARPER) d:1995.
SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth--(Deceased spouse); d:1977.  See:RIEGER, Philip P d:1995.
SCHNEIDER, Kenneth--Deceased son; d:1969.
SCHOCK, Betty--md:SCHWARTZ; age:65; res:Ree Heights SD; Manhattan Beach CA; d:1995.
SCHOENFELDER, Robert Anthony--age 56; res:Mount Vernon SD; d:1995.
SCHONE, Alford--(Deceased spouse); d:1971.  See:SCHONE, Margia (SHELDON) d:1995.
SCHONE, Margia (SHELDON)--age 83; res:Frankfort SD; Ogden UT; d:1995.
SCHONFELD, Elsie M (Miss)--age 98; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
SCHORZMANN, Lenora M--md:KEELIN; age:68; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
SCHOUTEN, Gary M (Sr Airman)--age 22; res:Ellsworth AFB SD; d:1995.
SCHRADER, Donald P--age 76; res:Huron SD; Hilton Head Island SC; d:1995.
SCHROEDER, Burdell--age 76; res:Alexandria SD; d:1995.
SCHULTZ, Brad--age 22; res:<Brooking SD>; d:1995.
SCHULTZ, Della--md:SINKIE; age:103; res:Gann Valley SD; d:1995.
SCHULTZ, Marilyn--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:JESSEN, Donald P d:1995.
SCHUMACHER, Mary Katherine--md:REINBOLD; age:59; res:Huron SD; Grand Junction CO; d:1995.
SCHUMAN, Hazel Lovina (KNUTSON)--age 75; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SCHUMAN, Mabel Blanche (CARPENTER)--age 95; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SCHUMAN, Robert--(Deceased spouse); d:1971.  See:SCHUMAN, Mabel Blanche (CARPENTER) d:1995.
SCHURCH, Alice--(Deceased spouse); d:1985.  See:NOLAN, Leonard D d:1995.
SCHWADER, Lyle Frank--age 68; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
SCHWARTZ, Betty (SCHOCK)--age 65; res:Ree Heights SD; Manhattan Beach CA; d:1995.
SCHWARTZ, Francis--(Deceased spouse); d:1977.  See:SCHWARTZ, Betty (SCHOCK) d:1995.
SCHWEIGERDT, Ernest--age 84; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
SCHWIESOW, Laura Bertha--md:YOUNGERMAN; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SCOTT, Dean--age 34; res:Canton SD; d:1995.
SEABERG, Carl--(Deceased spouse); d:1964.  See:SEABERG, Martha K (COCHRAN) d:1995.
SEABERG, Martha K (COCHRAN)--age 79; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
SEARING, Ernest E--age 67; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SEATON, Karen Kay (HORN)--age 54; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
SEATON, Kay Lynn--Deceased daughter; d:1975.
SEEBECK, Arlene Helen--md:GILBERT; age:75; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
SEEMAN, Vincent Earle--age 76; res:Brookings SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
SELF, Hubert 'Bill' [dec'd]--(Deceased spouse).  See:SELF, Opal Audrey (WILSON) d:1995.
SELF, Opal Audrey (WILSON)--age 96; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
SELLERS, Marian B (?)--age 89; res:Clark SD; Pueblo CO; d:1995.
SERGEANT, Mabel (STRICKLER)--age 92; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
SERGEANT, Marion--(Deceased spouse); d:1970.  See:SERGEANT, Mabel (STRICKLER) d:1995.
SETZER, Marcella Delores 'Sally'--md:BERINGER; age:81; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
SEVERSON, Jean Frances--md:BARTEL; age:57; res:Highmore SD; Pierre SD; d:1995.
SEXTON, Mary Etta--md:FREESE; age:82; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
SHAFFER, Beulah May--(Deceased spouse); d:1977.  See:SMITH, Lee Edward d:1995.
SHAW, Kathryn L--md:GORDON; age:83; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
SHELDON, Grace Elizabeth 'Liz' --md:SHOULTZ; age:63; res:Clark SD; Indianapolis IN; d:1995.
SHELDON, Margia--md:SCHONE; age:83; res:Frankfort SD; Ogden UT; d:1995.
SHEPHERD, Betty Mae--md:ENGLEMANN; age:67; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
SHEW, Laura Eileen--md:HIGGINS; age:73; res:Cresbard SD; d:1995.
