Thursday, March 24, 2011

Huron Flour Mill, 1898

Found while I was looking for something else!
[Source:The Daily Huronite, Tuesday, 16 August 1898, page 4, column 2]
For some time the firm of J. W. Kelley & Son have been busy remodeling and refurnishing the Huron flouring mill.  They have re-set all the old machinery; replaced that which was unfit for use by new; added a mill for grinding graham flour; one for buckwheat; and still another one for corn meal.  When all their
arrangements are completed they will have one of the best mills in the northwest; thoroughly equipped with the latest appliances for flour manufacturing.  The Huron flouring mill under the proprietorship of J. W. Kelley & Son is doing a thriving business and is one of the substantial institutions of Huron.

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