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Obituaries, 1987

The following obituaries were printed in the PLAINSMAN (Huron, SD) newspaper.
  • ( )=maiden surname.
  • md=married surname.
  • HPnn-pppc=my scrapbook number, page, and column (a-f).
ABBY, Joseph Edward--age:62; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004d]
ABERLE, Mike--age:20; res:Timber Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054b]
ABLER, Gerald--age:64; res:Oklahoma City OK; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073c]
ABRAHAM, Alma Esther (WAIT)--age:78; res:Wessington Springs SD; Renton WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
ACKLEY, Esther Bernece--md:LUVASS; age:59; res:Bradley SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-114c]

ADAMS, Bertha I--md:ALBRECHT; age:70; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012c]
ADAMS, Bertha I--md:STANLEY; age:70; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012c]
ADAMS, Lois Y--md:KRULL; age:77; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064c]
ADRIAN, Katherine--md:TENARY; age:75; res:Erwin SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070f]
AESOPH, Gerald Joseph--age:34; res:Plano TX; d:3/01.  [Source:HP01-005d]
AGER, Catherine--age:21; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081c]
AGER, John Jr--age:22; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081c]
AHERN, Mary--md:SHEPPARD; age:88; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099d]
ALBERTS, Elnora--md:JOHNSON; age:81; res:Vienna SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096a]
ALBRECHT, Bertha I (ADAMS)--age:70; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012c]
ALBRIGHT, Rosella (ELLIS)--age:58; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043e]
ALEXANDER, Pearl Lillian (McLOUD)--age:90; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071f]
ALEXANDER, William--age:78; res:San Diego CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019f]
ALLEN, Sidney L--age:79; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035e]
ALLEN, Zoe--age:96; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003b]
ALLEY, Enos--age:86; res:Huron SD; Spokane WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027f]
ALLEY, Hazel (FUGATE)--age:81; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019e]
ALLEY, Tina--age:24; res:Isabel SD; Glendive MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112d]
AMUNDSON, Doriene Janet (BREWER)--age:60; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055f]
AMUNDSON, John 'Jack'--age:90; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041e]
ANDERSEN, Martin Sr--age:98; res:Huron; Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095b,096b]
ANDERSON, Brian James--age:(Infant); res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031e]
ANDERSON, Edna--md:FLINDT; age:75; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100b,095f]
ANDERSON, Elizabeth Amanda (RUNNER)--age:88; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087f]
ANDERSON, Eloise (KELLEY)--age:83; res:Hot Springs; Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052a]
ANDERSON, Evelyn Grace 'Nell'--md:MOELLER; age:76; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097c]
ANDERSON, Grace--md:THORSON; age:55; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080d]
ANDERSON, Helen (WESTOVER)--age:89; res:Pierre; Watertown SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021d]
ANDERSON, J Douglas--age:76; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016f]
ANDERSON, Laura (GROVE)--age:90; res:Sioux Falls; Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111b]
ANDERSON, Marguerite 'Marge' (HAMPTON)--age:60; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092e]
ANDERSON, Mildred H (CRAWFORD)--age:68; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088c]
ANDERSON, Orville F--age:84; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107f]
ANDERSON, Rae J--md:KENISON; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050c,050f]
ANDREW, Esther Mae (SCHROEDER)--age:84; res:Yankton; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
ANTLE, Vincent Kirk--age:73; res:Huron SD; Coral Gables FL; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106f]
APPLE, Paul Ray--age:16MO; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047d]
APPLETOFT, Anthony N--age:74; res:Yankton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087d]
ARBEITER, Anne--md:MOELLER; age:66; res:Loveland CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046d]
ARBEITER, Mary--md:OHM; age:69; res:Brookings SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054b]
ARCH, Anna (McCORMICK)--age:97; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111c]
ARCULARIUS, Alice Adele--md:OLIVER; age:73; res:Huron SD; Portland OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028d]
ARMSTRONG, Robert--age:92; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062d]
ARTZ, Matthew I--age:62; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059b]
ARZT, Emma--md:WEBER; age:103; res:Seneca SD; Arlington CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059f]
ATKINSON, Josephine Veva (LOVELACE)--age:87; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060c]
AUTRY, Lucille--age:80; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021f]
AYMAR, LaVerne Frank--age:70; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104c]
BABCOCK, Dorothy (Dr) (BOVEE)--age:88; res:Turton SD; Toledo OH; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075e,053b]
BABCOCK, Natalee Mae--md:PARMELY; age:46; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084f]
BABLER, Wilma--md:FROKE; age:82; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078f]
BACKES, Alma Marie (Miss)--age:76; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103a]
BAD BEAR, Grace--age:36; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047e]
BAGGESGARD, Lillie (HANSON)--age:105; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061c]
BAILEY, Ethel M--md:RAMSELL; age:84; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072f,073e]
BAILEY, Yvonne Rachel--md:WELLS; age:66; res:Oldham SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037c]
BAILS, Verna Elizabeth (ORTH)--age:77; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008b]
BAK, Ross D--age:22; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052b]
BAKER, Evelyn--md:CUSTARD; age:69; res:Bancroft SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090c]
BAKER, Martha E--md:TIMM; age:83; res:Sturgis; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006c]
BAKER, Martha E--md:VOLESKY; age:83; res:Sturgis; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006c]
BALL, Mable M (BROWN)--age:77; res:Woonsocket SD; San Angelo TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091c]
BALTZER, Raeanna--age:-; res:Huron SD; Culver City CA; d:1988.  [Source:HP02-105f]
BALVIN, Frank J--age:83; res:Huron; Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061b,062d]
BALZER, Eldred L 'Bud'--age:-; res:Huron SD; Irvine CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003c]
BANDELMAN, Iona Louvina (BRANDT)--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044b,043c]
BARGER, Harriet Genevieve [Pastor]--md:CONKLIN; age:75; res:Yankton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007f]
BARNARD, Clara 'Sis' (MINNICK)--age:82; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055a]
BARNETT, Thomas 'Bud'--age:69; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067c]
BARSTOW, Esther (Mrs?)--age:87; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070f]
BARTH, Clothilda (BOYLE)--age:82; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074b]
BARTLETT, Alice--age:86; res:LaPlant; Blunt SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039a]
BARTON, Robert--age:46; res:Lead SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037a]
BATES, Marie--md:REED; age:82; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021e]
BAUER, Allen--age:85; res:Artesian SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033c]
BAUER, Edward M--age:77; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090c]
BAUM, Albert H--age:106; res:Huron SD; Battle Lake MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015d,015c]
BAUM, Christie J (Mr)--age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067e]
BAUMAN, Opal Kathryn (McNICHOLS)--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092d]
BAUS, Duran Harvey--age:21; res:Hoven SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040d]
BAYSINGER, Karen Lee (BENNING)--age:37; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058e]
BEACH, Helen (ORSTRUM)--age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033d]
BEACH, Helen--md:KREBS; age:81; res:Raymond SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060b]
BECK, Paul David--age:26; res:Huron SD; Reno NV; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065b]
BECK, Ronald Duane--age:49; res:Huron SD; Seattle WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053d]
BECKER, Dale--age:18; res:Utica SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019a]
BECKER, Emma Charlotte (CLARAMBEAU)--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036b]
BECKER, Walter A--age:67; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086a]
BEITELSPACHER, Clarence Harold 'Don'--age:19; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030d,12d]
BELL, Lora E (NEWCOMER)--age:75; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111e]
BENARD, Lyle--age:50; res:Murdo SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006d]
BENDA, Robbie Lee--age:23; res:Waukomis OK; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062f]
BENDER, Gary (State Rep.)--age:38; res:Scotland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077c]
BENNETT, Katherine Irene--md:SHEFSKY; age:67; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113e]
BENNETT, Violet--md:McCAW; age:90; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002c]
BENNING, Karen Lee--md:BAYSINGER; age:37; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058e]
BENSLEY, Clarence--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095d,095c]
BERCIER, Mary L--md:LAVERDURE; age:84; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059c]
BERGSTROM, Fred Julius--age:65; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083b,085c]
BERGSTROM, Posy--md:LAWSON; age:66; res:Cavour; Huron SD; Covina CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017e]
BERTSCH, Albert Edwin--age:73; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016f]
BESSE, Leonard J 'John'--age:29; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022d]
BETIK, Anna Louise--md:ZVONEK; age:89; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112c]
BEYER, Emil--age:88; res:Ramona SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055b]
BICKETT, Kenneth E--age:50; res:Onida; Beresford SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068f,055c,068c]
BICKETT, Lila Irene--md:LEE; age:71; res:Oldham SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098c]
BICKNESE, Wilfried H--age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068a]
BIERMAN, Mary (KRAMER)--age:93; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062b]
BISCHOFF, Mildred Grace (BROCK)--age:83; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059d]
BIXLER, Esther Bertha (WEITING)--age:90; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074f]
BJORNSON, Olive Mary Ann--md:TOWBERMAN; age:89; res:Huron; Manchester SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048a]
BLACHFORD, George--age:86; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109b]
BLACHFORD, Norman L--age:65; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014f]
BLAIR, Mary (MACKAY)--age:84; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012f]
BLAIR, Regina--age:72; res:Sturgis SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106e]
BLANDO, Catherine E--md:BODE; age:78; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099a]
BLEGAN, Evelyn M (FRYSLIE)--age:71; res:Vienna SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108c]
BLOODGOOD, Ethelyn L--md:MAGUIRE; age:68; res:Horicon WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058e]
BLOODGOOD, Ethelyn L--md:PETERSON; age:68; res:Horicon WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058e]
BLUE, Eugene M--age:56; res:Salina KS; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038b]
BLUME, Everett W--age:70; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085c]
BLUME, Thelma (NAEVE)--age:83; res:Redfield SD; North Bend OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096e]
BOARD, Jacobina (HOFER)--age:69; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020b]
BOCKORNY, Louis William 'Bill'--age:72; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012c]
BODE, Catherine E (BLANDO)--age:78; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099a]
BOEKELHEIDE, Herman Henry--age:94; res:Northville SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004a]
BOESEL, Rose F (ROSENBOHM)--age:76; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038d]
BOLDT, James--age:64; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071c]
BONIN, Marguerite 'Marge' (HAMPTON)--age:60; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092e]
BONNICHSEN, Clara (RUGGENBERG)--age:80; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006d]
BOOMGAARDEN, Vesta Hazel (Miss)--age:72; res:Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042d]
BORAH, Blanche D--md:MANEY; age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015e]
BORAH, Blanche D--md:NEWMAN; age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015e]
BORAH, Blanche D--md:WEIER; age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015e]
BORAH, Joy--md:TOLLEFSON; age:67; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086d]
BORAH, Milton D--age:50; res:Dell Rapids SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040f]
BOSMA, Victor Diedtrich--age:58; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004b]
BOTTOMLEY, Gerald--age:29; res:Chamberlain SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033e]
BOTTOMLEY, Irene (HILTON)--age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112f]
BOUDREAU, Myrtle K (HANSEN)--age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098f]
BOUREN, Alfred Leo--age:78; res:Ree Heights SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012f]
BOURQUIN, Alice G (GRACE)--age:82; res:Alpena SD; Sacramento CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043b]
BOVEE, Dorothy (Dr)--md:BABCOCK; age:88; res:Turton SD; Toledo OH; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075e,053b]
BOWDER, Joe Edward--age:82; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051f,051e]
BOWDER, Lillian Valentine--md:JOHANNES; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058d,56f]
BOWERS, Lillian Mary--md:TOENNIES; age:82; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018d]
BOWNE, Adeline--md:CHRISTENSON; age:72; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015d]
BOYLE, Clothilda--md:BARTH; age:82; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074b]
BRAASCH, Herbert--age:74; res:Ashton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006b]
BRADY, Mae H (Miss)--age:92; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053c]
BRALEY, Virgil O--age:70; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038c]
BRAND, Chauncey W--age:83; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010b]
BRANDMIRE, Nellie Pearl (FLETCHALL)--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041a,041c]
BRANDT, Iona Louvina--md:BANDELMAN; age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044b,043c]
BRANT, Gary D--age:25; res:Red Iron Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106e]
BRECK, John Patrick--age:1M28D; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048e]
BREGEL, David J (Dr)--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016b]
BRENNER, Janice (ROEDER)--age:57; res:Woonsocket SD; Apache Junction AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022b]
BREWER, Doriene Janet--md:AMUNDSON; age:60; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055f]
BREWER, Winifred--md:TORWICK; age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030c]
BRICE, Adelyn (LARSON)--age:77; res:Huron SD; Castro Valley CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081e]
BRIGGS, Hazel J (JUDY)--age:91; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095f]
BRINDLEY, Paul--age:67; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076b]
BROCK, Mildred Grace--md:BISCHOFF; age:83; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059d]
BROER, Brownie Clara--md:ULSH; age:90; res:Mitchell; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019d]
BROUSSEAU, Paul E--age:-; res:Huron SD; ,  MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089e]
BROWN, Doris Eileen (MOSSMAN)--age:61; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083c,74c]
BROWN, Lottie C (OBERMEIER)--age:83; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041b]
BROWN, Mable M--md:BALL; age:77; res:Woonsocket SD; San Angelo TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091c]
BROWN, Myrtle (Miss)--age:77; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028c,031e]
BROWN, Warren--age:63; res:DeSmet; Lake Preston SD; Livermore CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103d]
BRUBAKER, Alice M--md:MURRAY; age:97; res:Ashton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061e]
BRUENING, Linda Ann--md:MARSHALL; age:37; res:Tulare SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011f,011b]
BRUGMAN, Mary Louise (PEARCE)--age:76; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003e,004a]
BRUMBAUGH, Louise (SMITH)--age:64; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013f]
BRUNER, Dora (STREHLOW)--age:97; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088b]
BRUNSEN, George--age:82; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002c]
BUCHANAN, Helen C (Miss)--age:80; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075b,075c]
BUCHHOLZ, Russell Bryce--age:67; res:Hot Springs; Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062a]
BUCK, Bernice--md:GREENER; age:70; res:Wessington Springs SD; Seattle WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001d]
BUCK, Lucille A (HUDDLESTON)--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
BURDICK, Steve D--age:68; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-114b]
BURGER, Anna Marie (HEIN)--age:96; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100a]
BURGER, Fannie Delpha--md:HOUSMAN; age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070d]
BURGHARDT, John--age:86; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071d]
BURKE, Roy E--age:68; res:Orient SD; Oklahoma City OK; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024e]
BURLINGAME, Al--age:60; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067a]
BURRIS, Edward Steven--age:19; res:Huron SD; Las Vegas NV; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053e,38c]
BURT, Hazel L (HAESSIG)--age:71; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022a]
BURTON, Effie--md:HEADRICK; age:101; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068e]
BURTON, Harriet B--md:HUMPHREY; age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042a]
BUSHONG, Grace L (DEEBLE)--age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056a]
BUSSE, Dorothy--md:McMILLIAN; age:86; res:Wessington Springs; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025b]
BUTTON, John L--age:87; res:Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106e]
BUTZ, Esther L (MICHAEL)--age:96; res:Cavour SD; Marion IN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068d]
BUUM, Minnie (HEMMELRICK)--age:80; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044c]
BYMERS, Peter--age:89; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100f]
BYRUM, Alice M (WINGET)--age:97; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047f]
CALLSEN, Anna (IMSLAND)--age:84; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026d]
CAMERON, Deborah L (Miss)--age:37; res:Faulkton SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021c]
CAMPBELL, Anita (GILCHRIST)--age:79; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007e]
CAMPBELL, Clarice C--md:HOULIHAN; age:84; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052e]
CAMPBELL, Virgil--age:69; res:Frankfort SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063f]
CARLSON, Cecil C--age:81; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048f]
CARLSON, Hilda (OHLSON)--age:85; res:Carthage SD; Loveland CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085e]
CARLSON, Ruth E (PREBLE)--age:93; res:Pierre SD; Pittsburgh PA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074b]
CARLSON, Valera 'Vera' (METZGER)--age:86; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011a]
CARMON, Walter--age:92; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090e]
CARPENTER, Rozena Emma (GRAHAM)--age:84; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004c]
CARR, Harold Ernest--age:87; res:St. Lawrence SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023b]
CARR, Jack--age:64; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085b]
CARROLL, Dan B--age:68; res:Harrold SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005c,004C]
CARSON, Meta (LAWSON)--age:89; res:Mitchell; Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032d]