SHIRK, Carrol Jesse 'Tad'--age 89; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
SHOEMAKER, Cleo (Mr)--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:SHOEMAKER, Dorothy Mae (DIXON) d:1995.
SHOEMAKER, Dorothy Mae (DIXON)--age 68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SHORT, Terry Allen--age 23; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
SHOULTZ, Grace Elizabeth 'Liz'  (SHELDON)--age 63; res:Clark SD; Indianapolis IN; d:1995.
SHULTZ, Marion Marie--md:BAXTER; age:61; res:Tulare SD; Norris TN; d:1995.
SIEDSCHLAW, Betty L (COOK)--age 79; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SIEDSCHLAW, James Wenton--(Deceased spouse); d:1964.  See:SIEDSCHLAW, Betty L (COOK) d:1995.
SIEVERS, Glenn--age 83; res:Wessington SD; Jacksonville IL; d:1995.
SILBAUGH, Pansy Lauret--md:SWENSON; age:78; res:Sully co SD; d:1995.
SIMONDS, Helen Adelle--md:ANDERSEN; age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SIMPSON, Walter--age 88; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1995.
SINKIE, Della (SCHULTZ)--age 103; res:Gann Valley SD; d:1995.
SINKIE, George--(Deceased spouse); d:1988.  See:SINKIE, Della (SCHULTZ) d:1995.
SIVER, Lucille Lorraine (STRUB)--age 74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SKOW, Lottie [Mrs]--(Deceased spouse); d:1989.  See:WINTERBERG, John E d:1995.
SMALL, Helen Marie (DOLLENBACHER)--age 92; res:Woonsocket SD; Cavour SD; d:1995.
SMALL, Mary Helen--Deceased infant daughter; d:1968.
SMALL, R Craig--age 49; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SMALL, R V 'Chuke'--(Deceased spouse); d:1976.  See:SMALL, Helen Marie (DOLLENBACHER) d:1995.
SMELIK, Mary--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:CLARKE, Gilbert 'Gib' d:1995.
SMITH, Aaron M III--age 64; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
SMITH, Byrne--(Deceased spouse).  See:GRIFFITH, William M d:1995.
SMITH, Catherine E (FAGG)--age 95; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
SMITH, Florence--md:PITLICK; age:79; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
SMITH, Helen (PINTUCK)--Deceased daughter; d:1984.
SMITH, Josephine Henrietta--md:CULET; age:98; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
SMITH, Lee Edward--age 85; res:Huron SD; Burbank CA; d:1995.
SMITH, Marvin--age 74; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
SMITH, Robert Leo--age 80; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SMITH, Ruth J--md:LIGHTCAP; age:69; res:Huron SD; Lake Crystal MN; d:1995.
SMITH, St Clair--(Deceased spouse).  See:SMITH, Catherine E (FAGG) d:1995.
SODERBERG, Donald Eugene--age 68; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
SOLBERG, Esther Marie--md:SPRANG; age:77; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
SOREN, Chester--age 87; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
SORENSON, Dagny Marie--md:ERICKSON; age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SORENSON, Karl M--(Deceased spouse); d:1972.  See:SORENSON, Marie M (GOGOLIN) d:1995.
SORENSON, Marie M (GOGOLIN)--age 92; res:Alexandria SD; d:1995.
SOWERS, Michael--age 6; res:Spearfish SD; d:1995.
SPICER, Edith May (GAMBLE)--age 97; res:Wessington; Huron SD; Vancouver WA; d:1995.
SPICER, Elmer Lawrence--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:SPICER, Edith May (GAMBLE) d:1995.
SPILDE, Vivian Evelyn--md:GLOVER; age:78; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
SPRAGUE, Benjamin DeWitt--age 100; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SPRAGUE, Grace Ruby (STINEHART)--Deceased spouse; d:1946.
SPRANG, Esther Marie (SOLBERG)--age 77; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
SPRANG, Jacqueline Joyce (POLLY)--age 64; res:Huron SD; Columbia Heights MN; d:1995.
SPRANG, Melvin--(Deceased spouse); d:1964.  See:SPRANG, Esther Marie (SOLBERG) d:1995.
SQUIRE, Victoria Grace 'Vickie' (KUEHL)--age 41; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
STAFFORD, Charles D--age 70; res:Clark SD; Webster SD; Watertown SD; d:1995.
STAGEBERG, Darline Carole--md:HENDRICKS; age:58; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
STAHL, Francis J--age 46; res:Huron SD; Dilworth MN; d:1995.
STAHL, John J--age 89; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
STAHL, Joseph--age 86; res:Spring Valley Colony (Wessington Springs) SD; d:1995.
STAHL, Katherina--md:TSCHETTER; age:100; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
STAHL, Neal H--age 34; res:Huron SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
STAHL, Paul--age 81; res:Spring Valley Colony (Wessington Springs SD); d:1995.
STALEY, Louise (HARRIS)--age 71; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
STAMMER, Edward W--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:STAMMER, Leah Elizabeth (FORD) d:1995.
STAMMER, Leah Elizabeth (FORD)--age 88; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
STANGLAND, Red--age 73; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
STANLEY, Larry Lyle--age 49; res:Cresbard SD; d:1995.
STAR, Virginia--age 63; res:Mount Vernon SD; d:1995.
STARR, Dale Weston--age 82; res:Alpena SD; d:1995.
STARR, Virginia Dale 'Jean'--md:REGYNSKI; age:53; res:Pierre SD; d:1955.
STAUDENMEYER, Elsie Lucia--md:HENGEL; age:100; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
STEELE, Barbara--age 80; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
STEICHEN, Donald W--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:STEICHEN, Verlyn (TINGLE) d:1995.
STEICHEN, Lawrence H 'Larry'--age 76; res:Woonsocket SD; Long Beach CA; d:1995.
STEICHEN, Verlyn (TINGLE)--age 73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
STEILOW, Iva--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:WILCOX, Harold d:1995.
STEUERWALD, Fred--(Deceased spouse).  See:STEUERWALD, Marjorie (FRANCHER) d:1995.
STEUERWALD, Marjorie (FRANCHER)--age 92; res:Wolsey SD; Dewey AZ; d:1995.
STEVENS, Marguerite Elizabeth (SCHENCK)--age 87; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
STEWARD, Ruby--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:BAXTER, James Earl* d:1995.
STEWART, Bonnie May (BECKER)--age 53; res:Onida SD; d:1995.
STINEHART, Grace Ruby--md:SPRAGUE; Deceased spouse; d:1946.
STINGLEY, John Stoner--age 70; res:Highmore SD; Rapid City SD; d:1995.
STIVER, Elwood--(Deceased spouse).  See:SIVER, Lucille Lorraine (STRUB) d:1995.
STOCKER, Lyle L--age 77; res:Rapid City SD; d:1995.
STONE, Mildred Adelaide--md:WETRICH; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
STONE, Winifred Mary--md:IVERSON; age:89; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
STRANG, Lucile--md:TAYLOR; age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
STREENZ, Edna (LARSON)--age 94; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
STREENZ, Henry--(Deceased spouse); d:1979.  See:STREENZ, Edna (LARSON) d:1995.
STREETER, Olene D (DEVICK)--age 76; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND; d:1995.
STRICKLER, Mabel--md:SERGEANT; age:92; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
STROBEL, Stella Marie (BAKKE)--age 90; res:Howard; Canova SD; Topeka KS; d:1995.
STROEBEL, Elmer--(Deceased spouse); d:1971.  See:STROBEL, Stella Marie (BAKKE) d:1995.
STRUB, Lucille Lorraine--md:SIVER; age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
STUBSTEN, Iona L--md:ROTH; age:78; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
STUCKE, Willard--age 95; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
STUDER, Ralph--age 83; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
SUITER, Cheryl H (HARDIE)--age 41; res:Redfield SD; Hanhassen MN; d:1995.
SWANEY, Opal (McWILLIAMS)--age 91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
SWANK, Evelyn (RICHARDSON)--age 88; res:Letcher SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
SWANSON, Edith [ANDERSON]--(Deceased spouse).  See:POST, Lyle Dewaine d:1995.
SWANSON, Frances Ann (THELEN)--age 86; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
SWANSON, Myrna--md:GEISINGER; age:59; res:Wessington Springs SD; Denver NC; d:1995.
SWARTZ, Ada Marie*--md:WILSON; age:65; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
SWENSON, Clinton E--(Deceased spouse); d:1987.  See:SWENSON, Pansy Lauret (SILBAUGH) d:1995.