CHALQUIST, Carl Ernest--age:80; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048b]
CHAPLIN, Irene Margaret (Miss)--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001f]
CHAPLIN, Richard Sylvester--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028a]
CHASE, Catherine B'Caddy'--md:LUNDGREN; age:-; res:Huron SD; Helena MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012a]
CHERLAND, Evelyn Clara (OLSON)--age:76; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028d]
CHOLIK, Joseph Francis--age:77; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103e,103f]
CHRISTENSEN, Bradley Dean--age:21; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018f]
CHRISTENSEN, Emma Lillian--age:92; res:Gardena CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031d]
CHRISTENSEN, Harlan Mollar--age:74; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109c]
CHRISTENSEN, Harry--age:88; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006a]
CHRISTENSEN, Lee M--age:61; res:Watertown SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055d]
CHRISTENSEN, Lydia Lora (SHAW)--age:97; res:Oldham SD; White Bear Lake MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086f]
CHRISTENSEN, Wayne M Jr--age:35; res:Port Orchard WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046f]
CHRISTENSON, Adeline (BOWNE)--age:72; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015d]
CHRISTENSON, Tilda (TOLLEFSON)--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093c,093a]
CHRISTIANSEN, C H [Clarence]--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042e]
CHRISTIANSON, Marie Lois (DUMAS)--age:69; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097d]
CHRISTOPHERSON, Ross Mearl--age:63; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024b]
CLARAMBEAU, Alton F--age:59; res:Letcher SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100b]
CLARAMBEAU, Avis Marie--md:GAHL; age:54; res:Huron SD; South Beloit IL; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098e]
CLARAMBEAU, Emma Charlotte--md:BECKER; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036b]
CLARAMBEAU, Emma Charlotte--md:FESSLER; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036b]
CLARAMBEAU, Emma Charlotte--md:GLEASON; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036b]
CLARK, James E--age:49; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083d]
CLARK, William H--age:77; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015a]
CLARKE, Mildred 'Babe' (MANWARING)--age:88; res:Wagner; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031c]
CLAUSEN, Matt A--age:77; res:Brentford SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108f]
CLAUSEN, William W--age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112b]
CLAUSON, Tim J--age:30; res:Tea SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075a]
CLAYTON, Ruth E (PORTER)--age:85; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082e]
CLEGG, Annie--md:FREMARK; age:93; res:Miller; St. Lawrence SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064a]
CLEVELAND, Arnold M--age:65; res:Lake Preston SD; Everett WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048c]
CLINCHERS, Robert--age:23; res:Pine Ridge SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092b]
CLINTON, F Edward--age:75; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056f]
CLOETER, Mathilda Martha--md:FRANK; age:92; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080b]
CLOSE, Charlotte (HARVEY)--age:73; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077e]
COATS, Howard E--age:75; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104f,107b]
COLE, Clara--md:HANSEN; age:88; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002b]
COLE, Robert Roland--age:60; res:Iroquois SD; South St. Paul MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029b]
COLEMAN, Catherine (WINCHESTER)--age:86; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089e]
COLLERAN, Theresa 'Tess' (MALCOM)--age:66; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043b]
COLLINS, Ella (Status unknown)--age:73; res:Lower Brule SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089f]
COLLINS, Stanley--age:53; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024d]
COMBELLICK, Raymond--age:70; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038f]
COMER, Loyd R--age:19; res:Warner SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094f]
COMPOS-BIRD, Justin E--age:4; res:Fontana CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058a]
COMPTON, Bobby Lee--age:30; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065f]
CONKLIN, Harriet Genevieve [Pastor] (BARGER)--age:75; res:Yankton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007f]
CONLEY, Nellie--md:FLEMING; age:82; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052e]
CONLON, Shawn P--age:21; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104c]
CONRAD, Jean Ellen--md:GEYER; age:63; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022b,023f]
COOK, Florance Alice (McGILLIVRAY)--age:97; res:Huron; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102f]
COOPER, Myron--age:58; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110d]
COOPER, Russell--age:76; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088d]
COOPER, Ruth Estella--md:DOXEY; age:73; res:Blunt SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007c]
COOPER, Ruth Evelyn--md:WAHLEN; age:74; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060e]
COOPER, Tige--age:11; res:Whitewood SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112f]
CORKINS, Grace (LEVTZOW)--age:68; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066e]
CORKINS, John Lyle--age:42; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108c]
CORNELIUS, Alma S (Miss)--age:96; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005c]
COTRONIS, Helma A (JOHNSON)--age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076a,076b]
COTTRILL, Velva Pearl--md:TELFORD; age:83; res:Pierre SD; Sheridan WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112e]
COUCHEY, John Jr (Rev)--age:39; res:Aberdeen SD; Wasilla AK; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101d]
COUGHLAN, Joe--age:28; res:Mobridge SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010d]
COUPE, Claire Lucille (JACOBSEN)--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012e]
COWAN, Charles Joseph Jr--age:74; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043e]
CRADIT, Mary E--md:HYDE; age:95; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074d]
CRADIT, Mary E--md:TIPTON; age:95; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074d]
CRAWFORD, Mildred H--md:ANDERSON; age:68; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088c]
CRIST, Matie N (WENZEL)--age:92; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032a]
CRONIN, James F--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080e]
CROOKED EYES, Kathleen--age:18MO; res:Pine Ridge SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098a]
CROSSMAN, Leland L 'Lee'--age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108a]
CUNNINGHAM, Mabel (KAISER)--age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063f]
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah Louise (LOERCH)--age:89; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043f]
CUNNINGHAM, Wilma Bernice--md:KATER; age:76; res:Huron; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025e]
CURRIER, Freda Marie (TREMEL)--age:82; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054e]
CURRY, Bessie (SKATES)--age:98; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079f]
CUSTARD, Evelyn (BAKER)--age:69; res:Bancroft SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090c]
DAHARSH, Helen F--md:KAPPEL; age:91; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048f]
DAHL, Elsie (VERCOE)--age:82; res:Carthage; Huron SD; Mankato MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069f]
DAHL, Myrna Georgean--md:FAGER; age:52; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098b]
DAHL, Myrna Georgean--md:WILSON; age:52; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098b]
DALE, Sylvia M--md:RICHARDSON; age:89; res:Mitchell SD; Lakewood CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064d]
DALEY, Bernard Nicholas--age:90; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076e]
DAM, Harry A Sr--age:81; res:Sioux City IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020f]
D'AMOUR, Reve--age:-; res:Franklin MI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054f]
DANCEY, Myrtle E--md:DOERING; age:90; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091e]
DANIEL, Duane Edward--age:58; res:Leola SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051d]
DANIELS, Douglas--age:26; res:Rapid City SD; Reno NV; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089c]
DANIELSON, Mabel R (JOHNSON)--age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075d,076d]
DANLEY, Coy Harold--age:79; res:Springdale AK; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020b]
DAUGHERTY, Carol--md:JOHNSON; age:54; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082a]
DAUGHERTY, Carol--md:PORTER; age:54; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082a]
DAVIS, Elwood 'Jack'--age:80; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039c]
DAVIS, Gerald 'Jerry'--age:63; res:Sioux Falls; Huron; Mitchell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103b]
DEAN, Anna K (JOHNSON)--age:77; res:Huron SD; Thief River Falls MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086e]
DEARDORFF, Elston--age:88; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045c]
DeBOER, Mildred Maree (HORRIGAN)--age:85; res:Huron; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060a]
DECKER, Delbert--age:52; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085a,085b,083f]
DECKER, John K--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064b]
DECKER, Orval 'Jack'--age:83; res:Homer NE; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073c]
DeCLERCQ, Ann Marie (EMERY)--age:76; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104e,102c]
DEEBLE, Grace L--md:BUSHONG; age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056a]
DEEBLE, Ingrid A (LANGLAND)--age:78; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010a]
DeHAAN, Carrie A--md:DUDLEY; age:92; res:Yale; Frankfort; Huron SD; Des Moines IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040b]
DeHAAN, Carrie A--md:WILES; age:92; res:Yale; Frankfort; Huron SD; Des Moines IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040b]
DeHAAS, Rita Ann (McLAUGHLIN)--age:55; res:Fort Yates ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001d]
DEKLOTZ, Madeline (DEKLOTZ)--age:-; res:Huron SD; Walnut Creek CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008a]
DEKLOTZ, Madeline--md:DEKLOTZ; age:-; res:Huron SD; Walnut Creek CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008a]
DELANO, Harley--age:75; res:Benson MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103c]
DeLONG, Eli--age:57; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048e]
DELVAUX, Margaret--md:SKORHEIM; age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075a,076f]
DENMAN, Ella M (NELSON)--age:92; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058c]
DERSCHEID, Floyd--age:82; res:Osceola SD; Centralia WA; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-004a]
DEUSCHLE, Olga B--md:WINTER; age:86; res:Madison SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018b]
DeVRIES, Engbert H--age:98; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039e]
DeVRIES, Winnifred--md:RECKARD; age:83; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053c]
DEYO, Duane--age:79; res:Huron SD; Indianapolis IN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033d]
DICK, Sylvia Bessie--md:RIGGLE; age:92; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036c]
DICKSON, Charles Maxwell--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111c,113d]
DIEDE, Edmund H--age:81; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043a]
DIEDE, Harold H--age:80; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072b]
DIEGEL, Albert--age:79; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079f]
DIEKHOFF, Frank--age:85; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087c]
DILL, Mary (Miss)--age:71; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044d]
DILLMAN, Peter--age:71; res:Milwaukee WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088b]
DILLON, Anna S (SCHRIEBER)--age:90; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008c]
DIMMERLING, Harold J (Bishop)--age:73; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107c]
DIRKS, Earl Thomas--age:66; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004f]
DIRKSEN, Clara (RUSCHE)--age:97; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087a]
DIXON, LaVerne B (WELLS)--age:67; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045e]
DOCKTER, David Benjamin--age:69; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082b]
DOERING, Myrtle E (DANCEY)--age:90; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091e]
DOLAND, Frank J--age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071b,071b]
DONEY, Anne Emilia--age:80; res:Spearfish SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002b]
DONEY, John--age:80; res:Spearfish SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002b]
DONOVAN, Robert J--age:63; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070a]
DORRIS, Lowell D Sr--age:59; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021a]
DOUD, Jacqueline (SCROGGINS)--age:44; res:Eugene OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091a]
DOUGHERTY, Ella G (GARTLAND)--age:85; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098f]
DOUGHERTY, Frank R--age:86; res:Miller SD; Denver CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073b]
DOWNES, Beulah (FORBES)--age:91; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099f]
DOWNES, Joan E--md:PATTERSON; age:60; res:Sioux Falls; Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070a]
DOWNES, Ralph F--age:68; res:Willow Lake SD; Kennewick WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021f,021f]
DOWNING, Leah M--md:HANSEN; age:80; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082c]
DOWNS, Joseph B--age:60s; res:Huron SD; Rancho Mirage CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097c]
DOXEY, Ruth Estella (COOPER)--age:73; res:Blunt SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007c]
DRAYER, Phyllis--md:IHLI; age:87; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090b]
DREHER, Robert E--age:68; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061d]
DREYER, Alfred Henry--age:82; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028b]
DUBRO, Calvin--age:62; res:Huron SD; Fremont CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054c]
DUCHENEAUX, Thomas Jr 'TJ'--age:17; res:Promise SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054b]
DUCHENEAUX, Wade--age:11; res:Glencross SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041f]
DUDLEY, Carrie A (DeHAAN)--age:92; res:Yale; Frankfort; Huron SD; Des Moines IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040b]
DULANY, Dona R (FRYREAR)--age:63; res:Redfield SD; Everett WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098d]
DUMAS, Marie Lois--md:CHRISTIANSON; age:69; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097d]
DURFEE, Maurice L--age:63; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086c]
DWYER, Ron A--age:33; res:Rock Springs WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046e]
DYRDAHL, Esther (JOHNSON)--age:93; res:Oldham SD; Seattle WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018c]
EASTON, Evelyn (THOMAS)--age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008d]
EASTON, Karen (Miss)--age:48; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105e]
EATON, Emma A (HAYES)--age:90; res:Ellendale ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086a]
EATON, Josephine Marie (MUELLER)--age:91; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061f]
ECKMANN, Elsie (KRAPF)--age:86; res:Cavour SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017e,017c]
ECKMANN, Fred W--age:89; res:Cavour SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056b]
EFAW, Eva--md:WARD; age:spouse; res:see:Loftus H WARD; d:1972.  [Source:HP01-050b]
EGGEN, Lillian E--md:HAUG; age:98; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003a,003a]
EGGEN, Martha E (WRIGHT)--age:86; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083e]
EHLERS, Clara--md:GARRY; age:86; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039d]
EHRK, Freda Henrietta--md:PETERSEN; age:82; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026e]
EIDSNESS, Lucille--md:HARR; age:66; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011c]
EKEN, Milford John--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024d]
ELLIS, Rosella--md:ALBRIGHT; age:58; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043e]
ELLIS, Thelma--md:SUTLEY; age:72; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034b]
ELLIS, Viola (KELLER)--age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086c]
ELLSWORTH, George Colby--age:81; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101a]
ELYEA, Marie Louise--md:PAINE; age:69; res:Ree Heights SD; Glen ellen CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066c]
EMERY, Ann Marie--md:DeCLERCQ; age:76; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104e,102c]
ENFIELD, Hanna M (PETERSON)--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044d]
ENGEBOS, Virginia Mary--md:MOSES; age:101; res:North Aurora IL; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103b]
ENGEL, Otto--age:70; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047e,038d]
ENGELBRETSON, Mabel A--md:LUCKHURST; age:93; res:Watertown SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034d]
ENGELMANN, Leona Marie (FAWCETT)--age:57; res:Ree Heights SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110e]
ENGELMEYER, Maribeth (LEVSEN)--age:39; res:Doland SD; Shenandoah IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037c]
ERICKSON, Hannah Marie (FREDEEN)--age:89; res:Huron; Langford SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081f]
ERICKSON, Margaret (HAGER)--age:72; res:Willow Lake SD; Claremont MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020f]
ERICKSON, Margaret--md:HUENEKE; age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018e]
ERICKSON, Margaret--md:ROACH; age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018e]
ERICKSON, Philip Marlow--age:79; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040d,035a]
ERIKSON, Arnold E--age:65; res:Winfred SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008e]
ERKS, Scott--age:29; res:Lennox SD; Spokane WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023a]
ERLANDSON, Francis James--age:68; res:Highmore SD; Cape Coral FL; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063c]
ERNST, Harry Carl (Rev)--age:89; res:Watertown SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079e]
ERNST, Keith--age:35; res:Ipswich SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073f]
ERP, Frank--age:82; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047b]
ESCHENBAUM, Renea Marie--md:PETERSON; age:24; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063d]
EVENSON, Marietta (NEU)--age:85; res:Bryant; Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101c]
EWING, Alice Ann (HUNTLEY)--age:62; res:Huron SD; Pleasant Hill CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093b]
FAGER, Myrna Georgean (DAHL)--age:52; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098b]
FAHEY, Mary M--md:SMITH; age:88; res:Clark SD; Sioux City IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023e]
FAIRBANK, Charles H--age:80; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058f]
FAIRCHILD, Edith--md:OLESEN; age:79; res:Hayes SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056e]
FALCONER, Helen (NELSON)--age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051b]
FALKENHAGEN, Bessie Louise--md:VENNER; age:80; res:Agar SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106d]
FARABEE, Marc L--age:24; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112a]
FARLEY, Florence A (KLINE)--age:93; res:Huron; Milbank SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033b]
FARLEY, John Brennan--age:65; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073b,075d]
FARNHAM, Hazel M--md:FORD; age:78; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045f]
FASBENDER, Veronica Ann--md:WELSH; age:97; res:Huron; Iroquois; Osceola SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079c]
FASTNACHT, Daryl Lee--age:42; res:Wessington Springs SD; Santa Fe NM; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036e]
FAWCETT, Leona (LIPPERT)--age:87; res:Ree Heights SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067f]
FAWCETT, Leona Marie--md:ENGELMANN; age:57; res:Ree Heights SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110e]
FEDT, Christine--md:HAGELSTROM; age:74; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064d]
FENSKE, Walter Carl--age:88; res:Wecota SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082c]
FERGUSON, Roy L--age:82; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021c]
FESSLER, Emma Charlotte (CLARAMBEAU)--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036b]
FETHERHUFF, Gladys (SCHALLER)--age:83; res:Huron SD; San Diego CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091a]