SWENSON, Dorothy Grace--md:MUELLER; age:73; res:Lane SD; Spirit Lake IA; d:1995.
SWENSON, Pansy Lauret (SILBAUGH)--age 78; res:Sully co SD; d:1995.
SYKORA, Lillian A--md:OLIVA; age:90; res:Huron SD; Woodland Hills CA; d:1995.
TALLEY, Flora--(Deceased spouse); d:1992.  See:SCHWADER, Lyle Frank d:1995.
TANDE, Ila Janet--md:BITELER; age:45; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
TAPKEN, Henry M--age 90; res:Letcher SD; d:1995.
TAYLOR, Glenn--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:TAYLOR, Lucile (STRANG) d:1995.
TAYLOR, Lucile (STRANG)--age 87; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
TAYLOR, Patricia Jean (BRUMWELL)--age 63; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TENDELAND, Clifford--(Deceased spouse); d:1964.  See:TENDELAND, Katie (HEER) d:1995.
TENDELAND, Katie (HEER)--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TERWILLIGER, Della--md:RYCHTARIK; age:76; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
TEUBER, Erna (MENCKE)--age 80; res:Redfield SD; Federal Way WA; d:1995.
TEUBER, Newt--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:TEUBER, Erna (MENCKE) d:1995.
THADEN, Ruth (HOFER)--age 74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
THAYLER, Allie--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:GILES, Ivan W d:1995.
THELEN, Frances Ann--md:SWANSON; age:86; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
THIEMAN, Lowell--age 75; res:Wessington SD; Sioux City IA; d:1995.
THINGELSTAD, Robert H--age 47; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
THOMPSON, Arlene--md:HOLLARBUSH; age:66; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
THOMPSON, Dianne Rae (QUIRAM)--age 51; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
THOMPSON, Dorothy Bell--md:CHANEY; age:89; res:Vermillion SD; d:1995.
THOMPSON, Loren--(Deceased spouse); d:1989.  See:THOMPSON, Lyla (ABRAHAMSON) d:1995.
THOMPSON, Lyla (ABRAHAMSON)--age 78; res:Carthage SD; Madison SD; d:1995.
THOMPSON, Myrrle (WISSLER)--age 81; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
THOMPSON, Thomas--(Deceased spouse); d:1966.  See:THOMPSON, Myrrle (WISSLER) d:1995.
THURBER, June Marilyn (ENGEBRETSON)--age 64; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TIBBETTS, Iona Isabell--md:KEISER; age:80; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1995.
TIGGELAAR, Elso--(Deceased spouse); d:1979.  See:TIGGELAAR, Lydia (MULDER) d:1995.
TIGGELAAR, Lydia (MULDER)--age 82; res:Willow Lake SD; Pipestone MN; d:1995.
TIMMERMAN, Ralph A--age 81; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TIMP, Catherine M (DRIES)--age 84; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1995.
TIMP, Edmund--(Deceased spouse); d:1955.  See:TIMP, Catherine M (DRIES) d:1995.
TINGLE, Verlyn--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:STEICHEN, Donald W -1986.
TINGLE, Verlyn--md:STEICHEN; age:73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TISLAND, Dawn Carmen--md:BROWN; age:54; res:Arlington SD; d:1995.
TJOMSLAND, Marie O--md:TRUMAN; age:96; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TOMLINSON, James L--age 79; res:Huron SD; Hackensack MN; d:1995.
TOMPKINS, Louise E--md:HANSON; age:78; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
TORGERSON, John E--age 81; res:Forestburg SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
TOWNSEND, Vera Elizabeth--md:HAIN; age:93; res:Cresbard SD; Northville SD; d:1995.
TRACY, James Clement--age 73; res:Carthage SD; Huron SD; Howard SD; d:1995.
TRAINER, Bernice (MOLLET)--age 78; res:Gann Valley SD; Rapid City SD; d:1995.
TRAINER, Robert--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:TRAINER, Bernice (MOLLET) d:1995.
TRAYNOR, Sam Leo--age 39; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
TROTMAN, Grace L (HIATT)--age 101; res:Miller SD; Thornton CO; d:1995.
TROUSDALE, Mildred Gretchen--md:LEE; age:84; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
TRUMAN, Claude--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:TRUMAN, Marie O (TJOMSLAND) d:1995.