FIELD, Emil--age:78; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065c]
FINNEY, Florence Helen (WAKEFIELD)--age:80; res:Sioux Falls; Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103f]
FINSTAD, Luella--md:HUSHER; age:82; res:Watertown; Bradley SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039f]
FISCHER, Bennie--age:52; res:Wessington Springs SD; Gillette WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068b]
FISCHER, Russell Theodore--age:56; res:Wessington SD; Lynwood WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063d]
FISHER, Wynona M (MILES)--age:72; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046d]
FITZPATRICK, Rita Ann (McLAUGHLIN)--age:55; res:Fort Yates ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001d]
FLEMING, Gertrude Veronica (Miss)--age:75; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018b]
FLEMING, Nellie (CONLEY)--age:82; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052e]
FLEMING, Sophia--md:LOGAN; age:71; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023a]
FLETCHALL, Nellie Pearl--md:BRANDMIRE; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041a,041c]
FLINDT, Edna (ANDERSON)--age:75; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100b,095f]
FLINT, Kathryn Josephine* (OEHLER)--age:68; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045c]
FLISS, William W--age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061a]
FLORENCE, Erma Dell--md:JOHNSTON; age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030b]
FLOYD, Florence Irene (STEBBINS)--age:72; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109c]
FODNESS, Freda E (Not stated)--age:93; res:Hudson WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105c]
FOGLESONG, Charley C--age:78; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023e]
FORBES, Beulah--md:DOWNES; age:91; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099f]
FORD, Hazel M (FARNHAM)--age:78; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045f]
FORESMAN, Cecil LeRoy--age:79; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100e]
FORMAN, Henry Charles--age:94; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083a]
FOSTER, Hazel L (HAESSIG)--age:71; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022a]
FOUBERG, Blanche--md:SCHWEMLE; age:75; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055f]
FOUNTAIN, Claud S--age:74; res:Tulare SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049a]
FOUNTAIN, Gene Dale--age:43; res:Tulare SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113d]
FOUNTAIN, Timothy Gene--age:19; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104b]
FOWLER, Jewel--age:60; res:Fort Smith AR; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052a]
FOX, Everett Roy--age:69; res:Huron SD; Akron IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110d]
FRANK, Mathilda Martha (CLOETER)--age:92; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080b]
FRASIER, Mary Edna--md:SAUGSTAD; age:73; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113e,112c]
FREDEEN, Hannah Marie--md:ERICKSON; age:89; res:Huron; Langford SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081f]
FREDERICK, Linda Rae (SCHMIDT)--age:36; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018c]
FREEMAN, Georgia--md:PATTEE; age:82; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011f]
FREESE, Carrie E (WARD)--age:90; res:Huron; Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038f]
FREESE, Edward John--age:60; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103a]
FREIER, Herbert W--age:79; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070c]
FREMARK, Annie (CLEGG)--age:93; res:Miller; St. Lawrence SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064a]
FRENCH, Edna (PARKINSON)--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005b]
FREY, Herman William--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062e]
FRICK, Henry E--age:74; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045a]
FRIDLEY, Henrietta C--md:SANDQUIST; age:89; res:Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108f]
FROKE, Orlin 'John'--age:71; res:Vienna SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025a]
FROKE, Wilma (BABLER)--age:82; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078f]
FRYREAR, Dona R--md:DULANY; age:63; res:Redfield SD; Everett WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098d]
FRYSLIE, Evelyn M--md:BLEGAN; age:71; res:Vienna SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108c]
FUEHRER, Emil--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042b]
FUERST, Lentina Emilia (JERKE)--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014b]
FUGATE, Hazel--md:ALLEY; age:81; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019e]
FULLER, Inez (PETERSON)--age:77; res:Huron SD; Homeland CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080a]
FUNK, Helen--md:PLACE; age:76; res:Huron; Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056d]
FUNK, Helen--md:THOMAS; age:76; res:Huron; Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056d]
GAARD, Vera E (KLATT)--age:65; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046b]
GAARDER, Christopher--age:26MO; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097d,094c]
GAHL, Avis Marie (CLARAMBEAU)--age:54; res:Huron SD; South Beloit IL; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098e]
GALLAGHER, Dessa (KELLEY)--age:94; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089a]
GALLUP, Roy Lester--age:80; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052f,052f]
GALVIN, Raymond D--age:92; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069a]
GANNAWAY, Lois W (McMONIES)--age:84; res:Huron SD; Kalamazoo MI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107f]
GARCIA, Carmel (Mr)--age:69; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1984.  [Source:HP02-109d]
GARD, Robert E--age:66; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068b]
GARDNER, Ruth M (SPEICHER)--age:96; res:Ree Heights SD; Topeka KS; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083a]
GARNER, Eva Blanche (MARSHALL)--age:76; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061c]
GARREY, Nadine (NOAH)--age:77; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113a]
GARRY, Anna (HASCHE)--age:97; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084b]
GARRY, Clara (EHLERS)--age:86; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039d]
GARRY, Denise Monica--md:GRUVER; age:50; res:Huron SD; Coalinga CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094a]
GARRY, Paul E--age:87; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011d]
GARTLAND, Ella G--md:DOUGHERTY; age:85; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098f]
GASSERT, Robert Sr--age:57; res:Vienna SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107d]
GASTINEAU, Lucille--age:80; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021f]
GAUTHIER, Roger R T--age:8MO; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030c]
GAVIN, Orville--age:71; res:Redfield SD; Des Moines IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038a]
GAYNOR, Florence A (KLINE)--age:93; res:Huron; Milbank SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033b]
GEBHART, Ambrose J--age:79; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108d]
GEERS, Howard--age:81; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108e]
GEIGLE, Carl D--age:36; res:Creighton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064f]
GENZLINGER, Erma--md:YUNGINGER; age:87; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078b]
GEREAUX, Zepherine B--md:KLATT; age:68; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084a]
GEREAUX, Zepherine B--md:WOODRING; age:68; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084a]
GEUKE, Olivia--md:HILKEMEIER; age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067d]
GEYER, Jean Ellen (CONRAD)--age:63; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022b,023f]
GILBERTSON, Craig--age:18; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111b]
GILCHRIST, Anita--md:CAMPBELL; age:79; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007e]
GILCHRIST, Leonard M--age:68; res:Oak Creek WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093b]
GILLEN, Frank M--age:81; res:Howard SD; Santa Monica CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012b]
GILREATH, Veronica (MORROW)--age:86; res:Artesian SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109e]
GLANZER, Anna--md:KLEINSASSER; age:91; res:Miller; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042d]
GLAZE, Addie M (Not stated)--age:92; res:Hitchcock SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090e]
GLEASON, Emma Charlotte (CLARAMBEAU)--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036b]
GLEICH, Edward E--age:85; res:Huron SD; San Bernadino CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084b]
GLENN, Roberta G--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087e]
GLUESING, Emily R (STAHLY)--age:99; res:Huron SD; Hawthorne CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005e]
GOLDSMITH, Mary--md:McDONALD; age:88; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008f]
GOODPASTER, Myrtle B (JUDD)--age:95; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084d]
GOODRICH, Leola 'Toots' (Miss)--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001e]
GORDON, Sandra K (Miss)--age:40; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085c]
GORHAM, Nellie B--age:87; res:Madison; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008a]
GOULD, Alice Ruth--age:83; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085d]
GRACE, Alice G--md:BOURQUIN; age:82; res:Alpena SD; Sacramento CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043b]
GRAHAM, Olga Aleene--md:PETERSON; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040e]
GRAHAM, Rozena Emma--md:CARPENTER; age:84; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004c]
GRAN, LeRoy C--age:52; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076f]
GRANT, Russell William--age:40; res:San Francisco CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112e]
GRASSE, William Frederick--age:76; res:Lake Norden SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003d]
GRAY, Rufus Russell--age:87; res:Harrold SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108d]
GREEN, Irma W--md:REHNKE; age:85; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099e]
GREEN, L Opal--md:OERLLINE; age:81; res:Rochford; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034c,033d]
GREEN, Lucille M (JACKSON)--age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050d,050e]
GREEN, Michael Warren--age:30; res:Colorado Springs CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074b]
GREENAN, Leon--age:73; res:Yale SD; Los Angeles CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018a]
GREENER, Bernice (BUCK)--age:70; res:Wessington Springs SD; Seattle WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001d]
GREENFIELD, Etta (Miss)--age:76; res:Willow Lake; Bryant SD; Los Angeles CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004f,011c]
GREGG, Boyd--age:27; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015c]
GREGG, LaVerne F B 'Sam'--age:75; res:Harrold SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085e]
GREGRICH, Mary (MARSH)--age:71; res:Willow Lake SD; Milwaukee WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081f]
GRESCHKE, Edward Lawrence--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049b]
GRIDLEY, John Newton IV--age:11; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053a]
GRIFFITH, Dennis Lloyd--age:51; res:Chippewa Falls WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039c]
GRIMM, Genevieve Mae--md:ULMER; age:63; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091a]
GRIMSBO, John F Jr--age:38; res:Whitewood SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048c]
GRONEWOLD, Mabel Clara (Miss)--age:82; res:Bryant SD; d:187/.  [Source:HP01-056d]
GROSS, Ann--md:TSCHETTER; age:75; res:Mitchell; Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061e]
GROSS, Elmer M--age:80; res:Sioux Falls; Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067b]
GROSS, George G--age:65; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113b,114b]
GROSS, Mary--md:SCHAMBER; age:78; res:Menno SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029d]
GROSS, Paul W--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101b,101e]
GROVE, Laura--md:ANDERSON; age:90; res:Sioux Falls; Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111b]
GRUHN, Herman A--age:78; res:, Beadle, SD; Riverside CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033a]
GRUNEWALDT, Rudolph 'Rudy'--age:76; res:Custer SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105b]
GRUVER, Denise Monica (GARRY)--age:50; res:Huron SD; Coalinga CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094a]
GULLICKSON, Arnold--age:73; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065c]
GUNDERSON, Carrie--md:WINDEDAHL; age:102; res:Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094f]
GUNDERSON, Charles Richard--age:78; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102e]
GURNON, Mark Eugene--age:36; res:Beatrice Ne; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031a]
GUSTAFSON, Oscar--age:78; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012e]
GUTH, Durward O--age:84; res:Bryant SD; Chicago IL; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038a]
GUTHMILLER, Marie (KOERNER)--age:85; res:Huron; Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014c]
HAAK, Gilbert--age:68; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097b]
HABBEN, Ude--age:74; res:Raymond SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020d]
HABECK, Elmer A--age:19; res:Ipswich SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084f]
HABERMAN, Gladys (JENKINS)--age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001a]
HAESSIG, Hazel L--md:BURT; age:71; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022a]
HAESSIG, Hazel L--md:FOSTER; age:71; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022a]
HAESSIG, Kenneth Sr--age:69; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024a]
HAGELSTROM, Christine (FEDT)--age:74; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064d]
HAGENLOCK, Louise 'Lucille'--md:ROSELAND; age:94; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057f]
HAGER, Margaret--md:ERICKSON; age:72; res:Willow Lake SD; Claremont MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020f]
HAGSTROM, Lawrence C--age:58; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066f]
HAGUE, Loyd A--age:57; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085f]
HAILEY, Hazel June--md:KELLER; age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087c,089a]
HAINY, Celia (SOUKUP)--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075e]
HAINY, Joseph 'Joe'--age:69; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025f]
HALL, Virgil Henry--age:84; res:Harrold SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089c]
HALLBERG, Harold--age:83; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098d]
HAMBLIN, Gladys Hazel--md:McWEENY; age:76; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081a]
HAMILTON, Richard--age:52; res:Huron SD; Benson MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031e]
HAMM, Florence--md:JONES; age:96; res:Carthage SD; Ogden UT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038e,017f]
HAMPTON, Marguerite 'Marge'--md:ANDERSON; age:60; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092e]
HAMPTON, Marguerite 'Marge'--md:BONIN; age:60; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092e]
HAMRO, Ruth Lucille (NEELING)--age:96; res:Howard SD; Lake Oswego OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092b]
HANEY, Esther F (JOHNSON)--age:85; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094d]
HANKS, Sylvia Ann (RESEL)--age:76; res:Miller SD; Gresham OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078a]
HANLON, Tom A--age:92; res:Frankfort SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105f]
HANSEN, Anna Maria--md:HOLSCHER; age:83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056e]
HANSEN, Anna Maria--md:JOHNSON; age:83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056e]
HANSEN, Ben A--age:80; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051c]
HANSEN, Clara (COLE)--age:88; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002b]
HANSEN, Emma (LUNSTRUM)--age:91; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092b]
HANSEN, Leah M (DOWNING)--age:80; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082c]
HANSEN, Myrtle K--md:BOUDREAU; age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098f]
HANSEN, Otto L--age:83; res:Ashton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019e]
HANSEN, Patricia Ellen--md:SANICOLA; age:44; res:Carthage SD; Levittown NY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050f]
HANSON, Arthur--deceased spouse; d:1984; see:Della Marie (TYRRELL) HANSON.  [Source:HP01-047d]
HANSON, Della Marie (TYRRELL)--age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047d]
HANSON, Lillie--md:BAGGESGARD; age:105; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061c]
HANSON, Lois Marie (Miss)--age:daughter; res:see:Della Marie (TYRRELL) HANSON; d:1931.  [Source:HP01-047d]
HANSON, Mabel--md:SKILLESTAD; age:92; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004d]
HARDES, Clarence C--age:70; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071d]
HARDESTY, Doshia Lois 'Lois' (OEHLER)--age:80; res:Highmore SD; d:1990.  [Source:HP01-352e]
HARMS, Dena J (LUBBERS)--age:86; res:Willow Lake SD; New Brighton MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031d]
HARR, Lucille (EIDSNESS)--age:66; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011c]
HARRIS, Joel Chips Jr (Rev)--age:74; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044f]
HARRIS, Robert Scott--age:82; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112a]
HARSHA, Francis Hogan James--age:64; res:Hayes SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033c]
HART, Norval A--age:81; res:Mount Vernon WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106c]
HARTER, Sophie T (Miss)--age:101; res:Canova SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058d]
HARTMAN, Ethel Mae (NEYHART)--age:96; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101f]
HARTMAN, Larry--age:32; res:Bradley SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056c]
HARTSHORN, Louise J (KXISMER)--age:89; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029a]
HARVEY, Charlotte--md:CLOSE; age:73; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077e]
HARVEY, Howard Leo--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069d]
HARVEY, Tom--age:84; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035c]
HASCHE, Anna--md:GARRY; age:97; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084b]
HASKELL, Winifred (PAINE)--age:95; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013d]
HASSELL, Florence Emily (THOMPSON)--age:74; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017d]
HATHEWAY, Daisy (HAYES)--age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021b]
HAUG, Lillian E (EGGEN)--age:98; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003a,003a]
HAUSVIK, Orval Iver--age:81; res:Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059e]
HAVIK, Emilie--md:SELLEVOLD; age:96; res:Crocker SD; Farmington MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092d]
HAWKINS, Karmen Diane (SCHULTZ)--age:43; res:Onida SD; Greybull WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-114d]
HAYES, Daisy--md:HATHEWAY; age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021b]
HAYES, Daisy--md:MERIDITH; age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021b]
HAYES, Emma A--md:EATON; age:90; res:Ellendale ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086a]
HAYES, Enis--age:67; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013e]
HAYES, Roland C--age:71; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076c]
HAYNES, Ferne L (POTTER)--age:93; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074a]
HEADRICK, Effie (BURTON)--age:101; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068e]
HEDBERG, Martha (OLSON)--age:97; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105d]
HEENAN, James Edward--age:78; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049a]
HEGDAHL, Inga--md:SHERMAN; age:84; res:, MIner, SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106b]
HEGDAHL, Ruby--md:MONROE; age:73; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007c]
HEGG, Clara O [Mrs] (WALDNER)--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-001a]
HEHN, Lydia--md:RADKE; age:80; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020e]
HEHN, Margie Magdalena--md:STAHL; age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023f]
HEIDEBRINK, Dennis--age:39; res:, Fall River, SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099b]
HEIDENSON, David A--age:28; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048c]
HEIN, Anna Marie--md:BURGER; age:96; res:Huron SD; Bismarck ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100a]
HEIN, Dorothy (MARTIN)--age:67; res:Iroquois SD; Pipestone MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034c]
HEIN, Magdalena Emma 'Lena' (KOWALKE)--age:91; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007b]