TRUMAN, Marie O (TJOMSLAND)--age 96; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TRUMAN, Robert E--age 70; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
TSCHETTER, Anna--md:WALDNER; age:93; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TSCHETTER, Arthur P--age 76; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TSCHETTER, David M--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:TSCHETTER, Sarah A (HOFER) d:1995.
TSCHETTER, Emma G.--md:HOFER; age:86; res:Huron SD; Brookings SD; d:1995.
TSCHETTER, Joe H--(Deceased spouse); d:1973.  See:TSCHETTER, Mary (WALTER) d:1995.
TSCHETTER, Katherina (STAHL)--age 100; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
TSCHETTER, Mary (WALTER)--age 89; res:Emery SD; d:1995.
TSCHETTER, Sarah A (HOFER)--age 81; res:Carpenter SD; d:1995.
TUTTLE, Barbara Kay (CORBIN)--age 49; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
TWOGOOD, Gladys--md:RHINEHART; age:84; res:Waubay SD; d:1995.
UECKER, Charles--(Deceased spouse); d:1970.  See:UECKER, Pauline Christina Johanna 'Polly' (SCHENEGGE) d:1995.
UECKER, Pauline Christina Johanna 'Polly' (SCHENEGGE)--age 102; res:Hughes co SD; d:1995.
UGLAND, Barbara Ann--md:HINES; age:48; res:Pierre SD; Watertown SD; d:1995.
ULBERG, Christopher Paul--age 19; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
ULRICH, Elfrieda Elsa (SCHNATHORST)--age 82; res:Yale; Huron SD; Gillette WY; d:1995.
ULRICH, Werner 'Mike'--(Deceased spouse); d:1977.  See:ULRICH, Elfrieda Elsa (SCHNATHORST) d:1995.
UPCHURCH, Kay Eldon (Mr)--age 73; res:Redfield; Huron SD; Ashland OR; d:1995.
URBAN, Paul A--age 81; res:Philip SD; Broadland SD; d:1995.
URQUHART, Bruce Douglas--age 92; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
URQUHART, Pearl Bennett (BROWN)--age 90; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
USSERY, Della Jean (LARSON)--age 53; res:Huron SD; Isgah IA; d:1995.
UTTECHT, Minnie B (VILLBRANDT)--age 87; res:Alpena SD; d:1995.
VALENTINE, Ausbrand J--(Deceased spouse).  See:VALENTINE, LaVerne Lorraine (JOHNSON) d:1995.
VALENTINE, LaVerne Lorraine (JOHNSON)--age 69; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1995.
VALENTINE, Martha--md:McRAE; age:89; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
VANCE, Gladys Lorena--md:GORDON; age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
VanDYKE, Andrew--age 91; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
VanDYKE, Dewey--(Deceased spouse); d:1964.  See:VanDYKE, Hazel Gertrude (DIXSON) d:1995.
VanDYKE, Hazel Gertrude (DIXSON)--age 94; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
VANHORN, Kyle--age 4; res:Sundance WY; d:1995.
VANMOORLEHEM, Clara M--(Deceased spouse); d:1992.  See:MARONE, Richard 'Dutch' d:1995.
VanNINGEN, Clarence--age 82; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
VANZEE, Herman G--age 75; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
VEARRIER, Mildred--md:FRIER; age:85; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
VEHELST, Alice Lauretta (LOESCHKE)--age 73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
VEHELST, Darlene--Deceased daughter; d:1950.
VENABLES, Ernest L--age 87; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
VIERECK, Virgil--age 78; res:Kimball SD; d:1995.
VIET, Louis--age 78; res:Parker SD; d:1995.
VILLBRANDT, Minnie B--md:UTTECHT; age:87; res:Alpena SD; d:1995.
VINCENT, Mark Douglas--age 37; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
VIRCHOW, Dorothy Marie (RYDBOM)--age 77; res:Lake Norden SD; d:1995.
VOLMER, Louis--age 83; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
WADDELL, Hiram E--age 84; res:Armour SD; d:1995.
WADDINGTON, Sylvia--md:MURRAY; age:78; res:Redfield SD; Estherville IA; d:1995.
WADSWORTH, Bertha May--md:ANDERSON; age:87; res:Bryant SD; d:1995.
WAGNER, Adala M (MICK)--age 84; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
WAGNER, Grover--(Deceased spouse); d:1984.  See:WAGNER, Adala M (MICK) d:1995.