HEINZMAN, Jim--age:56; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045b]
HELJESON, Clara (SONNE)--age:76; res:Letcher SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028e]
HELM, Edwin--age:90; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018d]
HELVIK, Clarence E--age:71; res:Plankinton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093e]
HEMMELRICK, Minnie--md:BUUM; age:80; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044c]
HEMMINGSON, Gladys M--md:SPEIRS; age:57; res:Lead SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019a]
HENDERSON, Ruth--md:MATTHEWS; age:90; res:Highmore SD; Sun City AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009a]
HENDERSON, Ruth--md:McDONALD; age:90; res:Highmore SD; Sun City AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009a]
HENKINS, Ellsworth--age:77; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083b]
HENNING, Agnes E (REED)--age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066b]
HER MANY HORSES, Louis Jay--age:24; res:Oglala SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110a]
HERBAUGH, Gary--age:35; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072c]
HERDMAN, Morris Raymond--age:61; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088e]
HERMAN, Delores A--md:MILES; age:63; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086b]
HERMANN, Elizabeth M (McKAY)--age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078d]
HERR, Hulda--md:VILHAUER; age:84; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037b]
HERRICK, Gladys M--md:SAMMONS; age:68; res:Madison; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079d]
HERRING, Ella Esther--md:SCHRAEDER; age:91; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017b]
HERRING, Maxine (JACOBSON)--age:66; res:Huron; Sturgis SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052c]
HERZOG, Agatha (OBERSTALLER)--age:86; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058f]
HESLA, Curtis--age:71; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069a]
HEUER, Glenn--age:20; res:Hawarden IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073f]
HICKCOX, Stella Pearl*--md:VOELKER; age:92; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091b]
HILGEMAN, Shirley (McLOUD)--age:59; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050e]
HILGEMANN, Verna Elizabeth (ORTH)--age:77; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008b]
HILKEMEIER, Olivia (GEUKE)--age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067d]
HILL, Clifford--age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068e]
HILL, Leo Edward--age:66; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022a]
HILLMER, James--age:82; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108b]
HILLSTAD, Lillie (LEE)--age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068a]
HILTON, Irene--md:BOTTOMLEY; age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112f]
HJORDT, Vernon Mathias--age:70; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091f]
HOBERG, Genevieve--md:STRADER; age:91; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011b]
HOEYE, Gene Gordon--age:61; res:Huron; Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056a]
HOFER, Anna J (STAHL)--age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074a]
HOFER, David T--age:84; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051b,050f]
HOFER, Jacobina--md:BOARD; age:69; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020b]
HOFER, John J A--age:84; res:Huron SD; Turlock CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056c]
HOFER, Katie S (STAHL)--age:84; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025c,001a]
HOFER, Samuel G--age:84; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006a]
HOFER, Theodore J--age:75; res:Marion SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058c]
HOFER, Virgil J 'Butch'--age:57; res:Huron; Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072c]
HOFFMAN, Milton--age:76; res:Watertown; Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063a]
HOFFMAN, Orville--age:45; res:Big Rapids MI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096c]
HOFFMAN, Otto C--age:67; res:Artesian SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017c]
HOFFMANN, Minnie Florence--md:PLOWMAN; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011e,008b]
HOLLAND, George--age:81; res:Gettysburg SD; Santa Ana CA; d:1988.  [Source:HP02-095e]
HOLM, Ruth (ZIGLER)--age:86; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080f]
HOLMBERG, Charles A--age:50; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027b]
HOLSCHER, Anna Maria (HANSEN)--age:83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056e]
HOLSCHER, Victor Arnold--age:72; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104d]
HOLZWARTH, Arthur W--age:79; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109d]
HONRATH, Celestine (Sister)--age:70; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101a]
HONRATH, Loretta (Miss)--age:70; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101a]
HORRIGAN, Mildred Maree--md:DeBOER; age:85; res:Huron; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060a]
HOSMAN, Ruby Lenora (LOFGREN)--age:68; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094b]
HOUCK, Opal (Miss)--age:73; res:Broadland SD; San Diego CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111f]
HOUGHTALING, Wayne--age:82; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081a]
HOUGNON, Alvin Dwayne--age:65; res:Hot Springs; , Sanborn, SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021b]
HOULIHAN, Clarice C (CAMPBELL)--age:84; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052e]
HOUSIAUX, Jean Ann (PRICE)--age:61; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064e]
HOUSMAN, Fannie Delpha (BURGER)--age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070d]
HOVDE, Sigurd M--age:71; res:Vienna SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032c,18f]
HOWARD, Hazel Blanche--md:RUPPEL; age:91; res:Alpena SD; Atlantic IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090b]
HOWARD, Iona--md:PUTNAM; age:87; res:Canning SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067d]
HOWARD, Leona Fern--age:36; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020d]
HOWARD, Orville Wellington--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009d]
HOWE, Edward Sr--age:77; res:West Bend SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080f]
HUCKFELDT, Vivian (WALSH)--age:58; res:Fort Pierre SD; ,  MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011d,12b]
HUDDLESTON, Lucille A--md:BUCK; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
HUDDLESTON, Lucille A--md:SCHOLLIAN; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
HUENEKE, Margaret (ERICKSON)--age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018e]
HUESGEN, Rita Jane--md:PALMER; age:66; res:Redfield; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065e]
HUGHES, Neliie--age:spouse; res:see:Ralph Michael ZEIGLER; d:1983.  [Source:HP02-109f]
HULST, Otto S--age:81; res:Crookston MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062a]
HUMPHREY, Harriet B (BURTON)--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042a]
HUNT, James Sr--age:70; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086e]
HUNTER, Florence M (SNEDIGAR)--age:83; res:Alcester; DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059c]
HUNTER, Russell--age:19; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111b]
HUNTLEY, Alice Ann--md:EWING; age:62; res:Huron SD; Pleasant Hill CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093b]
HUSE, Diane Fay--md:HYDE; age:35; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099c]
HUSHER, Luella (FINSTAD)--age:82; res:Watertown; Bradley SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039f]
HUTMACHER, Debra Jean--md:STEVENS; age:25; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063a]
HYDE, Diane Fay (HUSE)--age:35; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099c]
HYDE, Mary E (CRADIT)--age:95; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074d]
IHLI, Phyllis (DRAYER)--age:87; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090b]
IMSLAND, Anna--md:CALLSEN; age:84; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026d]
INGLE, Charles Floyd--age:82; res:Harrold SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039e]
IVERSON, Esther Mae (SCHROEDER)--age:84; res:Yankton; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
IWEN, Charlotte (PHILLIPS)--age:40; res:Huron; Mitchell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029e]
JABLINSKI, LaVeta--md:MARLOW; age:70; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010f]
JACKSON, Eva (Not stated)--age:78; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002a,001b]
JACKSON, Lucille M--md:GREEN; age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050d,050e]
JACKSON, Lucille M--md:KING; age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050d,050e]
JACOBS, Rena Josephine--md:SCHWARTZ; age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113b]
JACOBS, Rena Josephine--md:THEDE; age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113b]
JACOBS, Wilma (WEIRAUCH)--age:73; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031a]
JACOBSEN, Claire Lucille--md:COUPE; age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012e]
JACOBSON, Grace (SPILDE)--age:91; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026b]
JACOBSON, Maxine--md:HERRING; age:66; res:Huron; Sturgis SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052c]
JANIS, Bernice (Mrs?)--age:42; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097b]
JANIS, Rose--age:21; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097b]
JENKINS, Gladys [Mrs]--md:HABERMAN; age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001a]
JENKINS, Josephine L (Ms)--age:26; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084a]
JENNER, Abby Lynn (Miss)--age:3; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032d,025b]
JENSEN, Eva--md:JOHNSEN; age:89; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071c]
JENSEN, Holger Pete--age:78; res:Brentford SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058b]
JENSEN, Lora E (NEWCOMER)--age:75; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111e]
JERKE, Lentina Emilia--md:FUERST; age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014b]
JOACHIM, Hilda (NAGEL)--age:64; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070e]
JOHANNES, Lillian Valentine (BOWDER)--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058d,56f]
JOHANNSEN, Dorothea 'Dora'--md:SCHWEIGER; age:83; res:Artesian SD; Milford NJ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016d]
JOHANNSEN, Martha M (KLICKER)--age:85; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029c]
JOHANSEN, Edna--md:STOUT; age:67; res:Woonsocket SD; Bismarck ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051a]
JOHNSEN, Eva (JENSEN)--age:89; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071c]
JOHNSON, Alta K (KINTIGH)--age:75; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004e]
JOHNSON, Anna K--md:DEAN; age:77; res:Huron SD; Thief River Falls MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086e]
JOHNSON, Anna K--md:SOINEY; age:77; res:Huron SD; Thief River Falls MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086e]
JOHNSON, Anna Maria (HANSEN)--age:83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056e]
JOHNSON, Arthur W--age:78; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088c]
JOHNSON, Carol (DAUGHERTY)--age:54; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082a]
JOHNSON, Donald L--age:64; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038b]
JOHNSON, Dorothy (JOHNSTON)--age:86; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097e]
JOHNSON, Edward V--age:74; res:Alpena SD; Eugene OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054d]
JOHNSON, Elnora (ALBERTS)--age:81; res:Vienna SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096a]
JOHNSON, Esther F--md:HANEY; age:85; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094d]
JOHNSON, Esther--md:DYRDAHL; age:93; res:Oldham SD; Seattle WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018c]
JOHNSON, Frank L--age:94; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010d]
JOHNSON, Glenwood N--age:81; res:Sioux City IA; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-001b]
JOHNSON, Helma A--md:COTRONIS; age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076a,076b]
JOHNSON, Helma A--md:MANN; age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076a,076b]
JOHNSON, Lyle Dean--age:50; res:Castlewood SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041a]
JOHNSON, Mabel R--md:DANIELSON; age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075d,076d]
JOHNSON, Martin G Jr--age:66; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096c]
JOHNSON, Mary E (LOESCH)--age:82; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054c]
JOHNSON, Mildred (WAYMIRE)--age:80; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017f]
JOHNSON, Olga--md:NELSON; age:83; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062f,064c]
JOHNSON, Russell C--age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015a,016d]
JOHNSTON, Dorothy--md:JOHNSON; age:86; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097e]
JOHNSTON, Dorothy--md:SELL; age:86; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097e]
JOHNSTON, Erma Dell (FLORENCE)--age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030b]
JONES, Edith J--md:KITZMAN; age:88; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079c,079b]
JONES, Florence (HAMM)--age:96; res:Carthage SD; Ogden UT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038e,017f]
JONES, John Humphrey--age:88; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026a]
JONES, Mabel--md:VAWSER; age:59; res:Mitchell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102a]
JONES, Paul--age:67; res:Wessington Springs SD; Freeborn MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055a]
JORDAN, Madge--md:KRAHN; age:94; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081b]
JORGENSEN, Louis 'Tex'--age:74; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020a]
JUDD, Myrtle B--md:GOODPASTER; age:95; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084d]
JUDY, Hazel J--md:BRIGGS; age:91; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095f]
JULSON, Helen I--md:PASEK; age:79; res:Huron SD; Huntington NY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029b]
JUNGEMANN, Arnold H--age:father; res:see:Milton JUNGEMANN; d:1951.  [Source:HP02-105d]
JUNGEMANN, Clara J (SCHEIBE)--age:mother; res:see:Milton JUNGEMANN; d:1979.  [Source:HP02-105d]
JUNGEMANN, Eva Dean (MILNER)--age:spouse; res:see:Milton JUNGEMANN; d:1984.  [Source:HP02-105d]
JUNGEMANN, Milton 'Swede'--age:63; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105d,106b]
JUNGEMANN, Richard--age:brother; res:see:Milton JUNGEMANN; d:1981.  [Source:HP02-105d]
JUNKER, Earl Sr--age:84; res:Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110c]
KAIPOLANI-VIOLAKELIJ, Shaunette--age:9; res:Custer SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047d]
KAISER, Mabel--md:CUNNINGHAM; age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063f]
KAISER, Mabel--md:O'DONNELL; age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063f]
KAISER, Mabel--md:STEWART; age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063f]
KALAHAR, Alene (McWHORTER)--age:79; res:Huron SD; Tucson AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037f]
KALEMBACH, Gottlieb--age:85; res:Akaska SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110f]
KAMBEL, Agnes Mary (RYAN)--age:81; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089b]
KAMBEL, Donavon Dean Sr--age:58; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095c]
KAPPEL, Helen F (DAHARSH)--age:91; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048f]
KATER, Wilma Bernice (CUNNINGHAM)--age:76; res:Huron; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025e]
KAZENA, Leonard--age:36; res:Wagner SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104b,103d]
KAZENA, Ronald--age:28; res:Wagner SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104b,103d]
KEELER, Tammy--age:20; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112a]
KELLER, Hazel June (HAILEY)--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087c,089a]
KELLER, Viola--md:ELLIS; age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086c]
KELLER, Viola--md:MUEHLEISEN; age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086c]
KELLEY, Dessa--md:GALLAGHER; age:94; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089a]
KELLEY, Eloise--md:ANDERSON; age:83; res:Hot Springs; Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052a]
KELLOGG, LeRoy P 'Bud'--age:68; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033b]
KEMPF, Herman N--age:82; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046b]
KENISON, Rae J (ANDERSON)--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050c,050f]
KERNEY, Pearl Alta--md:WOOLEDGE; age:70; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112d]
KETELLE, Mary Aberdeen--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012e]
KETTERLING, Larry H--age:29; res:Piedmont SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049f]
KIEL, Herman W--age:84; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077f]
KINDVALL, Timothy--age:28; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048b]
KING, Lucille M (JACKSON)--age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050d,050e]
KINGDON, Edythe Irene (SNOW)--age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035a]
KINSLEY, Kenneth--age:67; res:Murdo SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029a]
KINSLEY, Richard S--age:31; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087d]
KINTIGH, Alta K--md:JOHNSON; age:75; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004e]
KIRSCHENMAN, Ruben--age:78; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009e]
KISH, Vernon E--age:79; res:Ashton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098b]
KITZMAN, Edith J (JONES)--age:88; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079c,079b]
KLATT, Vera E--md:GAARD; age:65; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046b]
KLATT, Zepherine B (GEREAUX)--age:68; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084a]
KLEINSASSER, Anna (GLANZER)--age:91; res:Miller; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042d]
KLEINSASSER, Gladys--age:64; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010b]
KLEINSASSER, Lydia (PULLMAN)--age:67; res:Freeman; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080d]
KLICKER, Martha M--md:JOHANNSEN; age:85; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029c]
KLINE, Florence A--md:FARLEY; age:93; res:Huron; Milbank SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033b]
KLINE, Florence A--md:GAYNOR; age:93; res:Huron; Milbank SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033b]
KLOSTER, Lucille M (LARSON)--age:70; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079d]
KLUCAS, Eugene F--age:69; res:Erwin SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103c]
KLUDT, Otto C--age:84; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099b]
KNIGGE, Alta (STILLMAN)--age:79; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071a]
KNOX, Clifford J--age:85; res:Watertown; Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035c]
KNUDSON, Burdell--age:62; res:Lower Brule SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083d]
KNUDTSON, Harland A--age:65; res:Chelsea SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086b]
KOCER, Thomas A--age:51; res:Wagner SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072d]
KOERNER, Marie--md:GUTHMILLER; age:85; res:Huron; Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014c]
KOFFLER, Lyle Jesse--age:59; res:El Paso TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077b]
KOGEL, James--age:34; res:Wessington Springs SD; Loma Linda CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100d]
KOHLMEYER, Elsie Bertha Marie (WITTHOEFT)--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048d]
KOHRS, Marvin F--age:57; res:Raymond SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016a]
KONTZ, Thomas--age:-; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046a]
KOOIMAN, William--age:84; res:Salem SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012d]
KOPECKEY, Glenn Leonard--age:71; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035e]
KOPPERUD, Nels Burton--age:69; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063b]
KOST, Anton--age:60; res:Eagle Butte SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077e]
KOTAS, John Lewis--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-114a]
KOWALKE, Magdalena Emma 'Lena'--md:HEIN; age:91; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007b]
KRAHN, Madge (JORDAN)--age:94; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081b]
KRAMER, Mary--md:BIERMAN; age:93; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062b]
KRAMME, James Besden--age:28; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090c,089f]
KRAPF, Elsie--md:ECKMANN; age:86; res:Cavour SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017e,017c]
KRAUSE, Bennett Kay--age:22; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069c]