WAHLEN, Nels--age 93; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Andrew J 'Steve'--Deceased spouse; d:1982.
WALDNER, Anna (TSCHETTER)--age 93; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Jerry--age 74; res:Spring Valley Colony (Wessington Springs) SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Johanna--md:WOLLMANN; age:31; res:Fordham Colony (Carpenter) SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Jonathan Logan--age 0; res:DeSmet SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Justina (HOFER)--age 62; res:Glendale Colony (Frankfort) SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Katie--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:STAHL, Joseph d:1995.
WALDNER, Martin--age 88; res:Carpenter SD; Bryant SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Nancy (DALLEY)--age 31; res:Huron SD; Sioux Falls SD; d:1995.
WALDNER, Wesley Dale--age 17; res:Pearl Creek Colony (Iroquois) SD; d:1995.
WALDRON, Opal (McWILLIAMS)--age 91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WALDRON, William--(Deceased spouse); d:1932.  See:WALDRON, Opal (McWILLIAMS) d:1995.
WALGAMUTH, Amelia Elnor--md:PATTERSON; age:83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
WALKER, Craig D--age 45; res:Cresbard SD; Pierre SD; d:1995.
WALKINSHAW, Rachel B (BATEMAN)--age 82; res:Wessington Springs SD; Bremerton WA; d:1995.
WALLEN, Justus--age 89; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
WALLEN, Ronald Ray--age 51; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
WALLMAN, David J--age 73; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WALTER, Mary--md:TSCHETTER; age:89; res:Emery SD; d:1995.
WALTER, Paul Eugene*--age 84; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WALTERS, Elmer--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:WALTERS, Esther Helen (WITTROCK) d:1995.
WALTERS, Esther Helen (WITTROCK)--age 92; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WALTON, Betty Jean (MOEDING)--Deceased spouse; d:1994.
WALTON, Charles 'Dick'--age 74; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WALTON, Kenneth Clare--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:WALTON, Betty Jean (MOEDING) -1994.
WALTON, Kenneth Clare--age 75; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
WALZ, LuVerne Wilbur--age 68; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WARKENTHIEN, Darrel Lee--age 62; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
WARNE, Anna Laura--md:O'NEILL; age:90; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
WARREN, Timothy Dale--age 51; res:Shreveport LA; d:1995.
WARWICK, Olga Johanna--md:BJERKE; age:85; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
WASKO, Florence (COUGHLIN)--age 84; res:Cavour-Yale SD; East Chicago IN; d:1995.
WASKO, Joseph J--(Deceased spouse); d:1982.  See:WASKO, Florence (COUGHLIN) d:1995.
WATERMAN, Orel O--md:NASH; age:76; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
WEBER, Bertha L (GERATHS)--age 90; res:Harrold SD; d:1995.
WEBER, Emmett A--age 92; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
WEBER, Gregory--(Deceased spouse); d:1971.  See:WEBER, Bertha L (GERATHS) d:1995.
WEBER, Rozella Marie (FORMAN)--age 92; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
WEDEL, Wesley H--age 63; res:Yale SD; d:1995.
WEDGE, Leslie--(Deceased spouse); d:1987.  See:WEDGE, Lulu Mae (HORSLEY) d:1995.
WEDGE, Lulu Mae (HORSLEY)--age 76; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
WEELBORG, Alvera Margaret--md:LUSK; age:71; res:Vienna SD; Bryant SD; d:1995.
WEELBORG, Alvera--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:LUSK, David W d:1995.
WEIDEMAN, John H--age 86; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WEISELER, Caroline R--(Deceased spouse); d:1990.  See:WEIDEMAN, John H d:1995.
WEISFLOCK, Mayo Dean--age 84; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
WEISHAAR, Leland A--age 53; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
WEISHAUPT, Lillian I--md:OLSON; age:73; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
WEISS, Agnes B. (GOAD)--age 91; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
WEISS, John B--(Deceased spouse); d:1962.  See:WEISS, Agnes B. (GOAD) d:1995.
WEISS, Vivian Marie (FORST)--age 75; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
WELTY, Mary L--md:PETERSEN; age:93; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WERDEL, Bill--(Deceased spouse); d:1952.  See:WERDEL, Elizabeth Ann (BERANEK) d:1995.
WERDEL, Elizabeth Ann (BERANEK)--age 87; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
WEST, Elinor L--md:HOELZEL; age:70; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1995.
WEST, Josua--age 17; res:Watertown SD; d:1995.
WESTHOFF, Donna--age 35; res:Salem SD; d:1995.
WETRICH, Carl--(Deceased spouse); d:1981.  See:WETRICH, Mildred Adelaide (STONE) d:1995.
WETRICH, Mildred Adelaide (STONE)--age 85; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WETZEL, Duane--Deceased son; d:1965.
WETZEL, Esther A--md:MOORE; age:85; res:Artesian SD; d:1995.
WETZEL, Leona (GOERGEN)--age 79; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
WETZEL, Leonard--(Deceased spouse); d:1992.  See:WETZEL, Leona (GOERGEN) d:1995.
WHARTON, Ada K--(Deceased spouse); d:1958.  See:MUELLER, James F d:1995.
WHITE EAGLE, --age 43; res:Mission SD; d:1995.
WHITE, Francis J--(Deceased spouse).  See:WHITE, Sara Ann (MARTELL) d:1995.
WHITE, Gertrude Irene 'Trudy' (GALBREATH)--age 79; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WHITE, Sara Ann (MARTELL)--age 88; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
WHITES, Burdette Angeline (CHRISTOPHERSON)--age 76; res:Iroquois SD; d:1995.
WHITTEMORE, Clifford N--age 92; res:Willow Lake SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
WIBE, Orpha Christine--md:JACOBS; age:87; res:Huron SD; Brookings SD; d:1995.
WICKS, Gladys Ester--md:BARDAHL; age:83; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
WIDMAN, Kenneth--(Deceased spouse); d:1983.  See:WIDMAN, Mildred (FELT) d:1995.
WIDMAN, Mildred (FELT)--age 85; res:Carthage SD; d:1995.
WIEBE, Roy Eugene--age 69; res:Osceola SD; d:1995.
WIESELER, Catherine--(Deceased spouse); d:1994.  See:NUHSBAUMER, Carl J d:1995.
WILBUR, Mary--(Deceased spouse); d:1993.  See:HAMILTON, Alvin D 'Cuffie' d:1995.
WILCOX, Harold--age 84; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WILHELM, Bertha Mae--md:BECKER; age:82; res:Faulkton SD; d:1995.
WILKINS, Harold E--(Deceased spouse).  See:WILKINS, Marguerite S (FERGUSON) d:1995.
WILKINS, Marguerite S (FERGUSON)--age 93; res:Northfield SD; d:1995.
WILLIAMS,  Albert C--age 90; res:Frankfort SD; d:1995.
WILLIAMS, Kerwin Keith 'Buster'--age 48; res:Alpena SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
WILLIAMS, Leona Mae--md:BAILEY; age:90; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
WILSON, Ada Marie* (SWARTZ)--age 65; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
WILSON, Charles D 'Chuck'--age 61; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WILSON, James Douglas--age 42; res:Broken Arrow OK; d:1995.
WILSON, Opal Audrey--md:HART; age:96; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
WILSON, Opal Audrey--md:MAGNESS; age:96; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
WILSON, Opal Audrey--md:SELF; age:96; res:Saint Lawrence SD; Mitchell SD; d:1995.
WILSON, Opal Irene--md:BABB; age:84; res:Bryant SD; Arlington SD; d:1995.
WINE, Beulah Violet--(Deceased spouse).  See:HUBBARD, Noah Sylvester d:1995.
WINTER, Malinda Amanda--md:BARD; age:82; res:Alpena SD; d:1995.
WINTERBERG, John E--age 94; res:Huron SD; Salina KS; d:1995.
WIPF, Maurice Paul--age 69; res:Miller SD; Louisville KY; d:1995.
WIPF, Paul K--age 96; res:Freeman SD; d:1995.
WISSLER, Myrrle--md:THOMPSON; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WITTE, Bernice--md:DAVIS; age:81; res:Hand co SD; Newberg OR; d:1995.
WITTROCK, Esther Helen--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:WALTERS, Elmer -1981.
WITTROCK, Esther Helen--md:WALTERS; age:92; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
WOBBEMA, Lavonne Alice (NESSEIM)--age 79; res:Huron; Lake Preston SD; Lakewood CA; d:1995.
WOLFGRAM, Benajmin--(Deceased spouse).  See:WOLFGRAM, Myrtle M (MAWHINNEY) d:1995.