KREBS, Helen (BEACH)--age:81; res:Raymond SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060b]
KRONING, Henry--age:96; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021d]
KRUEGER, Carl A--age:95; res:Garden City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047a]
KRUEGER, Mahela A--md:STEGEMAN; age:87; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099d,091f]
KRUG, Doris M--md:MAHONEY; age:65; res:Huron SD; Springfield MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010a]
KRULL, Eielt J--age:86; res:Harrold SD; Ogden UT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072b]
KRULL, Lois Y (ADAMS)--age:77; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064c]
KRULL, Ronald--age:47; res:Harrold SD; Libby MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080c]
KRUMM, David--age:19; res:Volga SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082d]
KRUSE, Anna--md:SERFLING; age:91; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102f]
KRUSE, Ella A (MOENCH)--age:89; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016d]
KRUSE, Norma (McDOWELL)--age:68; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074c]
KUTIL, Rosa Ethel--md:STEKL; age:99; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037f]
KUTZ, Dorothy Marcille (SARVIS)--age:62; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024c]
KXISMER, Louise J--md:HARTSHORN; age:89; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029a]
LaBRIE, Victor O--age:87; res:Turton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110f]
LaCRAFT, Lynn Kendall--age:91; res:Watertown SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042c]
LaFAVE, Eugene--age:82; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030d]
LAIRD, Helen (ORSTRUM)--age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033d]
LAKOTA, Gilbert Lee--age:26; res:Pine Ridge SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101f]
LAMBERT, Glenda--md:PITTS; age:41; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016e]
LAMBERTY, Vincent--age:77; res:Dell Rapids SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065d]
LAMMERS, Mary Ellen (MORRIS)--age:90; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107e]
LANGBEHN, Erland Henry--age:68; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008e]
LANGLAND, Ingrid A--md:DEEBLE; age:78; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010a]
LaROCHE, Eleanora (SAMIS)--age:82; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034d]
LARSEN, Arne M--age:85; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026e]
LARSEN, William--age:8; res:Menno SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066f]
LARSON, Adelyn--md:BRICE; age:77; res:Huron SD; Castro Valley CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081e]
LARSON, Edna Gustina--md:McGURK; age:73; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081d]
LARSON, Lawrence--age:80; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102e]
LARSON, Lucille M--md:KLOSTER; age:70; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079d]
LARSON, Mildred V (Miss)--age:66; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092f]
LARSON, Shelly Lynn--age:STBN; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079a]
LARSON, Todd Aldin--age:17; res:Groton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078b]
LAVERDURE, Mary L (BERCIER)--age:84; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059c]
LAWSON, Angela (MAUSBACH)--age:81; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020c]
LAWSON, Meta--md:CARSON; age:89; res:Mitchell; Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032d]
LAWSON, Posy (BERGSTROM)--age:66; res:Cavour; Huron SD; Covina CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017e]
LEACH, Bennie--age:78; res:Aurora OK; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097f]
LEE, Lila Irene (BICKETT)--age:71; res:Oldham SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098c]
LEE, Lillie--md:HILLSTAD; age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068a]
LEFT HAND BULL, Mose--age:28; res:Saint Francis SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051d]
LEGG, Calvin M Sr--age:94; res:Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076c]
LEISCHNER, Viona (STREHLE)--age:74; res:Wessington Springs SD; Omaha NE; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084e]
LEITH, Ruby (SORBEIM)--age:74; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042c]
LEMKE, Edward Ferdinand--age:93; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029e]
LENHART, Eda (WALTER)--age:84; res:Rapid City; Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035d]
LENZ, Bernard Thomas (Dr)--age:76; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019b]
LEVSEN, Maribeth--md:ENGELMEYER; age:39; res:Doland SD; Shenandoah IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037c]
LEVTZOW, Grace--md:CORKINS; age:68; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066e]
LEWIS, Norma (McDOWELL)--age:68; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074c]
LIEBIG, Elsie (SCHONE)--age:94; res:Frankfort SD; Santa Ana CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039b]
LIEN, Milton Perry--age:67; res:Huron SD; Newcastle WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054a]
LILLEHAUG, Pearl Lillian (McLOUD)--age:90; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071f]
LILLESKOV, Alvina Marie--md:NOEM; age:88; res:Bryant; Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093f]
LILLIBRIDGE, Marie 'Mary' (OLSON)--age:99; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043d]
LIND, Jason--age:17; res:Timber Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054b]
LINDBERG, Edwin 'Tony'--age:82; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037d]
LINDSAY, Mary (Miss)--age:89; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074d]
LINDSEY, Blanche Marie (WILLIAMS)--age:86; res:Aberdeen; Huron SD; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-002e]
LINN, Donald E--age:50; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014e]
LIPPERT, Leona--md:FAWCETT; age:87; res:Ree Heights SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067f]
LITTLE HAWK MARROWBONE, Neil--age:32; res:Iron Lightning SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060f]
LITTLE, Ben--age:29; res:Pine Ridge SD; Tulsa OK; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046c]
LOAFER, Clarensia (Miss)--age:35; res:Kyle SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057e]
LOCKER, Bertha L (SMITH)--age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032b]
LOCKNER, Agnes T (OLSON)--age:88; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041d]
LOE, Kenneth A--age:81; res:Aberdeen; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102b,097e]
LOERCH, Sarah Louise--md:CUNNINGHAM; age:89; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043f]
LOESCH, Mary E--md:JOHNSON; age:82; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054c]
LOFGREN, Ruby Lenora--md:HOSMAN; age:68; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094b]
LOGAN, Sophia (FLEMING)--age:71; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023a]
LOMIS, Loren Earl--age:64; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072a]
LONE ELK, Lawrence--age:27; res:Allen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107d]
LONG, Frances Mae--md:RICKARD; age:73; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076e]
LOOMIS, Milo D--age:71; res:Garden City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001c]
LOOS, Jacob--age:97; res:San Luis Obispo CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084a]
LOUTSCH, Katherine Helen (Miss)--age:94; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053e]
LOVELACE, Josephine Veva--md:ATKINSON; age:87; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060c]
LUBBERS, Dena J--md:HARMS; age:86; res:Willow Lake SD; New Brighton MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031d]
LUCKHURST, Mabel A (ENGELBRETSON)--age:93; res:Watertown SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034d]
LUDTKA, Bessie E (McCLINTOCK)--age:98; res:Huron SD; Ellensburg WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054a]
LUNDERS, Georgiana A (SCHEIER)--age:71; res:Salem SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012b]
LUNDERS, Theodore Francis--age:80; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044e,042a]
LUNDGREN, Catherine B'Caddy' (CHASE)--age:-; res:Huron SD; Helena MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012a]
LUNDQUIST, Eldon Merlin--age:62; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049f]
LUNSTRUM, Emma--md:HANSEN; age:91; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092b]
LUTTER, Michael Paul--age:69; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109a]
LUTTER, Peter P--age:74; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072e]
LUTZ, Leo S--age:72; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107c]
LUVASS, Esther Bernece (ACKLEY)--age:59; res:Bradley SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-114c]
LYON, Park--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001a]
LYON, Park--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP11-802d]
MAASS, Ella Sophia--md:MALL; age:86; res:Flandreau SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089d]
MACKAY, Mary--md:BLAIR; age:84; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012f]
MADSEN, Marion (SCHROYER)--age:66; res:Mount Vernon SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048a]
MADSEN, Stanley--age:76; res:Lane SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105a]
MAENDL, Paul P (Rev)--age:91; res:Homedale ID; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053d]
MAGER, Myrtle--md:OSTROM; age:68; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005f]
MAGER, Myrtle--md:WHITTEN; age:68; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005f]
MAGUIRE, Ethelyn L (BLOODGOOD)--age:68; res:Horicon WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058e]
MAHER, John E--age:65; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078e]
MAHONEY, Doris M (KRUG)--age:65; res:Huron SD; Springfield MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010a]
MALCOM, Theresa 'Tess'--md:COLLERAN; age:66; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043b]
MALL, Ella Sophia (MAASS)--age:86; res:Flandreau SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089d]
MANEY, Blanche D (BORAH)--age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015e]
MANN, Helma A (JOHNSON)--age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076a,076b]
MANNING, Kenneth A 'Bud'--age:83; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046c]
MANWARING, Mildred 'Babe'--md:CLARKE; age:88; res:Wagner; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031c]
MARKER, Pauline Kay--md:WILHELM; age:52; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027b]
MARKS, Edna (SCHNEIDER)--age:89; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031b]
MARLOW, LaVeta (JABLINSKI)--age:70; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010f]
MARRON, Thomas Joseph Jr--age:16; res:Little Eagle SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047b]
MARSH, Mary--md:GREGRICH; age:71; res:Willow Lake SD; Milwaukee WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081f]
MARSHALL, David--age:40; res:Coon Rapids MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060f]
MARSHALL, Eva Blanche--md:GARNER; age:76; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061c]
MARSHALL, Eva Blanche--md:ROWEN; age:76; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061c]
MARSHALL, Kenneth Eugene--age:42; res:Tulare SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091c]
MARSHALL, Linda Ann (BRUENING)--age:37; res:Tulare SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011f,011b]
MARSO, Arthur Anthony--age:73; res:Harrold SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028c]
MARTENS, Marvin Theodore Albert--age:77; res:Bancroft SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104a]
MARTIN, Alta Mary--md:RATIGAN; age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023d]
MARTIN, Clara A--md:RUTTMAN; age:68; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111a]
MARTIN, Dorothy--md:HEIN; age:67; res:Iroquois SD; Pipestone MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034c]
MARTIN, Esther Naomi--md:WHITE; age:64; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037a]
MARTIN, Margaret--md:ROONEY; age:74; res:Sacramento CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017b]
MARTINMAAS, Justin Gary--age:0; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100a]
MARZOLF, Mary Ann--age:STBN; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040a]
MASON, Densel--age:52; res:Highmore; Holabird SD; Jamestown ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049c]
MATEJKA, Mildred--age:-; res:Huron SD; Green Bay WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095a]
MATTHEIS, Milbert A J--age:75; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034b]
MATTHEWS, Ruth (HENDERSON)--age:90; res:Highmore SD; Sun City AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009a]
MAUCH, Margaret Evelyn (Miss)--age:90; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102c]
MAURER, Mamie Isabel (RICHARDSON)--age:84; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002e]
MAUSBACH, Angela--md:LAWSON; age:81; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020c]
MAY, Gertrude--md:ROLER; age:92; res:Wessington Springs; Huron SD; Sharpsville IN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072d]
MAY, Stanley Irving--age:59; res:Dallas TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017f,017d]
MAYNARD, Helen (NELSON)--age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051b]
McCAW, Violet (BENNETT)--age:90; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002c]
McCLINTOCK, Bessie E--md:LUDTKA; age:98; res:Huron SD; Ellensburg WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054a]
McCLURE, Ruby (TYRRELL)--age:101; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010e,011e]
McCORMICK, Anna--md:ARCH; age:97; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111c]
McDONALD, Alice (Miss)--age:89; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110c]
McDONALD, Mary (GOLDSMITH)--age:88; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008f]
McDONALD, Ruth (HENDERSON)--age:90; res:Highmore SD; Sun City AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009a]
McDOWELL, Blanche F--md:SCHONE; age:87; res:Frankfort SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094c]
McDOWELL, Norma--md:KRUSE; age:68; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074c]
McDOWELL, Norma--md:LEWIS; age:68; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074c]
McGILLIVRAY, Florance Alice--md:COOK; age:97; res:Huron; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102f]
McGURK, Edna Gustina (LARSON)--age:73; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081d]
McKAY, Elizabeth M--md:HERMANN; age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078d]
McKAY, Mercedes (Miss)--age:83; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070b]
McKINNEY, Manzo Monroe--age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009f]
McKOWN, Gale--age:67; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067b]
McLAIN, Bernice--md:REINTS; age:80; res:Huron; Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055b]
McLAUGHLIN, Rita Ann--md:DeHAAS; age:55; res:Fort Yates ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001d]
McLAUGHLIN, Rita Ann--md:FITZPATRICK; age:55; res:Fort Yates ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001d]
McLOUD, Pearl Lillian--md:ALEXANDER; age:90; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071f]
McLOUD, Pearl Lillian--md:LILLEHAUG; age:90; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071f]
McLOUD, Shirley--md:HILGEMAN; age:59; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050e]
McMILLIAN, Dorothy (BUSSE)--age:86; res:Wessington Springs; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025b]
McMONIES, Lois W--md:GANNAWAY; age:84; res:Huron SD; Kalamazoo MI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107f]
McNAMARA, J Patrick--age:49; res:West Chesterfield NH; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036c]
McNICHOLS, Opal Kathryn--md:BAUMAN; age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092d]
McROBERTS, Gene Ray--age:59; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066d]
McWEENY, Gladys Hazel (HAMBLIN)--age:76; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081a]
McWHORTER, Alene--md:KALAHAR; age:79; res:Huron SD; Tucson AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037f]
MEARS, Mabel A (PENNEY)--age:91; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089f]
MEDIGER, Theodore--age:75; res:Henderson MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060f]
MEEK, Asa Melvin--age:79; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002a]
MEIER, Louise Leona--md:WHERRY; age:71; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024c,025f]
MEINK, Effie--md:RING; age:79; res:Lane SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050d]
MEISTER, William F--age:86; res:Willow Lake SD; Perris CA; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-001c]
MELIUS, Ronald Lloyd--age:40; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093a,092a]
MENCKE, Henry E 'Hank'--age:72; res:Marysville WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106b]
MENDEL, David E--age:92; res:Freeman SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016b]
MERIDITH, Daisy (HAYES)--age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021b]
MERITT, Wyatt Edward--age:54; res:Huron; Wolsey; Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071e]
MERRILL, Melvin--age:73; res:Huron; Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032c]
MERRILL, Melvin--age:73; res:Huron; Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032c]
METTLER, Otto--age:75; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062b]
METZGER, Valera 'Vera'--md:CARLSON; age:86; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011a]
METZGER, Valera 'Vera'--md:MULHOLLAND; age:86; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011a]
METZLER, Emma J (WASTUN)--age:76; res:Lake Preston SD; Sioux City IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085d]
MEYER, Alfred Henry--age:76; res:Huron SD; Fresno Ca; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078b,078a]
MEYER, Ben J--age:88; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016e]
MEYER, D Wayne--age:67; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092c]
MEYER, Ervin--age:69; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037e,028e]
MEYER, Lulu M--md:WINTER; age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057c,052d]
MEYERS, Lewis A--age:82; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014a,014e]
MICHAEL, Esther L--md:BUTZ; age:96; res:Cavour SD; Marion IN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068d]
MICKELSEN, Dale Richard--age:50; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022e]
MIKKELSEN, Vivian (WALSH)--age:58; res:Fort Pierre SD; ,  MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011d,12b]
MILES, Delores A (HERMAN)--age:63; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086b]
MILES, Wynona M--md:FISHER; age:72; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046d]
MILES, Wynona M--md:FISHER; age:72; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046d]
MILLER, Agnes (SPITZER)--age:81; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075f]
MILLER, Fredrick Harold--age:72; res:Huron SD; Tulsa OK; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087b]
MILLIKEN, Ray--age:57; res:Mitchell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103e]
MILNER, Eva Dean--md:JUNGEMANN; age:spouse; res:see:Milton JUNGEMANN; d:1984.  [Source:HP02-105d]
MINNICK, Clara 'Sis'--md:BARNARD; age:82; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055a]
MOE, Clara--md:NIELSEN; age:83; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106d]
MOE, Vernon D--age:52; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078d]
MOELLER, Anne (ARBEITER)--age:66; res:Loveland CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046d]
MOELLER, Evelyn Grace 'Nell' (ANDERSON)--age:76; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097c]
MOENCH, Ella A--md:KRUSE; age:89; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016d]
MOLENGRAAF, Scott Allen--age:18; res:Brookings SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049f]
MOMMER, Earl M--age:83; res:Aberdeen; Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070c]
MONROE, Jerry D--age:44; res:Wessington Springs SD; Red Wing MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034e]
MONROE, Ruby (HEGDAHL)--age:73; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007c]
MONTGOMERY, Iva Marie (Miss)--age:85; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101d]
MONTGOMERY, Marcella--md:THOMPSON; age:62; res:Huron SD; Maplewood MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021a]
MONTGOMERY, Robert M--age:48; res:Los Angeles CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058a]
MOOTZ, Robert Delmont--age:66; res:Highmore; Harrold SD; Amarillo TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093d]
MORRIS, Mary Ellen--md:LAMMERS; age:90; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107e]
MORRIS, Ruth G--md:STEVENS; age:85; res:Carthage SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057f]