WOLFGRAM, Myrtle M (MAWHINNEY)--age 95; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1995.
WOLLE, Ruby--md:LEREW; age:89; res:Redfield SD; d:1995.
WOLLMAN, Kathryn C 'Kay' (CAMPBELL)--age 74; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1995.
WOLLMAN, Kathryn--md:KLEINSASSER; age:75; res:Miller SD; d:1995.
WOLLMAN, Mary--md:MENDEL; age:89; res:Freeman SD; d:1995.
WOLLMANN, Johanna (WALDNER)--age 31; res:Fordham Colony (Carpenter) SD; d:1995.
WOLTING, Louis--(Deceased spouse); d:1978.  See:WOLTING, Nelle (BELL) d:1995.
WOLTING, Nelle (BELL)--age 72; res:Wessington Springs SD; Volga SD; d:1995.
WOODCOCK, Alma E [Mrs]--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:DAVIS, Eldon A d:1995.
WOODCOCK, Alma Elizabeth (DOBBIN)--age 85; res:Murdo SD; d:1995.
WOODCOCK, Clarence R--(Deceased spouse); d:1956.  See:WOODCOCK, Alma Elizabeth (DOBBIN) d:1995.
WOODLE, Mae--(Deceased spouse); d:1967.  See:KIRBY, Fred W d:1995.
WOOKEY, Kendall Frank--age 66; res:Clark SD; d:1995.
WORLIE, Mary Jane Mae (HEFFERNAN)--age 81; res:Conde SD; d:1995.
WRIGHT, Gerald Edward--age 52; res:Frankfort SD; d:1995.
WUBBENA, Florence Alena--(Deceased spouse).  See:VanNINGEN, Clarence d:1995.
WUNDER, Agnes M (HAUGE)--age 79; res:Howard SD; Aloha OR; d:1995.
WUNDER, Joyce Lucille (BUTTENOB)--age 52; res:Howard SD; d:1995.
YAGER, Ralph Henry--age 73; res:Wessington SD; d:1995.
YEGGE, Archie George--age 85; res:Huron SD; Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
YEGGE, Archie--(Deceased spouse); d:1995.  See:YEGGE, Lena (HILGEMANN) d:1995.
YEGGE, Lena (HILGEMANN)--age 81; res:Alpena SD; Huron SD; Woonsocket SD; d:1995.
YOUNG, C H 'Cy'--age 74; res:Mitchell SD; d:1995.
YOUNGERMAN, Dewey--(Deceased spouse); d:1976.  See:YOUNGERMAN, Laura Bertha (SCHWIESOW) d:1995.
YOUNGERMAN, Laura Bertha (SCHWIESOW)--age 91; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ZAFFT, Jeanne Lynn--md:COLLINS; age:39; res:Estelline SD; Huron SD; d:1995.
ZANTER, Evangeline--md:ENGBRECHT; age:58; res:Vermillion SD; d:1995.
ZEECK, Scott Douglas--age 32; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ZEIGLER, Henry J--(Deceased spouse); d:1986.  See:ZEIGLER, Josephine A (HIGGS) d:1995.
ZEIGLER, Josephine A (HIGGS)--age 87; res:Highmore SD; d:1995.
ZEISZLER, Adam Fred--(Deceased spouse); d:1987.  See:ZEISZLER, Viola Margareta (BOHRER) d:1995.
ZEISZLER, Viola Margareta (BOHRER)--age 80; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.
ZELLER, Ione--md:BREYER; age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1995.
ZEUGE, Vina Ruth (BREHE)--age 92; res:Onida SD; Kennewick WA; d:1995.
ZOSS, Terry L--age 44; res:Wolsey SD; d:1995.
ZURCHER, Lona Elizabeth--(Deceased spouse); d:1960.  See:HUGHES, Raymond C d:1995.
ZWANZIGER, Gertrude Helen--md:HENGELFELT; age:90; res:Huron SD; Tacoma WA; d:1995.
ZWANZIGER, Robert--age 52; res:Huron SD; Phoenix AZ; d:1995.
ZWICK, Carl Louis--(Deceased spouse); d:1975.  See:ZWICK, Hazel (HOUSTON) d:1995.
ZWICK, Hazel (HOUSTON)--age 89; res:Pierre SD; d:1995.

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