MORRISON, Velma Irene--md:STEWART; age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006e]
MORROW, Veronica--md:GILREATH; age:86; res:Artesian SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109e]
MORT, Ruby (TYRRELL)--age:101; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010e,011e]
MOSES, Virginia Mary (ENGEBOS)--age:101; res:North Aurora IL; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103b]
MOSSMAN, Doris Eileen--md:BROWN; age:61; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083c,74c]
MOWERY, Anita Lynn (Miss)--age:3; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087b]
MUEHLEISEN, Viola (KELLER)--age:81; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086c]
MUELLENBERG, Richard J--age:61; res:Zell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042b]
MUELLER, Josephine Marie--md:EATON; age:91; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061f]
MUILENBURG, John Edward--age:74; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058b]
MULHOLLAND, Valera 'Vera' (METZGER)--age:86; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011a]
MUNDHENKE, Edith M (SELCHERT)--age:80; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053a]
MUNION, Leland R--age:76; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095a]
MUNION, Vivian B (PHELPS)--age:64; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026c,025e]
MURRAY, Alice M (BRUBAKER)--age:97; res:Ashton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061e]
MURTHA, Thomas P--age:69; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106a]
NABER, Anna Cecelia--md:WIESELER; age:83; res:Polo SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113f]
NAEVE, Thelma--md:BLUME; age:83; res:Redfield SD; North Bend OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096e]
NAGEL, Hilda--md:JOACHIM; age:64; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070e]
NALLY, Lewis (Rev)--age:97; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094a]
NASH, Robert William--age:74; res:Abilene KS; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083e]
NATCHKE, Mary Lee--md:SHELDON; age:60; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063e]
NEEDHAM, William--age:74; res:Black Diamond WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006f]
NEELING, Ruth Lucille--md:HAMRO; age:96; res:Howard SD; Lake Oswego OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092b]
NEELING, Ruth Lucille--md:SCHAEFER; age:96; res:Howard SD; Lake Oswego OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092b]
NEILSEN, Annie Marie--md:STEFFENSEN; age:99; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108b]
NELSON, Christine--md:SCHEARER; age:93; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017a]
NELSON, Ella M--md:DENMAN; age:92; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058c]
NELSON, Floyd--age:78; res:Onida; Hot Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104f]
NELSON, Fred--age:90; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109b]
NELSON, Helen--md:FALCONER; age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051b]
NELSON, Helen--md:MAYNARD; age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051b]
NELSON, Helen--md:OLSON; age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051b]
NELSON, Louise (PETTRLE)--age:91; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090a]
NELSON, Margaret Belle--md:VanEKEREN; age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057b,054c]
NELSON, Martin D--age:73; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027d]
NELSON, Norris--age:73; res:Oldham SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043a]
NELSON, Olga (JOHNSON)--age:83; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062f,064c]
NEMEC, Elizabeth (PURYEAR)--age:77; res:Midland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027c]
NEU, Marietta--md:EVENSON; age:85; res:Bryant; Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101c]
NEUHARTH, Merlin--age:54; res:Huron SD; Green Valley MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100e]
NEUHAUS, John Henry--age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088f]
NEUROTH, Mary--md:ROSELAND; age:93; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086f]
NEWCOMER, Lora E--md:BELL; age:75; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111e]
NEWCOMER, Lora E--md:JENSEN; age:75; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111e]
NEWMAN, Blanche D (BORAH)--age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015e]
NEYHART, Ethel Mae--md:HARTMAN; age:96; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101f]
NICHOLS, John T--age:90; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027e]
NIELSEN, Clara (MOE)--age:83; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106d]
NOAH, Nadine--md:GARREY; age:77; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113a]
NOEM, Alvina Marie (LILLESKOV)--age:88; res:Bryant; Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093f]
NOLD, John Tyler--age:3; res:Seneca SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051a]
NOONAN, Agnes (REICHLING)--age:74; res:Howard SD; Fort Collins CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068d]
NORBY, Claude--age:76; res:Hot Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097b]
NORBY, Jeffrey A--age:20; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068c]
NUTTALL, Nolan H--age:73; res:Agar SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060d]
NYSTROM, Myrtle Grace (OLSON)--age:92; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102a]
OBERMEIER, Lottie C--md:BROWN; age:83; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041b]
OBERSTALLER, Agatha--md:HERZOG; age:86; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058f]
OCEAN, Alma Esther (WAIT)--age:78; res:Wessington Springs SD; Renton WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
OCHSNER, Calvin N--age:66; res:Alpena SD; Mentor OH; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013b]
O'CONNOR, Francis--age:59; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041e]
ODEGARD, Carl J--age:93; res:Huron SD; Kansas City MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033e,034a]
O'DONNELL, Mabel (KAISER)--age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063f]
OEHLER, Doshia Lois 'Lois'--md:HARDESTY; age:80; res:Highmore SD; d:1990.  [Source:HP01-352e]
OEHLER, Kathryn Josephine*--md:FLINT; age:68; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045c]
OERLLINE, L Opal (GREEN)--age:81; res:Rochford; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034c,033d]
OHLSON, Hilda--md:CARLSON; age:85; res:Carthage SD; Loveland CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085e]
OHM, Mary (ARBEITER)--age:69; res:Brookings SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054b]
OLDFIELD, Delmar--age:70; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082f]
OLESEN, Edith (FAIRCHILD)--age:79; res:Hayes SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056e]
OLESON, Muriel T (TRUMBULL)--age:71; res:Huron SD; Billings MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045b]
OLIVER, Alice Adele (ARCULARIUS)--age:73; res:Huron SD; Portland OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028d]
OLSON, Agnes T--md:LOCKNER; age:88; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041d]
OLSON, Evelyn Clara (OLSON)--age:76; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028d]
OLSON, Evelyn Clara--md:CHERLAND; age:76; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028d]
OLSON, Evelyn Clara--md:OLSON; age:76; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028d]
OLSON, Grace Elizabeth--md:SCHLICKER; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001e]
OLSON, Grace Elizabeth--md:SMOTHERS; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001e]
OLSON, Helen (NELSON)--age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051b]
OLSON, LeRoy A--age:73; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005a]
OLSON, Marie 'Mary'--md:LILLIBRIDGE; age:99; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043d]
OLSON, Martha--md:HEDBERG; age:97; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105d]
OLSON, Mary (Miss)--age:88; res:Oldham SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-014f]
OLSON, Myrtle Grace--md:NYSTROM; age:92; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102a]
OLSON, Robert LeRoy--age:36; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027f]
OLSON, SonDa L--age:17; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091e,089a]
OPPEGARD, Esther B (PETERSON)--age:70; res:Lengby MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067e]
OPSAL, Pearl O--md:WICKS; age:87; res:Carpenter SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111a]
ORSTRUM, Helen--md:BEACH; age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033d]
ORSTRUM, Helen--md:LAIRD; age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033d]
ORTH, Verna Elizabeth--md:BAILS; age:77; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008b]
ORTH, Verna Elizabeth--md:HILGEMANN; age:77; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008b]
OSMAN, Peter--age:77; res:Veblen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088f]
OSMONSON, Leonard O--age:88; res:Alpena SD; Glenville MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080b,077a]
OSTROM, Myrtle (MAGER)--age:68; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005f]
OTTO, Inez--md:PETERSON; age:91; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066b]
OWENS, Forrest Edward--age:75; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073a]
OWENS, William R--age:77; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024f]
PAGEL, Cleo (VINCENT)--age:99; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012a,11a]
PAINE, Marie Louise (ELYEA)--age:69; res:Ree Heights SD; Glen ellen CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066c]
PAINE, Winifred--md:HASKELL; age:95; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013d]
PALMER, Clifford D--age:82; res:Rapid City; DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039b]
PALMER, Loren Vincent--age:66; res:Pierre SD; Chandler AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049e]
PALMER, Rita Jane (HUESGEN)--age:66; res:Redfield; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065e]
PALMER, Wayne Keith--age:63; res:Miller SD; Willcox AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027a]
PALMER, Wendell Stephen (Rev)--age:72; res:Huron SD; Pensacola FL; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027e]
PALMQUIST, Adeline (SCHMIDT)--age:66; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069b]
PARK, Viola M (WOODALL)--age:74; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066c,066f]
PARKER, Samuel James--age:90; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076d]
PARKINSON, Edna--md:FRENCH; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005b]
PARKINSON, Harry Allen--age:68; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047a]
PARMELY, Natalee Mae (BABCOCK)--age:46; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084f]
PARSONS, Glenn H--age:87; res:Blunt SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112b]
PASEK, Helen I (JULSON)--age:79; res:Huron SD; Huntington NY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029b]
PATTEE, Georgia (FREEMAN)--age:82; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011f]
PATTERSON, Joan E (DOWNES)--age:60; res:Sioux Falls; Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070a]
PAULSON, Melvin--age:90; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-104e]
PAUTSCH, Dorcelene Ruth (Miss)--age:74; res:Portland OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046a]
PAVELEK, Henry John--age:70; res:Huron SD; Corvallis OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078f]
PAYNE, Dale--age:83; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073f]
PEARCE, Mary Louise--md:BRUGMAN; age:76; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003e,004a]
PECK, Donald Russell--age:90; res:Willow Lake SD; Glendale CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017a]
PEDERSEN, Anthon--age:80; res:Lake Norden SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063c]
PENNEY, Mabel A--md:MEARS; age:91; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089f]
PENNEY, Mabel A--md:STOBIN; age:91; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089f]
PEOPLES, Elmer Clayton--age:70; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095d]
PETERSEN, Albert C--age:78; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076b]
PETERSEN, Freda Henrietta (EHRK)--age:82; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026e]
PETERSEN, Myrle (SMITH)--age:76; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036f]
PETERSON, Clara--md:WARKENTHIEN; age:82; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077b]
PETERSON, Dancey Lee 'Dan'--age:33; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019b]
PETERSON, Esther B--md:OPPEGARD; age:70; res:Lengby MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067e]
PETERSON, Ethelyn L (BLOODGOOD)--age:68; res:Horicon WI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058e]
PETERSON, Hanna M--md:ENFIELD; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044d]
PETERSON, Inez (OTTO)--age:91; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066b]
PETERSON, Inez--md:FULLER; age:77; res:Huron SD; Homeland CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080a]
PETERSON, Jens P--age:93; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003c]
PETERSON, Lee 'Avery'--age:66; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026f]
PETERSON, Martin--age:75; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060d]
PETERSON, Matilda (Status unknown)--age:97; res:Agar SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105b]
PETERSON, Olga Aleene (GRAHAM)--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040e]
PETERSON, Renea Marie (ESCHENBAUM)--age:24; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063d]
PETET, John E--age:77; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098a]
PETTRLE, Louise--md:NELSON; age:91; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090a]
PETTRLE, Louise--md:SEFRNA; age:91; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090a]
PFOTENHAUER, Walter F--age:79; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097e]
PHELPS, Vivian B--md:MUNION; age:64; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026c,025e]
PHILLIPS, Charlotte--md:IWEN; age:40; res:Huron; Mitchell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029e]
PHILLIPS, Gregory Allan--age:35; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049e,047f]
PHILLIPS, Steven R--age:28; res:Phillips SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091b]
PICKETT, Forrest--age:84; res:Bancroft SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039d]
PITTS, Glenda (LAMBERT)--age:41; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016e]
PLACE, Helen (FUNK)--age:76; res:Huron; Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056d]
PLANTS, William J--age:57; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019d]
PLATE, Edward Paul--age:56; res:Seattle WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029d]
PLOWMAN, Minnie Florence (HOFFMANN)--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011e,008b]
POE, Damien E--age:8; res:Fontana CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058a]
POINDEXTER, T J--age:66; res:Ree Heights SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089d]
POLLY, Alice A (SNYDER)--age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066a,048d]
POPPE, Glenn R--age:61; res:Murdo SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060c]
PORTER, Carol (DAUGHERTY)--age:54; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082a]
PORTER, Ruth E--md:CLAYTON; age:85; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082e]
POTTER, Ferne L--md:HAYNES; age:93; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074a]
POWELL, Roland--age:63; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094e]
POZARNSKY, Thomas--age:67; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067a]
PREBLE, Ruth E--md:CARLSON; age:93; res:Pierre SD; Pittsburgh PA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074b]
PRENTICE, Mark--age:29; res:[Not stated]; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050e]
PRICE, Clay A--age:25; res:Philip SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064f]
PRICE, Jean Ann--md:HOUSIAUX; age:61; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064e]
PUCK, Kenneth Jr--age:2; res:Chandler AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046a]
PUCK, Kenneth--age:35; res:Chandler AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046a]
PUCKETT, Kimberly--age:1; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078a]
PUGSLEY, Merle E (WEST)--age:92; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024d]
PULCIFER, Eva M (WELLS)--age:66; res:Huron SD; San Antonio TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039f]
PULLES, Dorothy (Miss)--age:70; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111e]
PULLMAN, Lydia--md:KLEINSASSER; age:67; res:Freeman; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080d]
PURYEAR, Elizabeth--md:NEMEC; age:77; res:Midland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027c]
PUTNAM, Iona (HOWARD)--age:87; res:Canning SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067d]
RABUCK, Mabel E--age:89; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011b]
RADCLIFFE, Dorothy L (SIMONS)--age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077a]
RADKE, Lydia (HEHN)--age:80; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020e]
RAGELS, Dorothy--md:WETTSTEIN; age:72; res:Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
RAGELS, Dorothy--md:ZECK; age:72; res:Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
RAGELS, Mildred P--md:SHELDON; age:77; res:Frankfort SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084e]
RAMSELL, Ethel M (BAILEY)--age:84; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072f,073e]
RAMSER, Dorothy Irene--md:SCOTT; age:61; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009e]
RANKE, Robert Francis--age:-; res:Arnold MD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063e]
RANKIN, Ray--age:81; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020c]
RASCHKE, Albert D--age:70; res:Gregory SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093d]
RASMUSSEN, Andrew Jr 'Buster'--age:68; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044a]
RATIGAN, Alta Mary (MARTIN)--age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023d]
RAUSCH, Emma (STEINKAMPF)--age:89; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068f]
RAUSCH, Grover G--age:94; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106c]
RECKARD, Winnifred (DeVRIES)--age:83; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053c]
REED, Agnes E--md:HENNING; age:87; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066b]
REED, Marie (BATES)--age:82; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021e]
REED, Ronald Robert--age:55; res:Rockham SD; Bloomington MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035d]
REHNKE, Irma W (GREEN)--age:85; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099e]
REICHLING, Agnes--md:NOONAN; age:74; res:Howard SD; Fort Collins CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068d]
REIMER, Daniel Lincoln--age:58; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045d,45d]
REINARTZ, Joyce M--md:ROUNDS; age:53; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044c]
REINEKE, Herman H Jr--age:70; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073d,073c]
REINTS, Bernice (McLAIN)--age:80; res:Huron; Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055b]
REMILY, Edna Mary (UNDERSTOCK)--age:89; res:Turton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052c]
RESEL, Sylvia Ann--md:HANKS; age:76; res:Miller SD; Gresham OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078a]
RICHARDSON, Mamie Isabel--md:MAURER; age:84; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002e]
RICHARDSON, Sylvia M (DALE)--age:89; res:Mitchell SD; Lakewood CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064d]
RICKARD, Frances Mae (LONG)--age:73; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076e]
RIGGLE, Sylvia Bessie (DICK)--age:92; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036c]
RILLING, Albert Lee--age:85; res:Lancaster CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035b]
RING, Edward T--age:81; res:Lane SD; Peoria IL; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041c]
RING, Effie (MEINK)--age:79; res:Lane SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050d]
RIPLEY, George 'Bunker'--age:81; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107e]
RITTEL, Freda A--md:VanHAITSMA; age:73; res:Sioux City IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110b]
RITTER, Ann Katherine--age:83; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102d]
RITTER, Herbert Louis--age:77; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-095e]
ROACH, Margaret (ERICKSON)--age:84; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018e]
ROBERTS, Virgil Lee--age:71; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052b]
ROBERTS, Willard--age:64; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024f]
ROBINSON, Carol Ann (Miss)--age:22; res:Miller SD; Urbana IL; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098c]
ROEDER, Janice--md:BRENNER; age:57; res:Woonsocket SD; Apache Junction AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022b]
ROETHLISBERGER, Harold--age:75; res:Evart MI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096c]
ROETHLISBERGER, Timothy--age:44; res:Evart MI; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096c]
ROGERS, Charles Francis--age:73; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091d]
ROLER, Gertrude (MAY)--age:92; res:Wessington Springs; Huron SD; Sharpsville IN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072d]
ROONEY, Margaret (MARTIN)--age:74; res:Sacramento CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017b]
ROOT, John Frank--age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1897.  [Source:HP01-025d,022c]
ROSELAND, Louise 'Lucille' (HAGENLOCK)--age:94; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057f]
ROSELAND, Mary (NEUROTH)--age:93; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086f]
ROSENBOHM, Rose F--md:BOESEL; age:76; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038d]
ROSETH, Clarence Juell--age:76; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053b]
ROSS, Jeffrey Alan--age:30; res:Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-064f,064a]
ROUNDS, Georgianna (KAUTH)--age:85; res:Cavour SD; Grapevine TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107b,109e]
ROUNDS, Joyce M (REINARTZ)--age:53; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044c]
ROWEN, Eva Blanche (MARSHALL)--age:76; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061c]
ROWEN, Minnie P--md:STOBBS; age:92; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013a]
ROYCE, Donald Eugene--age:56; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077c]
ROYHL, Mary--md:SMITH; age:70; res:Huron SD; Tucson AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050a]
RUETER, Gertrude F (WOLFHEIM)--age:78; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018e]
RUGGENBERG, Clara--md:BONNICHSEN; age:80; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006d]
RUNNER, Elizabeth Amanda--md:ANDERSON; age:88; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087f]
RUPPEL, Hazel Blanche (HOWARD)--age:91; res:Alpena SD; Atlantic IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090b]
RUPPERT, Joseph S--age:30; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082b]
RUSCHE, Clara--md:DIRKSEN; age:97; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087a]
RUSCHE, Dena (STROMAN)--age:94; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079a]
RUSSELL, Bernice (WARNER)--age:77; res:Willow Lake SD; Albuquerque NM; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099c]
RUTTMAN, Clara A (MARTIN)--age:68; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111a]
RYAN, Agnes Mary--md:KAMBEL; age:81; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089b]
RYLAND, Alice--md:TINAN; age:83; res:DeSmet SD; Colorado Springs CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057d]
SABOE, Clarence--age:85; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019f]
SACKETT, Arthur G--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066e]
SALMON, Charles Francis--age:37; res:Black Hawk SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096e]
SAMIS, Eleanora--md:LaROCHE; age:82; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034d]
SAMMONS, Gladys M (HERRICK)--age:68; res:Madison; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079d]
SAND, Chris--age:15; res:Belle Fourche SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087e]
SANDQUIST, Henrietta C (FRIDLEY)--age:89; res:Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108f]
SANDVEN, Daniel D--age:79; res:Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059a]
SANGER, Raymond E--age:64; res:Zell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070e]
SANGER, Walter--age:90; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022e]
SANICOLA, Patricia Ellen (HANSEN)--age:44; res:Carthage SD; Levittown NY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050f]
SARAHAN, Patrick John--age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059e,056b]
SARVIS, Dorothy Marcille--md:KUTZ; age:62; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024c]
SASS, Fred Earl--age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038e,39d]
SASS, Henry--age:-; res:Cavour SD; Omaha NE; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005a]
SAUGSTAD, Edwin--age:81; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090d]
SAUGSTAD, Mary Edna (FRASIER)--age:73; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113e,112c]
SCARBOROUGH, Marlin--age:47; res:Hayes SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055c,055d]
SCHADE, Lena C--md:SCHAFFER; age:104; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029c]
SCHAEFER, Anna M--md:SCHLECHTER; age:94; res:Orient SD; Waconia MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085f]
SCHAEFER, George W--age:78; res:Raymond SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026a,12c]
SCHAEFER, Ruth Lucille (NEELING)--age:96; res:Howard SD; Lake Oswego OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092b]
SCHAEFER, Ted--age:64; res:Bozeman MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035b]
SCHAFFER, Lena C (SCHADE)--age:104; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029c]
SCHALLER, Gladys--md:FETHERHUFF; age:83; res:Huron SD; San Diego CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091a]
SCHAMBER, Edgar--age:72; res:Yankton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082e]
SCHAMBER, Mary (GROSS)--age:78; res:Menno SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029d]
SCHEARER, Christine (NELSON)--age:93; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017a]
SCHEIBE, Clara J--md:JUNGEMANN; age:mother; res:see:Milton JUNGEMANN; d:1979.  [Source:HP02-105d]
SCHEIER, Georgiana A--md:LUNDERS; age:71; res:Salem SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012b]
SCHELLER, Eleanor R (SCHNEIDER)--age:66; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039a]
SCHILLING, Edward--age:66; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054f]
SCHLECHTER, Anna M (SCHAEFER)--age:94; res:Orient SD; Waconia MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085f]
SCHLICHT, Smylie--age:55; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080a]
SCHLICKER, Grace Elizabeth (OLSON)--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001e]
SCHLIM, Harold--age:79; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111b]
SCHMIDT, Adeline--md:PALMQUIST; age:66; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069b]
SCHMIDT, Ernest H--age:92; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032a]
SCHMIDT, Gregory A--age:26; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029d,005b]
SCHMIDT, Linda Rae--md:FREDERICK; age:36; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018c]
SCHMIDTGEN, Elvin L--age:57; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057a]
SCHMITT, Madeline Anna (Miss)--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065e]
SCHNAIBLE, Dave T--age:81; res:Huron SD; St. Cloud MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003f,003f]
SCHNATHORST, Alvin C--age:father; res:see:Scott Alan SCHNATHORST; d:1976.  [Source:HP01-049c]
SCHNATHORST, Scott Alan--age:36; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049c]
SCHNEIDER, Edna--md:MARKS; age:89; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031b]
SCHNEIDER, Eleanor R--md:SCHELLER; age:66; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039a]
SCHOENFELDER, Raymond--age:57; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088d]
SCHOENWETTER, Melvin D--age:50; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060a]
SCHOLL, Laura Catherine--md:TUPPER; age:94; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096b]
SCHOLLIAN, Lucille A (HUDDLESTON)--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
SCHOMER, Clayton Cowan--age:84; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093f]
SCHONE, Blanche F (McDOWELL)--age:87; res:Frankfort SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094c]
SCHONE, Elsie--md:LIEBIG; age:94; res:Frankfort SD; Santa Ana CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039b]
SCHRAEDER, Ella Esther (HERRING)--age:91; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017b]
SCHREIER, Harold--age:57; res:Flandreau SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072c]
SCHRIEBER, Anna S--md:DILLON; age:90; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008c]
SCHRODER, Gerald H--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013c]
SCHROEDER, Esther Mae--md:ANDREW; age:84; res:Yankton; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
SCHROEDER, Esther Mae--md:IVERSON; age:84; res:Yankton; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
SCHROER, Charles--age:62; res:Blunt SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054d]
SCHROYER, Marion--md:MADSEN; age:66; res:Mount Vernon SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048a]
SCHUBIN, Jeremy L--age:1; res:Fontana CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-058a]
SCHULTZ, Blanche R--md:VOSTREZ; age:76; res:Huron SD; Wilber NE; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044a]
SCHULTZ, Karmen Diane--md:HAWKINS; age:43; res:Onida SD; Greybull WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-114d]
SCHUSTER, Richard A--age:55; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-029e]
SCHWARTZ, Rena Josephine (JACOBS)--age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113b]
SCHWEIDER, George (Brother)--age:80; res:Pine Ridge SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077f]
SCHWEIGER, Dorothea 'Dora' (JOHANNSEN)--age:83; res:Artesian SD; Milford NJ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016d]
SCHWEIGERT, Walter John--age:82; res:Draper SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100f]
SCHWEMLE, Blanche (FOUBERG)--age:75; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055f]
SCOTT, Dorothy Irene (RAMSER)--age:61; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009e]
SCOTTER, Ray William--age:80; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046e,052a]
SCOTTER, Robert R--age:57; res:Iroquois SD; Lafayette LA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102d]
SCROGGINS, Jacqueline--md:DOUD; age:44; res:Eugene OR; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091a]
SEAGREEN, Ella--md:YOUNGERN; age:96; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013e]
SEFRNA, Louise (PETTRLE)--age:91; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090a]
SELCHERT, Edith M--md:MUNDHENKE; age:80; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053a]
SELL, Dorothy (JOHNSTON)--age:86; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097e]
SELLEVOLD, Emilie (HAVIK)--age:96; res:Crocker SD; Farmington MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092d]
SERFLING, Anna (KRUSE)--age:91; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102f]
SHANTZ, Ervin L--age:83; res:Mellette SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077d]
SHAW, Don--age:-; res:Kailua HI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-067c]
SHAW, Lydia Lora--md:CHRISTENSEN; age:97; res:Oldham SD; White Bear Lake MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086f]
SHEA, Blanche--age:98; res:Wessington SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092c]
SHEFSKY, Katherine Irene (BENNETT)--age:67; res:Forestburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113e]
SHELDON, Mary Lee (NATCHKE)--age:60; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063e]
SHELDON, Mildred P (RAGELS)--age:77; res:Frankfort SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084e]
SHEPPARD, Mary (AHERN)--age:88; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099d]
SHERMAN, Inga (HEGDAHL)--age:84; res:, MIner, SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106b]
SHERWOOD, Aubrey H--age:93; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111d]
SHULTZ, Kenneth R--age:59; res:Willow Lake SD; Thousand Oaks CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057d]
SICHMILLER, Jackie L--age:27; res:Sioux Falls SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073d]
SICKLER, Everett J--age:85; res:Wessington Springs SD; Vancouver WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082f]
SIEBRECHT, Harry M--age:94; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051f]
SILK, James--age:11; res:Fort Yates ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-033e]
SIMON, Harold Shannon--age:17; res:Tolstoy SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040d]
SIMONS, Dorothy L--md:RADCLIFFE; age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077a]
SKATES, Bessie--md:CURRY; age:98; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079f]
SKILLESTAD, Mabel (HANSON)--age:92; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-004d]
SKINNER, Earl F--age:86; res:Little Falls MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027d]
SKINNER, Russell--age:85; res:Canton SD; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-002d]
SKON, Edward John--age:17; res:Warner SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087a]
SKORHEIM, Margaret (DELVAUX)--age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075a,076f]
SKYBERG, Olaf--age:73; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079b]
SLATER, Melvin Leonard--age:73; res:Miranda SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030e]
SMALLEY, Miles Waite--age:58; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010c]
SMITH, Bertha L--md:LOCKER; age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032b]
SMITH, Beryle G 'Snuffy'--age:68; res:Kennebec SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009f]
SMITH, Elizabeth (THIEROLF)--age:92; res:Mitchell; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007d]
SMITH, Fae--md:THOMPSON; age:97; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015b]
SMITH, Gladys O (Miss)--age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010e,011e]
SMITH, Louise--md:BRUMBAUGH; age:64; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013f]
SMITH, Mary (ROYHL)--age:70; res:Huron SD; Tucson AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050a]
SMITH, Mary Esther (Miss)--age:17; res:Erwin SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069e,068c]
SMITH, Mary M (FAHEY)--age:88; res:Clark SD; Sioux City IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023e]
SMITH, Myrle--md:PETERSEN; age:76; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036f]
SMITH, Myrle--md:VOELTZ; age:76; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036f]
SMITH, Neil A--age:70; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105f]
SMITH, Wilfred T--age:72; res:Pierre SD; Arlington TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021e]
SMOTHERS, Grace Elizabeth (OLSON)--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-001e]
SNEDIGAR, Florence M--md:HUNTER; age:83; res:Alcester; DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059c]
SNODGRASS, William Howard--age:85; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057e]
SNOW, Charles H--age:78; res:Mitchell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071a]
SNOW, Edythe Irene--md:KINGDON; age:72; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035a]
SNYDER, Alice A--md:POLLY; age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066a,048d]
SOINEY, Anna K (JOHNSON)--age:77; res:Huron SD; Thief River Falls MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086e]
SOMMER, Chester--age:67; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044b]
SONNE, Clara--md:HELJESON; age:76; res:Letcher SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028e]
SORBEIM, Ruby--md:LEITH; age:74; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042c]
SORENSEN, Gerda (SORENSON)--age:92; res:Arlington SD; Fort Collins CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012c]
SORENSON, Carl W W--age:34; res:Toronto SD; Dallas TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005e]
SORENSON, Gerda--md:SORENSEN; age:92; res:Arlington SD; Fort Collins CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012c]
SOUKUP, Celia--md:HAINY; age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075e]
SPAID, Ernest--age:62; res:Blunt SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034e]
SPARKS, Marvin Lee--age:79; res:Deadwood SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097a]
SPECK, Raymond A--age:66; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043c]
SPEICHER, Ruth M--md:GARDNER; age:96; res:Ree Heights SD; Topeka KS; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083a]
SPEIRS, Gladys M (HEMMINGSON)--age:57; res:Lead SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019a]
SPILDE, Grace--md:JACOBSON; age:91; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026b]
SPILDE, Phillip Henry--age:56; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065b]
SPITZER, Agnes--md:MILLER; age:81; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075f]
STAHL, Anna J--md:HOFER; age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074a]
STAHL, H LeRoy--age:78; res:Huron SD; Great Falls MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024a]
STAHL, Katie S--md:HOFER; age:84; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025c,001a]
STAHL, Margie Magdalena (HEHN)--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023f]
STAHLY, Emily R--md:GLUESING; age:99; res:Huron SD; Hawthorne CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005e]
STAMMER, Amanda (STAMMER)--age:92; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089b]
STAMMER, Amanda--md:STAMMER; age:92; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089b]
STAMP, Lena E--age:80; res:Huron SD; Ortonville MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077e]
STANBAUGH, Lillian--deceased mother; d:1961; see:Ralph Michael ZEIGLER.  [Source:HP02-109f]
STANLEY, Bertha I (ADAMS)--age:70; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012c]
STAUDY, Minnie (VIRCHOW)--age:83; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069f]
STEBBINS, Florence Irene--md:FLOYD; age:72; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109c]
STEELE, Robin C 'Bob'--age:84; res:Rapid City; Ree Heights SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036a]
STEENSON, Henry--age:96; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006b,001a]
STEFFENSEN, Annie Marie (NEILSEN)--age:99; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108b]
STEGEMAN, Mahela A (KRUEGER)--age:87; res:Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099d,091f]
STEINKAMPF, Emma--md:RAUSCH; age:89; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-068f]
STEKL, Rosa Ethel (KUTIL)--age:99; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037f]
STEMPER, John F--age:61; res:Zell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041d]
STEMPLE, Lauren G--age:83; res:Rawlins WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081e]
STERTZ, Henry C--age:50; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022f]
STEVENS, Debra Jean (HUTMACHER)--age:25; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063a]
STEVENS, Ruth G (MORRIS)--age:85; res:Carthage SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057f]
STEWART, Mabel (KAISER)--age:80; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-063f]
STEWART, Velma Irene (MORRISON)--age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006e]
STIEFEL, Emil Christian 'Curly'--age:77; res:Harrold SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078e]
STILLMAN, Alta--md:KNIGGE; age:79; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071a]
STOBBS, Minnie P (ROWEN)--age:92; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013a]
STOBIN, Mabel A (PENNEY)--age:91; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089f]
STOESER, B J (Mr)--age:26; res:Hayes SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096f,093c]
STOLEY, Lawrence Arnold--age:86; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111f]
STOUT, Edna (JOHANSEN)--age:67; res:Woonsocket SD; Bismarck ND; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-051a]
STRADER, Genevieve (HOBERG)--age:91; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011b]
STREHLE, Viona--md:LEISCHNER; age:74; res:Wessington Springs SD; Omaha NE; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084e]
STREHLOW, Dora--md:BRUNER; age:97; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088b]
STRICKLER, Lyle--age:61; res:Iroquois SD; Yucca Valley CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012d]
STROMAN, Dena--md:RUSCHE; age:94; res:Lake Preston SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079a]
STUART, Lorene--md:WILLIAMSON; age:79; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049d]
SUMMERSIDE, Jean Stephen--age:66; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-114c,115d]
SUTLEY, Percy Alan--age:33; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-028d]
SUTLEY, Thelma (ELLIS)--age:72; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034b]
SUTTON, Marie I (YOUNKIN)--age:74; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100d]
SVEC, John William--age:92; res:Huron; Alpena SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110a]
SVENINGSON, Sweeny--age:82; res:Lane SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084c]
SWANDA, John--age:75; res:Bonesteel SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022d]
SWENSON, Clifford O--age:71; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019c]
SWENSON, Clinton--age:77; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099f]
SWENSON, Harland--age:64; res:Huron SD; Mesa AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091d]
TAPKEN, John--age:92; res:Wessington Springs; Lane SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083f]
TAYLOR, Robert Keith--age:56; res:Fort Pierre SD; Desert Hot Springs CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-022c]
TELFORD, Velva Pearl (COTTRILL)--age:83; res:Pierre SD; Sheridan WY; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112e]
TENARY, Katherine (ADRIAN)--age:75; res:Erwin SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-070f]
THEDE, Rena Josephine (JACOBS)--age:80; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113b]
THIEROLF, Elizabeth--md:SMITH; age:92; res:Mitchell; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007d]
THOMAS, Evelyn--md:EASTON; age:80; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008d]
THOMAS, Helen (FUNK)--age:76; res:Huron; Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-056d]
THOMPSON, Fae (SMITH)--age:97; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015b]
THOMPSON, Florence Emily--md:HASSELL; age:74; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017d]
THOMPSON, Henry Eugene--age:63; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093e]
THOMPSON, Marcella (MONTGOMERY)--age:62; res:Huron SD; Maplewood MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021a]
THOMPSON, Merril Dean--age:21; res:Eagle Butte SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060f]
THOMPSON, Raymond Roy--age:63; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009b]
THORSNESS, Milton Charles--age:74; res:Yankton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008d]
THORSON, Grace (ANDERSON)--age:55; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080d]
TIGGELAAR, Robert--age:64; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105c]
TILLMAN, Byron Monroe--age:67; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113c,113a]
TIMM, Martha E (BAKER)--age:83; res:Sturgis; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006c]
TINAN, Alice (RYLAND)--age:83; res:DeSmet SD; Colorado Springs CO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057d]
TIPTON, Mary E (CRADIT)--age:95; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074d]
TISLAND, Carl--age:88; res:Volga SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015f]
TOENNIES, Lillian Mary (BOWERS)--age:82; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018d]
TOLLEFSON, Joy (BORAH)--age:67; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-086d]
TOLLEFSON, Tilda--md:CHRISTENSON; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-093c,093a]
TOPLE, Harvey Alan--age:46; res:Blunt SD; Garland TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078c]
TORWICK, Winifred (BREWER)--age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030c]
TOWBERMAN, Olive Mary Ann (BJORNSON)--age:89; res:Huron; Manchester SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048a]
TRAMS, Richard E--age:52; res:Hamilton MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011a]
TRAUTMAN, Emmett--age:56; res:Lemmon SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045e]
TRAVER, Cecil Royal 'Tete'--age:73; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073e]
TREMEL, Freda Marie--md:CURRIER; age:82; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-054e]
TRENERRY, James A--age:65; res:Huron SD; Omaha Ne; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087d]
TRETHEWAY, Wilbur S--age:70; res:Spearfish SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-105a]
TRUDEAU, Victor--age:-; res:Woonsocket SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037d]
TRUMBULL, Muriel T--md:OLESON; age:71; res:Huron SD; Billings MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045b]
TSCHETTER, Ann (GROSS)--age:75; res:Mitchell; Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061e]
TSCHETTER, Phoeboe--md:WEISE; age:59; res:Columbia MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026d]
TUPPER, Alden Ray--age:54; res:Huron SD; Billings MT; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109a]
TUPPER, Laura Catherine (SCHOLL)--age:94; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096b]
TYRRELL, Della Marie--md:HANSON; age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047d]
TYRRELL, Ruby--md:McCLURE; age:101; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010e,011e]
TYRRELL, Ruby--md:MORT; age:101; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010e,011e]
ULMER, Genevieve Mae (GRIMM)--age:63; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091a]
ULRICH, Floyd (Dr)--age:72; res:Huron SD; Woodford OK; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041f]
ULSH, Brownie Clara (BROER)--age:90; res:Mitchell; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-019d]
ULVESTAD, Gilmore--age:74; res:Arlington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078c]
UNDERSTOCK, Edna Mary--md:REMILY; age:89; res:Turton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052c]
UPHOFF, Arthur--age:53; res:Herman MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043f]
UPHOFF, Martha (VALENTINE)--age:79; res:Morris MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079a]
VAIL, Edwin LeRoy--age:76; res:Gettysburg SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008c]
VALENTINE, Bert--age:91; res:Pipestone MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-108a]
VALENTINE, Martha--md:UPHOFF; age:79; res:Morris MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079a]
VanBALEN, Ross Gerald--age:57; res:Highmore SD; Lexington KY; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065a]
VanBUREN, Wyeth--age:71; res:Wessington Springs SD; Pawtucket RI; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-010f]
VanDenBERG, Herman--age:78; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090f]
VanDeSTROET, Gene A--age:22; res:Fairview SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082d]
VanEKEREN, Margaret Belle (NELSON)--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057b,054c]
VANEKLASEN, Scott Ray--age:18; res:Estelline SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073f]
VanHAITSMA, Freda A (RITTEL)--age:73; res:Sioux City IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110b]
VanPELT, Scott--age:2MO; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097b]
VanPOLEN, Millard--age:89; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092f]
VanZEE, Dealus--age:77; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036d]
VAWSER, Mabel (JONES)--age:59; res:Mitchell SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-102a]
VENNER, Bessie Louise (FALKENHAGEN)--age:80; res:Agar SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106d]
VERCOE, Elsie--md:DAHL; age:82; res:Carthage; Huron SD; Mankato MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069f]
VILHAUER, Hulda (HERR)--age:84; res:Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037b]
VINCENT, Cleo--md:PAGEL; age:99; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-012a,11a]
VINSLAUSKI, Byron John--age:69; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-034a,026f]
VIRCHOW, Anton 'Tony'--age:67; res:Lake Norden SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-076a]
VIRCHOW, Minnie--md:STAUDY; age:83; res:Bryant SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-069f]
VOELKER, Stella Pearl* (HICKCOX)--age:92; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-091b]
VOELTZ, Myrle (SMITH)--age:76; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036f]
VOLESKY, Martha E (BAKER)--age:83; res:Sturgis; Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006c]
VOLZ, Everett R--age:65; res:Sioux Falls; Highmore SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045f]
VOSTREZ, Blanche R (SCHULTZ)--age:76; res:Huron SD; Wilber NE; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-044a]
WADDINGTON, Kenneth R--age:80; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074c]
WADLEIGH, Charles H--age:83; res:Lennox SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100c]
WAGNER, Lynn Donald--age:19; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047c]
WAHL, Kermit E--age:64; res:Tucson AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074e]
WAHLEN, Ruth Evelyn (COOPER)--age:74; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-060e]
WAIT, Alma Esther--md:ABRAHAM; age:78; res:Wessington Springs SD; Renton WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
WAIT, Alma Esther--md:OCEAN; age:78; res:Wessington Springs SD; Renton WA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-053f]
WAKEFIELD, Florence Helen--md:FINNEY; age:80; res:Sioux Falls; Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-103f]
WALDNER, Clara O [Mrs]--md:HEGG; age:78; res:Huron SD; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-001a]
WALDNER, George J--age:90; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-041b,015e]
WALDNER, George M--age:73; res:Hutterville Col, Stratford SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-020e]
WALDNER, Joseph F--age:86; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100c,099a]
WALDNER, Susanna (WALDNER)--age:67; res:Raymond SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096d]
WALDNER, Susanna--md:WALDNER; age:67; res:Raymond SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096d]
WALDRON, Elmer S--age:83; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-110b,111d]
WALKER, Jefferson George--age:76; res:Hayes SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-092a]
WALLACE, Donald E--age:55; res:Forest Lake MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-090f]
WALSH, Vivian--md:HUCKFELDT; age:58; res:Fort Pierre SD; ,  MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011d,12b]
WALSH, Vivian--md:MIKKELSEN; age:58; res:Fort Pierre SD; ,  MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-011d,12b]
WALTER, Dave M--age:81; res:Emery SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006c]
WALTER, Eda--md:LENHART; age:84; res:Rapid City; Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-035d]
WALTER, George--age:72; res:Minneapolis MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-036d]
WALTER, Jake R--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088a]
WALTER, Sam J M--age:98; res:Carpenter SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-061a]
WALTON, Bennie Lee--age:32; res:Huron SD; Kellogg ID; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016a]
WALTON, Ralph Richard--age:79; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082d]
WANG, Kevin J--age:32; res:Webster SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088e]
WARD, Carrie E--md:FREESE; age:90; res:Huron; Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-038f]
WARD, Eva (EFAW)--age:spouse; res:see:Loftus H WARD; d:1972.  [Source:HP01-050b]
WARD, Loftus H--age:94; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-050b,050a]
WARKENTHIEN, Claire Wayne--age:49; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040a]
WARKENTHIEN, Clara (PETERSON)--age:82; res:Willow Lake SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077b]
WARKENTHIEN, Nancy (WAXDAHL)--age:73; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094b]
WARNE, Rasmus--age:85; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-082a]
WARNER, Bernice--md:RUSSELL; age:77; res:Willow Lake SD; Albuquerque NM; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-099c]
WARVI, Louise--age:32; res:Rapid City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066a]
WASTUN, Emma J--md:METZLER; age:76; res:Lake Preston SD; Sioux City IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-085d]
WATERS, Alan--age:48; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-025d]
WAXDAHL, Nancy--md:WARKENTHIEN; age:73; res:Clark SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094b]
WAYMIRE, Mildred--md:JOHNSON; age:80; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-017f]
WEBER, Emma (ARZT)--age:103; res:Seneca SD; Arlington CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059f]
WEDGE, Leslie Herbert--age:79; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-042f,42f]
WEEKS, Karen--age:29; res:Ellsworth Air Force Base SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-097f]
WEESE, Roy E--age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018a,018c]
WEIER, Blanche D (BORAH)--age:95; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015e]
WEIRAUCH, Wilma--md:JACOBS; age:73; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031a]
WEISE, Chauncey--age:-; res:Huron SD; Columbia MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-006d]
WEISE, Phoeboe (TSCHETTER)--age:59; res:Columbia MO; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-026d]
WEISS, William G--age:75; res:Quinn; Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057a]
WEITING, Esther Bertha--md:BIXLER; age:90; res:Hitchcock SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-074f]
WELLS, Eva M--md:PULCIFER; age:66; res:Huron SD; San Antonio TX; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-039f]
WELLS, LaVerne B--md:DIXON; age:67; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045e]
WELLS, Yvonne Rachel (BAILEY)--age:66; res:Oldham SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037c]
WELSH, Veronica Ann (FASBENDER)--age:97; res:Huron; Iroquois; Osceola SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079c]
WENDEL, Louie--age:68; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101e]
WENZEL, Matie N--md:CRIST; age:92; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032a]
WEST, Harold K--age:74; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057b]
WEST, Merle E--md:PUGSLEY; age:92; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024d]
WESTERING, Marvel (Status unknown)--age:82; res:Cabazon CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-088b]
WESTLAKE, Alpheus--age:82; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009b]
WESTOVER, Helen--md:ANDERSON; age:89; res:Pierre; Watertown SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-021d]
WETTSTEIN, Dorothy (RAGELS)--age:72; res:Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
WHERRY, Louise Leona (MEIER)--age:71; res:Orient SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-024c,025f]
WHITE, Darwin Lee--age:23; res:Old Agency SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094f]
WHITE, Esther Naomi (MARTIN)--age:64; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-037a]
WHITE, Roy W--age:82; res:Rapid City; Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-009c]
WHITNEY, Glen Fay--age:77; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-043d]
WHITTEN, Myrtle (MAGER)--age:68; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-005f]
WHORTON, Elizabeth (Miss)--age:70; res:Tucson AZ; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-046e]
WICKRE, Palmer S--age:83; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-016c]
WICKS, Pearl O (OPSAL)--age:87; res:Carpenter SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-111a]
WIESELER, Anna Cecelia (NABER)--age:83; res:Polo SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-113f]
WIETING, Doris--md:ZWANZIGER; age:81; res:Tyndall SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040c]
WILD, Lauvern C--age:72; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098e]
WILDE, Robert--age:60; res:Lake Preston SD; Tucumcari NM; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081d]
WILES, Carrie A (DeHAAN)--age:92; res:Yale; Frankfort; Huron SD; Des Moines IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040b]
WILHELM, Mayme (ZAELKE)--age:80; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013f]
WILHELM, Pauline Kay (MARKER)--age:52; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-027b]
WILLIAMS, Blanche Marie--md:LINDSEY; age:86; res:Aberdeen; Huron SD; d:1986.  [Source:HP01-002e]
WILLIAMS, Keith--age:64; res:Huron; Tulare SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-052d,_____]
WILLIAMSON, Lorene (STUART)--age:79; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-049d]
WILLMAN, Arnold--age:97; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084d]
WILSON, Morris 'Red'--age:33; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-045a]
WILSON, Myrna Georgean (DAHL)--age:52; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-098b]
WINANS, Fred Rood--age:83; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-081c]
WINCHESTER, Catherine--md:COLEMAN; age:86; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-089e]
WINDEDAHL, Carrie (GUNDERSON)--age:102; res:Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-094f]
WINGERT, Julius E--age:66; res:Madison SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-106a]
WINGET, Alice M--md:BYRUM; age:97; res:Onida SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-047f]
WINTER, George J Jr--age:77; res:Wessington Springs SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-062c]
WINTER, Lulu M (MEYER)--age:89; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057c,052d]
WINTER, Olga B (DEUSCHLE)--age:86; res:Madison SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018b]
WIPF, Orville--age:60; res:Freeman SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-079b]
WIPF, Sam S--age:88; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-023c,022f]
WITTHOEFT, Arthur J--age:83; res:Hot Springs; Wolsey SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-101c]
WITTHOEFT, Elsie Bertha Marie--md:KOHLMEYER; age:85; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-048d]
WOLF, Arlyn--age:67; res:Sioux Falls; Carthage SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-065f]
WOLFHEIM, Gertrude F--md:RUETER; age:78; res:Cresbard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-018e]
WOOD, Alvero L 'Woody'--age:87; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040f]
WOODALL, Viola M--md:PARK; age:74; res:Iroquois SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-066c,066f]
WOODFORK, Oscar B--age:84; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-077d]
WOODRING, Zepherine B (GEREAUX)--age:68; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-084a]
WOOLEDGE, Burt Everett--age:74; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-059a]
WOOLEDGE, Pearl Alta (KERNEY)--age:70; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112d]
WORF, Donald Everett--age:63; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072a]
WORRELL, Curtis--age:20; res:Hawarden IA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-073f]
WRIGHT, Leah Vieva (Miss)--age:84; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-008f]
WRIGHT, Loretta B--age:91; res:Huron SD; Minneapolis MN; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-055e]
WRIGHT, Martha E--md:EGGEN; age:86; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-083e]
WURTZ, George 'Pops'--age:49; res:Glendale Colony SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-003b,006e]
WYNN, Floyd Raymond--age:75; res:DeSmet SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-032e]
YOST, Perrin--age:4; res:Osceola; Bancroft SD; Brooksville MS; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-096a]
YOUNG, Vernon A--age:86; res:Clark; Garden City SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-031c]
YOUNGERN, Ella (SEAGREEN)--age:96; res:Doland SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013e]
YOUNKIN, Marie I--md:SUTTON; age:74; res:Saint Lawrence SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-100d]
YUNGINGER, Erma (GENZLINGER)--age:87; res:Howard SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-078b]
YUNGWIRTH, Lawrence--age:72; res:Redfield SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-057c]
ZACHARIAS, Joseph R--age:54; res:Wagner SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-072d]
ZAELKE, Mayme--md:WILHELM; age:80; res:Faulkton SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-013f]
ZECK, Dorothy (RAGELS)--age:72; res:Conde SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-030a]
ZEIGLER, Charles--age:brother; res:see:Ralph Michael ZEIGLER; d:1955.  [Source:HP02-109f]
ZEIGLER, Earl--age:brother; res:see:Ralph Michael ZEIGLER; d:1942.  [Source:HP02-109f]
ZEIGLER, Jacob--deceased father; d:1964; see:Ralph Michael ZEIGLER; d:1964.  [Source:HP02-109f]
ZEIGLER, Ralph Michael--age:91; res:Huron SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-109f]
ZEISZLER, Adam--age:78; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-007a]
ZELLER, Ashley Nicole--age:STBN; res:Miller SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-071f]
ZIEGLER, John--age:71; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-107a]
ZIEMANN, James--age:58; res:Fort Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-087f]
ZIGLER, Ruth--md:HOLM; age:86; res:Pierre SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-080f]
ZOSS, Elsie Amelia (Miss)--age:85; res:Aberdeen SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-002f]
ZURBRIGEN, E Allen--age:81; res:Huron SD; Palm Desert CA; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-015f]
ZVONEK, Anna Louise (BETIK)--age:89; res:Wessington SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-112c]
ZWANZIGER, Doris (WIETING)--age:81; res:Tyndall SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP01-040c]
ZWEIFEL, James E--age:42; res:Beresford SD; d:1987.  [Source:HP02-075c]

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